Battle Frenzy
1087 Lao Wang, Who Is Very Good at Comba
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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1087 Lao Wang, Who Is Very Good at Comba

"I gave you a chance previously, but you didn't treasure it." Ghost Battier, who was at the side, laughed. "And now you want to defend yourself? Heh heh. I'm afraid that you have no chance."

"It's only a Perfect Pill." Wang Zhong laughed cheerily and looked at him. "I actually have the best way to prove it."

He had not said anything earlier, but now, he suddenly and confidently said that he had a way to prove himself. Everyone in the surroundings was silent. Rhode D nodded and said, "Please speak."

"It's very simple. I'll just refine the pill again," said Lao Wang calmly. He conveniently looked at Ghost Battier, who was beside him. "Furthermore, didn't you say that the Perfect Pill is yours? Do it with me and show everyone what standards a fellow who was able to refine a Perfect Pill has."

Battier was slightly dumbfounded. Not only was he stunned, but everyone there was also dumbfounded.

No one cared about whether Wang Zhong wanted to drag Battier with him to their deaths. But, refining the pill again?

This fellow wanted to refine the Glazed Crystal Life Extending Pill? Ha ha ha ha. He didn't actually think that he would be given a pill house to casually refine the pill and be let off the hook after producing a pill, right? During times like these, there would definitely be someone observing him. When the time came, Supervisor Lulu and many more people would stare at him with discerning eyes. Would he still have the space to be opportunistic? He really hated his long life!

After a moment of silence, everyone immediately burst into an uproar.

Battier wanted to laugh out loud. Was this little fellow trying to bite back at him before his death?

Yes, he did not have the confidence that he could refine a Perfect Pill, but so what? Even though he had only submitted a 60%-pill, it was because his performance back then was not good enough. Furthermore, Battier also had some private matters during this period of time. Since he had passed the mission, he did not continue to pursue perfection. However, in reality, Battier definitely had the ability to refine a 70%-pill! If he performed well, an 80%-pill was not impossible! After all, he was one of the most powerful students besides the top five experts in the Pill Refinery Hall.

With this kind of standard, who would dare to say that he was not the one who refined the Perfect Pill? This fellow with the surname Wang could not have thought that Lord Battier would lose if he was unable to refine a Perfect Pill, right? How absolutely amusing.

"Battier, accompany him to play!" Someone immediately shouted. In any case, they were excited to see more action.

"Kill him! This little fellow is too arrogant. Equal conditions? Does he have the right? If he loses, he has to die!"

Battier smiled. "Little one, if you insist that I step in, the price will not be cheap. You will die a very ugly death."

"I don't need your words. We'll meet at the battlefield." Lao Wang calmly said, "Supervisor, please prepare the medicinal ingredients and pill houses. I can start at any time."

He had not said anything before this, not just because he was waiting for the Law Enforcement Association, but also because Lao Wang wanted to see where the baseline of fairness in the Pill Refinery Hall was. He was someone who immediately wanted to join the Pill Refinery Hall. Thus, understanding this well was rather important. Now, from the results, the Pill Refinery Hall did not seem to be a place that was truly particular about fairness. One's identity and status was still a rather important standard for judgment in the Pill Refinery Hall. It looked like there would be many things for him to settle even after joining the Pill Refinery Hall.

Thus, he would refine the pill and prove himself. As for that Ghost, Lao Wang did not pay any attention to him at all, but never thought that this fellow would still dare to jump out and exert his presence at the final juncture. Lao Wang would just conveniently bury him. He was only digging a trap; how big would this situation be?

Supervisor Lulu furrowed his eyebrows. "Are you sure that you want to struggle this way? I can give you the opportunity, but you cannot casually waste the resources and time of the Heavenly Gates. If you cannot prove yourself, your punishment will be even more severe. I hope that you know this!"

The surroundings were quiet, but everyone's gaze was filled with amusement. This Earthling was very troublesome. Was there any use in delaying?

Celeste furrowed her eyebrows slightly. She wanted to speak but then stopped.

To be honest, she was very worried.

When Wang Zhong started to speak, she then realized what would happen. It turned out that the method to solve this problem was so easy, and he only had to refine the pill in public. In any case, with Wang Zhong's standards, he would definitely have no problems refining a 60%-pull. Everyone knew that the Perfect Pill could only be found but not looked for. As long as Wang Zhong displayed a certain pill refinery standard, it would prove that he did not rely on stealing to pass the mission. In reality, this would eliminate the suspicions against him.

He could just refine it himself, so why did he have to drag Battier in? Furthermore, he even placed a bet with Battier!

Indeed, Wang Zhong had refined the Perfect Pill, but so what? Back then, Wang Zhong's feeling of accumulating his core was definitely excellent and happened by coincidence. If one closely examined Wang Zhong's true standard in refining the Glazed Crystal Life Extending Pill, the first three batches that Celeste personally witnessed him refine consecutively were accurate! What did those three batches produce? 60%-pills! However, Battier's true standard was definitely higher than the 60%-pills he had submitted!

Meanwhile, Jhonas simply clutched his face. He did not have as much knowledge as the daughter of the Heavenly Shell Crown Prince and had no understanding of Wang Zhong's pill-studies standard at all. Jhonas believed that Lao Wang had successfully refined the Glazed Crystal Life Extending Pill, but what if Lao Wang challenged Battier, a famous figure in the Pill Refinery Hall, one-on-one in pill refinery?

Boss did not understand what being low-key was at all.

"Little Lu, go and prepare the medicinal ingredients and the pill house." A rather gentle voice interrupted Supervisor Lulu. "Today's pill lesson will be suspended and scheduled for three days later. Heh heh. I am actually very interested to personally see this little fellow's abilities."

"Elder Yimo!"

"The Elder is here!"

No one knew when an old man sitting crossed-legged had appeared on the stone pill-furnace. It was Elder Yimo himself. Unlike the cold expression that Supervisor Lulu looked at Wang Zhong with, Elder Yimo was also looking at Wang Zhong. This was probably his first time noticing this Heavenly Gates Combat Cultivation pupil who was just an audit student. There was a smile on his face, and he said in a profound tone, "Little fellow, there's no need to be nervous. Perform well. When the time comes, the fake cannot be made real, but what is real definitely cannot be faked either."

As an elder and an expert, his bearing was evidently a notch above the rest. He did not make irresponsible conclusions before the results were out.

With instructions from the elder, Supervisor Lulu naturally did not dare to delay further. Two portions of materials for the Glazed Crystal Life Extending Pill was trivial to the Pill Refinery Hall.

A vast and mighty group of people went over to the pill houses. Over there, Supervisor Lulu prepared a room with two furnaces. Two Jiuli Heaven and Earth Furnaces were placed in the middle of the room. Just like how the Combat Cultivation Hall had the Life and Death Arena, the Pill Refinery Hall naturally had a place where one's superiority in pill refinery skills was determined. This was sometimes used to resolve conflicts between Pill Refinery Hall pupils.

In such a pill room that contained two furnaces, even though the hardware was much better than the individual pill rooms outside, pill refinery was something that one had to ease their mind into. When there was a competitor beside you, to be honest, the demands towards the alchemist's state of mind, concentration, and other factors in pill refinery would be higher. Many alchemists who could successfully form pills in individual pill houses were eventually not even able to refine pill powder when they came to this kind of place for a competition. This situation could be found everywhere.

Battier's expression was full of confidence. Although he was not the top among the Pill Refinery pupils, he was definitely one of the excellent students. He had seen the world, and the Ghost race placed emphasis on nurturing him. He had a natural advantage in this kind of challenge. This also meant that he did not have to be at his best. He simply had to suppress Wang Zhong.

After Elder Yimo casually signaled for them to begin, Lao Wang quickly picked up the medicinal knife and started, just like how he refined pills normally.

His skilled actions in dealing with the medicinal ingredients were so fast that everyone's eyes lit up.

"He is rather skilled. He seems to be able to refine it." Kakadinme's voice was not very loud, but it was not very soft either. It seemed like a compliment, but everyone knew that this was obviously causing trouble for Wang Zhong.

Most of the other people did not say anything. Only Supervisor Lulu nodded his head and responded, "He looks like he's refined the pill before."

Typically, pill refinery absolutely prohibited others from speaking and disrupting the process. However, since this was a specialized competition venue, the disruption from their surroundings was a problem that alchemists had to conquer themselves.

Kakadinme was obviously targeting Wang Zhong. Naturally, Supervisor Lulu did not look favorably upon Wang Zhong. Meanwhile, Celeste also looked towards Wang Zhong, worried that he would be affected by these sounds from outside. However, it was obvious that she was being unnecessarily anxious. Wang Zhong acted as if he did not even hear them. His actions were very fast, and his condition seemed even better.

There was still a smile on Kakadinme's face, and he did not care about Wang Zhong's good performance as he had completely seen through him. He understood why this little fellow dared to propose this kind of bet.

Seeing his familiarity towards the medicinal ingredients at that moment, there was no doubt that this Earthling indeed had certain achievements in pill refinery. This was indeed very surprising, but Kakadinme did not feel that this was too unimaginable. After all, that Earthling had an elemental spirit. Everyone knew what exactly an elemental spirit meant to alchemists.

However, that was a water elemental spirit. It could provide this Earthling with many pill refinery experiences and even teach him the basics and provide him with the feeling of accumulating his core, but it could not help him control the fire. Furthermore, for this Earthling, if he truly had some natural endowments and had been studying hard all along, perhaps the level-9 pill would be no problem, but controlling the fire for a level-7 pill was a difficult problem that he would not be able to overcome no matter what.

He heard that recently, when Wang Zhong went to rent a pill house, Celeste was with him. Why would an alchemist allow others to observe them while refining pills? It was very simple. Celeste was not there to observe, but to help him control the fire! Heh heh… It was no wonder that Wang Zhong dared to place this bet so calmly.

Kakadinme could already guess what would happen later. Celeste would lend her fire elemental spirit to Wang Zhong, just like what she had done before, and there would be no problems with controlling fire. With the additional assistance from his water elemental spirit, this little fellow might actually have the luck of producing a Glazed Crystal Life Extending Pill. A Perfect Pill was definitely impossible, but as long as he was able to produce a pill, this would mean that an outsider of the Pill Refinery Hall was able to do this. Would Elder Yimo not be moved by this?

He had definitely proposed a good plan.

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    《Battle Frenzy》