Battle Frenzy
1081 Meddlesome
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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1081 Meddlesome

Beside him, Lan Daier's expression immediately changed. Even though she did not recognize Kakadinme, she knew what kind of people would spend here. Furthermore, the murderous intent and might that radiated from his body were just too powerful, far beyond what Lan Daier had ever experienced. She had never thought that they would be in a desperate situation just as she met Wang Zhong again. It would not be much if she died from today's situation, but if this involved Wang Zhong…

Wang Zhong simply felt Kakadinme's might suppressing him overhead like a dense and dark sky but remained expressionless and stared at Kakadinme.

Compared to Lao Wang's prudence, Kakadinme's expression was much more relaxed and casual. However, before he could do anything, a shadow intervened and separated the two of them almost at the speed of light.

Kakadinme's might instantly dispersed, as if a large bucket of cold water had been poured on a raging fire, causing the combat fires that were on the verge of breaking out to be extinguished instantly.

"Kakadinme, don't forget about your identity," Celeste's voice sounded. "This is the Heavenly Shell race's business. Any attacking actions will be seen as targeting the Heavenly Shell race!"

Obviously, Celeste would not show any courtesy. This was the confidence of her class.

"He was the one who actively attacked." Kakadinme laughed out loud. Before coming here, he already knew that Celeste was with this little fellow. Naturally, he was already prepared to respond. He had allowed an ordinary Void Core slave to deal with Lan Daier so that he could attract Wang Zhong to make the first move. "What? Are you going to stop me? For this Earthling?"

"He is my guest today," Celeste calmly said. "Also, don't make it seem like I am very close to you."

"Tsk tsk. Celeste, your taste has changed. Since when did you begin to abandon yourself to vices?" Before Kakadinme could speak again, Lilisy's voice sounded with a hint of disdain. "Being together with a member of a low-leveled civilization. Do your elders from the Heavenly Shell race know about this?"

She had accompanied Kakadinme here. She had no interest in Earthlings, but when she heard that this Earthling was together with Celeste now, this became slightly interesting.

As the two top female pupils in this batch of Heavenly Gates pupils, ever since the day they had entered the Heavenly Gates, she had always seen Celeste as her competitor. Over the past few months in the Pill Refinery Hall, she did not insist that she defeat Celeste in every matter as this was not realistic. Furthermore, the semester had just begun, and she could not go so far as to determine victory or defeat so quickly. However, as an opponent, one had to understand their enemy well enough.

Thus, as long as it was related to Celeste, regardless of whether it was good or bad, she loved to involve herself in it. If not, it would not have been so easy for Kakadinme to invite the most arrogant roc goblin in the Heavenly Gates.

"The matters of the Heavenly Shell race are none of your business." Celeste smiled. "Lilisy, speaking of civilization identity, the roc race seems even more awkward than the Earthlings, right?"

There was definitely no relation between the roc race and a low-leveled civilization. However, the problem was that they were not considered a high-leveled civilization either. More accurately, they were not even considered a complete civilization… It was said that the roc goblins were born from a precious bloodline in the Heaven that had spread to the Land. How many members did they have in total? They had very few members in their race. Even though their status and position in the Land were high, they were not officially considered a civilization, but a rather unique kind in the Star Alliance instead.

"So you dare to joke about the roc race? Those kinds of people are mostly dead." Lilisy laughed coldly. "What? Celeste, do you want to try it out?"

"I'm just speaking the truth," replied Celeste calmly. Even though the daughter of the Heavenly Shell Crown Prince was usually rather gentle, the level-8 Heavenly Shell race had definitely not gotten to where they were by making concessions or being patient. When they had to be arrogant, the Heavenly Shell race was even more arrogant and tyrannical than any other civilization in the Land. This was something that had seeped into the bones of every member of their civilization. "If you have any thoughts, regardless of what aspect it is about, I will accompany you anytime."

Lilisy laughed coldly. Not only did she do so today, she had also probed Celeste many times and understood this woman rather well. Outsiders felt that she was simply a genius in pill refinery and the gentle daughter of the Heavenly Shell Crown Prince, but this was definitely the greatest misunderstanding towards her. One should not be fooled by appearances to understand how the Heavenly Shell race reached where they were today.

After all, she had never actually done anything in the past. Thus, Lilisy was already itching for action. "A member of low-leveled civilization doesn't have the awareness of a low-leveled civilization, while a member of a high-leveled civilization doesn't have the looks of a high-leveled civilization. If you still want to protect others, you need to show some skills!"

Kakadinme stood up, and Lilisy stood beside him. Not only were the two of them standing, even the other fellow Pill Refinery Hall pupils behind them all stood up at that moment. "Celeste, even if you actually want to take action, you can't stop us. It's best if you don't bother with this matter. Save yourself some face."

Under normal circumstances, leaving Lilisy and Kakadinme aside, the other Pill Refinery Hall pupils behind them would definitely not choose to offend Celeste. However, at this moment, they stood together without hesitation and exerted pressure on her. It was obvious that they had come prepared and that this was an intentional act.

Celeste had also realized the severity of this problem. The Blood Demon race truly wanted Wang Zhong's life.

"For the sake of the Heavenly Shell Crown Prince's daughter, I can give this human a fair chance." Kakadinme laughed and said, "You can choose to come to the Life and Death Arena, just like what you did with Balor." When he spoke, Kakadinme had activated his murderous intent.

If possible, Wang Zhong really did not want to face an expert like Kakadinme at this stage. However, Lao Wang really did not know what being terrified meant. This was also an aspect where he felt that he was not calm enough in. Mu Zi and Aiolos were much better than him at this.

Wang Zhong looked at Kakadinme. "Stop making an empty show of strength. If you wanted to attack, you would've done so a long time ago. As for going to the Life and Death Arena, I'll see whether you have the skills to do so."

Wang Zhong was certain that Kakadinme did not dare to take action. Rules were rules. Furthermore, Kakadinme's proud identity was different from Balor the fool. He wanted to obtain more reputation and benefits using Wang Zhong, and Wang Zhong was not the true objective.

He probably never expected this human to dare to still be so stubborn when facing the two most powerful people in the Pill Refinery Hall at the same time. In the end, Kakadinme and Lilisy still valued Celeste more. At that moment, everyone was dumbfounded. However, before Kakadinme could speak, a sound that resembled dull thunder had sounded behind them.

"This little fellow has quite some guts."

This voice came from the hall outside. It was low and rough, but full of might, much like a thunderbolt.

Kakadinme furrowed his eyebrows. Why was this fellow here too?

"Hey, now we're complete." Meanwhile, Lilisy laughed coldly.

"Lilisy is here too?" The voice of the Titan continued to reverberate. "The two top experts of the Pill Refinery Hall have gathered to face a Foundational Stage from a level-4 civilization. Ha ha. You fellows are equally as famous as me, but since when did you lose so much dignity?"

Dong dong dong… These footsteps sounded like that of an earthquake, and a Gold Titan that was over three meters tall appeared at the door of the room. After all, this was the Anoma Club. If they wanted to serve high-leveled civilizations, they definitely could not avoid massive customers such as the Titan race and the Natural race. Thus, the rooms in the club were usually built particularly large. Having ceilings that were seven or eight meters tall was the standard. Thus, this three-meter-tall giant could easily enter and exit any room without bending over.

The might of this Gold Titan was shocking, and his tall and large figure was an intense sight. Furthermore, golden lightning revolved around his entire body. Just in terms of might, he would be able to suppress Kakadinme and Lilisy!

At that moment, when he entered, he did not care about the two of them and simply looked at Wang Zhong. Then, he nodded at Celeste. "It's so lively, but you didn't call me over."

"How lucky." Celeste flashed a smile. When she saw this fellow, she knew that Wang Zhong would be fine today.

It was Gold Titan Tsarisiya!

The Titan race did not necessarily sympathize with Earthlings. However, as long as something was happening outside, regardless of when it was, the Titan race would definitely stand with the Heavenly Shell race. Especially in the Pill Refinery Hall, Tsarisiya was sworn enemies with Kakadinme and Lilisy.

The four top experts of the Pill Refinery Hall had gathered.

Unlike Kakadinme and Lilisy who had come with intent, Tsarisiya had come here by complete coincidence. He had invited a friend, who was the even larger fellow standing beside him. He was a tree person from the Natural race, and his body with branches all around was a full five meters tall. Even though the Anoma Club had constructed such massive rooms, it was inevitable that he bumped into things when walking around and had to bend over constantly.

"Nibaru." His name was Nibaru. His voice was even lower than the Gold Titan's, and his pronunciation was rather awkward. At the same time, he did not forget to stretch out his hand to point at his head.

The tree people had always encountered an extremely large barrier in language. It was not a problem of pronunciation, but they did not naturally have any cells for the organization of language. Even with the Khris Candy, the tree people were the least adept in communication among the divine territory civilizations. They often caused misunderstandings when communicating through words. Thus, they preferred using "body language" to express themselves. Nibaru, who knew to introduce himself when meeting others, was considered a genius who was adept in social intercourse among the tree people.

He was also from the Pill Refinery Hall. Even though he was not as famous as the four top experts, that was only because Celeste and the others reveled in their reputation, while the tree people were relatively lowkey. In reality, his grades in the Pill Refinery Hall had always been among the top five and only lost to the four people in front of him. Occasionally, his performance would erupt, and he would jump one or two places in those tests. Furthermore, these were only in pill refinery assessments. It was said that Nibaru's natural endowments in combat were even more shocking. He was someone who could make Gold Titans — the arrogant fellows who felt that they were the only true men in the divine territory — truly build personal relations with them. One absolutely could not doubt their combat power.

"Are the two of you planning to meddle with this matter?" Kakadinme's expression had darkened. Just Celeste alone was easy to deal with, but with Tsarisiya and Nibaru as well, it would be difficult to suppress them.

"Ha ha. I'm just not used to seeing the majority bullying the minority. What's meddling got to do with it?" Tsarisiya did not seem to show them any respect and stared at Lilisy. He was still excited and looked as if he wasn't afraid of this matter blowing up. The Gold Titans loved fighting the most. He looked for battles to fight when nothing was happening, let alone when he saw someone bullying the Heavenly Shell race. "Lilisy, the matter between us from the welcome ceremony isn't over yet. Do you want to settle it today as well?"

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    《Battle Frenzy》