Battle Frenzy
1065 Celeste“s Spring
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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1065 Celeste“s Spring

One possibility might have had something to do with Lao Wang's ability to easily change his spiritual power waveband. Back then, when he said that he changed his spiritual power waveband, he could tell from Jhonas's shocked expression that something was off. This was a technique he had mastered back on Earth as a Casted Soul. Lao Wang had never thought that this would be a rare technique when he came to a place like the divine territory. Lavel's switch from rage to calmness was when she saw Lao Wang change his spiritual power waveband.

If this was the reason why, then Lao Wang felt that his situation was far from good. He did not want to become their guinea pig as no one knew what mysterious things they would make him do.

Of course, there was another possibility to this matter.

The Blood Demon race was a branch of the Fire Demon race, and the relations between the two races were relatively tight. Furthermore, he had killed Balor… If this was the case, then it was even worse that he had been remembered by an expert like Lavel. Most importantly, she had even found a rationale to punish him. Then… he would really die a terrible death!

When he thought of this, Lao Wang was silently cautious. Next time, if Lavel wanted him to meet her one-on-one, no matter what, he had to be well-prepared before going.

Just as he was thinking, his palm suddenly warmed up, and a light dazzled on it. This was a signal from Nini. She had disappeared for three to four days. Had she suddenly been stung by her conscience and settled everything at the Spirit Flower Garden?

Lao Wang turned over and got up. He would have to adopt measures appropriate to the actual situation. Compared to an unknown potential threat, enhancing his strength was truly what was most urgent to him now.

"Master, Master!" Nini simply sent over an oral message through the summoning array. "The primary election is done! Come over and pick one!"

Primary, primary election…

Lao Wang had no thoughts toward Nini's choice of words. It made it seem like he was choosing concubines. He might even need to do a mass selection next time. Without any hesitation, Lao Wang immediately set off. If he was able to obtain flame power, there was no doubt that it would be like having another protective talisman on him.

When he headed to the small wooden shop that housed the Spirit Flower Garden, he happened to see Celeste cleaning up the shop. As the daughter of the Heavenly Shell Crown Prince, she was still able to maintain an extremely peaceful mentality while doing such odd jobs. To be honest, Lao Wang rather admired her attitude towards doing things.

People rarely came to the Spirit Flower Garden. When she saw a guest enter, Celeste raised her head and stroked her hair, ready to greet the guest. However, she saw Wang Zhong and was dumbfounded. She had never seen any return customers. "Wang Zhong? What are you here for? Has something happened?"

Even those who had signed contracts would typically not return to the Spirit Flower Garden.

"I'm here to find Nini," said Wang Zhong with a smile.

"What's the matter? Why is it so official?" Celeste furrowed her eyebrows slightly. With good intentions, she warned him, "Under normal circumstances, the Spirit Flower Garden does not allow people to enter again. Once something bad happens, chaos will break out."

"I'm here to sign a contract." Lao Wang was frank. "I'll have to trouble you for another contract ceremony."

"Contract? What contract?" Celeste was dumbfounded and did not recover from her shock. Hadn't he signed the contract with Nini? Furthermore, she had personally helped him with the process. It was impossible for there to be a mistake with such a high-leveled spirit contract. What contract was he going to sign?

"…It's like this…" Wang Zhong explained the reason why he wanted a second elemental spirit. There was nothing embarrassing about this. He needed another assistant for pill refinery. It was simple and direct, and there was no need to conceal the truth. Furthermore, when he decided on his target and signed the spirit contract, he would still have to trouble Celeste to step in. After all, she was the person in charge. He could not hide the truth even if he tried to.

He spoke rather naturally. However, he very quickly realized that Celeste had a completely speechless expression.

A—a second elemental spirit? Had this fellow gone crazy?!

Although Celeste saw that many elemental spirits in the Spirit Flower Garden had a rich interest in Wang Zhong back then, would two spirits serve one master? Celeste, who had worked in the Spirit Flower Garden for several months, was the most aware of this. With the prideful personalities of those small fellows, this was impossible no matter what.

"Wang Zhong." Celeste interrupted Lao Wang, who was still speaking. She said rather helplessly, "You and I have some affinity. As a friend, I must remind you that a man who is never content is like a snake trying to swallow an elephant. Elemental spirits are not as simple as you imagine. Raising this kind of request to an elemental spirit is a relatively impolite action. If you anger them, there will be no end to your future troubles. If you came here with the mentality of trying it out, I think that you should give up. If you are really not willing to give up, you can try to ask Nini. After all, you have already signed a contract. Even if she flares up, she will probably not do anything much to you…"

"Yes, I asked her first." Wang Zhong showed deep agreement. This lady was relatively calm and good at observation. She was rather similar to him in terms of thought process.

"Then that's right, ask her… Hm?" Celeste was dumbfounded. She widened her eyes and looked at Wang Zhong. "Ah?!"

He had asked Nini and still came?

Unlike Lao Wang, Celeste was not a completely ignorant layman when it came to elemental spirits. Yes, there was no rule in the elemental spirit race that one could not sign contracts with two spirits at the same time. But firstly, with the pride of the elemental spirits, one did not even need to think to figure out that this was impossible! No, no, no, one could not even think of this! How difficult was it for someone to obtain one elemental spirit, let alone two? What kind of simple fellow would dare to have such daring ideas? Was he not afraid that the moment he stepped into the Spirit Flower Garden, hundreds of furious fellows who had been humiliated would immediately shred him into pieces?

Furthermore, at the same time, there was a very important problem! Did he think that elemental spirits chose strong souls to sign contracts with simply because they liked such souls? Wrong! They were special beings that could not walk out of the Spirit Flower Garden without a host. Before elemental spirits fully grew up, they needed a powerful soul as an actual medium. Furthermore, this would become a large burden on the carrier's soul. Only individuals with powerful souls would be able to endure this.

This was the price to pay, but it was worth it for an elemental spirit!

However, signing contracts with two elemental spirits at the same time… It was not that this was completely impossible, but those who were able to do so were definitely the absolute top experts in the Heavenly Gates. But a Foundational Stage? Was he asking for death?!

Before Celeste could seriously question Lao Wang's words, a buzzing sound rushed over.


After all, they had a telepathic connection. Nini could directly sense Lao Wang when Lao Wang was this close to her and flew out. She threw herself into Lao Wang's chest with a delighted expression. "Master, Master! I made those sisters who passed the primary election line up!"

Lao Wang was already used to Nini's words and did not wonder at this strange experience. However, beside them, Celeste's hand trembled violently.

Primary, primary election? They were even lined up! Were they waiting for him to choose them? I…

Celeste was instantly petrified. The doubt in her heart had disappeared without a trace with Nini's words. Her mouth was wide open as she stood there blankly.

There was no justice anymore. She felt as if everything she had done in the past had been overturned!!!

"Hm?" Nini looked at the stunned Celeste and fiercely said, "You poop picker, don't block the way!"

Lao Wang did not know whether to laugh or to cry. Looking at Celeste's expression, there was nothing for him to curse about. He seemed to have done something inappropriate that made others jealous once again.

"Hi? Celeste?" Wang Zhong had no choice but to stretch out his hand and wave it in front of her. The daughter of the Heavenly Shell Crown Prince seemed to have been shell-shocked. After knowing her for a few months, this was Lao Wang's first time seeing the aloof Celeste lose control of herself.

After calling out to her several times in a row, he finally saw Celeste react dizzily. "Ah, ah? Yes, okay!"

She turned around, seemingly wanting to bring Wang Zhong to the Spirit Flower Garden. However, she walked in the wrong direction and almost walked to the Heavenly Gates Street.

Wang Zhong was amused. The impact this had on Celeste seemed to be too much. In reality, one could not blame her either. She was the daughter of the Heavenly Shell Crown Prince from a dignified level-8 civilization and was working while nurturing feelings with the elemental spirits. In the end, she had not been able to obtain an elemental spirit even after a few months. However, an Earthling from a low-leveled civilization obtained an elemental spirit every time he came… Damn. If someone else had been standing in Celeste's position, they would have gone mad.

After reaching this stage, Wang Zhong was not dumb, nor was he heartless. He knew that he should return the favor. He looked at Celeste, who was leading the way in a dazed manner, and deliberately said to Nini, "Nini, Celeste is my good friend. You've seen her help me many times. Could you help to introduce her to an elemental spirit?"

The distracted Celeste in front of him perked up her ears, and her body trembled slightly. One could not blame the daughter of the Crown Prince for losing control as this process was just too difficult. She had spent a long time here, but she still had no chance. She could not and did not dare to voluntarily propose this and could only try to passively attract the elemental spirits. If not, once she was rejected, she would be chased out. This meant that she would lose her chance for the rest of eternity. Celeste was not willing to take a gamble, but if Nini introduced her to them… then it would be completely different!

Unrestrained gratitude and a hint of nervousness flashed past Celeste's face. However, no matter what, Wang Zhong was too generous.

Nini snorted. She could not go against her master's words, but she could agree on the surface and go against him in private. However, she knew that Celeste had helped Wang Zhong twice and was even personally present during the second time. Nini knew this "working" fellow rather well. Firstly, Celeste had helped out her master. Furthermore, she had a rather high status outside. Introducing her sisters to Celeste would not be considered unfair treatment towards her sisters. These were elemental spirits. They might insult one another, but their racial consciousness was innate and powerful.

"Sure, come and try it out." Nini snorted. "I will help you to speak, but I cannot assure whether you will succeed."

"Thank you!" This was simply a heaven-sent fortune for Celeste. Even though she had a revered identity and was sufficiently confident in her natural endowments and her soul, no one dared to guarantee anything when it came to signing a contract with an elemental spirit. Furthermore, under normal circumstances, one would have no chance for the rest of their life once they failed! However, it was different with Nini's help. Not only did the success rate increase greatly, there was even a form of immunity at the very least.

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    《Battle Frenzy》