Battle Frenzy
1069 Flying Pig, Whose Spirit Is Harmed
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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1069 Flying Pig, Whose Spirit Is Harmed

"It's meat-eating day, meat-eating day! Today, we celebrate a festival!" The Illusion race was typically vegetarian, but there were times when they ate meat as well. "Boss, let me tell you, these things are not easy to buy. In the morning…"

Jhonas was speaking excitedly and was ready to boast. After all, not everyone could purchase Anoma beef. However, before he could start his boasting, he suddenly saw three pairs of eyes in the room staring at him.


One of them was Boss, and another one was Nini. He was very familiar with them. But as for the third pair of eyes…

Jhonas's bragging grew lower and lower. His eyes and mouth were wide open.

Damn, had he gone crazy from thinking about elemental spirits recently? Was there an illusion? If not, it was because equipment refinery had been too tough recently, and he was seeing double! Two elemental spirits?

Jhonas could not help but fiercely rub his eyes.

No, no! The color of their wings were wrong. One pair of wings was blue, while the other pair was red.

This was…

"Ah~~~~~~" Jhonas, who had been stunned for a long time, suddenly shouted like a pig that was being killed. "Two elemental spirits?!"

Furthermore, the one with flame wings looked so adorable, so cute, and so perfect! Look at her timid manner! Look at her petite, gentle, pure, and cute face. Furthermore, it was a fire elemental spirit… Had, had this been prepared for him? This was a present from Boss and Nini… No, no, no, was this an unexpected surprise? My god, a fire elemental spirit! This would be a great help in his weapon refinery… Tsk tsk tsk! Refining equipment was nothing with such an adorable spirit. When he imagined how she would sweetly call him "Master"…

Jhonas was surprised and happy. He was so touched that his eyes were brimming his tears, and his entire body was trembling uncontrollably.

He simply threw the extremely expensive "Anoma Lampshade Cow Mark" bag aside as if he was throwing trash. He trembled and teared up as he looked at Boss. "Boss, Nini! You guys… You guys treat me too well. How can I take this?! Boo hoo hoo. I'm so touched! Even if I devote my life to you, I cannot return the favor that Boss and Nini have given me…"

"He is foolishly daydreaming again." Nini's expression was full of disgust. She could guess what this fat pig was thinking even with her dull thoughts. "What kind of sweet dreams is he seeing?

"…Master." Yiyi was slightly scared. After all, she did not recognize Jhonas, and elemental spirits were typically cautious against strangers. Furthermore, regardless of whether it was his soul or his external appearance, Jhonas was not admired by spirits. She leaned against Lao Wang cautiously and hugged Lao Wang's finger.

When he saw how close Yiyi and Lao Wang were, and when he heard her saying "Master", Jhonas recovered slightly from his earth-shattering gratitude. However, closely after, he seemed to have realized something. He was dumbfounded and looked at Yiyi, before looking at Lao Wang.

"Oh, you're overthinking it. This is my second elemental spirit messenger, Yiyi…" Lao Wang could not bear to tease him either. He stretched out his hand and patted Yiyi's small head. When she felt the warm touch from her master, the small girl's alarmed expression turned into one of infatuation and enchantment."


Jhonas no longer howled, and he took back his tears. Then, he looked at Lao Wang extremely idly for a full minute. His body grew soft, and he fell straight on his buttocks with a plomp. His gaze was full of despair.

"Damn, this is simply too unfair, too inhumane!" He finally managed to catch his breath after great difficulty. This rollercoaster had arrived too suddenly. This was too intense. "Boss, you won't have any friends like this…"

All along, elemental spirits disliked each other. The arrogant spirits always felt that they were the best and the most powerful. However, these two girls both served one master and even seemed so harmonious… This was simply unthinkable!

"Boss, how exactly did you do it? Do you have some secret ultimate technique? Did you use a lollipop?" Jhonas looked at Wang Zhong eagerly. Over the past few days, he rarely summoned his "cutie", his messenger that he had once felt was extremely pleasing to the eye and impressive. However, as compared to Nini, it was simply too lowly, let alone when there were two elemental spirits. "I don't care anymore! Boss, Big Brother, my dear Brother! Regardless of how you did it, you definitely have a method to help me get one, right?"

Lao Wang had even helped Celeste. If it was really possible, Lao Wang definitely would not reject Jhonas. At that moment, he also felt that this was somewhat amusing and turned to look at Nini. Recently, Nini had been very popular in the Spirit Flower Garden. If anyone could help Jhonas, it would definitely be her.

She would have definitely ignored Jhonas, but even her Master had requested her. Thus, Nini raised her head proudly. "That's for sure. Master is unique and has many methods! Just now, he even asked me to help Celeste sign a contract with an elemental spirit!"

These words rekindled Jhonas's hope. His eyes lit up, and he was so moved that even his nose was trembling. He looked at Nini extremely expectantly…

"But you are no good!" Nini was rather frank.

"Ah?!" Jhonas flared up. Why did she help Celeste, but not him? He was clearly best friends with Boss. "Is she impressive because she is from the Heavenly Shell race, a level-8 civilization? You helped her just because of that! Are you looking down upon the Illusion race as a mere level-5 civilization? Boss and the Earthlings are from a mere level-4 civilization! I even gave you yummy things to eat last time…"

"That has nothing to do with those. Furthermore, it's not that I'm not willing to help you." Nini shook her head at him.

"Then why?!"

Nini rolled her eyes at him. She had wanted to save him some face, but he did not want it at all. With his loud and shameful behavior, if Boss had not been beside them, she would have slapped him.

"You are too ugly!" Nini said with no restraint. "It is hopeless!"


Jhonas was stunned and trembled as he looked at Lao Wang, before looking at Yiyi.

Lao Wang had no reaction, but Yiyi hugged her master's fingers as she nodded her head assuredly with a cautious expression on her face.


It felt as if he had been struck by bolts of lightning. Jhonas was instantly petrified as he completely suppressed the anger in his heart with great difficulty.

Damn, they were supposed to celebrate… What kind of freak did he look like?!

At first, he had planned to refine pills right after exchanging a few simple sentences. However, after doing detailed research on the process of pill refinery, as well as hearing Yiyi's arrangements for fire control, Lao Wang suppressed his desire to act.

There was no doubt about Yiyi's natural endowments in fire control, and the fire energy that she possessed was pure. There was also no doubt in how much she could advance in the future. However, there was just one issue. After all, Yiyi's current power was not considered powerful. If Yiyi controlled the fire alone throughout the entire pill refinery process, she would definitely not be able to continue. Lao Wang still had to assist her from the side.

They required some practice and control over this. The three of them designed a preliminary plan consisting of five days of preparation, mainly to allow Nini to guide and activate Lao Wang's natural fire endowments. It was just like how Nini had activated Lao Wang's ice powers back then. As long as they were able to activate Lao Wang's natural fire endowments, even though this did not have much to do with the Split Control Method to control the Seven Color Fire, they could at least make Lao Wang a stable "energy source" while Yiyi controlled the fire. This would strengthen Yiyi's persistence in fire control. This was also the fastest shortcut they could take now.

The news that Wang Zhong had signed contracts with two elemental spirits did not spread. Jhonas and Celeste were obviously the kinds of people to definitely keep their lips sealed. However, the news that Celeste had signed a contract with a fire elemental spirit had spread throughout the entire Heavenly Gates over these two days.

This piece of news was much more serious than the previous news that Lao Wang had signed a contract with an elemental spirit. After all, to an outsider, even though a member of a low-leveled civilization had been able to sign a contract with an elemental spirit, this was obviously because of his extremely good luck and nothing else. Even if one gave a member of a low-leveled civilization, who did not even have a method to accumulate his Core, an elemental spirit, how much could he possibly grow?

However, Celeste was different. She had powerful alliances and was now like a tiger with wings! It was said that even the supervisor of the Heavenly Shell race had bestowed Celeste with amazing gifts. The daughter of the Heavenly Shell Crown Prince was the most famous among the new batch of pupils, and she was becoming more and more prominent…

For the past few days in the mushroom house, Yiyi constantly maintained her posture and stuck to Wang Zhong. There was no space for Nini to be jealous. After all, this was to activate Wang Zhong's affinity with the fire element.

The results were instantaneous. In reality, the moment he signed the spirit contract with Yiyi, Lao Wang already sensed a wave of fire energy ready to act within his body. Now with deliberate guidance, the fire energy in his Great 5 Elements Constitution had fully recovered in the blink of an eye. Closely after, he continued to advance into higher levels of affinity.

Frankly speaking, the Great 5 Elements Constitution itself was very powerful. The closer he was to the elemental spirits, the more clearly Lao Wang felt this. In the past, he felt that it was weak and useless. This was because of the restrictions from the incomplete laws of the peripheral worlds, causing the 5 Elemental powers to be limited. Furthermore, when his affinity increased, Wang Zhong could slowly feel the recovery of his latent power. Just like the power from the seal that the Flaming Spirit King had imposed on him, this level of power was quite high…

Furthermore, even though this was nothing abstruse, just the activation of powerful fire energy was enough to give him a pleasant surprise. Many techniques and abilities in combat were related to the 5 Elements. Thus, by controlling water and fire, Lao Wang was not far from displaying the true combat level of a peak Foundational Stage.

At that moment, he stretched out his hands. In his left hand was blue ice-power. Wisps of cold air rose from the blue ball of energy, causing the left side of the room to seem like it was covered in a layer of frost as the temperature dropped. Meanwhile, in his right hand was a flame that seemed rather brutal, causing the right side of the room to almost burst into flames.

Wang Zhong closed his eyes and sensed these two completely different waves of energy. Then, he slowly put his hands together.

At that moment, there should have been the intense resistance when two opposing waves of power approached each other. However, in Wang Zhong's hands, these two waves of completely exclusive power produced some form of fervent attraction to each other. Other than the momentary pause when the two waves of power came into contact with each other, the two waves of power transformed into two fountains that traveled back and forth between his hands. They blended with each other, and there was no sign of repulsion at all!

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    《Battle Frenzy》