Battle Frenzy
1086 Rise of a Mass Attack
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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1086 Rise of a Mass Attack

The surroundings were quiet for about five to six seconds. After all, Lulu was the supervisor of the Pill Refinery Hall. His shock came quickly, but he also adjusted quickly. He had stopped staring at Wang Zhong. He suddenly opened the pill box with happiness.

A smooth and round pill that was so perfect that no one could pick fault with it quietly sat in the box. Although the ordinary jade box did not have any flashy decorations, when it was paired with this pill, it was as if even the box had become much more elegant.

"Per—perfect Pill!" Supervisor Lulu could not help but blurt out.

There was a dead silence in the surroundings. The two other supervisors beside him also hurriedly took a detailed look.

He was right. It was a Glazed Crystal Life Extending Pill with perfect quality. It was extremely intelligent, and there were no flaws!

The supervisors were all slightly moved. To be honest, Perfect Pills were far too rare! Even to them, who had made great achievements in pill studies, this was a rare sight. In particular, it was too difficult to produce a Perfect Pill for any pill that was level-7 or higher!

For people like Supervisor Lulu, they could only come across a Perfect Pill, and it could not be looked for. Furthermore, in the entire Heavenly Gates, only great masters like Elder Yimo, supervisor Erza, and a few other figures who had advanced to another realm could have definite confidence in refining a Perfect level-7 Pill. To the other top experts, this was not a problem of their skills or their pill studies realm. The conditions for achieving a Perfect Pill were simply too strict.

With the same judgment from three supervisors, everyone in the surroundings recovered from their shock. Various gasps of shock rose, but there was no actual content in their words. They were simply gasping at the Perfect Pill itself, and gasping at the extremely natural feeling that the Perfect Pill had given everyone. People outside the Pill Refinery Hall would only see this kind of thing a few times in their entire life.

Jhonas could not help but swallow his saliva. He knew that Boss had brought Nini and Yiyi to refine the level-7 pill. Although Wang Zhong did not tell him the results, from the relaxed expression Wang Zhong displayed throughout this period of time, Jhonas knew that he had definitely succeeded. However, he had never dared to think that Wang Zhong had refined a Perfect Pill! Damn, this was too…

Before Jhonas could be fully moved, a sound immediately disrupted the gasps of shock from all around.

"Wang Zhong, are you sure that you refined this yourself? Being opportunistic is not a good habit. What happened to Passy just now is a lesson for you." Kakadinme was the one who spoke. He had a calm smile on his face. "Or do you think that the supervisor cannot check since there are no flaws or signs on the Perfect Pill?"

The enthusiastic crowd was about to explode, but they were immediately pulled back to reality by Kakadinme's words.

He was a mere Foundational Stage from the Combat Cultivation Hall and was from a level-4 civilization who had just entered the Star Alliance and did not even have a method to accumulate their Core. However, he had managed to refine a Glazed Crystal Life Extending Pill, and a 100% Perfect Pill at that!

Heh heh. Would one believe this lie? It was impossible. It would never be possible in this lifetime.

"I just said, how are there people who still dare to go up after Passy was checked? This fellow definitely thinks that the supervisor cannot check because there are no flaws or signs on the Perfect Pill."

"Did he buy it? Does the Heavenly Gates Street sell Perfect Pills? Hey, I'll go take a look another day."

"You must be dreaming. It's because he has a friend from the Babi family. Do you have one? He was using…"

The innocent Jhonas was unjustly ridiculed. Even in the divine territory, there was no lack of people who hated the rich.

"Honestly speaking, I don't believe that the Heavenly Gates Street sells level-7 Perfect Pills. This fellow couldn't have stolen this from somewhere, right?"

"You're not wrong. If there was really news that a Perfect Pill was on sale, no matter where it was from, it would definitely be big news. It doesn't make sense that we don't know."

Supervisor Lulu furrowed his eyebrows. He was also in doubt and simply did not believe this. However, if Wang Zhong had not refined this, then where had it come from? Did he buy it? It was impossible. If a perfect level-7 pill appeared on the market, people would definitely make a scramble for it. However, he had not heard of a Perfect Pill on the market recently. Did he steal it? Supervisor Lulu believed this conjecture, but the problem was, who was the victim? Without the victim, he could not rely on his subjective impression and simply say that Wang Zhong had stolen it.

"He stole my pill!" The scene changed extremely quickly. Just as the crowd was discussing this possibility, someone had stepped up.

He was Battier, a member of the Ghost race and the Pill Refinery Hall. He had submitted a 60%-pill that was of high quality. It fell just short of a 70%-pill. He was also the Ghost with the best results in the Pill Refinery Hall.

He took large strides and walked out from the crowd. Then he spoke, "Supervisor Lulu, this is the Perfect Pill that I refined last week. Only this pill was produced from a batch of pills. I was initially prepared to hand it in, but I unfortunately lost it a few days ago Thus, I hurriedly refined another batch. In terms of materials, I was too hasty and thus only refined that batch of 60%-pills and did not manage to report about it to the Heavenly Gates in time… I never thought that my pill would land in Wang Zhong's hands! Furthermore, he still dared to submit it so openly!"

Since he was able to refine a pill that was extremely close to a 70%-pill, from a purely theoretical perspective, there was a possibility for him to refine a Perfect Pill. Regardless of how high this possibility was, it existed. After all, there were times when the results of refinery were by chance. Who could dare to say that they didn't have times when they were full of brilliance?

At that moment, Battier was full of might. He was also one of the more famous pupils in the Pill Refinery Hall, and his natural endowments were very good. When he submitted a 60%-pill, many people were surprised.

Now, everyone saw the obvious. They naturally gave disdainful looks to Wang Zhong as this fulfilled logic and the truth in their hearts.

"No wonder I didn't hear news about the sale of a Perfect Pill. As expected, this Earthling stole it!"

"Even a pupil from the Combat Cultivation Hall dares to use a Perfect Pill to trick others. Does he think that everyone here is a three-year-old child?" Someone laughed coldly.

"He is a member of a low-leveled civilization, an imposter who snuck in. He can't be that brave, right?" A rather small minority maintained their attitude.

"Do you still remember what happened to Balor previously?" Someone raised a past event. "Back then, I felt that Balor was cheating this little fellow, and I also felt that this fellow was from the lowest social class of a low-leveled civilization. He shouldn't have the courage to steal things from the Heavenly Gates, but look at this. To be honest, I now feel that Balor was treated unjustly."

It was very obvious that Balor's framing had a certain effect. Even though the two of them had produced a result on the Life and Death Arena, it planted the seed that Wang Zhong was a thief in people's hearts. Once this started, it was like stuffing sand into one's pants. No matter what, he would not be able to wash himself free of doubt, especially considering Wang Zhong's identity. There was a lot of general knowledge among the high-leveled civilizations in the divine territory. They rather firmly believed that low-leveled civilizations were synonyms for trash, thieves, and swindlers. They were too weak and did not have the ability to continue surviving in the divine territory without relying on these shameful methods.

Logic? The truth?

These were simply not important in the face of such firm belief. Even if there were a few people who felt that they should be a bit more respectful to low-leveled civilizations, at that moment, they had been engulfed by the voices of doubt that instantly covered the entire place.

Lao Wang was still very calm. This was not his first time facing doubt from these fellows in the Heavenly Gates who had an unaccountable sense of superiority.

He quietly watched these people perform. Throughout this period of time in the Heavenly Gates, he had a rather clear understanding of the ideas that the high-leveled civilizations had while living in their own world. They felt that exploiting and stepping on low-leveled civilizations was rational. How about treating others justly? This word simply did not exist in the dictionaries of the high-leveled civilizations.

The chattering sounds all around did not stop. Celeste wanted to step up and prove this for Wang Zhong, but she was stopped by Lao Wang's gaze.

She had helped him many times, especially when she stepped up for him during the Balor incident. If she did so again, it would not be good for Celeste. Furthermore, it would not be convincing to the observers. More importantly, Kakadinme's thoughtful gaze had already landed on Celeste. Wang Zhong could almost imagine what Kakadinme would say if Celeste stepped up again and proved this for him. It would probably be "I saw him and Celeste entering the pill house together", "if he didn't steal it, then Celeste helped him to refine it", or even "the relationship between the daughter of the Heavenly Shell Crown Prince and this Earthling is not clear". This would simply make a simple question complicated.

"Wang Zhong." Kakadinme laughed and said, "The only thing that can help you is sincerity. Explain the process of how you stole the pill. After all, you still haven't brought about much harm to others for now. Perhaps the supervisors might give you a chance to turn over a new leaf if you are proactive and frank."

"Heh heh… Are you playing this trick again? Can you have some intelligence?" Wang Zhong shrugged his shoulders indifferently. "On the contrary, I'd like to ask. How do you prove that this Perfect Pill belongs to him? Just based on that sentence?"

"Wang Zhong, I understand your urgent feelings towards entering the Pill Refinery Hall, but this is not right." Ghost Battier was very calm and not angry. "If you admit it frankly, I am willing to beg the supervisor for leniency. After all, it is not easy for you to enter the Heavenly Gates, but natural endowments in combat and pill refinery are two different things. You cannot trick everyone."

"Wang Zhong, don't be unreasonable, and don't change the topic!" Supervisor Lulu furrowed his eyebrows. His voice was rather strict.

Not only from the strange situation today, he had also heard a few things recently. It was not a secret in the Heavenly Gates that Celeste and Wang Zhong were very close. As a member of the Natural race, who had always been supportive of the Heavenly Shell race, Supervisor Lulu was rather unhappy about this.

Furthermore, this situation was too biased. A rookie whose intelligence had been evaluated to be the lowest had been able to complete something that not even all the geniuses in the Pill Refinery Hall could do in the past few months. This was simply unbelievable. "You must prove that you refined this Perfect Pill now!"

There was obviously some prejudice…

Jhonas was also speechless. There was one benefit to interacting with Wang Zhong. He was often able to satisfy his desire to watch a commotion. However, Lao Wang's identity as an Earthling was too frustrating as this identity often dragged him down. Under normal circumstances, the Ghost race, who had lodged the accusation, should have to show evidence. However, it was obvious that with the subjective desires of everyone here and Lao Wang's identity and authority as a member of a low-leveled civilization, he would not be able to enjoy this kind of fairness.

Back in the Combat Cultivation Hall, although the Titan supervisor had various vile interests, he was still particular about justice. However, as for Supervisor Lulu from the Pill Refinery Hall…

Wang Zhong shrugged his shoulders helplessly. He was rather relaxed, completely opposite of Jhonas's nervousness. It was as if he had not realized the severity of this situation at all. "How do you want me to prove it? If I refined it, then I refined it."

"Hey. Even in the face of death, he is still so stubborn."

"You must be kidding. You're from a level-4 civilization. You don't even know how to accumulate your Core, let alone engage in pill studies! Now, you're telling me that you refined a 100% Perfect Pill?"

"Ha ha. This little fellow is too amusing. Others usually have no evidence, but he is just too stubborn to admit it. He will not stop until he reaches his goal."

"I feel that Balor really died an unjust death… Perhaps this Earthling is very good at fighting, but there is really a problem with his moral standing."

"It's very likely that the previous incident had something behind the scenes. Could it be…?"

"I don't know what's going on behind the scenes, but I know that the daughter of the Heavenly Shell Crown Prince protected this little fellow last time!"

The chattering sounds continued, and there were various guesses and speculations. To be honest, it would be a waste of their imagination if they did not become writers.

Public opinion could obscure the truth, and repeated calumny could bring about one's ruin.

Wang Zhong displayed an uncooperative attitude. Supervisor Lulu obviously did not have any patience to continue this with this little fellow. "If you can't prove it, then this pill isn't yours!"

There were many people in the Heavenly Gates, and it was definitely not easy for low-leveled civilizations to survive. Furthermore, it was obvious that these supervisors were aloof. Not every supervisor liked to treat people fairly. More accurately, most of them did not have any patience towards low-leveled civilizations.

Furthermore, this situation was evidently much more severe than last time. Luckily, the Titan supervisor had stood on the side of justice the previous time and gave Wang Zhong the chance to defend himself. Furthermore, his opponent was only Balor, and there were many clear-headed people among the observers. But this time, they were in the Pill Refinery Hall. Regardless of whether it was Supervisor Lulu, who obviously detested Wang Zhong, or the other people around him, everyone was biased in favor of the aristocrats.

This was very normal. The previous incident was a private affair between Wang Zhong and Balor, and everyone else simply watched the commotion. But this time… If a Combat Cultivation Hall pupil from a low-leveled civilization could refine a Perfect Pill, then what would everyone else in the Heavenly Gates, from the Pill Refinery Hall to the Combat Cultivation Hall, be? Were they defective goods? Or were they just garbage?

Other than Jhonas and his other extremely limited number of friends, no one would be willing to accept this.

Celeste could not help it. The Earthling, who was in the middle of the circle and being condemned by the public, was a talent that the Heavenly Shell race had taken a liking to. Even if she had to go through the trouble of being criticized, she still had to step up and prove this for him.

"Don't move."

However, just as Celeste had the thought of stepping forth, Tsarisiya, who was beside her, stopped her. "I know what you want to do, but it's best if you observe the situation clearly. If you step up, not only will you not be able to help him, you will just intensify the conflict."

Needless to say, there was finesse in the Titans' roughness, and they looked at problems rather thoroughly. There was no evidence to prove that Wang Zhong had stolen the pill. It was obvious that the majority of people clamoring in the crowd were simply envious of this member from a low-leveled civilization. At this moment, if the daughter of the Heavenly Shell Crown Prince stood up for him, wouldn't this bring about even more jealousy towards him? Just one look at the flushed and excited faces in the crowd, and one would know that no one cared about the truth of this matter. They innately wanted to step on this member of a low-leveled civilization who dared to stand out.

It was not that Celeste could not understand the situation clearly either. She furrowed her eyebrows and finally stopped. This was not just because of Tsarisiya's words, but also because she saw Wang Zhong's calm expression. Although the situation was extremely disadvantageous towards him, and even Celeste could not think of a method to convince this group of crazy people, she mysteriously felt that this Earthling seemed to have the ability to turn ill luck into good.

She took another look…

The surroundings were noisy, and Elder Yimo had not arrived. Supervisor Lulu did not throw Wang Zhong out like what he had done to Passy but simply called the Law Enforcement Association. Even though they were an organization of pupils, the Law Enforcement Association had the authority to enforce the law in the Heavenly Gates. Unless it involved the punishment of great supervisors or higher-leveled figures, the Law Enforcement Association would adjudicate if pupils or even ordinary supervisors committed a crime.

The situation was now different. Anything that involved the Law Enforcement Association would be a major matter, and Supervisor Lulu wanted to chase Wang Zhong out of the Heavenly Gates. It was obvious that when dealing with an Equipment Refinery Hall pupil from a level-7 civilization, he could amiably give him an opportunity to turn over a new leaf. But when he was dealing with a member of a low-leveled civilization, Supervisor Lulu definitely had zero tolerance.

"Damn, he is from a low-leveled civilization, but he doesn't act like how a low-leveled civilization should act. He's just asking for his own death!"

"Look at his calm appearance. I really cannot understand it. Why is this little fellow so calm?"

Indeed, Lao Wang was very calm. If others left him alone, he would leave them alone. Ever since he had stepped into the Heavenly Gates, he had been very clear of his position. The superiority of those who came from so-called high-leveled civilizations would always be a barrier pressing down from above. One would not be able to break through if one reasoned with these people or acted according to convention.

However, this was still not the time to fight back. The chance had not arrived. Regardless of whether it was Supervisor Lulu or the crowd observing the situation, they were obviously not people who would patiently listen to him speak. Lao Wang needed a few key figures.

The Law Enforcement Association arrived very quickly. When Rhode D saw Wang Zhong, who was standing in the middle of the crowd, he did not know whether to laugh or to cry. Recently, the Heavenly Gates had always been very peaceful, but the only two incidents when the Law Enforcement Association was called were both related to Wang Zhong. To be honest, it was not that there were no other low-leveled civilizations in the Heavenly Gates, but they were always invisible. The Law Enforcement Association had obtained a young member who received favorable comments, but why did he cause so much trouble outside?

Wanwan Min had also come over. Recently, it was often active outside. When it saw how Wang Zhong was being publicly condemned… In the entire Law Enforcement Association, it had the best relationship with Lao Wang. Compared to the Machinery race, the insect race was more bold and unrestrained. Wanwan Min would definitely not believe that he had stolen. Furthermore, it was not worried at all. It understood Wang Zhong's personality very well. There were times when he seemed like a good person, but there were other times when… This fellow was definitely not a kind person. He had many wicked ideas and was imaginative. He made the scheming Brain Insects feel ashamed of their inferiority.

When it looked at Lao Wang's calm appearance, Wanwan Min felt as if someone was about to suffer from a disaster. Enforcing the law on Lao Wang? That did not exist. This fellow's understanding of the Heavenly Gates laws was even better than Wanwan Min's… It flashed a shocking smile at Lao Wang. This was not intentional and was mainly because Brain Insects looked extremely ugly when they smiled with their facial muscles.

"Supervisor Lulu." Rhode D bowed to the supervisor.

Supervisor Lulu explained the situation briefly as he pointed at Wang Zhong. "He cannot produce proof for this situation. He stole a pill from a fellow pupil and refuses to admit even unto death. In vain, he even tried to deceive about what we can all see clearly and trick the supervisors in the Pill Refinery Hall. He should receive concurrent punishment for several crimes. You understand the rules better, so punish him accordingly!"

Speaking on this point, the overall situation had been determined.

"Can I say a few words?" At this moment, Wang Zhong finally spoke. He had been waiting for people from the Law Enforcement Association as only those from the Law Enforcement Association could bring these unreasonable people under control. At the same time, only the Law Enforcement Association would stand in a fair position, allowing him to easily pull out his trump card.

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    《Battle Frenzy》