Battle Frenzy
1079 Chance Encounter
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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1079 Chance Encounter

"What are you talking about? Celeste, if it wasn't for your ingredients and guidance today, I wouldn't have seen the Perfect Pill!" Lao Wang laughed out loud. The food was very delicious, especially the so-called Earth delicacies that had been whipped up by the kitchen. Even though these dishes were not very authentic, at least there were no problems in terms of the methods used, ingredients, and other aspects. Lao Wang, who had become indifferent towards food in the divine territory recently, felt somewhat homesick. "We are helping each other. No need to hold back."

Needless to say, Lao Wang was definitely the imposing type who would not be afraid regardless of the time. Even when faced with a divine female who was from a civilization several levels higher than his, he was still at great ease throughout.

"Actually, I would like to ask for your guidance in a few matters." Lao Wang finished one glass of alcohol and put it down. Then, he started chatting about a few of his concerns. "You know that the current situation we Earthlings are in is not very good. The lives of low-leveled civilizations in the Star Alliance are not easy. The Heavenly Shell race has experienced it before, so I'd like to ask — what is the most effective way to increase one's civilization level?"

This question was not sudden. The rise of the Heavenly Shell race had been recorded in many history books everywhere in the divine territory. Perhaps these records were not realistic, but the description of the process was rather detailed. Furthermore, it was not a secret that could not be revealed. He had asked Celeste as he wanted to hear the opinions of the Heavenly Shell race. They should best understand the difficulty of advancement for low-leveled civilizations.

"The production of resources and overall combat level. However, this is only the hardware. Even if you meet these conditions, the Star Alliance will not necessarily increase your level. If you truly want to have influence in the Star Alliance, the number of Gold Cores is also important. To the civilizations in the Land, the number of Gold Core experts is the only judgment criteria that everyone can acknowledge.

"Back then, the Shell race jumped from level-5 to level-8 because of our natural endowments in accumulating our Core, producing a large batch of Gold Core experts. They are the most solid foundation of the entire Shell race." Celeste smiled and said, "However, the path that the Shell race took is not suitable for other civilizations. Although you are very impressive and you give me the feeling that you can definitely accumulate your Gold Core, this does not represent the average standard of the entire Earth. If your successes definitely cannot be replicated and reproduced in your civilization, then there is no point."

Wang Zhong quietly listened. He was very patient, which Celeste admired greatly. Other than the Machinery race, all the excellent males she had seen could not control their excessive desire to express themselves.

"If you want to increase your civilization level by yourself, that will be too difficult. Even if you achieve your Gold Core, it will not be very useful. After all, a Gold Core is not eternal. Furthermore, individual power is still limited in the face of the civilizations and machines in the Star Alliance. Your only chance is to charge through the Heavenly River Tides. Although you will ascend to the Heaven then, perhaps you can also increase the civilization level of Earth by one."

This was considered as an indirect approach to save the Earth. Simply said, the strength of an individual could not directly affect an entire civilization at its roots. In particular, civilizations like Earth, where the overall natural endowments and standards were rather inferior, occasionally producing a Gold Core was not of much use. After all, the Star Alliance was controlled by level-7 and level-8 civilizations. Who would care about a Gold Core? Furthermore, one would eventually die. Once they died, there would be nothing. One would only be unparalleled and sweep past their generation in their own low-leveled civilization.

Entering the Heaven would only increase their civilization level by one. This was considered a form of respect.

This explanation was similar to what Lao Wang had estimated. At that moment, he nodded his head, then smiled, and said, "Thank you. But Celeste, you might be wrong about something. I am not the strongest among the Earthlings and might not be the first Gold Core. I have many friends who are stronger than me!"

"Oh?" Celeste smiled. Frankly speaking, she did not believe this. If Earthlings were that impressive, would they still remain as a level-3.5 civilization after two years in the Star Alliance?

Wang Zhong knew that Celeste did not believe him and smiled. "Back home, there are many people with more natural endowments than I do. Perhaps they were not too used to the environment at first, but I believe that they will definitely find a way."

He was not fighting for the reputation of Earthlings. He simply treated Celeste as a friend and spoke truthfully while they chatted. Furthermore, it had almost been half a year since he arrived here, but he had not heard news of many old friends. Wang Zhong truly hoped for the best for them and believed that they had the ability to do so.

Regardless of whether it was Mu Zi, Aiolos, Grai, Mo Wen, or the rest, or even Carolyn, they would not give in. Wang Zhong had always felt that those who had independent personalities and powerful wills were the true experts.

Even though there was no news from there, Wang Zhong firmly believed that they would definitely find their own path and possess their own opportunities. This was both a certainty and a blessing.

Celeste could only give her respect to Wang Zhong's serious words. She felt that Wang Zhong's mentality was good, but reality was cruel. However, today was a meeting between friends, and she would not remain on this problem for long. She was not curious about Earthlings, but rather, this Earthling called Wang Zhong.

Celeste started to actively talk about a few topics related to Earth. Lao Wang said everything he knew and did not hold back. He introduced the beautiful Earth as much as he could.

At that moment, they suddenly heard an argument outside their booth.

"Sorry, sorry!" It was the sound of a woman who seemed somewhat terrified and helpless. However, more importantly, the voice sounded familiar. It was spoken in the Earth language as there was no stiffness of translation from the language candy.

Hearing those words, Wang Zhong gawked slightly.

Every time Lao Wang made money from pill refinery, he would throw the money to Old Cow for him to split with wolf goblin Basir and the others. This money was specially for them to find Earthlings who were scattered at various places in the divine territory. His current abilities were limited, and he could only help them one by one. But encountering an Earthling in a place like the Heavenly Gates Street? No… this voice…

It sounded like Lan Daier!

Lan Daier was part of the second batch of Earthlings to enter the divine territory and had lost contact with Lao Wang for a long period. Even though he had not seen her for almost two years, how could Wang Zhong not recognize her voice?

At that moment, his expression changed slightly. He did not say anything and simply stood up.

Beside him, Celeste had heard this as well. The language of the consecutive apologies was the same as the language Wang Zhong used while speaking. It was obvious that she was from the same race as him. Furthermore, from the sudden change in Wang Zhong's expression, they did not have a shallow relationship. At that moment, she immediately followed him.

It was the booth beside theirs. There were seven or eight people in the room, consisting of Kakadinme from the Blood Demon race, roc goblin Lilisy, as well as some people from their circle in the Pill Refinery Hall. This was obviously a gathering of their social circle. Of course, they came here to taste delicacies, but it was obvious that these people had not tasted any delicacies.

Several plates were smashed on the ground, and a mess of food and soup was spilled all over the place. There was even steam rising from the food.

A rather pretty female Earthling had been brought over by the boss and was bowing to the guests as she continuously apologized.

"Sorry? If sorry was useful, then what are the rules for?"

Kakadinme sat with his legs crossed lazily in front of her. He was the one who had smashed the plate on the ground. His reason was that it was too disgusting.

"What Earth delicacies? This is food for inferior pigs, and you can call it a delicacy? We wanted to look for novelty and to taste something new, and this is how you deceive us?" He looked at the female Earthling. To be honest, according to the beauty standards in the divine territory, this female Earthling was considered pretty and only lacked an aura. After all, she was from a low-leveled civilization. Not only was she weak, but there was also no calm nobility from her. One look, and one could tell that she was a cheap servant. What a waste of those delicate features and physique. "No nonsense. Lick the things on the floor clean immediately, and I will let this slide!"

Lick the food clean… Lan Daier did not move and quietly looked at him in silent resistance.

To be honest, among the two batches of Earthlings that had come to the divine territory, Lan Daier's luck was considered relatively good.

Gourmet skills were probably the only skill that Earthlings had that would not disappoint the divine territory. Although there was a massive difference between Earth and the other civilizations in the divine territory in terms of technology, combat level, cultivation, and other aspects, when it came to delicacies, Earthlings had no fear!

Not long after coming to the divine territory, Lan Daier had been discovered by the Anoma Company by chance and signed a contract with them. Gourmets were not divided by civilization or level. She often communicated with various gourmets from other places in the divine territory in the company. With more mystical ingredients and interesting combinations, Lan Daier was immersed in the world of creating delicacies. She was like a fish in water and had such a good time that she was reluctant to leave.

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    《Battle Frenzy》