Battle Frenzy
1082 Pacifying a Storm
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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1082 Pacifying a Storm

"Nibaru!" The tree person raised his voice and shouted his own name. No one knew what exactly he wanted to say, but his expression had become passionate. He was probably displaying his support towards the fight. He wanted to be involved too.

Celeste laughed. With these two by their side, their aura was immediately different. "Do you still want to continue?"

Kakadinme's aura gradually dispersed. The fellow pupils from the Pill Refinery Hall behind him were only here to boost his morale. If he were to make them attack the daughter of the Heavenly Shell Crown Prince and the Gold Titan, they would definitely not dare to do so. If they were faced with three great experts at the same time, he and Lilisy alone did not have any confidence in winning. There would be no meaning either.

"Little fellow, your luck is not bad." He glanced at Wang Zhong standing opposite him. "I hope that you will also have this luck the next time we meet."

"I will wait for you respectfully." Wang Zhong smiled. Kakadinme would definitely not let this matter slide, but at least it was over for today. This was naturally much better than using his trump cards to protect his life. As for provoking powerful enemies, ever since the times in Tianjing on Earth, when was he not surrounded by strong opponents?

"Let's go."

Celeste nodded her head at the Gold Titan. The Titan waved his hand with ease and looked at Wang Zhong cheerily. "Wang Zhong? I heard that you are very good at fighting from Celeste? Do you want to—?"

Celeste gave a few dry coughs and simply interrupted him. Wang Zhong observed the Gold Titan Tsarisiya. Needless to say, if the Titan were to end up in a few low-leveled civilizations, he could become a god. Of course, this was not just because of superficial reasons. The power contained in his body was also genuine.

The Titan civilization was also a powerful existence in the divine territory and had special characteristics in various areas.

"Relax, relax. I'm not a coward like Kakadinme. I wouldn't bully him." Tsarisiya laughed out loud. "I just heard that those from the lower worlds are particularly good at fighting. Hey, little fellow, if you have time another day, we can learn from each other. Let me see your skills."

Wang Zhong had a rather favorable impression of the Titans. Regardless of whether it was the Titan supervisor from the Combat Cultivation Hall or the frank fellow in front of him, out of all the high-leveled civilizations in the divine territory, the Titans were the proudest and the least likely to put on airs. When they flew into a rage, they were willing to step on the heads of experts from level-8 civilizations, but when they were happy, they could put themselves down and drink with people from low-leveled civilizations. Of course, this was on the condition that one was "manly". When they spoke and acted, one's taste, identity, background, and the like did not matter. Titans were not too particular about these things.

"If there is an opportunity, I will definitely consult you." Wang Zhong smiled and shook hands with him.

Creak creak…

"Nibaru." The tree person beside him also stretched out his hand towards Lao Wang. His pronunciation was the same as before, and even the meaning that was translated by the Khris Candy was the same. It seemed like even the Khris Candy could not cure the tree people's sorrowful language system.

Although Lao Wang subconsciously stretched out his hand, he felt slightly awkward as he did not know what exactly Nibaru was trying to express and had no way to respond to him. Luckily, he had Tsarisiya beside him.

"Old Lu means that he likes you a lot!" Tsarisiya patted Nibaru's body. Even though the large and terrifying palm delivered a heavy slam, Nibaru's endurance was even more powerful. The pats rumbled like thunder, but Nibaru's body did not even sway. It was obvious that this was simply a daily action between these two close friends. "Old Lu also likes to fight!"

In reality, it was not possible to understand the language of tree people. Even the tree people themselves probably could not understand what they were saying. However, if one interacted with them often and understood their individual personalities and hobbies, one would be able to correctly guess what they meant 80% to 90% of the time. After all, the thought process of the tree people was rather direct.

Nibaru flashed a smile that appeared to be a smile and slowly nodded his head. The branches and leaves on his head swayed in disarray. Evidently, he was rather satisfied with Tsarisiya's translation.

Celeste also laughed. "Since we have gathered, shall we sit together?"

"It's alright. I won't disturb you. Furthermore, Old Lu cannot stand the smell of meat." Tsarisiya waved his hand. "We'll eat our own respective meals. If Kakadinme and Lilisy dare to cause trouble again, just call us anytime."

When these two large figures left, the small storm finally ended.

Only Celeste, Wang Zhong, Lan Daier, and the Heavenly Shell steward were left in the room. The steward was sweating profusely. Luckily, the daughter of the Crown Prince was present, and the Titan had helped out. This was considered a miracle. If not — if Kakadinme and those lawless fellows had been allowed to cause trouble in the club — he really did not know how things would have ended up.

"I deeply apologize for disturbing your meal with your guest, Your Highness. I will immediately get someone to…"

Celeste interrupted him. "No need. We shall gather here. You may go."

They led Lan Daier back to the booth where both of them had been sitting. Lan Daier was still in a joyous trance. Time seemed to have gone back to the Holy Land. Her taste-tester had now become a dauntless expert.

Wang Zhong had finally come to the divine territory!

Lao Wang was the happiest and simply did not care about offending Kakadinme or the like. After all, he was already in a lot of danger. It was said that when there were too many debts, one stopped worrying about them. In any case, this did not matter much.

Only three people were left. Even though Celeste was around, Wang Zhong did not seem to care about this and gave Lan Daier a passionate hug. "Sister Lan, it's so great that you're fine!"

Vigour had also returned to Lan Daier's gaze. "It looks like I have been slaving away here for so long, waiting for you to save me."

Wang Zhong smiled understandingly. "You took care of me in the past. Now, I will take care of you. We are tied now. Let me introduce you to Celeste, my friend from the Heavenly Shell race…"

Lan Daier smiled. "Daughter of the Heavenly Shell Crown Prince, I have been looking forward to meeting you for a long time. I have been living a decent life in the divine territory thanks to the care from the Heavenly Shell race."

Celeste also smiled and nodded her head. She did not say anything else. She did not have a friendship with Lan Daier. Frankly speaking, other than with Wang Zhong, the disparity between her and others was too large.

Both Wang Zhong and Lan Daier did not mind this. This was not the Earth, and forcing unfamiliar people to act close was not their style. They were not fussy either. Wang Zhong and Lan Daier were both able to control their emotions well, and they had calmed down from their earlier excitement. Lan Daier was also very curious about when Wang Zhong had arrived in the divine territory and how he had entered the Heavenly Gates.

In reality, Celeste could have left at this kind of time. However, the daughter of the Heavenly Shell Crown Prince also liked gossip very much. She wanted to understand other things, especially the female called "Scarlet" that he had reservedly mentioned. She was an Earthling, and her strength was not sufficient to enter the divine territory. How could a girl like her have the right to receive Wang Zhong's favor?

A child from a high-leveled civilization who had been taught well would definitely not feel that they were being ignored or offended, no matter what the situation was. When she saw how the two of them had reunited after a long parting and seemed overjoyed, Celeste also felt sentimental.

She was surprised by Wang Zhong's earlier attack, but the way the female Earthling called Lan Daier maintained her aura and bearing when threatened by Kakadinme was also not bad. This was probably because of her resolution to meet death. To be honest, killing a member of a low-leveled civilization would not be considered much.

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    《Battle Frenzy》