Battle Frenzy
1067 We Will Resign Tomorrow!
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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1067 We Will Resign Tomorrow!

Even more spirits were immediately interested. "Good friends? Do you often meet with our master? How close is your relationship?"

The chattering noises around them rose once again. Thirty to forty spirits immediately got close to her.

"Are you married? Can everyone sleep in the same bed at night?"

Celeste's expression froze. Who was choosing who here? Furthermore, they even said "my master". Had all of these elemental spirits already decided on Wang Zhong? This… Even she could not digest this!

Lao Wang felt extremely awkward as well and coughed several times in succession. This group of elemental spirits did not seem as pure as he had imagined.

Nini's expression instantly changed, and she was furious. "You… terrible women! Go away!"

It seemed as if the good situation was about to turn ugly. Thus, Lao Wang hurriedly defused the situation. "It's like this. Celeste is indeed my good friend. Furthermore, she is very strong in pill refinery. I will often ask Celeste to teach me about pill refinery."

"So you will meet because of that?"

When Lao Wang spoke, the results were instantly effective. Even though half of the 30 to 40 spirits who gathered had retreated, the remaining few were seriously observing Celeste.

"Tsk. Now that you've mentioned it, upon closer look at her soul, it is quite pure." One of the elemental spirits' eyes lit up. She could see Celeste from inside out.

"After all, the Heavenly Shell race is skilled at water techniques, and water-type physiques are usually pure. However, she seems to be decent among the Heavenly Shell race."

"Do you still remember the one from before her? This poop seems a bit similar to the one from before!"

The chattering noises continued as they made minute criticisms.

Celeste did not seem to feel awkward. Even though she was like a produce being chosen by others, this was the normal situation and process when signing a contract with elemental spirits in the Spirit Flower Garden. No one would believe Wang Zhong's powerful and dynamic "concubine choosing".

One sentence from Wang Zhong simply triumphed over thousands of words, causing Celeste to form a false impression of her identity at that moment. It seemed as if Wang Zhong was an aloof and remote celestial being, while she was the Earthling who had just stepped foot into the Star Alliance.

There was not much confusion here. A fire elemental spirit that seemed rather sexy chose her. Although water and fire did not mix well with each other, all things in this world were intriguing this way. What attracted each other most was usually their opposite characters.

Roro was the most provocatively dressed out of the elemental spirits that Nini had helped Lao Wang to choose from. She was also the fastest to flare up when she lost the "election" early.

To elemental spirits, the sexiest spirit was usually the most powerful. Furthermore, this girl seemed to have understood that she had completely offended Nini. Even if Wang Zhong wanted to choose someone next time, she definitely had no chance. Furthermore, with Nini's current status in the Spirit Flower Garden, those little bitches all bootlicked her. Would she be able to live the rest of her days well? It was better to follow Celeste and get close to Wang Zhong in a roundabout way. In any case, this Heavenly Shell female was still a virgin, and her looks were not bad. She could slowly teach her.

"Cece!" Fire spirit Roro was rather tyrannical to have chosen a female as her host. She did not need to learn from Nini and act pure. "In the future, we will no longer have to serve these thankless wretches. We will resign tomorrow!"

This was easy to understand. If her master continued to pick up poop here and serve these little bitches, especially Nini, how awkward and shameful would it be for Roro?

However, before Celeste could respond, the Spirit Flower Garden was in an uproar.

"Damn, as expected of women who marry out. They are like spilled milk!"

"The contract isn't even signed, but she's starting to treat us like outsiders!"

"Roro, your words are too indecent! What thankless wretches?"

In an instant, there was a battle of words as they responded sarcastically. Celeste could not ward off these blows either. She hurriedly brought Roro along and fled in defeat. Meanwhile, Nini, who was watching at the side, was about to cramp up from watching this commotion; this was the result of agreeing with her on the surface and going against her in private. "Master, what do you think?"

"…" If one did not personally witness this, no one in the entire divine territory would believe that the elemental spirit race was this kind of creature. Lao Wang was helpless and could only wave his hand. "How scandalous!"

Celeste was unusually sentimental as well. To be honest, back when she had approached Wang Zhong, she was only casually testing out another possibility. She was already prepared to stay in the Spirit Flower Garden for at least two to three years. However, she never thought that it would be this successful.

Furthermore, Roro was obviously a rather powerful fire elemental spirit and was one of the top-grade spirits. Being chosen by her was a result that exceeded her expectations. Young souls like her would not be the first choice of the elemental spirits, especially the extremely powerful elemental spirits. Typically, those that they took a liking to and matched with were great figures. She had benefited from her association with Wang Zhong and Nini. As Roro felt that she had offended Nini, her life in the Spirit Flower Garden would not be easy then. Nini might even hold her in contempt.

It was the same old procedure to sign the contract. Not only did Celeste know this well, even Lao Wang was extremely familiar. There was no novelty to this.

Throughout the process of signing the contract, Celeste had thanked Wang Zhong many times. To the daughter of the Heavenly Shell Crown Prince, thanking someone several times in a row for the same thing was already a rather unthinkable action. This was slightly overboard in terms of etiquette but could not conceal Celeste's gratitude from the depths of her heart.

"Tonight, the Heavenly Gates is organizing a private gathering." Celeste knew what Wang Zhong was seeking. She heard that he had been researching pill refinery recently. This time, he had summoned a second elemental spirit because he had problems with controlling the fire in pill refinery. Furthermore, he was aiming for the level-7 Glazed Crystal Life Extending Pill. There was no doubt that Wang Zhong wanted to enter the Pill Refinery Hall and listen to Elder Yimo's precious classes on the rules of pill refinery.

Since he had helped her, Celeste knew that she should return the favor. She smiled and asked, "I'm considered one of the hosts of the gathering. We are all pupils from the Pill Refinery Hall. Wang Zhong, would you like to come and meet with us?"

"Thank you. But maybe next time."

Lao Wang rejected without even thinking about it. He knew what Celeste was thinking, and that she had invited him out of gratitude, but inviting outsiders to this kind of private gathering was not too appropriate. Today's affair was as easy as lifting a finger to him. On the contrary, the help that Celeste had offered him previously had the risk of offending a lot of people. Thus, she did not owe him anything.

Furthermore, after signing the contract with Yiyi, Lao Wang was extremely impatient and wanted to try challenging the level-7 pill. He did not want to delay this by even one second and had no mood to participate in gatherings. As long as he succeeded in refining the level-7 pill and submitted the level-7 pill assignment to the Pill Refinery Hall, only then would he have peace of mind.

After signing the contract, Wang Zhong hurriedly left. Celeste had never thought that she would encounter a day when she was this rejected by others. Previously, rejecting her offer to join the Pill One Association was acceptable as he also had the choice of joining the Machinery race's Law Enforcement Association. However, this was simply a private gathering. Was it because she had no charm? This was a particularly novel problem.

As she was thinking of this, fire spirit Roro who was beside her did not care about it. Her heart was elsewhere… Back in the Spirit Flower Garden, Nini and Roro were old enemies. Not only did water and fire not go well together, they were each the most powerful spirit among the two types of elemental spirits. When she saw that little bitch at the peak of her life, Roro was very unhappy!

She would make Celeste attract Wang Zhong. This was a must! Only then would this increase the chances of her getting close to Wang Zhong. She wanted to seduce Wang Zhong away from Nini! How did that saying go again? There were no foundations that could not be dug up, only pickaxes that were not good enough!

"Master, you should get closer to this person!" Roro said in a mysterious tone. Earlier, when Wang Zhong and Nini were around, she could not say this. But now, only she and Celeste were left, and all taboos were lifted. "He has a particularly lucky taste to him that is very delicious. Getting close to him will bring about good luck!"

Celeste was dumbfounded. Could this be the intuition of an elemental spirit? Could this be the reason why countless elemental spirits scrambled to Wang Zhong?

Was it because of luck?

To be honest, after interacting with Lao Wang several times recently, it seemed as if her luck had been rather decent, especially when it came to elemental spirits. She thought that she would have to wait for at least two to three years and never dared to imagine that she would be able to select a powerful individual like Roro from the Spirit Flower Garden. She had never thought that everything would be so smooth. Was this not because of luck?

Celeste seemed lost in thought. This Earthling was a strange existence.

Did Celeste really have no allure to Lao Wang? Did she have no charm?

Frankly speaking, this was false.

Not only did she have charm, she had a lot of it!

Plus, they were on different levels. It was very difficult for a low-leveled civilization to reject a high-leveled civilization.

It was not just because of one's identity and status on the surface. This also had nothing to do with one's own thoughts or state of mind, let alone because of the qualities and looks of high-leveled civilizations. This was mainly because of the massive gap between their levels, and the natural reverence and allegiance that this brought about.

When a woman from a high-leveled civilization — especially an extremely pretty woman who was rather noble, not arrogant, and approachable— voluntarily expressed goodwill, this charm was not something any man from a low-leveled civilization could reject. It was not that Lao Wang did not feel this. However, he was able to completely control this favorable impression within a relatively safe range.

Once he had met the right one, he would not care about the rest.

He brought Nini and Yiyi back to the mushroom house. This time, he did not conceal them and allowed the two spirits to fly around the room. Yiyi observed the bedroom of her master extremely curiously and felt that even the smell of sweat on the bed was extremely attractive, causing Yiyi's face to turn red. She acted indifferently, but could not help but look at the bed.

Lao Wang had no time to care about the girl spirit's female thoughts and rapidly packed everything. He took out the ingredients for the level-7 pill that he had already prepared. At the same time, he asked Yiyi about some important points regarding fire control in pill refinery. They had just signed the contract and had to go through the process of understanding each other. If Lao Wang had not been anxious, this communication should have taken one or two days.

But the level-7 pill was just too important to him. Furthermore, this was only the first step.

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    《Battle Frenzy》