Battle Frenzy
1060 Ice Corpse
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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1060 Ice Corpse

Of course, the requirements for the sword would no longer simply be the ability to cut through iron like mud. Instead, the sword had to receive permission from the rules to transmit spiritual and elemental power for Wang Zhong. However, he was not too sure what standard this would be in the divine territory. He would have to ask Jhonas for the specifics.

At night, when Jhonas came back and heard Lao Wang's request, the Flying Pig felt slightly awkward.

"I'm adept at illusion equipment, not combat equipment…" All this time, he had been boasting in front of Lao Wang. In the end, when Lao Wang asked him, he revealed his true state.

"Aren't you from the Equipment Refinery Hall? Don't you have any close friends?" Lao Wang was taking an indirect approach to save his civilization. Furthermore, he wasn't forcing Jhonas to help him. "What about your friends from the Illusion race?"

"Finding other people?" Jhonas was rendered speechless for a moment. He simply could not endure this attack. "Boss, I am not attacking you, but you are asking for a personal custom order. A personal custom order is different from public goods…"

"How are they different?"

"Ahem, this… involves money…" The Flying Pig shrugged his shoulders helplessly.

Like pill refinery, personal custom-made combat equipment were for aristocrats and were luxuries. Furthermore, it had to be able to endure Wang Zhong's spiritual power and transmit elemental power. Just transmitting elemental power would require equipment of at least level 7. He needed to have materials, manpower, and the prestige.

When Lao Wang heard the price that Jhonas quoted, he broke out in a cold sweat. A price that started from one million Silver Star Stones? Why didn't these equipment refinery masters rob a bank instead? It was no wonder Jhonas's Babi family could become an extremely wealthy family in the divine territory, with wealth equivalent to that of an entire nation. To the current Lao Wang, he really could not afford personal custom equipment s or the like.

Jhonas could not bear looking at Lao Wang's disappointed expression. "Do you want me… to help you try? Let me just tell you first, Boss, that I have no assurance that this will succeed. Personal custom-made equipment are…"

"Sure. Then it's decided!" Before Jhonas could finish speaking, Lao Wang had simply agreed. Damn, he could only do everything he could.

Jhonas was rendered speechless. He had just been being polite and hurriedly added on, "Ahem. However, you will still have to pay the material fees, Boss…"

As expected of the heir of a leading wealthy family in the divine territory. He was not petty or miserly. With his family background, he did not need to care about money at all. However, this was the financial awareness that he possessed, and a belief of his race…

"No worries. Of course, I believe that you won't go too overboard." Lao Wang laughed cheerily and looked at the Flying Pig. He still could not be too gentle with this dorm mate.

"Damn, when you put it that way, Boss… I definitely don't dare to do it. No, it's definitely impossible!" Jhonas only recovered from his shock now and realized that the attributes of his race had displayed themselves. He wanted to punch himself. He really talked too much. Why did he say that?

He did not help Lao Wang with the sword out of impulse.

As the heir of the Babi family and a member of the Heavenly Gates Chamber of Commerce, Jhonas did not necessarily have a lot of power and influence when he officially appeared before his family. However, his information channels were excellent.

Back then, when he said that he would help Lao Wang find out more about Balor, the news had returned late. However, he had coincidentally discovered some relatively bad news precisely because of the late information.

The Blood Demon race wanted to kill Wang Zhong. However, this would not be a personal secret attack. Furthermore, it seemed as if they had prepared a means to do so and were going to kill him openly. After all, to a level-8 civilization, even if they were just a branch, a genius like Balor was not worth much. However, most importantly, the Blood Demon race had a high reputation to keep.

If this was all there was to the matter, perhaps Jhonas would not have been worried. After being together with Wang Zhong from day to night, he could be considered one of those who understood Wang Zhong most in the Heavenly Gates. If the Blood Demon race planned an assassination, a Foundational Stage would not be able to endure it. However, if they were using some methods and were arriving openly… Jhonas believed that Wang Zhong would definitely have a way to get around this.

However, the problem was that the situation was not that simple. With the Babi family's extremely powerful information network, the late information contained a serious fact that made Jhonas afraid. Balor had an identity that was not well known. He was the illegitimate child of a certain great figure in the Fire Demon race. This was also the reason why Balor was very impressive among the Blood Demon race. Many people gave in to him, not because he was "strong", but because of this reason. If not, with Balor's natural endowments that only allowed him to enter the Combat Cultivation Hall, what could have given him the right to be so arrogant in the Blood Demon race and to develop such a condescending personality?

Jhonas might have to change roommates very quickly.

Frankly speaking, after living with Lao Wang for this period of time, although they could not be considered as sworn friends, at least they treated each other like good friends. If Lao Wang was in danger of dying, Jhonas would be rather unwilling for this to happen. However, he did not tell Wang Zhong about this. Matters that involved the morals of others were definitely a huge taboo among large families, and going around publicizing this would definitely infuriate the Fire Demon race. As one of the few actual level-8 civilizations in the Land, the Illusion race definitely could not offend the Fire Demon race. Jhonas could not possibly drag his family into trouble just for a newly formed friendship.

He could not possibly help much in this matter. He could only help Wang Zhong to forge appropriate combat equipment and give him the ability to counterattack. This was probably the best thing Wang Zhong could ask him to do.

Even though he had no experience in refining pure combat equipment s, he was a "brilliant student" in the Equipment Refinery Hall. He understood the basic approaches and everything that was needed. Very quickly, he designed a complete refinery plan for Lao Wang, including the level of the equipment .

He had conceptualized a level-9 sword-shaped equipment . It was not that he could not bear to use better materials to refine a higher-leveled equipment , but Jhonas's standard in refining combat equipment s was limited. Furthermore, Wang Zhong was only a Foundational Stage, and an overly impressive equipment would be useless to him. As for the transmission of elemental power, Jhonas could think of an opportunistic way to do so.

Based on Lao Wang's description of the Nebula Sword, as well as the effects and requests he hoped could be achieved, a detailed equipment concept was quickly drawn up by Jhonas.

It looked relatively similar to the Nebula Sword on the outside, but it suited Wang Zhong's demands more. Then, he would mount an Ice Crystal into the sword, which could support ice elemental powers for a period of time. As for after that… there was no real need to think so far ahead.

Of course, Jhonas was extremely serious about the details. This was the special characteristic of the Babi family. If they did not do something, then so be it. But if they were doing it, then they definitely had to do it well. This was an issue of attitude.

Lao Wang continued to give advice on the side. Of course, Lao Wang's opinions were typically ignored by Jhonas, mainly because they focused too much on appearance or were a matter of fact. Most of his advice did not work in basic theory. Most of the time, Jhonas could only take his words as jokes to adjust and relax his nervous mind. After a full two days, the final refinery proposal was confirmed.

Looking at the blueprint that Jhonas called a perfect piece of work, Lao Wang did not know whether it was perfect. However, Jhonas had put in a lot of effort to do this. When he looked at the blood vessels that filled Jhonas's eyes, Lao Wang was definitely touched.

Wang Zhong let Jhonas have a good sleep. Then, he took the list of materials that Jhonas had written down to the Heavenly Gates and purchased all the materials. He had almost used up the 100,000 Silver Star Stones that Old Cow had sent over last time, as well as the 300,000 Silver Star Stones he had earned from the 400 Yin and Yang Pills.

Lao Wang was helpless as well. He did not know how poor he was until he came to the Heavenly Gates. Several hundred thousand Silver Star Stones was insignificant in the Heavenly Gates.


The spiritual power from the Heavenly River flourished and spread, but not every area was a space with spiritual power. In these areas, the power of the 5 Elements was formidable. There were many special areas far away from the Heavenly River that had the 5 Elemental Powers at their core.

The Icebound District was one of these areas. This was also a place that the great divine territory had bestowed to ice creatures.

In the divine territory, the significance of the elements was very different from that of the other worlds in the Fifth Dimension. In other worlds, the elements had no owner and acted willfully. They could even become a power that various almighty experts relied on for survival. However, in the divine territory, the elements were stubborn, arrogant, and cruel.

As for the Icebound District, it had taken exclusion to the highest level. Only civilizations that had an affinity with the ice element could survive here. Furthermore, they were also blessed here.

The Icebound District was the territory of the ice-creature civilizations. These ice creatures were more willing to stay in the ice mountains and hibernate there, instead of staying in the central area of the Heavenly River. They were only active for one month throughout the year. However, one should not assume that they were slacking off. To many civilizations that cultivated by taking in ice elemental power, hibernation was one of their cultivation methods. While they were sleeping, their bodies would absorb the power of the ice element more naturally, achieving their objective of filling their bodies with abundant power.

The Ice Pole Faction controlled everything in the Icebound District. The Icebound District was their absolute territory, and no other Faction could oppose them here. Furthermore, all the ice-creature civilizations here relied on the Ice Pole Faction to survive. To them, the Heavenly River was a distant and foreign land. The Ice Pole Faction was the entire divine territory to them.

The Ice Spring was an ice field in the Icebound District and one of the reasons why the Icebound District had formed. Pure ice elemental power gushed out in a continuous stream from the mouth of the Ice Spring. At first, the ice elemental power that gushed out was in the gaseous state. However, as the elemental power condensed in the air and was shaped by the wind, a strange and massive ice cave had been formed. It had turned into a natural barrier that protected the mouth of the Ice Spring.

Whoosh! A colossal shadow traveled into the ice cave. A terrifying ice aura continued to erode the body of this colossus. His body was already covered with frightening frostbite wounds. His pale white flesh had started to peel away, revealing the white bones underneath. However, the colossus did not seem affected by this. He had a runic backpack on his back. A line of characters radiated warmth on it, but this warmth did not protect the colossus. Instead, it was protecting the items inside the bag.

The colossus became weaker and weaker as his movements became slower and slower. However, in the end, he managed to endure. The light was just ahead of him, and he rushed forward. However, his body, which was already covered in frostbite marks, was unable to bear this extremely sudden acceleration. One of his legs unexpectedly broke and dropped onto the ground.

His leg would remain in the ice cave forever, but the rest of his body had charged into the light. The sky shone with the light from the Heavenly River, bringing about a mystical warmth.

The colossus only paused briefly. He checked the items in his bag but did not even look at his leg injury. The frozen wounds were simply cold and pale, and one could not see the color of blood at all. It was no wonder his leg would drop off!

Very quickly, the colossus's body that had frozen in the ice cave became flexible again. However, not even a drop of blood appeared from where his leg had broken off.

The colossus hopped on one leg but became restless and impatient. Very quickly, the colossus used his remaining leg to squat down. Then, he suddenly leaped into the sky!

Rumble. The surface of the ground exploded.

The one-legged colossus leaped into the sky. His massive body had jumped 100 meters into the air thanks to a massive wave of power. He did not have the power to fly, but immediately after that, he was like an artillery shell that was shot out in an arc. He suddenly fell towards a point in the distance.


The colossus's fall did not seem to make much sense. The power akin to that of a falling meteorite formed a massive hole on the surface of the ground!

There were more injuries on the colossus's body. He should not have driven his body like that. There was pain on his face as his open eyes shone with a fierce vitality.

However, an even more brutal wave suppressed him.

Thus, the colossal figure did not care about the pain and the wounds on his body at all. He squatted down with his one leg once again, and all the power in his body finished accumulating with this action. Crash…

Once again, he flew out like an artillery shell. Then, he fiercely landed 1,000 meters away…

Again and again…

Until he landed in front of a young girl.

The colossus was out of shape, and there was no fight left in his eyes. Instead, there was hopelessness. He was dying.

The young girl coldly took away the backpack on the colossus's back and looked at his eyes. Finally, an aura was released from her mouth, forming a tinkling sound. "You have completed your mission. I acknowledge your final sacrifice and service. Now, I will 'set you free'. The Ice Throne will have a piece of your flesh on it."


Almost immediately, the colossus collapsed. His massive flesh melted away like snow. Then, his bones also melted away. In a flash, the colossus had integrated with this land and completely disappeared.

Finally, there was a hint of pity in the young girl's eye. If only this search that had cut off all means of retreat was worth it…

"Pudding, Pudding, this is your last ice corpse demon!"

Suddenly, a small ice bird poked out from the young girl's hair. Its wings were made out of countless layers of ice. "Pudding, Pudding. Very quickly, everyone will know about this news. You're done for, you're done for!"

The ice bird shouted noisily and took great pleasure in her misfortune. "I feel embarrassed having a creator like you!"

"Shut up!"

The young girl squeezed these two words from her throat. Then, she stretched out her hand and grabbed this talkative ice bird before vowing, "One more sentence, and I will melt you into water before pouring you into the toilet!"

The ice bird did not seem afraid of anything. However, it was rather afraid of this kind of dirty threat. If it mixed with that stinky water… It could not take it. Thus, it stopped.

The young girl put down her hand. The waves of control that creators had over their creations flashed, and the ice bird involuntarily went back into her hair. It was no longer a bird, but layers of ice that stuck snugly to her skin like scales.

After dealing with the ice bird, the young girl called Pudding opened the bag. However, a hint of disappointment appeared on her face.

There was a problem with her ice corpse demon. Thus, she had to do everything she could to search for a suitable pill furnace in the Ice Spring. She needed creatures that were able to endure the infiltration of boundless cold air and survive in that dead land.

However, her gains did not seem powerful enough this time.

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    《Battle Frenzy》