Battle Frenzy
1090 Banishmen
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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1090 Banishmen

If it had been anyone else, they definitely would have been extremely excited. Advancing from the Combat Cultivation Hall to the Pill Refinery Hall was simply a heaven-sent gift. Furthermore, this was a personal invitation from Elder Yimo. However, this was Wang Zhong, who had been advancing towards this objective from the beginning. Everything he had done was to obtain this result. There was definitely happiness on the inside, but was this very surprising? No, as Lao Wang felt that he had the qualifications to do so. He simply used a similarly calm but respectful tone to respond. "Thank you, Elder. I am very honored."

"Sure. From today onwards, you are a pupil of the Pill Refinery Hall. Since you previously submitted a Glazed Crystal Life Extending Pill, you may keep these three pills. Little Lu, settle the process for entering the Pill Refinery Hall for Wang Zhong. In terms of accommodation, let's see what he thinks. If he wants to change, you can move him nearer to the Pill Refinery Hall. Give him a special placing."

"Yes!" Supervisor Lulu still had an icy cold expression on his face. No matter how much he detested Wang Zhong in the past, this little fellow had now caught the attention of Elder Yimo. Thus, Wang Zhong was no longer a minor character who he could casually punish. However, as a supervisor, he obviously did not care for Wang Zhong's attitude.

Once Elder Yimo was done with Wang Zhong's affairs, he turned to look at Battier, and his voice was obviously not as harmonious as before.

"Battier," Elder Yimo calmly said. "Go back and pack your things. If the Equipment Refinery Hall or the Combat Cultivation Hall is willing to accept you, you may go there. Don't think about returning to the Pill Refinery Hall. I won't accept you here."

"Elder!" Battier's face instantly turned extremely pale.

He had thought that Elder Yimo would definitely impose some punishment on him, but he thought that at the very most, the 60%-pill he had submitted would not be counted. He would even temporarily be unable to attend Elder Yimo's classes. However, his achievements and abilities were still present. As long as he worked hard and was a bit more patient, once this incident was over and the Elder was no longer angry, and if the seniors from his race put in a good word for him, he would eventually be able to return to Elder Yimo's classes.

However, he never expected that Elder Yimo would be this harsh and simply chase him out of the Pill Refinery Hall. He did not even allow him to reenter the Pill Refinery Hall! Were the Equipment Refinery Hall or the Combat Cultivation Hall places that were suitable for him? This would ruin his prospects!

"I was treated unjustly!" In his agitation, Battier shouted loudly. Since the situation had reached this stage, it would not worsen further. No matter what, he had to put in his final remedial measures. "That Perfect Pill was indeed mine! My performance today is just not good! I—I was too nervous just now. Also, that Wang Zhong—! And his messengers, those elemental spirits—! They intentionally kept distracting me!"

Nini flashed an innocent expression at Elder Yimo. When she saw that Elder Yimo's gaze was not directed at her, Nini immediately turned around and spat disdainfully at Battier.

"Look, she's doing that again!" Battier was about to go crazy. Even his voice sounded slightly insane.

Everyone looked at him with some pity and some mockery. As a member of a high-leveled civilization, even if he failed, he should have the appropriate attitude. This was a classic case of a shameless sore loser.

"Then so be it." Although Elder Yimo was of a high level, this did not mean that he liked conflict.

"You… have to believe me!" Battier was going crazy from this situation. He no longer cared about anything and actually shouted at Elder Yimo. "I actually refined a Perfect Pill before! It's true! Why don't you believe me?!"

Beside him, Kakadinme was also slightly speechless. Battier's only lease of life had been wasted by the madman himself. Did he know who exactly he was shouting at?

"Since this is the case, then let's leave it to the law enforcement squad to settle this."

The moment he finished speaking, Elder Yimo had already vanished from where he was sitting. Then, it was as if Battier, who had been irate just a moment ago, had been struck by a freezing technique. What did this mean?

These were instructions from the Elder. Rhode D, Wanwan Min, and the other people from the Law Enforcement Association immediately approached Battier and simply encircled him, who had been driven to distraction. Rhode expressionlessly asked, "Will you walk by yourself, or shall we send you there?"

When faced with the combined pressure from the poker-faced Machinery race and the powerful spirits of the Insect race… Battier instantly felt as if the sky was about to collapse.

With Battier's actions today, when he was handed over to the law enforcement squad, it meant that he would be banished!

He was really going to be banished from the Heavenly Gates… Battier had forgotten the last time a member of the Ghost race had been chased out of the Heavenly Gates. The number of geniuses from the Ghost race in this batch of Heavenly Gates pupils was very small. Other than him, it was only his cousin Gorst who had been selected into the Combat Cultivation Hall. They were the only two Ghosts in this batch of Heavenly Gates pupils. But now, he was actually being chased out!

His legs turned to jelly, and he simply collapsed. However, two Machines instantly supported him and held him on both sides.

"It looks like you need someone to help you." Rhode D waved its hand. "Bring him away!"

Only a few people had been allowed to enter the pill house. Therefore, at that moment, more than half of the over one thousand Heavenly Gates pupils were waiting outside the pill house for the results.

The day was about to end, and they estimated that the pills were about to be formed. However, they heard the sound of a furnace exploding. There was no doubt that that Earthling had caused his furnace to explode!

A large group of people immediately flashed a knowing expression, and there were various discussions around. They were waiting for how exactly the Earthling from an inferior civilization would be dealt with. In the end, they saw people from the Law Enforcement Association pushing Battier, whose legs were soft, while walking out.

"What… is this situation?"

"Did he really refine a 100% Perfect Pill? Was Battier so excited that his legs turned to jelly?"

"Oh, that doesn't seem to be the case…"

A group of people widened their eyes. Before they could ascertain the results, they saw Wang Zhong walking beside Supervisor Lulu and walking out closely afterwards.

"Wang Zhong had refined… a Perfect Pill and was specially invited into the Pill Refinery Hall." Supervisor Lulu's expression was not pleasant, but he still used a rather calm tone to announce, "Battier had employed trickery and has been banished from the Heavenly Gates by the law enforcement squad. I hope that everyone will take this as an example!"

At that moment, the buzzing noises outside the pill house instantly fell silent.

Everyone was stunned as they looked at the people who had just walked out. Then, they looked at Battier, who had been driven to distraction and was being supported. After that, they looked at the calm Wang Zhong.

Wang Zhong produced a Perfect Pill? Battier was chased out of the Heavenly Gates?

Damn. Had Supervisor Lulu gone crazy and reversed the announcement, or had this world gone crazy? Were the heavens blind?

This was too damn unthinkable!


As the Heavenly River began to shine once again, a new day had begun. Aiolos opened his eyes. With the help of the maids, he had slept very deeply last night. He felt rich vitality surging through his blood vessels, and his will had reached an unprecedented level. His thoughts seemed to have finally completed their construction, and were optimistic and agile.

His power had reached an unprecedented perfection. This was the last day before the battle of life and death with Tsarilorhuan.

The Arena had a cruel side, but gladiators who faced battles of such weight would be given the best treatment. It was somewhat like the last meal for a convict sentenced to death.

Light shone through the small window and formed a path of light that resembled a divine path in the air. Fine dust particles moved about like mayflies in the air. Aiolos stood up and walked to the light while waiting quietly.

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    《Battle Frenzy》