Battle Frenzy
1068 Two Spirits
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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1068 Two Spirits

With a deeper comprehension of the level-7 pill throughout this period of time, Lao Wang gradually understood that the level-7 pill was truly a refined pill!

In the Land, even the peak of almighty Gold Cores was only level-4 pills. This time, the level-2 pill that the Heavenly Gates had used to reward everyone was not refined in the Land. The pill had been passed down from the Heaven, which maintained tight connections with the Heavenly Gates.

This was a top-grade product that could only be found by chance but could not be looked for. One should not even think of refining it in the Land.

Meanwhile, other than the most important objective of accumulating his Void Core through pill refinery that had not changed from the beginning, he had started to develop a deep interest and appetite for pill refinery. Controlling the pill furnace, finely tasting various medicinal ingredients, seeing them return to their essence and energy states through stages of refinery, then carefully reorganizing them… This was a form of creation.

There were millions of delights in this world, but no desire could compare with the delight of creation! He did not refer to creating the world and all creatures in that world. Lao Wang believed that the process of pill refinery contained the abstruse meaning behind achieving his Void Core.

Wang Zhong had set an objective for himself. He wanted to completely catch up with the lessons in the Pill Refinery Hall while he was in the Heavenly Gates, and even reach the top and be able to refine level-4 pills. If not, once he left the Heavenly Gates, unless he sold himself and entered a top pill Faction, he would never have such a good environment again. As compared to the cruelty and severity of the outside world, the "second generation" in the Heavenly Gates was much more likable.

Needless to say, Yiyi was a genius among the fire elemental spirits. Even though she was not considered powerful among that batch of elemental spirits, this was mainly because she was too young. Furthermore, once elemental spirits had a host, the speed of their growth would become faster. One could ignore the small difference in power.

In terms of how she explained and analyzed fire-control techniques, Lao Wang was shocked the moment she opened her mouth.

"Master, when you control fire, you typically use spiritual power to control it. However, in reality, that is only on the surface. Some say that you can achieve muscle memory and use your body to control the fire. This can be considered an advancement, but the results are often slow with this kind of method. For example, you would not be able to control seven fires without three to five years of tough training. But other than these two methods, there is another higher-leveled method — using your thoughts to control the fire…" After all, she was a professional. Once Yiyi started speaking, she spoke from a different angle and level from Nini. "From your soul to your thoughts and consciousness… This is the best, most convenient, and the most active method to control fire."

"Can I learn it now? How do I do it? Approximately how long do I have to learn it for?" Lao Wang nodded his head. If he could learn the Split Control Technique by himself, he was more than willing to rely on his own power to refine pills.

"Oh, with master's natural endowments, there will definitely be no problems with mastering it. As for how long it will take, about two or three years." Yiyi thought about it and made an estimate.

Lao Wang was stunned and was instantly rendered speechless. "That's not much different from the muscle memory method…"

"Master, Master, you are mistaken. Once you learn how to control fire with your thoughts, consciousness, and soul, you will master it. There will be no difference regardless of what fire you can control. However, techniques like the muscle memory technique will only allow you to learn the Split Control Technique in two or three years. There is a huge difference. Master, you have actually already started practicing this technique."


"You used your soul to sign a contract with me and Sister at the same time." Yiyi's respect made Nini feel rather comfortable. Even though Nini was small, she had extraordinary natural endowments among the elemental spirits and had some status in her race. "Bearing two elemental spirits at the same time is a form of heavy practice for your soul. Two different individuals will allow Master to be more familiar with the feeling of diverting your attention."

Yiyi explained in a steady flow of words. Lao Wang listened for a long time before finally understanding.

It was not that there were completely no limits in the number of contracts that could be signed with elemental spirits. Elemental spirits had a parasitic relationship with their master and needed to rely on their master's soul to nourish themselves and grow. Thus, having an elemental spirit was a form of burden to an individual's soul.

However, this kind of burden was not necessarily completely negative. It could be said to be a double-edged sword.

This was the reason why elemental spirits demanded a powerful soul when looking for a host. However, Wang Zhong's soul was bizarrely limitless. This was also the reason why Nini was willing to let him try signing a contract with another elemental spirit. In reality, Nini was slightly worried. If he could not endure this, the contract would fail. However, in reality, Lao Wang did not even react. Nini was very surprised at this.

The power contained in the essence of his soul was not like that of a Foundational Stage at all. In fact, even Void Core experts could not compare to him. Furthermore, there were some rather special phenomena that occurred in his body. Not only did this attract the elemental spirits, Nini also clearly realized that there was no excessive danger to Wang Zhong in bearing the weight of two elemental spirits.

At that moment, after listening to Yiyi's explanation, Lao Wang carefully sensed the two soul-contract seals that were hidden in the depths of his consciousness. As expected, he could sense them gradually absorbing his soul and consciousness. However, this kind of absorption was rather gentle and weak. Wang Zhong had almost ignored this.

From another perspective, other people would face great exhaustion when they signed a contract with a spirit. Meanwhile, he only needed to provide an insignificant part to satisfy the spirits. Spirits were not absorbing quantity, but quality.

"Master's soul is naturally extremely powerful. This is also the main reason why you were successful in controlling the fire when refining the level-9 and level-8 pills. In reality, Master has already figured out some soul-control or thought-control methods, but you are not familiar enough with them. In the future, Yiyi will definitely discuss this with Master frequently and help you to master these techniques more quickly. In addition to some acceleration methods, you will be able to become an almighty expert in two to three years."

It was settled!

Regardless of whether this "girl" was currying favor with him, Lao Wang was still comfortable with this. Perhaps he needed the accumulation of time to develop pill studies. However, this was simply a flat road. If he truly wanted to become a peak expert, natural endowments were still more important. It was said that if one could not become a Great Master within five years in pill refinery, they would be hopeless for the rest of their life. What defined a "Great Master" was whether one could refine a level-5 pill…

Surprisingly, when Nini watched Master and Yiyi chatting passionately, she did not feel jealous. This was because Yiyi knew her limits very well — unlike those bitches who tried to raise their position in front of him. Yiyi was obedient in front of Master and was as good as her words. She did not excessively display herself either. Furthermore, she was rather respectful to Sister Nini, and one could see that this respect was from the heart. This was obviously very different from those bootlicking spirits in the Spirit Flower Garden.

The more Nini watched this, the more satisfied she was. When they chatted about problems in fire control and pill refinery, she occasionally interrupted and expressed some of her opinions on pill refinery. After all, among the three of them, "Sister" Nini was the best in her comprehension towards pill refinery. All elemental spirits would definitely be helpful towards pill refinery, and they were equally matched in terms of their functions. Not only was this the case for water elemental spirits, even metal elemental spirits, wood elemental spirits, and earth elemental spirits would definitely have aspects they were skilled in. However, she simply could not conceal her problems in controlling fire in front of Lao Wang. Thus, Yiyi was obviously more important now.

Lao Wang simply repeated the prescription for the level-7 Glazed Crystal Life Extending Pill, as well as the detailed refinery process that was prepared the last time. He had sorted through these materials with Nini previously. Now with Yiyi, the three of them pooled everyone's wisdom. They would modify the portion on fire control and reallocate their respective roles in the process of pill refinery…

Just as he was awfully busy, he heard a shout from outside the door. "Boss, Boss! I'm back!"

Jhonas's voice was crude and loud, and contained a sense of inelegance. Although Yiyi did not understand this, she felt that this was impressive. Meanwhile, Nini's expression was full of disgust. "If you're back, then so be it. Why are you making a big fuss? How impolite."

"Ha ha. Boss, look at what good food I've brought for you!"


No one knew whether this Flying Pig had encountered something good. He was rather excited. When he kicked the door open, he had a large bag full of food in his hands. There was a round trademark of a cow's head on the bag, as well as the words "Anoma Lampshade Cow Mark" written in Star Alliance characters.

The Anoma civilization was a rather famous gourmet civilization in the Land that sold various kinds of "beef". They did not sell ordinary beef. It was said that the Anoma civilization had specially bought dozens of fields in the outskirts of the Land to develop pastures! Meat that could endure the gravity in the divine territory was very common, but nurturing cows in the divine territory was a completely different concept. After all, the grass they ate in the pastures were all plants that could grow in the divine territory. If this was on Earth, these cows would be equivalent to pigs who were fed with bird's nest and abalone. Regardless of what standard these pigs achieved after growing up, if one only considered the thought and heroism that went into it, would the meat be cheap? It would definitely be one of the top luxury items.

Lao Wang was considered half a gourmet. He had heard of this item a long time ago, but his thoughts were not focused on this aspect. He casually ignored Jhonas. "Aren't you vegetarian?"

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    《Battle Frenzy》