Battle Frenzy
1057 Obnoxious
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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1057 Obnoxious

Compared to them being in danger of offending the "Netherworld King", it would be better to try these two methods.

As for what the future would be like, frankly speaking, Mu Zi and Grai had not thought about it. They could only take it one step at a time and help humans in terms of resources first.

Meanwhile, Aiolos's situation was not so good. The program that involved brothers killing each other had attracted unprecedented attention to the Arena. This caused the crystal person to be extremely satisfied. He was excited about his own idea. These bored and vulgar aristocrats loved this kind of battle very much.

The crystal person even packaged a story about this. This was a story of friendship between a Titan from a high-leveled civilization and an Earthling from a low-leveled civilization, how they had met each other in the Heavenly River sandpit, how they had only gotten to know each other through fighting, and how they had fallen and become gladiators for their brother. The story narrated how they had helped each other in the Arena and even passed down their techniques, breaking through the restrictions of friendships between civilizations.

Furthermore, they had decided to determine their life and death. Countless aristocrats liked this plot. Furthermore, it had never been performed in the past. At the same time, even though the matter involving the Seductress could not be publicized, those who should know about it all knew about it, making this entire event even more exciting.

On his bed, the crystal person muttered to his Seductress secretary, "I am a genius. Tell me that I'm a genius."

"You are a genius!"

"Who is?"

"You are, you are, you are!"

The crystal person let out a heavy huff. His actions moved regularly in accordance with her shouts. He climbed over many great mountains of desire before seeing the scenery at the top. However, his mouth blurted with the coldest intention in his heart. "Yes, I am. But this is still not enough. I want to sever all their ideals. Don't think of doing anything under my gaze!"

After a few seconds, the crystal person recovered from his fallen desires. His spirit seemed to have been reactivated as thoughts started to burst forth from the depths of his heart. Every single thought caused him to flash a crystalline and bright smile.

Thus, he freed himself from the warm embrace of the Seductress without any mercy and changed into his clothes. Then, he brought bodyguards to walk towards the prison.

He had heard that between Tsarilorhuan and Aiolos, there was the lack of conflict and the most important murderous aura between the two of them before this imminent slaughter between brothers. —— Regardless of whether they were pretending to be righteous and concealing this, or whether their feelings as brothers were so deep that it would follow them to their deaths, the current atmosphere did not suit his purpose. Likewise, this did not tally with the excitement that the audience had towards this great battle.

The hearts of people were complex. Even brothers from the same race would have different thoughts, let alone if they were from different races.

They wanted to calmly face their fate, but he would not allow them to do as they wished. No matter what, the winner would always be him alone.

"Master." The candle demon who was responsible for managing Aiolos and Tsarilorhuan knelt on the ground. He was extremely passionate, but did not dare to raise his head and look at his owner.

"Get up." The crystal person looked at the candle demon and felt satisfied. He could sense the loyalty from the candle demon. This was the absolute loyalty that the Machinery race assured him of. He asked the candle demon, "How is their condition?"

"Just as you have instructed, after they were completely healed, they were split up."

The crystal person nodded satisfyingly. He said, "Let's go and see that human first."

"Yes, Master."

The candle demon led the way in front. Ever so quickly, they came to a specially sealed room. The candle demon spent some time before opening the restraints on the door.

Aiolos retreated from the world of his imagination. He looked up at the opened door, as well as the mocking smile on the crystal person's evil face.

"If you have anything to say, hurry up and say it."

Aiolos spoke out of his own initiative. He did not plan to allow the crystal person to gain the upper hand in this conversation. In reality, he did not think that there was anything to chat about.

The crystal person furrowed his eyebrows. This stubborn attitude caused a flame to burst forth from the depths of his heart. He hated slaves who did not have the awareness that they were slaves the most. However, he let this slide very quickly, and a routine smile appeared on his face once again. "Aiolos, I am here to help you."

Aiolos simply looked at him with an idiotic gaze. There were many times when he did not conceal his disdain towards the crystal person.

"You might not believe this, but you are my best gladiator now. I will definitely not forget your contributions towards the Sacred Arena. Thus, I hope that you are the one who survives. Look at yourself now and think about your fellow humans, your civilization, and what you should do to survive. I know that your techniques were developed from somewhere. Thus, I have a reason and the responsibility to remind you that the Titans will always leave a way out for themselves. I hope that you survive. Your people also need you to survive. Don't forget about Undine. She wants you to live too. If you want to win, you have to do it by fair means or by foul. Don't have wild emotions about brotherly feelings and leave any mercy. There are no tears in the Arena."

The crystal person smiled and looked at Aiolos. He saw that Aiolos's eyes were filled with rage. The crystal person did not care about who this rage was directed towards, as he was just here to add oil to the fire. "I know that you have promised that you will not hold back with each other and will go all out. But this is not enough. Do you know what Undine is encountering because of you? If you die, you will not know anything."

Aiolos, who was clenching his fist, suddenly let go. Then, he lazily lay down and did not care about the crystal person. No matter what, he would not satisfy the crystal person's vile interests.

The crystal person hummed as he left. What an immature and naive human. Although he acted as if there was nothing wrong, he would likely stay up all night.

He took quick and light steps before arriving at the room where Tsarilorhuan was locked up.

He smiled and took out a letter. As compared to the human, Tsarilorhuan was not as easy to deal with. However, he was already prepared. Furthermore, fate was usually by his side. He acted polite and knocked on the door.

"Go away!"

This was not surprising. Tsarilorhuan's roar that sounded through the door caused the ground to tremble. The crystal person released the restraints and opened the door to enter. "Don't you want a letter from your dear little sister?"

Tsarilorhuan looked at the letter in the crystal person's hand, and electricity started to flow on his silver hair. His gaze fell on the person outside the door. It was a clone puppet. Even if he attacked it with all his strength, the puppet would be the one dying. It was obvious that the scheming crystal person would not place himself in danger.

The crystal person waved the letter in his hand. Tsari could only try his best to ignore the smile that grew wider on the crystal person's face. "Take it."

"Tsari, this is not like you. In a battle of life and death, you can't possibly hold back with that human, right? You should know that he is a dead man." The crystal person cunningly used his tongue.

"Same here. You have spoken with Aiolos, right?"

"Currently, you two are my best gladiators. Furthermore, I'm sure that he wants to survive even more than you do. Thus, I am more worried about you. Don't forget who you are, silver electric Titan. No matter how much you wander, you are still restricted by the nobility of the silver electric Titans. Think about it. If you are the one who dies, what will your fellow Titans do? Will Aiolos still be able to survive? Also, don't forget about your younger sister." The crystal person's tone was as cold as a chilly winter. Every single word was like a hailstone into his face.

Satisfied, the crystal person left. Tsarilorhuan held on to the letter from his younger sister. He hesitated for a while before slowly opening the envelope.

The letter was filled with his younger sister's handwriting, with some special characters hidden among them. This was a secret code that they had agreed on to prove that a letter was from his sister. Furthermore, it indicated that she wrote the letter out of her own will.

Tsarilorhuan looked at every single word on the letter like a sponge absorbing water. "…I am doing very well now, so don't worry about me, Brother. That's right. The wood tree that we grew together has bloomed but did not bear fruit. They say that being able to plant seeds from our hometown in the divine territory is the limit, but I don't believe it…"

Through those beautiful words, Tsari's gaze seemed to have pierced through the letter and traveled through time. He had planted that wood tree with his younger sister, hoping that it could bloom and bear the delicious wood fruit…

"…It would be great if Brother could come back…"

The entire letter was filled with longing for him.

However, Tsarilorhuan was very aware of his younger sister's personality. She was a small little thing that only reported good news, not complaints. She made others dote on her.

They had lost their parents at a young age and relied on each other growing up. Although their parents had made great contributions and sacrificed themselves for their race, they were not treated well anywhere among their race.

Although they had never pocketed cultivation resources, there were times when they did not compete for external objects, but for their own lives.

Tsarilorhuan started to change his stance. In the end, he had met with a disaster. However, he had never told her anything about how he had always suspected that the aristocrat he killed had planned this… turning his past pride into nothing.

Now, to Tsarilorhuan, all of these were secondary. The only thing he wanted to protect was his younger sister. Tsarilorhuan looked at the letter. If he died, what would happen to his younger sister?

On one hand was his blood sister, but on the other was his brother and friend who he entrusted his life and death with. Tsarilorhuan clenched his fist tighter and tighter.

This was a deadlock and a hopeless game. What should he do?


At the Heavenly Treasures Street, Uncle Sea could not rest or eat in peace throughout this period of time. The agreement he had signed with the Netherworld Faction constantly made him break out in a cold sweat. Although Wang Zhong had told him that he was extremely successful in refining the Vitality Supplement Pill and that he felt confident, he was still a pill refinery rookie. Regardless of how many natural endowments he had, if he suddenly started on a level-8 pill, would it really be fine? Most of the month had passed. If he could not produce the goods in the end, he would not be able to afford the penalty even if he destroyed Heavenly Treasures Street. This thought had kept him awake for half a month, making Uncle Sea slightly regret his rashness back then, until Nini sent the first batch of Yin and Yang Pills…

There were 400 Yin and Yang Pills. After detailed checks, he realized that there were 130 60%-pills, 170 70%-pills, 68 80%-pills, and 32 90%-pills.

Uncle Sea almost swallowed his own tongue!

There was a total of 10 ingredient portions, but there were 400 Yin and Yang Pills? My god, what kind of success rate was this? Furthermore, the quality was this terrifying. Even the worst pills were 60% pills, and the proportion of 70% pills was the highest! If it were not for the elemental spirit Nini promising that Wang Zhong had personally refined these, Uncle Sea would have suspected whether Lao Wang had looked for some pill refinery master in the Heavenly Gates.

This was simply unimaginable. The beginner who had learned the most basic pill knowledge, medicinal properties, and medicinal theories while following behind him two months ago had been able to reach this level so quickly. Even the most amazing, awesome pill refinery genius in the Land was probably not this impressive.

Uncle Sea and Old Cow were extremely excited. At present, only the two of them knew about this. In the letter that Wang Zhong had sent them back then, he stated clearly not to spread the news about his pill refinery. It was better for the Heavenly Treasures Street and Wang Zhong to take the mysterious route and announce that a mysterious alchemist had arrived in Uncle Sea's pill refinery shop.

He could finally sleep well. According to the conditions of the agreement, they had to sell 100 Yin and Yang Pills to the Netherworld Faction every month for six months, or they could sell the Netherworld Faction 600 pills in one go. They did not leave any of the 400 pills behind and sold all of them before buying six portions of ingredients for Wang Zhong to produce the remaining 200 pills as per the agreement.

Lao Wang did not plan to refine many Yin and Yang Pills, mainly because the Yin and Yang Pill did not have any practical uses to Lao Wang. Furthermore, if he wanted to make money, there were many ways to do so as long as he was successful in pill refinery. Thus, refining the Yin and Yang Pill was only an attempt. After all, it was not easy to find prescriptions for level-8 pills. Familiarizing himself with a different prescription and earning some money at the same time set the foundation for him to tackle level-7 pills and nurture his skills.

Based on his previous success rate, 200 Yin and Yang Pills would only require five portions of ingredients, but he requested six portions just in case.

Uncle Sea and Old Cow swiftly went to the gathering point at the Netherworld Faction to trade the pills.

This was a massive castle standing in the outskirts of the Catanlyke District, also known as the Two Realms Division. Simply put, this was a place established in the Land by the great powers in the Netherworld to establish diplomacy or trade. Of course, most of the items that could be traded here were items that could be easily carried — like pills, goods, daily necessities, or special materials from the Land. This was their "official department" in the divine territory.

This time, the purchase of the Yin and Yang Pill was carried out by the Two Realms Division. Not only did the Two Realms Division at the Catankyle District do so, it was said that the Two Realms Division in the middle circle of the Land had also issued a similar mission. As a result, there was a constant stream of people in the Two Realms Division recently, making it extremely crowded.

They squeezed in with great difficulty. The spacious hall was filled with people. There were dozens of rooms around them, and each room was connected to an independent transmission array that represented different Factions in the Netherworld. Old Cow and Uncle Sea looked for the Netherworld Faction's sign and managed to squeeze over after much hardship. The one in charge of dealing with them was not the ordinary disciple they had signed the agreement with, but a fellow who seemed rather terrifying.

His appearance was ferocious, and his frontal bone was terrifying. Six eyes were arranged in three rows on his face. Every single pupil was completely different and was filled with a coldness that struck fear in others. His nose was protected by a sharp horn that was neither long nor short. There were even sheep-like horns on his head that were jade green in color. One could faintly see ghosts surging through the horns…

This was a rugged polyeye, a well-known race in the Netherworld. Furthermore, from his clothes and forehead, he was completely different from the ordinary disciple Old Cow and Uncle Sea had signed the agreement with. He was obviously on a much higher level.

When faced with this person, Old Cow and Uncle Sea were obviously somewhat nervous. They explained their intentions for coming while trembling with fear. Then, the rugged polyeye asked them to present their Yin and Yang Pills for him to take a look at. The pills were mainly 60% and 70% pills, with some 80% and 90% pills mixed among them. This kind of quality caused the rugged polyeye, who had not been paying much attention, to instantly burst with life.

Frankly speaking, the results of trying to purchase the Yin and Yang Pill were not too good. After all, it was the level-8 Yin and Yang Pill. High-leveled alchemists had no interest in this and looked upon the money earned from it with disdain. As for low-leveled alchemists, it was not easy to master refining something like the Yin and Yang Pill. It was too common for people to fail and cause their furnaces to explode. Many low-leveled alchemists accepted this mission to obtain a level-8 prescription. After all, level-8 prescriptions were very hard to obtain in the Land.

Thus, many people were desperate and spent their capital to sign this agreement with the Factions from the Netherworld. On average, these people were only successful once every three batches and were barely able to sustain their capital. However, under these circumstances, one could imagine the quality of the pills.

Most of the pills the Factions had received were between 30% to 50% pills. Factions did not purchase anything below 30%. Meanwhile, pills with 60% quality and above were virtually unseen. As a result, the rugged polyeyes who were in charge of purchasing the pills over the past few days were rather unhappy. This situation was like a pit, and they could not control it. In the end, they had collected a bunch of garbage back, and their ability to deal with situations was doubted.

He never expected that when he opened the box, the poorest quality pills were 60% pills. This was simply blinding…

This kind of alchemist was more like it! The rugged polyeye's mood improved greatly. Did that snake refine these? He did not seem to be an alchemist with this kind of standard. Furthermore, there was also a reason why the quality of the Yin and Yang Pills that the Factions purchased this time was not good. High-leveled alchemists looked down upon refining this pill, and most of the alchemists who refined this pill were low-leveled alchemists who came for the prescriptions. Thus, one could imagine the results. However, the standard of these pills had exceeded the average standard. This kind of alchemist was definitely not of ordinary descent. It couldn't be because they were eyeing the money given by the Faction, right? Was this because of an especially intense pursuit for the Yin and Yang Pill? Or were there other reasons?

In any case, it was boring to stay here. The rugged polyeye was also cautious. Once those two fellows had settled the prices and brought away another batch of ingredients, the rugged polyeye opened up the earlier agreement. However, he realized that on the agreement, the name of the alchemist was not Uncle Sea, but a fellow called Wang Zhong. Back then, Uncle Sea had wanted to swap out his name, but it was a pity that contracts in the divine territory had powerful legal functions. Thus, he had to use Wang Zhong's real name.

Wang Zhong? The rugged polyeye furrowed his eyebrows. This name sounded familiar, but he could not recall where he had heard this name from, no matter what.

This was very strange. He rarely came to the Land. How could he have heard the name of a Land's being?

Even though this was a mission where the Netherworld Faction provided prescriptions and medicinal ingredients, to be honest, the price at which they bought the pills was rather fair.

According to the standardized market rates, a 60% pill was worth 1,000 Silver Star Stones, a 70% pill was worth 1,500 Silver Star Stones, an 80% pill was worth 2,000 Silver Star Stones, and a 90% pill was worth 3,000 Silver Star Stones.

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