Battle Frenzy
1066 The Brutally Tortured Daughter of the Crown Prince
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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1066 The Brutally Tortured Daughter of the Crown Prince

The gates of the Spirit Flower Garden were pushed open. Before they could walk in, Lao Wang and Celeste already saw several hundred elemental spirits chattering around the entrance. It was extremely crowded.

When they saw someone come over, the several hundred elemental spirits instantly exploded. They completely ignored Celeste and Nini at the side. Instead, all their gazes focused on Wang Zhong. Celeste could even hear the sound of them drooling!

"Tsk tsk, after not seeing him for some time, that human seems even more handsome!"

"I really want to hug him!"

"Hmph! That despicable Nini. What gives her the right to choose? She should obviously allow her master to choose! I refuse to accept this!"

"Who is your owner? How terribly ugly! Don't block me, don't block me!"

There was chatter in midair and the buzzing sound of spirits pushing and shouting. It was extremely noisy and chaotic.

It seemed as if they had experienced a rather "cruel" struggle over the past few days. Even though the chattering elemental spirits who had "lost the election" had various complaints towards Nini, no one overstepped their authority.

Meanwhile, at the very front, there were over a dozen uniform fire elemental spirits. They lined up bashfully, like "concubines" who were waiting to be chosen. They suddenly threw flirtatious glances at Wang Zhong.

Even though she was mentally prepared, Celeste still felt as if her outlook on life had been subverted. So signing a contract with elemental spirits could be done this way… My god. What in the world have I been doing for the past few months?

"Master, Master, it's… them!" Nini was going to delightedly point at the row of sisters she had personally picked out, but when she took a closer look at them, she was slightly stunned.

Eight out of 10 of these sisters had changed their clothes. Before she had headed off, they had still followed her request and dressed according to her rules. However, look at their shameful behavior now! All of them were dressed thinly, as if they were dying to appear fully naked and act coquettishly! This group of bitches was too sinister. They were all two-faced!

If Master had not been standing beside her, and if she did not care about her image as a fair maiden in front of her master, Nini would have definitely scolded them publicly.

"How about that young spirit?" Wang Zhong was also afraid that a long delay would mean trouble as he sensed Nini's unhappy emotions. He was at wits' end with Nini, who he had already signed a spirit contract with. At that moment, he rubbed his nose and casually pointed to the first spirit from the left without looking carefully. Then, he asked for Nini's opinion!

She was too exposed! Nini held back these words and immediately said, "Master, Master, she is the worst. Why not take a closer look?"

The elemental spirit, who had been chosen by luck and was extremely excited, immediately had a dark expression on her face. However, the results were not out yet. Thus, she did not dare to curse. What if this left a poor impression on Master?

Lao Wang pointed to the second one. "What about her?"

She was also very exposed! This bitch was double-faced!

Nini said rather passionately, "Her body is not too good. Master, Master, look around again!"

Lao Wang understood and simply pointed at the one standing in the middle of the row of elemental spirits. She was dressed the most conservatively, and seemed bashful and restless. "Then her."

Nini instantly sighed with relief. She felt as if she had been relieved of a heavy load. "Yiyi! Yiyi is good. She is a good younger sister of mine. Furthermore, Yiyi's natural flame endowments are the best out of all of them. Master, you really have a good eye for things!"

Elemental spirits were already very small, but the elemental spirit called Yiyi seemed even smaller. However, the pair of flame wings on her back was relatively beautiful, transparent, and delicate. They displayed her superb natural endowments in controlling flames.

She was obviously a loli who did not know how to display herself well, unlike the other elemental spirits. She was relatively bashful and was surprised that she had been chosen. However, even though this was finalized, she did not dare to be hasty. She obediently flew over and greeted Wang Zhong in a slightly nervous and polite manner. "Master!"

"Yes, yes…" Lao Wang did not dare to take a closer look for now. At that moment, he felt that this one was rather cute. Most importantly, her body was brimming with fire elemental power. Even though she was not the most powerful among this batch of fire elemental spirits, she was one of the most exquisite ones. Indeed, Nini had not done this just to satisfy these criteria. Those she had chosen from the "primary election" were definitely the best in terms of pill refinery endowments.

"Damn! Little… Nini, you little thing, what about us?!" The other elemental spirits no longer continued to endure their feelings, especially the first two spirits who had been rejected by Nini. There was fire in their eyes. After all, fire elemental spirits had irritable tempers. A wave of fire energy was ready to cause trouble, and it seemed as if a fire was immediately going to break out.

"Oh?" Nini picked her eyebrows. "It looks like I will have to make some new selections next time when Master achieves his Void Core and comes to choose someone again."

Everyone was stunned and instantly kept silent.

"Sister Nini, have you eaten? After busying about for a few days, you must be exhausted, right? I feel so sorry for you!"

"Sister Nini, I have the medicinal liquid from a hundred flowers that I gathered this morning!"

"Sister Nini, let me massage your legs for you. Don't mix around with those spirits who have no character!"

The elemental spirits who had been chattering in the air took just 0.1 seconds to react. Then, the situation suddenly changed. As a result, Celeste and Lao Wang, who were at the side, were dumbstruck, especially the daughter of the Heavenly Shell Crown Prince.

Next time? There was still a next time?!!

Celeste really had nothing else to curse about and was stunned the entire time. She simply felt as if her outlook on life had been completely overturned by this Earthling and this group of elemental spirits. They weren't playing around with her now, right? Even the treatment that the supervisor of the Heavenly Shell race received was a world of difference from this Earthling's, let alone for "combat scum" like her…

"Master, Master, let's go!" Nini was triumphant as she had completely captured the lives of these little bitches. She never expected that helping her master choose people would bring such a surprising benefit to her. Over the past few days, she received unprecedented respect and status in the Spirit Flower Garden. She had almost become the head of the spirits.

Lao Wang gave two dry coughs. While Nini was delighted, Lao Wang did not forget what he had agreed on with Celeste before this. At this moment, he shot a glance at Nini.

Nini understood and cleared her throat. "Ahem, sisters! There's another thing! We are still going to choose one more!"

The chattering sisters instantly fell silent. There was absolute silence in the Spirit Flower Garden as countless pairs of eyes looked at Nini with ardent desire.

"But my master won't be the one choosing. It's her!" Nini pointed at Celeste.

When she sensed the hundreds of gazes cast at her, Celeste instantly grew nervous. Even though it seemed like Nini was covering her well, even if Celeste was blind, she knew what exactly these elemental spirits were expecting. Was it really good to raise this at this moment? Celeste was slightly speechless. Couldn't Nini have picked a better timing?

However, she obviously had no right to decide in this matter. It was good enough that Nini was willing to help.

As expected, the hundreds of expectant gazes were stunned. Closely after was a wave of insults.

"F*ck no…"

"Why do we have to follow a poop picker?"

"That's right. Furthermore, I don't like women! What are women useful for? They are the most useless!"

"You are obviously a woman yourself!" A girl spirit refuted her.

The elemental spirit defended herself loudly. "We noble elemental spirits are different!"

Chattering noises immediately sounded throughout the entire garden. However, Celeste was very calm. She understood the spirits very well, and this was considered very good. She could not imagine that these beings, who had an affinity with the rules, would be such chatterboxes. One truly could not judge a book by its cover.

Meanwhile, Nini coughed and disrupted the clamor that filled the air. "She is not just a piece of poop. She is also the daughter of the Crown Prince from the Heavenly Shell race. She is a dignified figure outside."

"Oh? So this poop picker has another identity?"

"So what? Doesn't she just do odd jobs?"

They did not show any respect to her. Even though Celeste maintained a smile on her face, she was streaming with tears on the inside. As the daughter of the Heavenly Shell Crown Prince and a member of a dignified level-8 civilization, her status was at the top in the Land. However, she was treated as an odd-job worker by these small things.

"Her personality is very good." With Nini's personality, she would not help if she did not agree. However, once she agreed, she would spare no effort to help. "My master is good friends with her."

"Damn, who dares to…" An elemental spirit wanted to mock Nini for choosing a good master and suggesting trash to the rest of them, but she seemed to have thought of something. She spoke halfway before hurriedly covering her mouth.

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    《Battle Frenzy》