Battle Frenzy
1059 Thick-Skinned Lao Wang
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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1059 Thick-Skinned Lao Wang

"Of course, I can! The seven— Wait. Boss, what fire were you asking about?" Jhonas jumped in fright.

"The seven-color fire, or the Seven Fire Split Control Technique."

"…" Jhonas was evidently stunned. He left his mouth open for a long time before recovering from his shock. "No. Boss, you are refining a level-9 pill. Why are you asking about this? Regardless of whether it is pill refinery or weapon refinery, remembering this technique is far beyond your grasp…"

"I need to use it in pill refinery." Lao Wang was honest. "This time, my furnace exploded because I didn't control the Split Control Technique well."

"…Boss, can I ask you a question?" Jhonas had a stupid expression on his face. "What level of pill are you refining again?"

"Level-7, the Glazed Crystal Life Extending Pill. The one that Elder Yimo taught in the Pill Refinery Hall."

"…Didn't you say that you were refining a level-8 pill last time? The Yin Yang something." Jhonas was still stunned.

"Oh, that? I was done a long time ago. It wasn't too difficult."

Jhonas's face was completely blank. A level-8 pill wasn't too difficult? So he had avoided Boss for a few days because of his imagination? Damn, what kind of demon was he…? Living together with this kind of demon gave him too much pressure. This demon really did not give others a way to survive!

After a long time, Jhonas finally recovered from his shock and sorted out his feelings. "…For the Seven Fire Split Control Technique and higher-leveled fire control techniques, they have reached, or even surpassed, the limits of basic methods. Simply said, this has nothing to do with techniques. You need the rules and affinity of the fire element."

Lao Wang suddenly understood. It was no wonder that Nini's condition was slightly awkward. For him, there was no doubt that the most direct method was to rely on his messenger. Furthermore, from his experience, as long as he had some affinity, he would be able to activate the potential of the 5 Elements Constitution.

Jhonas obviously reacted to this and helplessly shrugged. "Boss, this is difficult. Regarding the elemental spirits… You know that fire and water don't go well together. Ahem ahem."

After Jhonas finished talking, he disappeared in an instant. He had seen Nini several times, and she was definitely his nemesis. If she knew that he was instigating Boss to find another elemental spirit or the like, the consequences would not be pretty. Furthermore, his objective was to obtain an elemental spirit as well. This method was just too lowly. As the heir of the Babi family, he obviously could not do anything.

Without a nagging fellow beside him, Wang Zhong had sunk into deep thought. He had seen the essence of the 5 Elemental Powers from phenomena. Furthermore, the divine territory had not left the Fifth Dimension. Thus, many things were still the same. However, the mastery of rules was on a much higher level.

He was actually more familiar with flames. He had no problems at all in terms of his understanding of the fire rules as this was the first of the 5 Elemental rules he had mastered. He had spent the most time on this and comprehended the most. The solution to this current situation was very obvious, but the problem was…

Would his elemental spirit accept it? He had never heard of anyone having two elemental spirits at the same time. Raising this kind of question might just be a taboo. After all, these elemental spirits were not easy to deal with. What if he angered them?

Furthermore, Nini's personality was like that of a wolf in sheep's clothing and was rather petty. What would happen if he told her that he was looking for another fire elemental spirit?

Lao Wang could already imagine the scene of Nini chopping him up. What a headache.

However, other than this, he had no other solution in this short period of time. Elder Yimo's pill refinery deadline waited for no one.

If he was still the Lao Wang in Tianjing, he might have given up. He could take things as they came as there would still be opportunities. However, that was in the past. This thinking had caused him to miss out on many things. The current Lao Wang was no longer the stunned rookie back in school. Furthermore, he had too many things to deal with and endure now. This was not the time to be unreasonable just because of some feelings.

Today, Nini had been present when the furnace exploded. That girl should know… Yes, he could be sincere and talk about this with her properly. Regardless of the results, communication was very important. Furthermore, if he could not advance in terms of pill studies, he definitely could not break through the divine territory.

He delayed this somewhat. Lao Wang packed and prepared himself rather carefully. He shaved the stubble on his face and bathed with fragrant soap. He was not so official even when he signed the contract with Nini. Sigh. In the end, he had fallen and would have to sacrifice his sexual charm.

He had made the appropriate preparations. Then, he activated the summoning array on his palm.

Humm humm humm humm…

The array on his palm dazzled with a blue light. However, Nini, who had flown out of the array, was obviously not as active as usual. On the contrary, she looked melancholic and timid. "Master, it can't be that you don't want me anymore, right?"

After all, the messenger contract that was signed with an elemental spirit was nor ordinary. It could also be called a spirit contract. Even though one could not say that she completely understood what Wang Zhong was thinking, Nini could at least sense her master's will and emotions. She had seen everything that had happened in the pill house, including Lao Wang's disappointment. There was nothing to say about this. Unless he had a water-type physique like the famous Shell race, the help of a water elemental spirit in pill refinery would definitely not be as powerful as having a fire elemental spirit.

Lao Wang did not raise the topic of a fire elemental spirit, but Nini could already guess. To be honest, Nini would not have been worried at all if this had been another person. But this was her master… With her master's "charm" in the eyes of the elemental spirits, if he really wanted a fire elemental spirit, he simply had to shout in the Spirit Flower Garden, and those little bitches would fight over him!

When Lao Wang saw her terror-stricken expression, he did not know whether to laugh or to cry. "What should I say? I haven't even had the chance to thank you or cherish you. How could I not want you anymore?"

These words calmed Nini down slightly. Lao Wang thought that it would be difficult to put into words, but since Nini had guessed it, this would save him the trouble of going in circles. "But…"

"As expected, there's a 'but'!" Nini immediately teared up. This overflow of genuine expressions made acting useless.

"Ahem… It's not what you think. Listen to me first." Wang Zhong stretched out his hand and patted her small head. He did his best to make his gaze slightly more sincere. It was impossible for him to abandon Nini. After all, this was not Lao Wang's normal way of doing things."

"Nini, you know my situation. The situation that we Earthlings are in is extremely difficult, and I want to break through. Furthermore, as the core and mainstream field in the divine territory, I have to master pill studies. Thus, I hope that you can help me!" Wang Zhong looked at Nini seriously.

Her small and lively spirit hands pulled on the corners of her clothes. She felt wrongly treated as water elemental spirits were useful towards pill refinery as well. However, they were not directly useful and could be replaced. Master…

Even though he knew that there was some element of acting, Lao Wang was very helpless. He could face thousands of soldiers and horses, but it was really a headache to deal with this kind of thing. Furthermore, Nini had indeed helped him a lot. However, when he thought about what he had to face, as well as his responsibilities, Lao Wang still gritted his teeth. "…Um, Nini. Can I sign a contract with a fire elemental spirit?"

The room instantly fell silent.

This was not ordinary silence. This was simply dead silence that even contained a chilling air. Nini's eyes looked like they were simply going to freeze.

Deep down, Lao Wang's skin was not thick enough. Even he felt that this was slightly overboard. If the elemental spirit race had this kind of restriction, or if there was a similar restriction in signing contracts, then there would be no way out. "I don't know whether this follows your rules. If it's really impossible, then forget it. I will think of another method."

Nini, who seemed slightly dejected, blinked as a warm wave swept over her heart. Her master still regarded her as the most important. As an advanced intelligent race, how could Nini not know how important pill refinery was to Earthlings, and what Wang Zhong was shouldering as the leader of the Earthlings? She was still very sad, but her master was still willing to give up for her. This was enough!

To a willful elemental spirit, she paid attention to the components in her owner's heart. Whatever he had said earlier was not important. Just the last sentence hit Nini's soft spot.

"Nini can make sacrifices for Master. However, we have to agree to three rules!" Nini said. "If Master doesn't agree, Nini will not cooperate no matter what Master says."

Lao Wang was not foolish and hurriedly nodded his head. "Say them!"

He was not dumb to the point where he would say that even 100 rules were fine, as elemental spirits would actually propose 100 rules.

"Number one. Regardless of how outstanding the others are, I am the big sister!" Nini was very serious when she spoke. Lao Wang hurriedly nodded his head.

"Number two. I will choose a suitable spirit!"

"Number three. The spirit will be managed by Nini!"

Lao Wang nodded his head like a hammer. Damn, he wasn't selling elemental spirits. It felt as if he was about to open a Spirit Flower Garden just for pill refinery. More accurately, he only needed the elemental spirit to increase his affinity with the rules. As for the others, Nini could do as she wished.

Overall, Wang Zhong's attitude made Nini rather satisfied.

"The last condition, it's the last condition!" Nini grinned and said, "In the future, you can only allow me to hug you. Without Nini's permission, other people are not allowed to hug you!"

"…No, no problem! No problem at all!" Lao Wang was sweating profusely. He thought that Nini would have other requests.

Hug? Was he that fragrant? Furthermore, why did it feel like he was selling his body with these conditions?

"Then sure!" Nini nodded her head in satisfaction. In reality, she had already imagined this scene when they walked out of the pill house. As long as it was for her master's sake, Nini definitely would not reject it. Thus, the pitiful look she had shown was thanks to her outstanding acting skills. She could not allow those little bitches to take advantage of her master. "Master, wait for my news. Nini will go back to discuss and select!"

The moment Nini finished speaking, the runic array lit up. Then, she instantly disappeared without a trace.

Lao Wang was stunned. When he recalled Nini's smile when she left, he suddenly felt as if he had been fooled.

…Had he been played by that girl? Lao Wang was speechless. After staring blankly into space, he could help but raise his arm and sniff it.

Damn, what in the world was this? Did he actually have a fragrant scent on him? Or… was it the lure of the Fate Stone? The Fate Stone was the most likely answer that Lao Wang could think of.

However, it looked like things were rather smooth. He had never heard of someone signing contracts with two elemental spirits at the same time. He thought that there was some natural restriction, but that did not seem to be the case. The only problem that existed was Nini's personal problem. Wait. Didn't this mean…?

Lao Wang instantly thought about the five kinds of elemental spirits that filled the garden. When he thought about his own 5 Elements Constitution, it seemed to be great! But Lao Wang also discarded these thoughts very quickly. He had to take this one step at a time.

After Nini left, he thought that she would only take a few minutes to discuss. However, after waiting for most of the day, there was no news. Lao Wang felt bad to prompt her too. It was probably better for him to give Nini some trust, time, and space. If she wanted to delay, he would allow her to delay for a few days. Either way, he was not in a rush for these few days.

While waiting for the news, Lao Wang simply gave himself a short holiday. Recently, he had been refining pills at a demonic pace. It was as if everything that popped up in his brain had something to do with pill refinery. He also needed to relax and regulate himself well.

This was a rare holiday. While he rested, Lao Wang also summarized his recent experiences in the Heavenly Gates. Naturally, there was nothing much to say in terms of pill refinery. On the contrary, the battle with Balor replayed in his mind several times.

Balor's true form had some tricks up its sleeve. Even though it looked like Lao Wang had won easily, that was entirely because of his surprise ice powers. If Balor had been prepared, Lao Wang might not have been able to achieve such results. Of course, Lao Wang's rich experiences and performance ability in combat had suppressed his opponent. However, as a result, he had revealed his skills.

He still had many Vitality Supplement Pills, and constantly consuming these pills allowed his spiritual power to continue rising steadily. However, a value of 150,000 was already the theoretical limit of the Foundational Stage. The higher he went, the more insignificant the improvements were. This was relatively hard. If he wanted to have a massive improvement, he could not do so by relying on the Vitality Supplement Pill and the Devouring Heaven Technique.

If he wanted to rapidly increase his strength, there were two methods. Naturally, the first method was to accumulate his core. As long as he was able to accumulate his Void Core, Lao Wang felt that he would definitely not dread the freaks in the Pill Refinery Hall. However, he could not force this. No one knew how much longer he would take to accumulate his Void Core. The second method was to create a weapon, a good sword!

Right now, his biggest problem was his inadequate attack. For example, if he had a sword that was sharp enough to break through defenses during the battle with Balor, even if Balor revealed his true form, he could rely on sword intent to chop Balor into pieces.

Furthermore, when he advanced to the Heavenly Soul Stage and entered the Foundational Stage, he had relied on sword techniques; Sword One, Sword Two, and Sword Three were all killing techniques with powerful might and were the accumulation of his understanding of the sword. Even though he could not display his original power, his sword intent was still there!

With his sword intent, as well as the elemental powers that he had now mastered, these formed an even stronger trump card. Furthermore, after entering the divine territory, Lao Wang also felt that his intelligence had exploded as well. Being able to create the Devouring Heaven Technique was the best proof of this. As long as he persevered and continued to comprehend and practice, Wang Zhong believed that he would definitely be able to grasp a new way to use his sword techniques, or even produce a killing technique that was even stronger than Sword One, Sword Two, and Sword Three!

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    《Battle Frenzy》