Battle Frenzy
1076 100% Perfect Pill
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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1076 100% Perfect Pill

"Level-7 pills are a jump in level. Unlike level-8 and level-9 pills, if you want to refine pills that are level-7 and above, you cannot think that you are only pursuing some improvement." Celeste, who had watched him refine pills for three days, finally spoke. For the past three days, every second was a shock to her. As a result, she did not sense the flow of time at all. "We say that we look down on the opponent in our strategy but value the opponent when it comes to tactics. It is the same for this level-7 pill. Seriously and carefully pursuing stability gives you the minimum assurance, but your limits are not determined by your skills. They are determined by your conviction."

After all, she was a professional. She immediately voiced out Wang Zhong's problem the moment she spoke. "Refine with the objective of refining Perfect Pills. Besides pursuing ultimate perfection in your skills, you need good timing and luck. Perfection is a form of luck, and a form of fate… Fate, destiny, these are all very abstruse things. They seem purely imaginary, but they exist in reality. We may not be able to interfere with them, but we can sense them…"

Celeste was not like Elder Yimo, who could use the reverberations of his own path to allow others to directly comprehend their path. However, her analysis of the problem was deep, and her explanation was very clear. This was because of her attainments in pill studies from a young age.

Wang Zhong listened earnestly. He had allowed Celeste to observe not entirely because he felt bad. This was not a random decision either. Having the top genius from the Pill Refinery Hall guide him was definitely a very comfortable feeling.

She had hit the nail on the head. If he wanted to reach his goal, he had to be willing to take risks. All along, he had been too stable. Although his success rate was high, he could not reach perfection.

Speaking of luck, Lao Wang suddenly thought of the Fate Roulette and Simba. However, it was a pity that Simba had been in a state of deep sleep ever since they entered the divine territory. He could not be awakened.

Even if Simba was not around, and even if he did not have the Fate Roulette, he had experienced controlling the Fate Roulette many times. Thus, Lao Wang had a rather deep understanding of the rules of fate. Perhaps they would be useful.

Lao Wang composed himself. He did not know how the final outcome would be, but he should be able to give it a go.

However, it was a pity that the three portions of ingredients he had prepared had all been used up…

"Try out this portion of ingredients."

Lao Wang was somewhat unwilling, but Celeste waved her jade hand, and a portion of Glazed Crystal Life Extending Pill ingredients appeared on the table.

Even though his three batches of ingredients had been nurtured in the fragment world, the ingredients had not been nurtured for long. Furthermore, the ingredients for the level-7 pill were high-quality goods, and the amount of spiritual power in the fragment world was not enough to supply them. As a result, although he could use the three portions of ingredients, they were definitely not considered top-quality.

However, the batch of ingredients that Celeste had produced was different. Regardless of whether it was the grade of the ingredients, their quality, or their freshness, they were the best of the best ingredients.

Wang Zhong was dumbfounded. He had spent money on buying ingredients, and just the defective goods had cost him 200,000 Silver Star Stones. This… Even though his relationship with Celeste was not bad, these goods were too valuable.

Celeste saw Wang Zhong's hesitation and smiled. "Treat me as a friend. Don't hold back. These aren't worth much to me."

It was settled.

Lao Wang was not a stingy person either. In that moment of hesitation, 30% of it was because of the value of the ingredients, but the other 70% was because Lao Wang was pondering about "fate". Ever since he arrived in the divine territory, Wang Zhong had never thought about maintaining some silly demeanor.

"Thanks!" Wang Zhong did not utter any nonsense. He received the portion of ingredients and took a brief look at them. Then, he spread out the ingredients on the table and started work!

Needless to say, top-quality ingredients were different. Even during the process of dealing with the medicinal ingredients, Wang Zhong could sense the rich medicinal properties. The ingredients felt natural and fresh, and were much better than the batch of ingredients that he had only nurtured halfway through due to the lack of time. Even during the process of placing the ingredients into the furnace for refinery, there was no deviation of their medicinal properties either. The techniques, order, and organization of the ingredients were perfect. Yiyi's control of the fire was perfect. Furthermore, with Lao Wang's mastery of the medicinal properties, as well as these top-quality medicinal ingredients, Lao Wang did not need to carry out any adjustments or remedial measures in the furnace throughout the entire process.

It almost seemed as if Perfect Pills would be formed…

Once Lao Wang let go, his manner was completely different. Compared to being cautious, he preferred being free and easy. He had understood Celeste's words in another way. Once there was perfection in the world, he did not have to worry about his gains and losses.

The process was very smooth. As a result, the time required for refinery was reduced greatly. Wang Zhong had only spent about 14 hours, but he could sense the rich, fragrant, and pure ingredients in the furnace showing signs of forming a pill.

At this stage, with Lao Wang's skill in forming pills, he would almost definitely succeed. The problem was, what quality would the pills be?

Would they still be 60%-pills? Could they be 70%-pills or even 80%-pills?

Wang Zhong did not care about this at all. Those who achieved great things needed this imposing manner. Without Simba's help, even though he could not control his fate, through the process of using the Fate Roulette many times, he had the experience of fighting to live when faced with the danger of death. He had to be imposing to receive the favor of fate!

The seven attributes in the pill furnace circled and revolved inside the furnace as they gradually took shape. He forgot about winning or losing and focused on the pill itself. Only then did Lao Wang realize how beautiful this process was. Detailed control by his soul could seep into every detail of the pill, allowing him to quietly sense the profound changes in this process.

Pills did not simply gather and solidify. One could not use the chemical and physical reactions from Earth to explain this. If one were to define this, Lao Wang felt that the term "creature reactions" or "life reactions" should be used. Even though pills were non-living things, they gave Wang Zhong the feeling that they created the universe.

Of course, throughout this process, the power of the divine territory was absorbed, and the laws allowed this, letting the pills slowly form.

Lao Wang achieved some comprehension. One would never be able to form pills on Earth because of the laws, or the rules of the game. Just like in the Second Dimension and the Third Dimension, with one less dimension, any Hyperdimensional thinking was unnecessary. This was also the reason why the creatures in the Fifth Dimension indefatigably attacked the Hyperdimension.

Lao Wang was immersed in the process. Following where the pill went was the most natural realm in pill refinery.

Celeste was a professional yet was dumbstruck when she saw this state. Not long after, the furnace shook violently. Her pupils contracted… This was a premonition that perfect pills would be produced!

Furthermore, this was the most important step. If he could not stabilize the furnace, not only would the pills collapse, the furnace would also explode.

However, Wang Zhong did not seem to panic. He did not have the skills or experience, but he had one thing. No matter what, the strong were respected. Lao Wang's will was also absolutely resolute and was not disrupted by his own power. He stabilized his tempo while maintaining his imposing manner. He did not have the confidence, but he charged forth towards victory. No matter the results, he would do his best!

The rest would be left to fate!

Ding ding ding ding~~~

This was the sound produced when pills happily struck against the inner walls of the furnace and represented the intelligence of the pills. Louder striking sounds typically meant that one's pills had more vitality, which was naturally better. At that moment, the sound of pills striking the inner walls of the furnace was rather shocking. The sound surged and could be heard clearly everywhere in the room. Furthermore, these striking sounds mystically formed a rather perfect melody, as if someone was striking a bell in a joyous movement. This was a clear and natural sound that was pleasing to the ears.

Closely after, the extremely strong fragrance of pills wafted out from the completely sealed pill furnace!

This was very frightening. Before the pill furnace was opened, even the air would be sealed off, but it could not conceal this pill fragrance. There was only one possibility! This pill fragrance had gone beyond the scope of "fragrance". It had nothing to do with the grade of the pill. The pill had perfectly achieved its "path", and could ignore all material obstacles to pass through the pill furnace and waft through the air!

Could it be?!

Celeste was somewhat absent-minded… If she had not witnessed this for herself, she definitely would not believe this…

100% Perfect Pills!

Wang Zhong did not care about the pill itself at all. He was still immersed in the process of forming the pill. The impact this round had on him was very large. Forming pills was equivalent to giving birth to life. He had formed a life, but this life was a new aggregate of souls as well. In this entire process, the laws were the destroyers and the protectors.

Lao Wang flashed a smile that came from his heart. Pill refinery, which had always been unfriendly to Earthlings, had suddenly opened up a window. Pill refinery, which occurred in the outside world, was essentially the same as cultivating one's inner Core. They both used the power of rules to create lives and refine his life power!

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    《Battle Frenzy》