Battle Frenzy
1085 Sanction
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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1085 Sanction

The two supervisors also seemed to be rather shocked. Before they had their evaluation, they carefully observed the pill for a very long time. Not only did they check the quality of the pill, they also evaluated whether the pill had signs that Shannali had refined it. To these pill experts, unless it was a Perfect Pill that had no flaws and was naturally created, there would be some of the creator's signs and aura left on the pill. It was very easy for experts to determine who the refiner was.

Evidently, there were no problems with Shannali's pills, and they verified that she had refined it herself. When the results were announced, many people from the Pill Refinery Hall burst into an uproar. This dark horse had arrived too suddenly. She had only been a minor character in the Pill Refinery Hall, but she had suddenly reached a standard comparable to that of Celeste, Kakadinme, and the others.

People easily shifted their attention to fresh news. For a period of time, the gossip about Shannali did not stop, and no one watched the remaining people from the Pill Refinery Hall submit their pills.

There were buzzing noises all around. After everyone from the Pill Refinery Hall who had queued up had their pills evaluated, the supervisor then asked the bustling crowd, "From the Equipment Refinery Hall and the Combat Cultivation Hall, is there anyone who wants to submit their Glazed Crystal Life Extending Pill?"

This question was simply a formality. Even among the professional experts in the Pill Refinery Hall, half of the 100 pupils had been eliminated. The Equipment Refinery Hall and the Combat Cultivation Hall? Don't joke around. Probably no one there could actually refine the pill, let alone meet the minimum standard. Also, one batch of ingredients cost 300,000. This money would not just fall from the skies.

Nevertheless, when the supervisor asked a second time, there were actually people who came forward! Two pupils from the Equipment Refinery Hall took out pill boxes, and the first person to submit handed in a 50%-pill. However, it was a pity that the supervisor simply glanced at it and placed it on the side. Then, he looked at the name that the pupil had registered under. "Passy? This is your first time. I will give you an opportunity to turn over a new leaf and will not chase you out of the Heavenly Gates. However, you will never be able to step into the Pill Refinery Hall for the rest of your life, and two hundred points will be deducted from your score in the Equipment Refinery Hall. I will also confiscate this pill. You have no objections about this, correct?"

"W—why?" The fellow called Passy was obviously guilty but still asked with some confidence.

"Did you refine this Glazed Crystal Life Extending Pill by yourself?" Supervisor Lulu from the Natural race asked him. His voice was somewhat cold.

There was no need to continue pointing out the problem. Passy instantly did not dare to speak. In reality, he should not have been big-mouthed and asked the previous question. Of course, he should not have resorted to deception from the very beginning.

Supervisor Lulu waved his hand and signaled at the guards beside him to bring Passy away. At the same time, he said, "The Pill Refinery Hall welcomes any pupils with natural endowments to join us. We also welcome you to attempt any missions from the Pill Refinery Hall. However, to anyone who dares to resort to deception, it will not be as simple as a small punishment next time."

Another fellow pupil of Passy's from the Equipment Refinery Hall had also taken out a pill box. However, at this moment, she hurriedly slipped back into the crowd with a gloomy expression.

The Natural race supervisors typically seemed harmonious and amiable. However, when they flew into a rage, it would usually be accompanied by atmospheric abnormalities, as if they were the masters of nature. Everyone in their surroundings kept quiet out of fear. They felt that in this moment, the dawn sky had turned darker and that a cold gust of wind was blowing.

"That idiot actually dared to submit a pill that he purchased."

"Luckily I resisted. Two days ago, even I thought of this…"

While there were those who took pleasure in others' misfortune, there were, naturally, also those who considered themselves lucky. Supervisor Lulu shook his head. In reality, this mission was very hard to complete, even for the pupils from the Pill Refinery Hall. It was, therefore, nearly impossible for pupils from the two other Halls to have completed this.

Just as he was about to stand up and announce the results of the submissions, he saw another young person walking to the table.

"Supervisor, I would like to submit my pill."

Wang Zhong placed a very ordinary-looking box on the table. One look and one could tell that it was a cheap item that was sold at the pill houses.

To a large majority of alchemists, the pill box was something they were rather particular about. After all, pill refinery was like childbirth. As long as they had the resources, who could bear having their dear child dressed like a beggar? Only Lao Wang would do so. He was not particular about what he covered himself with, let alone for the pills that he refined. It was fine as long as the box was easy to use. What use would it be if the box was pretty?

"This is…"

"Isn't that the very arrogant Earthling from the Combat Cultivation Hall? The one who killed some guy from the Blood Demon race in the Life and Death Arena."

"A pupil from the Combat Cultivation Hall refining pills. Furthermore, he refined a level-7 Glazed Crystal Life Extending Pill… This is unheard of in the Heavenly Gates."

"Pff… I'm sorry, I can't help but ask, didn't this fellow see Passy's tragic situation?"

"Ha ha. I don't agree with you. He is from a level-4 civilization. Could he even afford to refine a Glazed Crystal Life Extending Pill?"

"You never know. His dorm mate seems to be from the Babi family. They don't lack in money."

"Earthling, you can do it! I know you will win! A genius like you has to submit a 100% Perfect Pill! Even 90%-pills won't live up to your identity."

"Haha haha! That is comparing him against the entire Pill Refinery Hall."

After an instant of silence, laughter immediately arose everywhere.

"I've suddenly changed my opinion of this little fellow." Kakadinme laughed cheerily and looked over. "Even without me doing anything, he has many ways to seek death."

"Don't be so certain before the results are out. If not, you might be disappointed." At the side, Celeste laughed.

"That's right. You're too stuck up. However, I don't think that this little fellow will succeed," spoke Tsarisiya frankly. The Titans were this candid. Being unhappy with Kakadinme was one thing, but Wang Zhong was also causing trouble.

Supervisor Lulu was also dumbfounded. He had some memories of the young person in front of him. Back then at the Heavenly Gates Welcome Ceremony, Lulu was one of the three Natural race supervisors helping everyone to assess their spiritual power attributes. It so happened that he was the one who assessed this young person. He had a fourth-grade spiritual quality and did not have any special emphasis in any attribute. Furthermore, he was from a level-4 civilization that had just joined the Star Alliance and that could be said to be the rookie among the rookies, and the trash among the trash. It seemed like he had relied on his combat power to kill another Heavenly Gates pupil in a fair fight and was protected by the Machinery race before barely squeezing into the Combat Cultivation Hall.

Could this kind of fellow refine a Glazed Crystal Life Extending Pill? Supervisor Lulu had just dealt with Passy and already saw a few people holding pill boxes running back into the crowd. However, he never expected that there would still be people who were tactless…

Had he been too gentle in dealing with Passy just now? There were still people who were not afraid of death!

Supervisor Lulu did not even look at the box or speak. He simply glared at Wang Zhong while pondering. At the same time, his left hand casually opened the jade box.

Humm humm humm humm…

The extremely ordinary jade box had only been opened slightly, but it was as if he had opened the gates to a new world. An extremely clear and natural buzzing sound reverberated from the jade box.

Countless green lights shone at the same time. Unlike the bright green lights from the 80%- and 90%-pills, these green lights were extremely gentle, as if fireflies had lightly floated out of the open jade box, filling the air. At the same time, there was a faint pill fragrance. This pill fragrance was extremely peculiar. It was light but did not fade in intensity. Unlike sudden pill fragrances that shocked everyone, this fragrance did not simply enter their nostrils either. Instead, it easily seeped into the entire body through one's pores. Even someone who had lost their sense of smell would be able to sense this extremely sweet smell.

That peculiar buzzing sound, those lights that floated across the entire sky, as well as this fragrance that seeped into the heart made everyone feel as if they were suddenly in a field of flowers under the bright moon. A cold wind blew past them, and they were surrounded by a field of flowers. They looked at the fireflies that covered the sky and could even hear the sound of bees retrieving honey. Various phenomena interacted and mixed with each other, forming a beautiful design and feeling…

Everyone present went insane at this moment. Even supervisor Lulu and the other three supervisors reveled in this beautiful hallucinatory scene.

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    《Battle Frenzy》