Battle Frenzy
1064 People Call Me Buddha
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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1064 People Call Me Buddha

Crash! This time, Dymas used all of his strength and came crashing down. There was a cracking sound, and the ambusher's head suddenly tilted. Dymas sighed. With a kick of his leg, he flung the ambusher, who had no more power, outwards.

Dymas calmed down and distinguished the type of toxin used very quickly. The effects were very similar to being petrified, but the grade of the toxin was very low. If the toxin was not continuously injected into his body, with the abilities of the elephant people to resist toxins, this kind of toxin would not be enough to take his life.

Dymas was slightly relieved. With the expulsion of his spiritual power, the dizziness that the toxin had brought about gradually subsided.

Then, he looked at his wrist. The cursed band had completely transformed into two command spells that covered the skin of his wrist like tattoos. He had completely recovered his abilities. At the same time, some information was transmitted from the command spell into his soul.

The Mirror World was the chaotic prison of the divine territory. Everything here was chaotic and disorderly. There was no such thing as escaping from prison here as there were no actual prison guards here. There was only one way to get out of here. One had to stay here for a year and hunt enough life points.

At this moment, Dymas could sense the "1" that was displayed in his command spell. Obviously, this represented the skinless monster that he had just gotten rid of. To break away from his chaotic sea of suffering, the number in the command spell had to reach "200" in one year. Furthermore, this number would refresh every year. Thus, one could not leave even if one were short of one point and had to start over from square one.

Even though this information from the command spell did not specifically introduce the Mirror World to him, this rule would only have one result.

Everyone slaughtered each other!

This was a game of the rulers. They simply did not care about the revolt from the bottom-dwelling classes. At best, this would bring some joy to their long and boring lives.


The command spell suddenly became scorching hot, pointing in the direction of others who also possessed the command spell. The more people there were in a direction, the greater the scalding pain from the command spell. This painful response between command spells would cause some, who were not willing to fight, to have no choice but to give up hiding and enter this chaotic slaughter. If you did not kill other people, other people would follow the thread of pain and kill you.

Wave after wave of scorching pain spurred Dymas on. Frenzied emotions entered his heart from the command spell, and the desire to slaughter started to take root and germinate. Finally, he rushed in the direction that it pointed him towards. His previous perseverance and will would eventually disperse in this long and boundless torture.

On the way, he saw many people who were being tortured by the command spell, just like him. He could see that like him, these people were new captives who had just been sent to the Mirror World.

Midway through, there was a desperate fight. Dymas did not kill his opponent as his opponent had escaped, to his surprise. Meanwhile, the pain from the command spell continued to torture him. He was not willing to be changed by this kind of method. He breathed heavily like an injured beast. A wave of despair arose from his heart as he looked at the boundless Mirror World.

Was he really going to become a puppet with no consciousness or sense of self?

However, it was as if a bucket of cold water had been splashed on his face. Dymas had intelligence, but he had also been targeted by someone else as prey. The shadows on the ground displayed a death announcement from the skies.

A large swan! It was a slaughterer from a level-8 civilization.

Dymas raised his elephant nose, unwilling to give up, and angrily roared into the sky. He knew how terrifying large swans were. Would he be able to endure five attacks? He did not know whether this was an outrageous idea. The large swan suddenly swooped down, and Dymas was prepared to fight back.

Whoosh! A shadow rushed out from hiding among the grass. However, the large swan had already determined its position, like a cat chasing a mouse. In a flash, the large swan stretched out its sharp claws and suddenly shoved the shadow, firmly pressing it to the ground.

It was a stone monster from the Barrier race and had skin made out of rock. However, his rock skin immediately broke into pieces from the large swan's claws and peeled off with a rip, revealing the flesh underneath. The large swan quickly stuck out its tongue and bit the flesh.

It ate the stone monster raw. This large swan had gone mad. Here, intelligent races would regress and become animals that only knew how to hunt and eat. Their former pride had completely collapsed.

It was hard to imagine that this was once a noble member of a level-8 civilization and a rare fighter.

Dymas held his breath. In a short span of time, the stone monster had been engulfed by the large swan, leaving behind a pile of ashes. Then, the large swan soared into the sky once again. Its bloodthirsty eyes were looking at its next target: Dymas!

Dymas immediately ran away, hoping that the large swan would change its target to someone near him after he put some distance between them.

Rumble… The large swan let out a thunderous sound. Then, it suddenly swooped down from the sky and aimed straight at Dymas.

"Roar!" Knowing that he could not outrun a flying creature, Dymas stopped and counterattacked with an angry roar. He accumulated his spiritual power and raised his elephant nose high into the sky.

—— Colossus Impact!

However, the large swan in the sky was extremely agile and easily dodged. Closely after, it charged down at an even faster speed. The sharp claws of the large swan could easily rip apart the body of any living creature.

It was getting closer and closer! In the last moment, Dymas closed his eyes in despair. "No!"

Meeting his end in this deathly place was a humiliation to an elephant person.

However, just at this moment, there was a faint sound behind him. Dymas could feel the intense scorching pain from the command spell. Not only was there this sound, there were also many people behind him!

He suddenly opened his eyes and saw a golden shadow firmly resisting the offense from the large swan. The large swan had transformed into a swan shadow and produced countless black shadows. This was the Shadow Slaughter technique of the large swan race. Unless one was proficient in using light or understood the essence of darkness, every single shadow that the large swan produced was equivalent to a swan clone that was impossible to defend against. They were deadly sickle shadows.

However, these shadows of death had been completely blocked by the golden light. This was simply unbelievable.

What was this? Dymas widened his eyes. He did not recognize where this golden figure was from as he was from a civilization he had never seen before. However, he had actually blocked an invincible attack from the large swan!

Closely after, even more people charged into the battlefield. Their division of labor was very orderly. Some were in charge of attacking, while others were in charge of curbing the large swan and attracting its attention. They were just like an army.

These figures came from many races, and there were about 20 to 30 people. They formed a combat squadron and trusted one another greatly.

Most importantly, the pain of the command spell seemed to have disappeared under the shine of the golden light.

They were locked together in combat as the large swan became unusually furious and frenzied. As they fought, countless shadows shot out, enough to make an entire army, roaring as they attacked. There were several times when the shadows almost covered the entire sky. However, the golden light continued to shine. The shadow stood in the darkness and was extremely stable.

Every single one of them was not afraid to die and firmly protected their positions. After continuously wearing down the powerful swan, it finally grew fatigued from its frenzied state.

The intuition of the elephant people had always been inversely proportional to their physiques. Dymas, who seemed crude, actually had a soul that could see through the innate qualities of other things.

"The Buddha is benevolent. The light of the Buddha illuminates all things."

The golden light suddenly transformed. Then, a hollow glowing figure suddenly rose from behind that golden figure.

Once again, Dymas's mouth was extremely wide. He smelled a refreshing fragrance, which was the scent of the purest soul. This was the natural talent of the elephant people. They could smell evil and purity. Dymas had smelled the souls of countless people, but this was the first time he had encountered such a clear soul!

However, this soul did not belong to the golden person. Instead, it belonged to the glowing figure that rose behind the golden person.


The large swan roared angrily and released the natural talents unique to its race — the Shadow Abrupt Vigor! Fog started to surge from all directions. A silver moonlight slowly ascended into the sky amidst the shadows and fog. The large swan was engulfed by a shadow under this moonlight, like an armored demon that had emerged from the oceans of Hell to kill.

The golden light was suppressed by the silver moonlight. The massive shadow also distorted slightly, as if it was struggling.

Dymas gritted his teeth and endured this cruel pressure. He could not submit to this pressure!

At this moment, a clear sound rang out amidst this might.

"Dharma Idol —— Combat Buddha."

This was not a sound from sound waves, but from the language of the soul. This was an echo of spiritual power. It was as gentle as a gust of wind, yet as moist as a drizzle. This echo was full of positivity and hope, making people trust this sound.


The swaying crowd lined up neatly once again. Energy was transmitted from this confident light, producing a sound that resembled a storm. The large swan sensed this might and finally put down its insanity. There was a wisp of thick and dense fear in its bloodthirsty eyes.

At the same time, the others swarmed forth. There were some peak Foundational Stages, while other Void Cores revealed their true form. Everyone was not afraid of death, but was afraid that the golden light would be harmed by the large swan.

Destruction occurred in just one shot.

However, this time, it was the large swan that was destroyed!

This unthinkable was not met with bloodthirsty roars, but intelligent smiles. Everyone more or less had injuries, but there was happiness, and trust had developed on their faces. The different races gave one another high fives.

Everyone's intelligence was still intact.

Obviously, all of this had originated from the bald soldier in the middle, who radiated a faint golden light. His face and body were covered in scars, but his gaze was gentle and tenacious.

The bald soldier looked at the elephant person. "Do you want to join the Hell Resistance Army?"

The elephant person nodded his head instinctively as this was probably the only place in this world with intelligence. Even if he died, he would die with the pride of an intelligent being.

The bald soldier smiled. "I'm Mo Wen, an Earthling. Everyone likes to call me Buddha."


Meanwhile, back at the mushroom house, Lao Wang was speechless. Jhonas had wanted to properly project and discuss Senior Lavel's future. However, he took one look at Lao Wang's dark expression and eventually made the smart choice to go to class, even though there were clearly no Equipment Refinery Hall classes today.

The Fire Demon race? Senior Lavel?

At this current stage, it was best for him not to provoke these top beings in the Heavenly Gates. Lao Wang lay on the bed and put his hands behind his head. He pondered about the possible connection this had with him.

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    《Battle Frenzy》