Battle Frenzy
1070 Rampant Fire Spirit Bird
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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1070 Rampant Fire Spirit Bird

To Lao Wang, this was a basic operation when adjusting the 5 Elements using the Great 5 Elements Constitution. Although the level of power, as well as the level of the water and fire elements, was higher, it was no different in essence. Thus, it was not very difficult.

However, Yiyi and Nini at the side were completely stunned.

As two different elemental spirits, they had reached a kind of elemental realm, where water and fire were not completely incompatible and at odds with each other. After all, water and fire were opposites. Being able to achieve this state was the result of countless years of evolution in the elemental spirit race. However, being able to blend water and fire like Lao Wang…

God, they had never even dared to imagine this! Just what kind of compatible abilities was he using?

Nini and Yiyi looked at each other and could see the excitement in each other's eyes. They were not too clear what the scene they were witnessing meant exactly, but it was definitely a very impressive thing.

As expected of Master!

As compared to the two girls' excitement, Lao Wang was evidently much calmer. He had not even thought of this as a problem that he had to pay special attention to.

He simply felt the resurgence of power and the improvement of his control over the fire energy in his body. He used the balance when water and fire achieved compatibility with each other to nourish his fire energy using his ice powers, and to use the fire energy guided by Yiyi to feed the ice power. At that moment, yin and yang were in harmonious proportion. He was able to increase the limits of his fire energy more quickly and achieve a balance between water and fire.

"I feel that we are sufficiently prepared," Yiyi said. This was a very shocking speed, and Master's level of acceptance towards the fire element was too high, even higher than the most powerful fire elemental spirit that Yiyi knew! Of course, this was because of Master's strange method of using ice powers to nurture his fire energy. However, to be honest, Yiyi felt that this ability to achieve balance was even more bizarre than Master's natural fire endowments…

They had originally planned for five days of close interaction and guidance. However, they had already achieved their expected results, or even better, in just over two days.

"We will go refine pills when the sun rises." Lao Wang was somewhat anxious to go as well. Now that he had Yiyi and mastered the method of balancing water and fire, he could strengthen the 5 Elemental powers at any time. However, he would feel more assured the earlier he completed the level-7 pill task.

Unfortunately, his wishes were always at odds with reality. This plan was destined to be disturbed.

Knock knock knock!

Before Lao Wang could go out, he heard a series of anxious knocks on the door. When he opened the door to take a look, it was a pretty flame-red spirit bird.

It was a fire spirit bird! Yiyi curiously observed it with great interest. This was an extremely gorgeous and magnificent fire spirit bird. It was only palm-sized, but its feathers were made out of flames and covered its entire body. Its feathers were beautiful and clear, as if they were made out of real flames. It was able to condense the 5 Elements into a material object, just like how Yiyi condensed her fire energy into wings, meaning that it had rather powerful natural endowments. Speaking of which, fire spirit birds and fire elemental spirits were almost on par when it came to the strength of their natural fire endowments, but fire elemental spirits would be more skilled in some supplementary methods or could strength their host's affinity with flames. This was the main reason why a majority of people made elemental spirits their unique messenger.

However, in terms of combat power, the fire spirit bird was definitely more powerful than the elemental spirit.

This fire spirit bird was also a messenger. It was rather arrogant and did not even look at the other people in the house. It simply glanced at Wang Zhong, who had opened the door, and squawked, "Ga ga ga ga."

This was an oral message. She called herself Senior Lavel's messenger, who asked Wang Zhong to meet her at 8 a.m. tomorrow morning in the Creation Star.

"Master, Master, who is this?!"

In the house, Nini and Yiyi were dumbfounded. Immediately after, Nini was slightly furious. What kind of attitude was this fire spirit bird showing! It actually dared to speak to Master in such an arrogant tone! What did it mean by "So you are Wang Zhong"? What did it mean by "Master asks you to immediately XXX", "refine something" and so on?

How impolite! Could it not even say please when asking Master for help?!

With Nini's personality, she would immediately chase after it and ask what it meant. However, the fire spirit bird arrived quickly and left quickly. It seemed as if it did not even see that there were other people in the room. Before Nini could react, it had shouted its message towards Lao Wang at the door before flying away, leaving Lao Wang rubbing his nose awkwardly.

He owed Senior Lavel a debt, and it would definitely not be easy for him to reject this. They had just said that they were going to refine pills. It looked like this plan had fallen through.

Lao Wang finally managed to appease Nini, who had almost flown into a rage. He did not know how much time Lavel would keep him occupied for. He allowed Nini and Yiyi to return to the Spirit Flower Garden and wait, while he rushed to the Creation Star.

The so-called Creation Star was the massive furnace for equipment refinery that they had visited the previous time. Countless massive rings revolved around the sun core that hovered in the sky. However, this time, his destination was not the equipment refinery room that they had visited last time. Instead, it was the inner side of the ring.

When he stepped on the ring, he could tell that it was the smallest out of all the rings as there were only about 40 to 50 rooms in total. While Lao Wang was looking at the room numbers, he saw Senior Lavel standing nearby and waving to him. "Here!"

"Senior Lavel." Lao Wang put on a smile. After all, he was a creditor. Furthermore, the fire spirit bird had said that Lavel wanted him to help her refine something? He could not refine equipment, so he did not know what exactly this Senior was planning.

Lavel nodded her head. Unlike the messy conspiracies or additional nonsense that Lao Wang had expected, Lavel simply pushed open the door behind her. "Come in."

It was a standard equipment refinery room. This room was obviously much more imposing than the room she had lent to Lao Wang and Jhonas previously.

The room was very big. There were three fire hole smelters in the middle, each bigger than the other. The various fire-isolation arrays carved on the fire-isolation boards were also of superior quality and were much more complex. Meanwhile, there was a dazzling lineup of various tools. There were dozens of casting hammers in varying sizes. Some were casually hung up on the wall, and it felt as if the hammers were radiating their might, causing Lao Wang to gasp in surprise.

Equipment refinery rooms came in many grades. It was said that many famous artifacts in the divine territory were produced in the equipment refinery rooms on the inner side, which Jhonas had brought up while boasting. This place definitely offered the best conditions for equipment refinery in the entire Land. Jhonas dreamed of having a room here, but it was a pity that only supervisors or elders in the Equipment Refinery Hall received such treatment. Lavel was only a pupil, but she was able to own such a place. This point alone made this Senior much more impressive than Jhonas had described…

Frankly speaking, when Lao Wang saw these tools, he was much more relieved. A figure who possessed this kind of equipment refinery room would not beat about the bush if she really wanted to do anything to him. Furthermore, with this kind of equipment refinery room, it was no wonder that she casually lent Jhonas her personal equipment refinery room. It was his loss spending the past few days wondering whether she was plotting against him…

"Are you sure that you can adjust your spiritual energy waveband at any time?" Lavel asked him. Her expression was very serious, and it felt as if she was treating Lao Wang as a test subject.

"…Yes." Wang Zhong was extremely tactful.

"Very good." Lavel nodded her head. This senior was very straightforward in doing things and did not even have any intention of explaining what she wanted Lao Wang to do. Instead, she calmly said, "This time, I might need to take up a few days of your time. If there are no problems with your segment in the end, then you will've paid off half of your debt. Just wait at one side and adjust your condition. I will call you when I need you in a while."

Wang Zhong nodded his head. Then, after a belated greeting, Lavel did not pay any attention to him. Instead, she minded her own business and got to work.

Although Lao Wang could not refine equipment, he had the eye for it. Senior Lavel's process of equipment refinery seemed completely different from that of Jhonas.

To be honest, when Jhonas refined the sword for him back then, he gave Wang Zhong the feeling that the process was very smooth, and that he was rather skilled at this. Throughout the entire process, Wang Zhong could not find any mistakes in Jhonas's refinery. Every step was extremely clear, and every action felt as if there was a reason behind it. The entire process was efficient and stable. Even though Jhonas had not achieved perfection, Lao Wang felt that this was probably the peak of his art.

If they were judged on equal footing, Jhonas's standard of equipment refinery was much higher than his pill refinery standard.

However, at that moment, when he watched Lavel refine equipment, everything that Jhonas had done seemed to pale in comparison. It was as if… there was no soul in his process.

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    《Battle Frenzy》