Battle Frenzy
1088 One, Two, Three?
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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1088 One, Two, Three?

On the other side, Battier's performance was similarly decent. Members of the Ghost race were equally meticulous with the details in this stage. He could not have possibly joined the Pill Refinery Hall without such standards. His swift knife techniques were also beautiful. Both of them finished at almost the same time. Of course, these small details were of no use. To the accomplished alchemists, they would leave their pupils to finish these tasks.

"Nini, Yiyi."

Lao Wang waved his hand, and the summoning array in his palm dazzled. A red ray and a blue ray of light appeared. Then, Nini and Yiyi appeared in front of everyone.

The entire pill house was instantly silent. Everyone questioned whether they had blurred vision…

It was not a secret in the Heavenly Gates that Wang Zhong had an elemental spirit, but two elemental spirits?!

Celeste had a smile on her face, while Tsarisiya widened his mouth. Even Wanwan Min, who was already prepared to be shocked, could not help but stand up.

Battier was also dumbstruck. One could not blame him for being easily distracted, as the waves that were produced when the two fire and water elemental spirits appeared at the same time were too big. The effects of jealousy were too great!

Two elemental spirits?! Was that Earthling the child of the elemental spirit race?!

Even Elder Yimo could not help but flash a smile.

Of course, the reason why Elder Yimo was moved was different from what everyone else was thinking. This was someone who was competent, had a wealth of experience, and possessed two elemental spirits at the same time. Elder Yimo was rather sure what exactly this meant. This kind of person had appeared in history, and he had personally seen them before. However, the legends of all these people had spread for a very long time as they had all entered the Heaven!

This human… There was a light flashing in Elder Yimo's eyes. He was no longer just curious. Elder Yimo was looking forward to this.

"Master, we are both prepared!" The two elemental spirits had understood the current situation through their telepathic connections. At that moment, when they saw the shocked appearances of the people around them, they were secretly happy. Their faces were filled with unusual excitement. They knew how much their master's awesomeness had been suppressed and liked seeing these people looking like they had never seen the world before! Slapping their small palms against their faces was so satisfying!

Lao Wang nodded his head. However, before he could instruct Nini and Yiyi to start pill refinery, a voice suddenly disrupted his actions.

"Wang Zhong, this kind of cheating is unfair to Battier beside you."


Battier, who had narrowly avoided making mistakes, could not help but pay attention to this and pricked up his ears. However, this time, he finally heard something good for him!

That little fellow was cheating?!

Kakadinme almost laughed out loud as this acting was too good. The two elemental spirits both called him Master. Had Wang Zhong arranged this in advance? However, it was a pity that he was present. How could this little act hide the truth from his discerning eyes?

As he stopped Wang Zhong, he looked at Celeste, who was beside him, with a thoughtful look. The daughter of the Heavenly Shell Crown Prince had a calm expression on her face, as if she did not feel any awkwardness that her plan was about to be exposed.

However, this made Kakadinme even more unhappy. The woman he had seen as his future partner was helping that Earthling in this way. She really knew how to act.

"Can't I use messengers in pill refinery?" Wang Zhong laughed, as if he did not mind that the continuity of his pill refinery had been disrupted.

"There is definitely no problem if you use your own messenger." Kakadinme stood up and calmly said, "But is that your own messenger? According to what I know, Celeste, the daughter of the Heavenly Shell Crown Prince…"

Everyone stared at Celeste. So that was the case. Did the daughter of the Heavenly Shell Crown Prince have relations with this Earthling because she had taken a liking to this member of a low-leveled civilization?

This was… too amusing!

On the contrary, Celeste was very calm. The emotional control of the Heavenly Shell race was excellent. Furthermore, Celeste had seen the situation and did not explain. Her summoning array lit up, and another fire elemental spirit gradually appeared.

"Wang Zhong!" Roro, the fire elemental spirit, appeared in front of everyone. She did not pay any attention to her own master, let alone to Kakadinme who was currently questioning Wang Zhong… The first thing she saw was Wang Zhong, and her eyes lit up. "You're refining pills again!"

Celeste was somewhat helpless. Her messenger's interest in men far exceeded her interest in her own master. This was awkward.

Meanwhile, Kakadinme was slightly dumbfounded. Roro? What in the world? Where had this fire elemental spirit appeared from?! No, wait!

He suddenly widened his eyes. This expert from the Blood Demon race was usually not shocked by anything, even if the sky was falling. But this time, he felt that this was even more unthinkable than the sky falling.

That Earthling… actually had two elemental spirits?!

Everyone else who was witnessing this competition was emotionally unstable. This was simply… unbearable. How could a mere Earthling have two elemental spirits? This was absolutely impossible!

"You can speak, but please do not disrupt the actions of the competitors for no reason," Elder Yimo spoke. This was his first sentence ever since he stepped into the pill house. Even though he still had a smile on his face, Kakadinme immediately felt that his voice was very cold. "If there is anyone else who wants to disrupt this fair competition, leave."

Everyone immediately stopped talking and collected themselves.

What kind of existence was Elder Yimo? He was someone who even the current Heavenly Shell Superintendent would be wary of! In other words, as long as Elder Yimo was willing, he could join the rotation of Heavenly Gates Superintendents!

Even though he typically considered himself as the best, at that moment, Kakadinme was instantly stunned. He quickly nodded and showed his agreement. On the inside, he was shocked and afraid.

Then, he heard Elder Yimo speaking in a rather gentle tone. "There is no problem with using the elemental spirits you have signed a contract with. Wang Zhong, you may begin."

Open the furnace, arrange the ingredients, control the fire, and nurture the pill.

On the other side, Battier also started at the same time. His messenger was a fire cat that also provided fire control. However, in the face of two elemental spirits, Battier felt some pressure, and the confidence he showed just now no longer existed. Meanwhile, Wang Zhong simply treated his opponent like air.

To Lao Wang, refining pills for free was rather good as well…

At the same time, Lao Wang was a crazy individual. He had already performed brilliantly in this aspect on Earth, and breaking through his limits on the spot was a frequent occurrence. The larger the occasion, the more excited he was, and the better his performance would be.

He displayed perfect techniques and perfect control. Not only could Lao Wang refine the Glazed Crystal Life Extending Pill, he had also definitely become an expert who had completely understood this pill. In comparison, Battier beside him was obviously not worth looking at.

One could identify a master upon them making a move, especially with such a visual comparison. They could immediately tell who was better. Everyone present was not a weakling and would not possibly be that poor a judge of character.

But what was even more perfect and what Elder Yimo felt was unusual was Wang Zhong's attitude.

Just now, when faced with Kakadinme's interrogation, and with so many experts observing him with hypercritical gazes, he was still able to make sure that every step and detail was done perfectly. Even among all the Pill Refinery Hall pupils, this kind of attitude was definitely extremely rare. Furthermore, as a Pill Studies grandmaster, Elder Yimo understood what kind of position stability had among the many natural endowments that an alchemist required.

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    《Battle Frenzy》