Battle Frenzy
1091 Aiolos vs Tsarilorhuan
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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1091 Aiolos vs Tsarilorhuan

Cruk-cruk. There was the sound of the door being unlocked. Very quickly, the candle demon brought maids in, and they helped to wash and dress Aiolos up.

Afterwards, the Crystal person walked into the room. He covered his nose and mouth, as if the air in here was polluted. However, there was amusement on his face that could not be concealed. He would earn great profits from this battle. His Arena was now famous in the entire divine territory. "It looks like your condition is not bad."

Aiolos glared at him without saying anything. Coldness was the best response towards this kind of person.

A crystalline light shone from the Crystal person's hand that was covering his mouth. He could sense an aura that threatened his safety. Recently, the number of cases where slaves and prisoner gladiators attacked their masters had risen significantly. Thus, he kept his distance very consciously. He did not want to suffer the same fate as those unlucky and foolish people in the same profession as him.

"I came to tell you something. As long as you win, I promise that after this service period is over, you will regain your freedom. Furthermore, during this period, as long as you don't think about escaping, I will give you the greatest freedom and respect." The Crystal person felt that he was a good boss.

Aiolos looked at him with an ambiguous smile. If he believed these kinds of words, he would be inferior to even an elementary school student.

The Crystal person did not care. "Besides that, I have another free piece of news. I just received a new batch of slaves, and some of them claim to come from the Earth, and those ones seem to recognize you."

The Crystal person stared at Aiolos's eyes and read out names, one after another. When he mentioned the name "Lomeiro", the Crystal person immediately knew that his wish had been fulfilled.

The moment Aiolos heard this name, there was finally a different light in Aiolos's eyes.

He tried to hide it, but he could not trick a Crystal person. Crystal people were naturally adept at observing words and body language. He could easily see everything, even if it was only a momentary change. This was the special characteristic of the Crystal people: they were sensitive towards light. From a certain angle, gazes were a form of light. At the same time, they were the flashes of light that were the hardest to conceal.

"As long as you win, I can hand these slaves over to you, and they will become your retinue. When you leave, you can also take them away. I will sign the agreement with you properly. But if you lose, you must believe that neither your corpse nor your skeleton will be left. Furthermore, those Earthlings will make the audience miss you with their miserable deaths, one match after another."

This match was an exceptionally grand occasion, and several of the Crystal person's competitors would be coming. Thus, the battle definitely had to be intense. This grand occasion seemed like a chance, but at the same time, it was also a crisis. If it became a success, he would be king, but if it failed, he would make a fool of himself and would not be able to recover from that. He absolutely would not allow this kind of situation to happen. He wanted both of them to fight with their most brutal methods, and not act out some miserable play. These conditions were not a joke. As compared to the benefits that he would gain, this was not worth anything.

As a businessman, he would not care about the small resentments in the past. He would always look forward.

Aiolos coldly looked at the gate, which had been closed once again. Lomeiro was the captain of his personal guards, his friend, and his brother. He was not surprised that Lomeiro could come to the divine territory. Besides him, there was no one else in the Pampas Empire that had as much potential as Lomeiro.

He was not furious, and neither did he feel hurt. After experiencing so many things, he understood that terrible things would usually happen. Furthermore, the situation would usually advance in a bad direction. As a human, what he needed least was to allow his excessive emotions to engulf him and destroy himself!

Emotions were a terrifying power. Thus, what he needed to do was to turn his emotions into his power. This was what it meant to be human!

This was the true reason why humans stood out on Earth. This was also what distinguished humans from the so-called high-leveled civilizations and aristocrat civilizations in the divine territory.

The door opened once again. The candle demon appeared at the door, with a smile that did not seem like a smile. This time, he brought lunch. "Today's meal will definitely have the taste of home."

As expected, what Aiolos ate truly had the taste of home. The Crystal person had indeed found Lomeiro and used Pampas-style food to confirm this point. At the same time, he signed a divine territory agreement.

What was the most terrifying chain?

It was hope.

In the afternoon, the door was opened frequently. There were many checks from different people who all ensured his optimum condition. No mishaps in the two gladiators' bodies were allowed. Any small tricks would taint this great battle.

Then, he was brought to a special preparation room in the Arena. It was almost completely silent here. He was only able to hear transient sounds from the Arena — the cheers of the audience and the horrible shrieks of dying gladiators — when the door was opened. Even the roars from the audience that seemingly could not be blocked traveled all the way to the room until the sound-absorbing door was closed.

They allowed him to maintain his best condition. Today, he was their main feature.

Then, the last hour of their last day finally arrived.

The door was opened for the last time, and he walked straight out. Then, the host introduced him. The host used an exaggerated and instigating tone to list out his achievements as much as he could. In either case, these were all facts.

Then, he saw Lomeiro. He was standing at the end of the corridor with a group of Earthlings. Aiolos could tell that their days were tough, but there was a smile on his face.

He would never lower his head in the face of life. The valiant Pampas eagles would soar everywhere!

He restrained all his thoughts and walked towards the Arena one step at a time. The Arena was already shouting his name.

"~~~~ The Master of Combat ~~~~~~~ AIOLOS!!!!"

Aiolos walked into the arena full of cheers.

Meanwhile, Tsarilorhuan was one step ahead of him and was standing at the other end of the Arena. Their gazes collided with each other in the wide Arena. Ever since the battle had been decided, they had never met each other again. During this period of time, the Crystal person continuously combined threats with inducements to facilitate this life-and-death battle as much as possible. To be honest, the Crystal person had spent a lot of capital on this.

However, only one could survive today. If not, both of them would die!

Every member of the audience knew the "story" between them very well. This was about the brotherhood and friendship between a member of a high-leveled civilization and a member of a low-leveled civilization. The Earthling helped the Titan by serving his sentence together with him, while the Titan helped the Earthling by teaching him Titan techniques. They supported each other and built up a great reputation in the Arena. Their enemies had all died.

Now, it was their turn. The hearts of the audience were warm just thinking about spectating this. In the VIP booths, the aristocrats were even more unrestrained. They loved this kind of programme the most.

The Arena was clamoring, but there was silence between the two of them. This was the calm before the storm. It was as if all sounds had been filtered. Only their opponent's existence was present between them. Their wills clashed and collided in the air. At this moment, the familiarity and chemistry between them had become a sharp blade that would harm their enemy!

They had to abandon any distracting thoughts. This was a battle worth going all out for!

KILL ~~~~~~~~~~~

They roared at almost the same time, instantly causing the entire Arena to fall silent. Then, Aiolos and Tsarilorhuan attacked at the same time!

There were no polite banalities or talks about the past. They did not even need to blame anyone else. The familiarity and chemistry between them allowed them to understand their opponent's current condition and thoughts. There was only one word: fight!


The poor host was sent flying by a massive wave of energy and slammed against the wall of the Arena. His horrible shriek was drowned out by the resounding roars of the audience. If the maids had not risked their lives to save him, the Crystal person would have lost his best Arena host.

Aiolos and Tsarilorhuan tried to kill each other in a frenzy. They were both real combat soldiers. Their techniques, power, experience, and will were all first-rate.

This was a peak competition. There was no gaudiness. Instead, they returned to their true selves and used the most effective combat techniques. They engaged in close-combat slaughter!

They displayed their speed and power, and switched between attack and defense. Aiolos's golden fist had just landed on Tsarilorhuan's body when the lightning in Tsarilorhuan's hand landed on Aiolos's chest. Their spiritual power exploded with a terrifying light when they landed on each other's defenses, and these waves of energy increased the air pressure here. Both of their Spiritual Energy Values had exceeded 500,000. This was expected of the Titan since he was a Void Core, but Aiolos was no more than a peak Foundational Stage. Of course, this was the reason why he attracted countless spectators and was the most popular.

This was a reversal of the situation.

The moment the fight started, the struggle for life and death reached its peak. The enthusiastic spectators waved their arms wildly and shouted. Some girls even tore their clothes apart as their desire overflowed. The two brothers who had been so close in the past were now trying to slaughter each other so wildly. Their past intimacy had become the poisonous blade that they would stab each other with. This was such a corrupt thrill.


Tsarilorhuan's lightning hair stood on their ends. In the sky, lightning spiritual power formed a sphere. Then, this spherical lightning suddenly flew towards Aiolos.

Aiolos raised both of his hands, and golden spiritual power accumulated as well. He waved his wrists slightly. His spiritual power levels were not as high as Tsarilorhuan's, but using techniques, he created a small whirlpool of spiritual power between his hands. As a result, the speed at which he accumulated spiritual power matched up to the terrifying natural endowments the Titan displayed when controlling lightning.

The spherical lightning exploded!

A golden thunderbolt suddenly appeared from Aiolos's hands and abruptly stopped the spherical lightning!

The clash of lightning disappeared like an illusion.

Closely after, Aiolos and Tsarilorhuan brutally fought each other in a flash of light. Occasionally, lightning would appear and disappear. They seemed to be doing the same thing simultaneously.

A Silver Titan who had gone insane while fighting performed the aesthetics of violence. Meanwhile, the human from Earth was fighting in a shocking method. Techniques and violence mixed with each other. To their shock, the growth in the human's combat abilities had exceeded their expectations!

"The Titan is going to transform."


In the Arena, Tsarilorhuan exploded with a terrifying bolt of lightning. All the muscles in his body swelled, and lightning revolved around his body. His physique grew by 30%. In the blink of an eye, he had recovered his true Titan form, and his already potent spiritual power instantly doubled.

Bang bang bang…

Aiolos delivered three consecutive punches on the massive true Titan form. The moment the golden fist left a mark on Tsarilorhuan's body, it would instantly disappear due to the powerful lightning from the true Titan form.

Tsarilorhuan stepped on him. Under his massive seven-meter-tall body, Aiolos was like a slightly larger insect to him.

Crash! Tsarilorhuan suddenly stomped his foot. His body was massive but moved at the speed of lightning, almost flattening Aiolos with an earth-shattering might.

Aiolos quickly dodged to the side. However, no matter how he moved, Tsarilorhuan's massive leg would always step towards him. His foot was getting closer and closer!

Aiolos looked out of the corner of his eye and finally saw a tiny electric spark that was following him. It was a lightning seal. Titans could chase after their lightning seal to hit their opponents!

Aiolos quickly destroyed the seal on him, but it was too late. The massive Titan's foot had already stepped on his head. —— Thud!

The ground shook violently! However, Tsarilorhuan did not stop. He raised his right leg once again and heavily stomped down, full of power!

One step, two steps, three steps…

Alarmed cries sounded from the spectator stands. They did not dare to believe this and gazed at the place where Tsarilorhuan continued to step on, the flying sand blocking their detailed observation. The giant Titan made them feel suffocated. Was this the pride and power that aristocrat civilizations depended on?


It was as if the frenzied emotions in the Arena had been temporarily frozen. All the gazes were red as they stared straight at the falling dust and sand. The Titan's figure stood towering like a mountain, his right leg sunk deep into a crater. Aiolos's body was under his foot!

Aiolos was still wriggling and struggling. However, everyone could see that his advantage had been lost. How could he turn the tables when he was being stepped on by a Titan?

Tsarilorhuan's supporters were cheering wildly. High up in the VIP booths, the aristocrats were celebrating and laughing. This outcome was exactly what they had predicted. The battle between the two of them had become a representative battle between a low-leveled civilization and a high-leveled one, but in the end, it proved that high-leveled civilizations would always be high-leveled civilizations!

Aiolos's loss would also teach those low-leveled civilizations the reasons why aristocrats were called aristocrats and let them taste the might of a high-leveled civilization. This was a peculiar balance. Although this was simply a small arena, it had correspondence with the various arrangements in the divine territory.

For example, the aristocrats were high up in the spectator booths, while the stands below were where the low-leveled civilizations were. This was a truth that had been unchanging since times immemorial.

Of course, their interest lay in the narrative of this battle. They watched a Titan who had no choice but to kill his brother. This sorrowful resolve delighted everyone perfectly.

The pathetic Titan. And the regrettable human. Although a brother and a life would be lost, for this audience's sympathy, they should be extremely honored.

At this moment, at the spectator stands below, many people grabbed their heads. Some people who had been burning with passion even stopped breathing. Perhaps they had lost a sober head and their judgment from their excessive excitement, but they still hoped that Aiolos would be able to find an escape route from this absolute disadvantage and stand up just like in the past. Then, he could continue defeating his powerful opponents.

This was Aiolos. Their Aiolos. The Aiolos they loved!

"Ai——olos! —— Aiolos! Aiolos! Aiolos!"

Cheers for Aiolos reverberated throughout the Arena. They liked Aiolos because this Earthling was often able to create miracles and was never willing to admit defeat. This was an experience that countless members of low-leveled civilizations or people with low positions shared when they achieved success. Aiolos had unconsciously become their hope and symbol.

In the divine territory, civilians made up the overwhelming majority.

However, Aiolos had now fallen at the feet of his Titan brother!

"Get up! Stand up! You can do it!"

"Get up!"

Get up, get up, get up!

At first, there was only one group of people shouting their emotions. However, gradually, more and more people joined their ranks. They spared no effort in using their throats and vocal cords to shout the same thing.

Get up! Aiolos! Get up! Aiolos——

The sound waves from their roars formed a storm! The storm swept past every corner of the Arena and influenced everyone.

However, the aristocrats laughed coldly. Power had never emerged from shouting.

Tsarilorhuan raised his head and looked around with a smile. He listened to the name that these people were shouting. He also wanted Aiolos. They were brothers, and Tsarilorhuan never let down his brothers!

However, there were times when even Titans did not have the freedom to act independently. Behind him were people he loved deeply and people who were waiting for him to come home.

With this life-and-death battle against his brother, the Crystal person had attacked his sore spot. This attack was even more painful than a knife stabbing into his heart.

He flashed a rude hand sign in the direction of the Crystal person at the main spectator stands. Then, he bent down, stretched out his hand, and pulled Aiolos into midair. In his hand, Aiolos was like a mouse on the verge of death and receiving its final ending.

This battle did not determine victory or loss, but death!

In a flash, all the roaring and shouting fell silent once again. At this moment, even his most fervent supporters did not think that Aiolos would experience a miracle. They grabbed their heads and lowered them. This action showed that they had given up on resisting and abandoned their hope.

However, no one knew that their shouts continued to reverberate in Aiolos's head.

"Aiolos… Aiolos! Aiolos! Get up, get up, get up… Aiolos!!! Get up!!!"

It was like the sound of a bell, yet it was like a hurricane flowing against a stone wall, like thunder that lifted roofs.

They are shouting for me, thought Aiolos dizzily. Then, his consciousness started to return to his mind bit by bit, as if his soul that had broken out was finding the way back. This was his recovery abilities at work.

Get up, get up, get up…

The voices were still prompting him, making him feel anxious. At the same time, he sensed a wave of energy from the voices. It was extremely weak, but unusually firm. It easily passed through the spiritual power and went into the depths of his heart. Aiolos could not help but concentrate the consciousness of his soul towards that power. Crash! In a flash, Aiolos's returning soul was brought into an abyss!


Aiolos descended into darkness. Then, light embraced him. It was an ocean. The light blue waves crashed against green waves, and the water was boundless.


He sank into an ocean. The ocean was warm and was at body temperature. It was as comfortable as being in his mother's body. Almost immediately, he was elated. He swam and explored the ocean. A massive rock that looked like a bucktooth stretched out in front of him, while a group of electric fish swam in all directions while anxiously releasing electricity. Aiolos watched all of this in a daze. However, he felt himself become heavier and heavier. He was very comfortable, but he gradually lost power. He felt very tense. Something was engulfing him and squeezing him tighter and tighter…

Get up!


He suddenly opened his eyes and returned to reality. This was his battlefield and his fight, but he could not breathe! The Titan's massive hand gripped his body. He was just like a doll that was being gripped by a giant and could not even struggle!

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    《Battle Frenzy》