Battle Frenzy
1075 Clueless
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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1075 Clueless

"Childish? Are you admitting that you are older than us? Old~ hag!"

"You! You evil witch!"

"Old hag!"

Once they started to fight, there did not seem to be a time when it would end. Celeste, who was at the side, did not have the luxury to interrupt. Lao Wang hurriedly coughed a few times. "Nini, I think we should find another place to fight on another day. The pill house is very expensive…"

"Roro…" Celeste also advised her from the side.

With two forces holding them back, they managed to stop the two of them after much difficulty. Nini fiercely said, "You old hag, you'd better stand obediently at the side and watch our performance!"

"Heh heh. I'm just waiting to see you fail!" Roro ended with a counterattack. "When that happens, your master will naturally come and look for me!"

This ending sentence sounded as if she was about to pick a fight. Luckily, Nini remembered that her master's time was precious and did not continue. If not, another World War might have broken out.

Lao Wang and Celeste wiped their sweat away. They did not dare to chat in fear that these two enemies would immediately attack each other. Lao Wang called Yiyi over and hurriedly began.

Celeste watched from the side. She had thought that Wang Zhong was a beginner. Even though he had the experience of refining a level-8 pill, most of that was thanks to Nini's efforts. However, she never expected that the moment he started, just the way he dealt with the medicinal ingredients would be enough for Celeste's eyes to light up.

Wang Zhong's methods to deal with medicinal ingredients were rather mature. His knifework was definitely first-class, and even a top professional like Celeste felt as if she was not as good as him. This was still understandable. As a member of a low-leveled civilization who had come from a peripheral world, he had a certain standard when using cold steel instruments. Wang Zhong was able to overcome the spiritual pressure and gravity in the divine territory, and had good spiritual-power foundations. Thus, it was not surprising that he was able to do this.

However, various high-quality ingredients with different medicinal properties had to be dealt with in completely different ways. Wang Zhong was obviously rather skilled and understood this well. The way in which he dealt with various different medicinal ingredients was very appropriate. He was fast when he had to be fast and slow when he had to be slow. He turned the ingredients into pieces, powder, or strips as required. There were around a hundred different types of ingredients, but he did not show any signs of pausing or thought throughout. He was like the moving clouds and flowing water. He was extremely smooth and did not make any mistakes.

No matter how you looked at him, he did not seem like a beginner. Instead, he seemed more like a veteran alchemist who had many years of experience in dealing with medicinal ingredients. This was shocking.

Furthermore, this was only the beginning.

Yiyi resolved his problem with controlling the fire. Thus, Lao Wang fully immersed himself in the process of pill refinery. After he expelled his surplus energy, he performed the basic actions of an alchemist, including controlling the medicinal properties in the pill furnace, arranging the ingredients via different methods, and maintaining the overall balance of the furnace. The level-7 Glazed Crystal Life Extending Pill was much more difficult in these aspects as compared to the pills he had refined earlier. However, he was not distracted by the fire and benefitted from the preparatory work that he had done with Nini and Yiyi before this. Thus, Wang Zhong was rather skilled.

Even though it was not perfect or free from gaps, Celeste was dumbfounded. It felt as if she could not find any mistakes.

Throughout the entire refinery process that lasted for one day, there were no mistakes in his operations, especially the final process of forming the pills.

Integrating the seven different spirits at the end was the most difficult step in refining the Glazed Crystal Life Extending Pill. All normal alchemists definitely had to go beyond the Seven Fire Split Control method when they sensed the difficulty of this stage.

However, this Earthling who obviously had not even accumulated his Core was unusually skilled when he came to this step. Nini simply assisted him slightly with the feeling of accumulating his core. Then, he simply succeeded in one shot!

At first, back in the Spirit Flower Garden, she had heard that Wang Zhong wanted to find a fire elemental spirit to help him control the fire as he had failed in refining the level-7 pill. Even if Celeste did not feel that this was amusing, deep in her heart, she felt that Wang Zhong was simply aiming too high. Finding a fire elemental spirit to help control the fire was a good idea, but she felt that even if this was the case, Wang Zhong still did not have the qualifications to engage with level-7 pills. After all, he had only come into contact with pill refinery for a few months.

However, what Celeste felt was even more unthinkable was that some regret and dissatisfaction appeared on Wang Zhong's face when he looked at this batch of level-7 Glazed Crystal Life Extending Pills.

"There were flaws in my methods during the third and sixth arrangements of the ingredients. The balance when forming the pill was also not enough…" Lao Wang was concluding his findings. His large and mystical brain was often able to remember everything that happened throughout the entire process. Furthermore, he was clear about where he had gone wrong. "Even with Yiyi's help, I only managed to achieve 60%-pills…"

This was an issue of proficiency. After all, this was his first time completely refining the Glazed Crystal Life Extending Pill. Even though he had a well-thought plan before this, there were too many steps involved. Furthermore, this was his first completion. It was inevitable that he would make mistakes.

At the side, Celeste widened her mouth slightly.

This… Was this slightly overboard?

It was his first time refining a level-7 pill, and he had succeeded on his first try. It was fine even if he did not show a wildly joyful expression, but he was dissatisfied?

Celeste instantly thought about when she came into contact with the level-7 pill for the first time; she had also succeeded in one try. Back then, she had not joined the Heavenly Gates. However, as a fortunate member of the Heavenly Shell race, she had supreme natural endowments and various favorable environmental conditions. She was only able to barely succeed on her first try after learning pill studies for at least 10 years. Furthermore, the medicinal ingredients, the pill furnace, and the other items she used were things that she was already extremely familiar with. Even then, she had only been able to refine a batch of 30%-pills, but this moved her teacher greatly. Even though Celeste seemed calm on the outside then, only she knew that she had been excited about that for two to three days. Did she have a detestable expression on her face like Wang Zhong?

Celeste could see that he was truly unsatisfied. He was definitely not acting. But you…

"His luck is too good…" At the side, Roro was rather unhappy. As long as they failed, she could have had herself go on stage. Were they forcibly disrupting her tempo? She was really unhappy when she saw the two excited spirits. "If you have the skills, then refine another batch!"

This batch of pills took almost a day to complete. Putting everyone else aside, with Yiyi's small stature and level of power, how had she been able to endure? She was still a minor!

"Oh, is the old hag envious?" Nini laughed out loud. "We don't need your worry. Our Yiyi is full of vitality!"

Yiyi was relatively frank. After Nini spoke, she simply replied, "Master was the one providing me with fire energy and endurance."

As she spoke, she looked at Wang Zhong with concern. Although Master did not control the fire, he had provided almost all the fire energy to control it. He had to refine pills and provide the fire. Master would be the most tired. "Master, do you want to take a break?"

Lao Wang laughed out loud. "You're joking. Of course not! Let's get to work!"

As compared to the workload from Senior Lavel, he simply could not be too relaxed during pill refinery. Wang Zhong realized that the stamina of his Spirit Sea had recently improved significantly.

The furnace fire for the second batch of pills rose.

Celeste took on a completely different mentality compared to when she was observing. On the next round, she tried to go beyond the crude surface details. Observing the overall process gave Celeste a different feeling.

He did not succeed because of luck. Definitely not. There were no errors in her earlier judgment. His basic techniques and feel for this were all rather outstanding. However, what was more terrifying was his stable condition. To an alchemist, there was completely no meaning in occasionally displaying one's improved strength. If one wanted to reach a higher realm, one had to achieve absolute stability. Furthermore, this stability did not expect one not to make any mistakes, but to establish a rather clear picture of the entire refinery process. All the possible changes in medicinal properties that one might encounter had to be within one's predictions. Furthermore, one needed to have a series of effective methods to deal with these changes. This was the foundation to ensure stability.

This was too difficult. A large majority of alchemists relied on the accumulation of experience over a long period of time. But there were strange people who were able to achieve this stability based on feeling.

"I didn't know how many changes there would be and did not understand them. However, before the changes occurred, I was able to sense them and deal with them in advance. Why? There is no why. I don't understand either. It is just that unreasonable!"

…There were many pill refinery races with outstanding natural endowments. For example, the Shell race was outstanding in their feeling of accumulating their core, while the Fire Spirit race was extremely profound in controlling fire… But all of these natural endowments added up were nowhere as impressive as this ability to sense the situation!

This kind of alchemist was completely unconventional, and it went beyond the scope of skill. One could not use general pill knowledge to infer the reason for their success, or even duplicate their processes.

These were the most frightening and most impressive natural endowments in pill studies within the divine territory!

This kind of person had not appeared in many years. Even Celeste felt that this was simply a myth. But now, she felt as if she had seen one! This was despite the fact that she did not dare to confirm this and that it was rather strange for this kind of natural endowment to appear in a member of a low-leveled civilization.

It was another batch of good pills. However, they were still only 60%-pills…

Lao Wang could not understand this. It felt as if he had become rivals with these 60%-pills. He had obviously improved and made up for some regrets he had made throughout the process of refinery. But why didn't it produce any results?

He could sense that 60%-pills were not his limit. Perhaps he had overlooked some details in the process of pill refinery. Lao Wang briefly muttered to himself and was preparing for the next round. After all, he had three portions of medicinal ingredients. Lao Wang was planning to refine everything.

Celeste had been watching him quietly all along and did not seem even slightly impatient. She had become more and more curious about Wang Zhong's natural endowments. Just what were his limits? Was his limit really 60%-pills? When she looked at how he did not give up trying, he probably did not think so.

Celeste's guess was not bad. Lao Wang was obviously unsatisfied with this. The feeling that he obviously had surplus energy but did not know where to use them was just too depressing.

"Where exactly did I go wrong?"


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