Battle Frenzy
1074 Masco
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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1074 Masco

Half of the two-month deadline from the Pill Refinery Hall had passed, and Lao Wang did not dare to drag this on any further. Moreover, the two portions of level-7 pill ingredients from Old Cow had arrived. Thus, he took a strong stance and stood Lavel up, while requesting for a few days off from the Combat Cultivation Hall.

This time, he was resolute. No matter what, he definitely had to succeed.

There were fewer people outside the Pill Refinery Hall than before. Furthermore, it was gloomy, a large difference from the warmth and zeal outside the Pill Refinery Hall in the past.

They were reaching the end of the task period. Those who had been able to complete the level-7 mission had completed it in the first few days. This was a long break that they had given themselves. Meanwhile, there were those who were jostling outside the Pill Refinery Hall. If they still had not completed the mission by now, they had virtually no probability of succeeding. They simply stayed here and put in a last burst of effort. There was a lot less confidence and excitement on their faces. Most of them were filled with fear and unwillingness towards the unknown future.

Even in the Pill Refinery Hall, there were many people like this. However, there were only 20 or 30 people outside the Pill Refinery Hall at this moment. While they waited for empty pill houses to open up, they shared their experiences and what they had learned from their failures. Although they were eager to try, they also seemed full of misgivings.

All those who gathered in the Pill Refinery Hall were elites, but refining a level-7 pill was a breakthrough in pill refinery and was not a standard that every elite would be able to achieve.

Lao Wang had asked the Flying Pig to help him to queue in advance. Coincidentally, Celeste walked out from the pill house that they were waiting for. When she saw Wang Zhong, she was particularly happy. In reality, she had already refined the level-7 Glazed Crystal Life Extending Pill. This was her second try as she had obtained Roro. With the assistance of an elemental spirit, she had been able to successfully refine a batch of 90%-pills in one go!

To a member of the Heavenly Shell race who also had an elemental spirit, this was an expected standard. This did not even involve the slightest bit of luck.

Wang Zhong casually greeted her. This was a relatively normal greeting, but Roro was slightly excited.

"Cece! Your chance is here!" Meanwhile, Roro was excited. Earlier, Wang Zhong had said that he frequently met Celeste, but after spending a full month with Celeste, she had not seen Wang Zhong even once. "We finally see him. Go for him! No, no, no, we should refine pills together. We have to interact more."

Celeste was very speechless towards this girl's choice of words. Her impression of elemental spirits was that of perfect and noble beings, but this impression had been completely destroyed by Roro in this one month. Of course, there was only a change in impression, and this did not affect her liking for Roro. Furthermore, as expected, Roro was the top fire elemental spirit, and the help that Roro could provide her with in pill refinery was great. If she did not have Roro, she did not dare to imagine refining a batch of 90%-pills so easily.

She did not dare to fully believe that getting close to Wang Zhong would bring her good luck. On the contrary, the mysterious attraction that Roro had towards Wang Zhong had always interested Celeste greatly. Furthermore, to be honest, Celeste was very curious about what standard Wang Zhong had achieved in pill refinery.

A Foundational Stage from a low-leveled civilization, who did not know what pill refinery was at all a few months ago, wanted to begin refining a level-7 pill now? She simply did not know whether he was mindlessly trying it out or had a certain confidence.

"Are you here to refine the Glazed Crystal Life Extending Pill? Coincidentally, I have nothing now. Can I observe and learn from you?" Celeste simply tried to probe. After all, to a large majority of people, pill refinery was a relatively private affair. Asking others to allow one to observe? This request in itself was very impolite. If Roro had not been so eager about this wish, Celeste would definitely not be this rude, no matter how curious she was.

"Of course." Wang Zhong was not unreasonable, let alone caring about Celeste saying this in public. He was rather magnanimous in this aspect as he did not have anything to hide. As long as he successfully refined the pills and submitted them to the Pill Refinery Hall, the entire Heavenly Gates would naturally know about this. "Having a peak expert like you guiding me at the side is what I could wish for."

His generosity made Celeste somewhat surprised. The lower-leveled the civilization they were from, the more they would mind this. However, this Earthling called Wang Zhong seemed to overturn what everyone knew about low-leveled civilizations. It had been this way from the very beginning. However, to be honest, Celeste rather admired this.

However, their conversation simply rendered the others in the queue speechless and dumbstruck.

Even though it was normal for Lao Wang to come here and refine pills, this group of people who often remained outside the pill houses all thought that he was no more than a rookie who was blindly struggling. Didn't he cause a pill furnace to explode once before? Furthermore, it had been an empty furnace… If he was actually able to refine pills, there would be something fishy.

However, they never expected that Celeste would be interested in watching this kind of rookie refine pills. Furthermore, was this rookie trying to refine a level-7 Glazed Crystal Life Extending Pill? Had they misheard him? Or was this world too crazy? Since when were rookies able to come into contact with level-7 pills?

"Tsk tsk. It's different when there's someone above covering for him. Even a fellow from the Combat Cultivation Hall dares to boast about refining a level-7 pill…"

"He who has wealth speaks louder than others. I'm curious. What gives this Earthling the right to do so? The pile of trash ingredients he submitted to the Pill Refinery Hall?"

"I heard that their relationship was not bad… Does this little fellow have any specialties?"

There was no lack of malicious guesses. Ever since Celeste had stepped up for him last time, there had been slanderous gossip. However, the daughter of the Heavenly Shell Crown Prince did not care about these. The Heavenly Shell race was not a weak race.

A rookie from the Combat Cultivation Hall who had only come into contact with pill refinery for a few months had dared to engage with a level-7 pill. Everyone felt both furious and amused at this. He was really boasting beyond his limits. If all of this was true, then this large group of Pill Refinery Hall elites who had been stumped by the level-7 pill could be considered as having wasted all their time. They would all commit suicide. Why bother refining pills anymore?

An "unbelievable" genius, a Foundational Stage Combat Cultivation Hall pupil challenging the level-7 Glazed Crystal Life Extending Pill!

The daughter of the Heavenly Shell Crown Prince appears to observe an unconventional performance from this most bizarre human!

The Eighth Wonder of the World! The natural endowments of a low-leveled civilization surpass the Heavenly Shell race!

Various gossips with vivid details and obvious mockery rapidly spread throughout the entire Heavenly Gates in the short span of a few minutes. A powerful and dynamic crowd was about to turn up for this performance.

Lao Wang and Celeste had obviously not realized this. The moment they closed the door of the pill house, they were completely isolated from the outside world.

"Wang Zhong, Wang Zhong!" Roro could not wait and threw herself at Lao Wang. This was a great chance to be close to him and display herself to the greatest extent. She was obviously very pleased with herself. "When it comes to the Glazed Crystal Life Extending Pill, you should look to me for help. I have experience! I just helped Cece refine a batch of 90%-pills. My skills are all warmed up and ready to go!"

"There's~ no~ need~!"

Before Lao Wang could respond, Nini had blocked her. When she looked at that bitch's excited look, Nini knew what she was planning. Was she planning to seduce Master away from Nini? Heh heh. Nini definitely would not give her a chance.

"Stand further away! Allowing you and that poop-picker to observe is Master giving you a lot of face. You're not allowed to come and disrupt us!"

Celeste was amused and helpless. She had already resigned from the Spirit Flower Garden, but it looked like the name "poop-picker" would continue forever ever since Nini had started it.

"Look at you. Why aren't you giving your master any thought?" Roro laughed. "Back then, when you helped Wang Zhong refine the Glazed Crystal Life Extending Pill, didn't you fail? Are you going to continue cheating him? Tsk tsk tsk. All this just because of our personal grievances. You are too selfish."

"Don't provoke me here. We still have Yiyi around." Nini did not show any sign of weakness and pulled the timid Yiyi to her side. "Yiyi has more natural endowments than you. You are just older and more senior."

"Who are you calling older?" Roro was furious. It looked like regardless of what race a woman was from, this was a taboo topic.

"I'm talking about you, you old~ hag~!! Are you unwilling to give in? Not only are you older than Yiyi, you are also older than me." Nini captured this attacking point. She was definitely the type to not let go once she captured her opponent's weakness.

"You! You're only younger than me by three days!"

"I'm also smaller and more youthful than you! I'm also gentler than you. How's that?!"

"Hmph. How childish! The weak have a reason to be weak."

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    《Battle Frenzy》