Battle Frenzy
1080 Beating a Dog
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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1080 Beating a Dog

Back then, Lan Daier had only been making a few independent dishes or learning from head chefs of other star territories through her interactions. Then, around two months ago, she finally received the approval from the Anoma Headquarters. Earth delicacies would officially join the list as the 6891st Anoma Star Territory delicacy on the company's menu. This time, she had been sent to the private club at the Heavenly Gates as the greatest sign of trust and approval from the Anoma Headquarters; it was also part of the standard process to promote new dishes from Anoma. She definitely had to gain a reputation at the high-leveled private club, which possessed the greatest influence and power to rally supporters before being allowed to take in pupils and promote this dish to the entire Land.

With the promotion from the company, she had been quite successful over the past two months. Earth delicacies had also established a certain public reputation among the customers of the public club. Although it was not earth-shaking and did not explode in popularity, at least the praises did not stop. Even if they encountered nitpicky customers, they would only verbally criticize the food.

However, the scene in front of them was different. The customer had ordered Earth delicacies, but the moment the food was served, according to the service staff, the customer only took one bite before smashing the plate. He called the chef out and wanted her to lick all the food thrown on the ground clean. The steward of the restaurant also hurried over.

"Lord, please don't be angry." The steward was also from the Heavenly Shell race. At that moment, he was full of smiles. "The body of someone from a low-leveled civilization is weak, and these ingredients are rich in supplements. Even if you make her lick the food, she cannot eat that much. Lord, I hope that you will not fuss over this mistake. I will give you this meal for free and give you another booth immediately. I will ask someone else to cook what you would like to eat and assure that you are satisfied…"

"Go away. Am I here to extort you?" There was a hint of mockery and disdain in Kakadinme's voice. The steward's apology had no effect on him. He turned to look at Lan Daier and pointed at the food on the floor once again. "You disgrace, are you deaf? Lick the food now!"

Pilow the steward was sweating profusely. Indeed, the Anoma Company was considered as a powerful race in the Land and the divine territory, but he was simply the steward of a club branch. Even though he had the identity of the Heavenly Shell race, when faced with Kakadinme and other new nouveaux riches in the Heavenly Gates, he did not even have a say. At that moment, when Kakadinme glared at him, he felt feeble and weak. Everyone knew that the young masters and ladies in the Heavenly Gates were the hardest to serve.

Pilow shot a glance at Lan Daier and signaled at her to comply with Kakadinme and let this slide. If she was asked to lick the food, then she should lick the food. It was not like she would lose her life. Furthermore, this group of people probably wanted some entertainment. As long as she complied and made her position known, she might not be asked to lick everything clean.

However, the steward's intentions could not influence Lan Daier. After coming to the divine territory, Lan Daier did not suffer as much as other Earthlings. She also did not come into contact with much so-called class oppression in the Anoma Company, an environment where delicacies were the deciding factor. As a result, even though Lan Daier had been here for almost two years, it was not that she completely did not understand the social classes in the divine territory, but at least, she had maintained a complete sense of self very well.

She did not feel that she was impressive, but at least her self-esteem was still present.

When Kakadinme saw the female Earthling standing and not moving, he laughed coldly. "It looks like this woman will hesitate until forced to do even more."

He waved his hand slightly, and a Blood Demon servant behind him immediately walked toward her in large strides. He stretched out his hand and started to pull Lan Daier's hair while scolding her. "You don't know how to appreciate the kindness of others. My master…"

Even though this Blood Demon was a servant, since he was able to accompany Kakadinme, he was also a Void Core expert. As such, this action would be nothing like just pulling her hair. It would be more like ripping the female Earthling's entire head off. Beside them, the steward cried out in alarm. He was not a combat type and could not react in time during such a situation. Even the cry of alarm was simply instinctual. He had not even realized what was about to happen.

Lan Daier had realized what would happen. Of course, her reactions could not catch up to the Blood Demon's terrifying attack speed, but she could clearly sense the force of death. However, she simply would not be able to react in time. The all-powerful Teacher Lan Daier had the space to develop herself, but she did not care about this and focused on delicacies. Lan Daier had been very happy over the past two years as she was able to learn about so many star territory delicacies in the Anoma Company. She had been able to experience all these and had no regrets.

She simply closed her eyes. However, at this moment, the figure of a fellow appeared in her mind. She had a slight regret…


Lan Daier, who had closed her eyes, did not feel any crude devastation or harm. On the contrary, it was if a gust of cool wind had blown past her ear. Closely after, everything fell silent.

She opened her eyes. A large hand that stretched out from her left firmly pulled the arm of the Blood Demon servant, with all five fingers squeezed tight. The massive power caused the Blood Demon servant's blood-red skin to turn purple.

Lan Daier was slightly dumbfounded.

"Arrrrhhh!" The Blood Demon's face was flushed for a few seconds before he finally could not control himself. It was as if he wanted to reveal his true form as a wave of violent aura spread from his body. However, before he could complete the transformation, he received a slap to the face, dispersing the spiritual power that he had accumulated. The Blood Demon was sent flying and smashed into the inner wall of the booth, producing a massive rumble.

"Are you okay?"

Lan Daier heard a caring voice beside her ear. Closely after, she was stunned. This voice was too familiar. Before she even turned to take a look, she was sure of who this voice belonged to.

It was Wang Zhong!

Wang Zhong was asking Lan Daier, but his gaze was fixed on Kakadinme's face. Wang Zhong had heard everything this fellow had said towards Lan Daier. This was the main matter of today.

Kakadinme laughed. In reality, he did not care about this woman. It was not a coincidence that he had come here today either.

Since Wang Zhong had killed Balor, the Blood Demon race would definitely have a way around this. Although the elders had many worries and had not decided on the final plan to settle this issue, they had passed the message to Kakadinme and asked him to find an opportunity to directly clash with Wang Zhong in the Heavenly Gates. It would be best if he could make Wang Zhong step into the Life and Death Arena again and use the most justifiable method to get rid of this Earthling.

Kakadinme did not necessarily listen to what his race elders had said. As a genius who was only seen every 100 years, his objective was to charge through the Heavenly River Tide. This would be of greatest help to the Blood Demon race. Thus, how one cultivated was a major issue in the Blood Demon race. Even the elders could not interfere with his freedom, let alone force him to kill anyone.

However, that Earthling had been very close to Celeste recently. As a result, Kakadinme was very unhappy. As one of the four geniuses in this batch of Heavenly Gates pupils, Lilisy and Celeste were his choices to be his partner as there was a racial obstacle between the Titans and the Heavenly Shell race that could not be overcome, which removed Gold Titan Tsarisiya from consideration. Therefore, he was the only male in this batch of Heavenly Gates pupils who had the qualifications to chase after Celeste.

Luckily, someone from his race informed him that Celeste and Wang Zhong had refined pills for three days before going to the Anoma Club together. Thus, Kakadinme immediately brought a group of people and followed them here. Of course, he needed a reason to pick a fight. He could not possibly rush to Celeste's booth and discipline that Earthling who had an exaggerated opinion of his own abilities. Coincidentally, he knew about the Earth delicacies here. Thus, he requested a booth beside Celeste's and casually directed a small play. As expected, he had attracted them over.

However, that Earthling had actually dared to attack his servant in front of him, and had even delivered a heavy attack. This made Kakadinme slightly surprised.

"Do you know who you just attacked?" Kakadinme did not even look at that servant. Just now, he had no intention of stopping the attack either as he wanted exactly this result. He would let Wang Zhong attack first. No matter how he dealt with Wang Zhong, it would look reasonable. At that moment, a wave of powerful might radiated from his body and suppressed the entire place.

He was a Solid Core expert! This slight show of might was no inferior to that of a storm. Compared to Balor, regardless of whether it was the sense of oppression or of status, he was on a completely different level.

However, to an expert with a resolute will, they would not show a hint of fear even when facing a deity as an ordinary person. If not, there would probably be no legends of gods being slain in this world.

"Wasn't that one of your dogs?" Wang Zhong calmly returned the question. "What? Are you saying that I have to consider the owner when beating a dog?"

"Hey…" Kakadinme lightly pressed the armrest of his chair. This Earthling had a sharp mouth, and he had no intention of quarreling with him.

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    《Battle Frenzy》