Battle Frenzy
1084 Refusal to Give In
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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1084 Refusal to Give In

"Has everyone who is lining up finished the assignment? How's the quality of the pills they handed in like?"

"Celeste's pills will definitely have the best quality. The Heavenly Shell race is famous for pill refinery."

"I think that Kakadinme will win. I heard that he was first for last month's pill assessment in the Pill Refinery Hall."

People loved gossip, and the chattering noises all around did not stop. Recently, the Blood Demon race had been trending. Various conflicts, especially their continuous humiliation by an Earthling, had affected their reputation greatly.

They looked at those who were queueing to submit their pills. The first to submit was Kakadinme, who was expressionless, as if the rumors had absolutely nothing to do with him. When the Pill Refinery Hall supervisor opened the jade box, the green light in the box was striking. A thick pill fragrance instantly wafted into the surroundings, and this was very awe-inspiring. Even outsiders who completely did not understand pill refinery would definitely be able to sense the powerful vitality and outstanding quality that this pill possessed.

The supervisor nodded in satisfaction. The queue order was based on the results of the Pill Refinery Hall's pill assessment last month. As the top scorer, Kakadinme was indeed very outstanding. As a member of the Blood Demon race, having such unexpected natural endowments in pill refinery was relatively rare.

"Kakadinme submitted one level-7 Glazed Crystal Life Extending Pill. The supervisor has evaluated it as an 80%-pill."

"Damn, an 80%-pill!"

Many people around them gasped in surprise, especially the Pill Refinery Hall pupils who were queueing up. They could not help but raise their eyebrows. After all, they clearly knew just how difficult it was to create a batch of 80%-pills when refining the level-7 Glazed Crystal Life Extending Pill.

The supervisors sitting behind the table were full of smiles. Anyone who was able to produce 60%-pills definitely had a thorough grasp of the Glazed Crystal Life Extending Pill refinery method. Furthermore, 70%- and 80%-pills were only possible when one had studied the refinery method for the Glazed Crystal Life Extending Pill extensively. This fellow had only spent less than half a year in the Pill Refinery Hall. Even though he had a certain foundation before coming here, needless to say, being able to achieve such a standard was not just because Elder Yimo taught very well. Kakadinme's natural endowments and efforts were definitely top-rate. It was no wonder that he was one of the most powerful and arrogant geniuses in the Pill Refinery Hall now.

"Is refining an 80%-pill very rare? Once you're done submitting, don't block the way!"


Tsarisiya spoke in a low and rough voice as he heavily placed a box on the table. He never gave the pretty Blood Demon Kakadinme any face.

The Titan had come in second place in last month's Pill Refinery Hall assessment and possessed extraordinary thunder and fire natural endowments. In reality, he had the best natural endowments among this batch of Pill Refinery Hall pupils. He was able to stand shoulder to shoulder with Celeste in terms of pill refinery. As for the monthly assessments, luck would definitely be involved in the occasional good performance. This could not represent their true absolute ranking.

Kakadinme smiled and gave way by stepping to the side. The supervisor opened Tsarisiya's box. Similarly, the green light was eye-piercing, and the pill fragrance was very rich. However, the green light from the box seemed to be slightly more magnificent than Kakadinme's.

The smiles on several supervisors' faces grew larger. It was another 80%-pill, and it was slightly better than the 80%-pill Kakadinme had refined.

Indeed, this batch of Pill Refinery Hall pupils consisted of talents coming forth in large numbers. Ever since they started teaching the Glazed Crystal Life Extending Pill to the day the pill was to be submitted, the pupils had been able to research refinery methods to this extent in less than three months. If these kinds of natural endowments were placed into any previous batches of Pill Refinery Hall pupils, they would definitely have come out on top.

"Tsarisiya submitted one level-7 Glazed Crystal Life Extending Pill. The supervisor has evaluated it as an 80%-pill."

"Only 80%? Great supervisor, I think that your evaluation is very problematic!" Tsarisiya glared at the supervisor. When Titans were serious, they would not care about whether the other person was a supervisor or a pupil.

Of course, he was ignored. It was general knowledge in the Heavenly Gates that the Titans were impulsive in their speech. The supervisor would definitely not help him by re-evaluating the pill but would also not possibly be angered by this. To be honest, the pill that Tsarisiya had submitted reached a standard that was above 80%, but it was just slightly lacking in order to reach the ultimate results of the 90%-pill.

When everyone saw this fellow being ignored and chased away by the supervisor with a wave of his hand, the surroundings were quiet. The large majority of people found it painful to hold it in. If the crowd had not been afraid of the Titan's irritable temper, they would have started laughing out loud.

"Celeste has submitted one level-7 Glazed Crystal Life Extending Pill. The supervisor has evaluated it as a 90%-pill!"

The third to submit was Celeste. When the box was opened, the green light within was not an eye-piercing one like the previous. Instead, it was bright and gentle as it illuminated the entire place!

Whoosh. After a slight silence, various shocked gasps and buzzing voices started to sound all around them.

Even though there was only a short distance between an 80%-pill and a 90%-pill, this very distance was enough to differentiate the heavens from the earth. No matter how outstanding the 80%-pill was, it would eventually have some flaws. This represented the upper limit of one's standards. If one had put in all their effort and still had flaws in their refinery, this would be the current limit of their abilities.

However, the 90%-pill was different as ultimate skills had to be used. It also symbolized that there were absolutely no mistakes or flaws throughout the refinery process. However, a 90%-pill represented the lower limit of one's standards and meant that your actual standard might be even higher than this. Who knew?

With this comparison, there were too many differences between an 80%-pill and a 90%-pill.

Kakadinme and Tsarisiya's boasting had instantly been suppressed by Celeste. All the discussions around them immediately switched to talk about the daughter of the Heavenly Shell Crown Prince. Even the supervisors who were in charge of registering the results started to whisper to one another. Even though no one knew what they were talking about, one could guess from their gazes and expressions that they were obviously discussing something related to Celeste.

"Ha ha ha. A rookie is being challenged." At the side, Tsarisiya laughed out loud. In reality, he simply did not care that the supervisor had evaluated his pill as an 80%-pill. He had wanted the supervisor to change his evaluation to 90% mainly because he wanted to see the Blood Demon's unhappy expression. On the contrary, he did not have to blindly work for this.

"It looks like a rookie is ranked behind me." Kakadinme did not even look at him. He minded his own business and took out a piece of Star Pattern Steel to polish his horn with a rustling sound.

Even though it was not new for the four top experts in the Pill Refinery Hall to fight with techniques and words, there was also a lot of gossip and interesting incidents that had attracted the attention of many people around them. Who knew that Tsarisiya would laugh and not respond, disappointing many people who were waiting to watch a commotion?

These three people from the Pill Refinery Hall were obviously special. Even though Lilisy and these three people were called the four top experts, this was in terms of cultivation and attack power. The roc goblins could not be considered to have peak natural endowments in pill refinery. She submitted a 70%-pill, just like tree person Nibaru, who was behind her. Besides these two, there were also a member of the Soul race and another member of the Natural race who achieved the same results.

As they went further back, the Glazed Crystal Life Extending Pills submitted became worse and worse. About six or seven people had submitted 60%-pills, while most of the rest submitted 50%-pills. When the pill boxes were opened, one could smell the pill fragrance and see the green shadows, but they were blue and completely could not compare to the high-quality pills just now. Over ten people even submitted pills that were evaluated to be 40% or even 30%. This time, the Pill Refinery Hall mission had demanded 50%-pills. As failed products that did not pass the mission requirement, these 30%- and 40%-pills were naturally refused by the supervisor.

They truly wept bitter tears and wailed sorrowfully. Some even confronted the supervisors with a red face, or even turned hostile and scolded them. However, it was obvious that if one did not receive the favor of Gold Titans, one would receive the curse of the Gold Titans instead. What was waiting for them was definitely not indifference from the supervisor, but a slap from the supervisor that simply sent them flying away.

However, one could not blame them either as there was no way they would not be agitated by this. The rejection of their pill also meant that they would not be able to attend Elder Yimo's lessons, and they had been expelled from their core positions in the Pill Refinery Hall. These people had relatively decent natural endowments. In the Land, any one of them could become a precious treasure of the various large Factions. After all, they had refined a level-7 pill. Regardless of whether its quality was 30% or 40%, they were impressive if they were able to refine the pill. For example, a small pill Faction like the Cloud Mist Faction would only have a few people who could refine level-7 pills, including their Suzerain…

Wang Zhong quietly watched from the back. Needless to say, the Pill Refinery Hall was the place where the rules were the strictest in the entire Heavenly Gates. The 40%-pills that many pupils had submitted were only a short distance away from 50%-pills. If the supervisors closed one eye, or even relaxed the rules slightly, and casually let them pass, no one would have felt that something was wrong. However, none of the supervisors gave out this favor and simply threw these geniuses from the Land — whose eyes were bloodshot from staying up and refining pills over the past three months — down the 18 levels of hell without any mercy. They did not even bat an eyelid…

"How particular." Wang Zhong smiled and gave a decent comment.

He did not have any extra sympathy for those who had failed. On the contrary, the importance that the Pill Refinery Hall placed on rules was good. At least, this was definitely a piece of good news to him.

Among the over 60 Pill Refinery Hall pupils who had lined up, fewer than 50 people had succeeded. In particular, most of those who had lined up at the back submitted pills that did not make the mark. The elimination rate was rather high, and three or four people were successively eliminated before there was someone who had managed to force out a 50%-pill by luck. The high elimination rate caused those at the back to be very nervous. Once in a while, those who had been evaluated and passed would be so excited that they almost jumped around. Some were so nervous that the moment they heard the results, their legs went limp and they simply knelt in front of the table…

"It looks like that's the case."

"I can't believe it. I admired Senior Wagrey so much, but he was eliminated…"

Just as the crowd was chattering, they suddenly saw a ray of green light suddenly rise from the table. A rich pill fragrance that they had not seen for a while wafted through the entire place.

"Shannali submitted one level-7 Glazed Crystal Life Extending Pill. The supervisor has evaluated it as an 80%-pill!"

At that moment, the entire place could not help but fall silent.

The order of submission was according to the pupil's results in the Pill Refinery Hall. Naturally, the further back they went, the lower the standards these fellows would possess. They had reached the last two or three people and thought that these people would probably be eliminated. However, they never expected that one of them would succeed. Furthermore, she had made an impressive start and submitted an 80%-pill!

Shannali? Who was she?

All gazes immediately fell on the area in front of the table. A girl that seemed rather delicate and pretty was standing there.

"What a beautiful woman…"

"I think she's from the goblin race?"

"Damn! Shannali refined an 80%-pill? Are you for real?"

This truly made everyone very surprised. After all, Shannali had always been an invisible figure in the Pill Refinery Hall who ranked at the very bottom. She was within the range where she could have been eliminated at any time.

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