Battle Frenzy
1071 Dairy Cow
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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1071 Dairy Cow

Lavel's refinery could be called a form of art. It gave Lao Wang the feeling that it had gone beyond the scope of refinery. The sounds of hammering, fire, and refinery inside the house were like a pleasant melody when they mixed together. Her seemingly casual actions of raising the hammer, smelting the equipment, carving the equipment, and so on seemed like the steps to a graceful South African dance, leaving Wang Zhong in awe and making him forget what she was doing. He was attracted by the scenes and sounds in this room, as if he was admiring a large-scale stage performance.

She had perfected the techniques. Wang Zhong felt as if he had witnessed his path through Senior Lavel's refinery process… Obviously, this feeling had a very large impact on Lao Wang, and he quickly entered a trance. His soul was traveling in a mysterious space, sensing the source of all techniques in this world and comprehending their essence, yet forgetting about the techniques themselves…

"Press your hand against the furnace," shouted Lavel, disrupting Lao Wang's freely roaming thoughts.

"Channel your spiritual power through the furnace and maintain a Spiritual Energy Value of 100,000. The changes in your spiritual energy waveband have to be stable." She pointed at the unknown metal that had melted into liquid in the furnace. "Let's start with a rhythm of changes in three stages. Maintain this for five minutes."

Lavel could see that the refined metal liquid was showing signs of gradually cooling down and hurriedly followed her instructions. Changing his spiritual power waveband was something that he was used to. Thus, Lavel's request was nothing. While channeling his spiritual power into the furnace, he still had the time to glance at Lavel.

Lavel did not rest either. He could faintly see a few beads of sweat on her forehead, but her spirit was rather focused. There was a strangely shaped mold in front of her, and she was carving complex runes on it.

Her calculation of time was rather accurate. When she finished carving the runes, exactly five minutes had passed. Wang Zhong sensed that the liquefied metal in the furnace had cooled significantly and was slowly starting to solidify. The temperature was just right. Lavel took the liquid and poured it into the mold. At the same time, she took out from another furnace melted liquid metal without any pauses in between.

"This time, make the changes in five stages and maintain it for fifteen minutes." Lavel maintained her composure, but it was obvious that there was a hint of satisfaction at the corners of her eyes.

This was a test for Lao Wang. This kind of control and sustained exertion of power placed a great burden on his body. Even though this was Lao Wang's battlefield, he started sweating profusely very quickly. However, before Lao Wang even had the time to catch his breath, this was closely followed by the third round.

This time, it was another furnace of melted substance. Just in terms of quantity, there was much more substance than the previous two furnaces, and the entire three-legged furnace was mostly filled with liquid. Lao Wang also remembered that this was the furnace with the highest melting point and the longest melting duration out of the three furnaces.

Lavel casually instructed him, "Keep it at five stages, but maintain this for one hour. After that, you can rest."

She gave instructions very easily, but when Lao Wang heard this, he almost gasped… She was going to tire him to death!

"Senior, your instructions are too frank. You have to consider the scope of my abilities." Lao Wang could not help but ridicule her. He had used all his energy for the second furnace and had almost exhausted all the spiritual power in his Foundational Stage Spirit Sea. As for his divine cells, he could not use them under these circumstances.

Lavel did not say anything else. She simply threw a box at him. "Eat this if you run out of spiritual power. Just eat as much as you want. Don't hold back."

Lao Wang opened the box and took a look. It was a box filled with Vitality Supplement Pills, and there were several hundred of them inside. He was rather familiar with these pills. One look at their quality and he saw that they were all 90%-pills… Lao Wang immediately held his breath.

Frankly speaking, with Lavel's status and position in the Heavenly Gates, Lao Wang knew that she definitely would not care about level-9 pills and the like. However, these were 90%-pills. Even for the various advanced civilizations and powers, any pills with 90% of their effects were strategic goods as they could not be bought with money.

When he looked at the box of pills, Lao Wang understood that Senior Lavel had come prepared. He was afraid that he had actually fallen into a trap. Without another word, he simply consumed one pill and felt pure vigor and energy filling his entire body. The effects were much better than that of the 70%-pills that he typically ate. At that moment, even his spiritual power — for which growth had started to slow down from using the Vitality Supplement Pills recently — started to relax. There were obvious signs that his spiritual power was about to rise rapidly.

As expected, these were good stuff! Lao Wang instantly felt energized. Earlier, he had come just to repay his debt, but now, he instantly felt as if he was undergoing cultivation. Lao Wang could usually find his own rhythm in various environments.

Even though the consumption was massive, once he ran out of spiritual power, he consumed Vitality Supplement Pills as if they were free and gave it his all. He maintained one hour of high-frequency waves and endured it in one shot without any mistakes. When this third round ended, Lao Wang almost fell on his buttocks. When using this method, there was no problem in terms of spiritual power, but he could not recover from the exhaustion to his body and spirit. It was too much.

However, this was obviously only the beginning. Lavel only gave Wang Zhong about half an hour of rest time before the second round of channeling his spiritual power followed…

They spent three full days doing this, and their rest time was pitifully short. However, the process was rather smooth. Then, a spear that radiated waves of might emerged from the furnace.

It was said that this was a piece of level-5 combat equipment that did not have any special abilities attached to it, except for a boost in power. With Lavel's approval, Lao Wang casually tried out the weapon. It had a weight of several thousand kilograms, but it did not feel too heavy when he held it. It was very solid, and when he shook it slightly in his hand, he could hear sonic booms around the spear, as if it would be able to casually pierce through a massive mountain. The unimaginable might that would be released when this weapon was used to its fullest made Lao Wang want to ask Lavel to give this weapon to him. However, when he recalled Jhonas stating the price for asking a high-leveled equipment refinery master to refine a personal weapon for him, Lao Wang resisted this urge. Without one million Silver Star Stones to pay for work fees, he would feel bad asking her, let alone being able to obtain materials for such a high-leveled piece of equipment.

"This is the following Heavenly Gates mission. Treat it as a chance to practice your skills," Lavel specially explained this to Wang Zhong. "Next time, I want to refine a piece of level-4 equipment, and I need your cooperation. However, you are too weak. Train your body well."

Overall, she was satisfied with Wang Zhong. However, this "dairy cow" did not have enough milk.

She wanted to break through level-4. She already had a perfect thought process and design blueprint, and received the approval from the Equipment Refinery Hall elders. However, the difficulty was very high. Not only did her methods have to be brilliant enough, most importantly, it would also involve her soul. She had not been able to find an appropriate solution to this.

Meanwhile, changing one's spiritual power bandwidth was a universal method to resolve difficulties in refining soul equipment. However, people who could change their spiritual power bandwidth were just too rare, even in the Heavenly Gates. This was an equipment refinery method that had been passed down from ancient times. When Lavel accidentally discovered that Wang Zhong could change his spiritual power waveband, she knew that her chance had come. Regardless of whether it was equipment refinery or pill refinery, if one was able to refine products that were level-4 or above in the Land, one's individual reputation, realm, comprehension, and so on would grow exponentially.

"Now, I am still lacking a few materials. I will need some time to gather them," Lavel said. "Furthermore, when refining level-4 equipment, the demands towards your spiritual power waveband will be much higher. Before that, I will have some practice work for you to get used to this. After going back, wait for me to summon you at any time."

To be honest, if she was really going to refine a level-4 piece of equipment, Lao Wang was rather interested. Regardless of whether it was pill refinery or equipment refinery, being able to participate in the refinery process of a level-4 product, which broke through the limits of creation in the Land, would definitely bring about a massive spiritual cleanse and soul upgrade to all participants.

However, it seemed as if he would definitely not be able to come into contact with this level-4 equipment in the short run. From Lavel's tone, he would still have to come for many miscellaneous preparation tasks and work. Lao Wang was slightly stunned. He still had to refine pills! Did he have the time to waste here every day?

"Ahem, Senior Lavel…"

Lao Wang was ready to resist her slightly, but before he could speak, Lavel put his words back into his mouth.

"I know that you are refining pills, and your standard doesn't seem to be low. Heh heh. Since you were able to sign a contract with an elemental spirit, paying me 100,000 to compensate for the previous losses will not be difficult for you. But." Lavel looked at him with obvious threat in her eyes. "This time, refining the level-4 equipment is very important to me. I hope that you will be able to pledge your loyalty. If you can help me to succeed, I will definitely not make you suffer. However, if you annoy me with your absence, little Junior… Sister doesn't usually threaten people, but you can ask around."

Naturally, Lao Wang was a good man who stood by his promises. When he returned to the mushroom house, he was already fatigued. He wanted to have a good sleep, but beside him, Jhonas did not stop chattering. He had the intention of gossiping about Lavel with Lao Wang to the very end.

"Boss, Boss, both of you are single and stayed in that room for a full three days! Furthermore, she tired you out so much. Senior Lavel… Tsk tsk tsk. I really can't tell!" Jhonas's small eyes were shining. This was clearly a very painful situation, but once he mentioned it, the situation could become completely different. No one knew exactly what he was excited about.

Lao Wang was speechless. He had been particularly dissatisfied after being trapped by Lavel and was not in a good mood. At that moment, he fiercely glared at Jhonas. "It seems like you're yearning for it. Let me recommend you to go next time!"

"Really?" Jhonas was both surprised and happy. He did not know what exactly Lao Wang had done with Lavel for three days. However, she was a genius lady from a level-8 civilization. Those qualities, that body, that appearance… Putting everything aside, even if Jhonas was asked to wash Lavel's feet for three days, he would definitely be willing to do so. Tsk tsk tsk. Those feet would definitely be very beautiful. "Boss, please don't trick me! Can I really go too? Are you saying that Senior Lavel will really agree?"

…From elemental spirits to Senior Lavel, this pig was completely hopeless!

Lao Wang was rendered completely speechless by his words but did not curse at him. He simply pulled a blanket over his body and slept with his head covered but could still hear that fellow nagging non-stop. "Boss, Boss, don't sleep. Is what you said true? Last time, you made me depressed with the elemental spirits. You can't say false words again this time!"

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    《Battle Frenzy》