Battle Frenzy
1095 Friendship of the Insect Race
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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1095 Friendship of the Insect Race

Just like how Lavel was continuously shocked, Lao Wang was also stunned. Furthermore, this was also shock from his knowledge being subverted in various ways.

He had no interest in how strong Lavel was, what spiritual attributes she had, which attribute she had a special emphasis in, or even the strength of her body. Besides their compatible will, and in as far as he could observe, Lao Wang was even more interested in her Gold Core… It was 100 times more shocking than when he had seen Mugthol's Void Core.

It was not an illusory condensation of energy, but a powerful sphere that diffused high-leveled energy. Using his first impression to describe the Gold Core, Lao Wang felt that it was like a small sun. Boundless energy continued to surge from the Gold Core, and it seemed as if it would not wither or become weak because of the diffusion of energy. The more the energy spread into the surroundings, the more vigorous the Gold Core became. Its energy was completely inexhaustible! It was no wonder that Gold Core experts never had to worry about their spiritual power running out. Could one run out of energy with a sun?

Wang Zhong could feel that as long as this Gold Core was present, life would be eternal. This was the true core of a Gold Core being. A physical body seemed pale and meaningless when compared to its existence.

This did not represent absolute immortality. After all, even actual suns and other fixed stars would age, wither, and be extinguished. However, the time needed for this to occur would be extremely long, so long that it would be difficult to use the usual units of time to measure the amount of time needed. To an ordinary expert, this was no different from eternity.

Their power was constant, limitless, and would never be exhausted!

From the blurry Void Core he had seen in Mugthol's body to this powerful and eternal Gold Core, Wang Zhong began to feel the various messy thoughts about accumulating his Core start to piece together in his mind. This had been an accumulation of inspiration from various aspects in the past. Most of this inspiration were just small pieces of this and that, but at that moment, they seemed to coalesce from the inspiration of the Gold Core. Just like with the accumulation of one's Core, his inspiration was being organized into a complete whole and connecting with one another…

However, it was a pity that before he could complete the final step, the process of connection came to a sudden stop halfway. He had not accumulated enough inspiration… He was not accumulating his Core as an expert from an established civilization. He was developing his own method to accumulate his Core as a civilization that knew nothing. Thus, the accumulation and comprehension needed were too high.

Wang Zhong had some regrets, but no matter what, he had gained many things.

Furthermore, they could also sense the qualities of each other's soul during the process of soul interaction.

Resilient and steadfast. This was the evaluation that Lavel had given Wang Zhong at the beginning. However, as she probed deeper, she sensed a might that should not belong to a Foundational Stage, as well as the strength of his soul. At the same time, there was an even more unimaginable… nobility?

He had a noble soul. There was no doubt that throughout this process, this was the strangest and the most interesting thing Wang Zhong showed to Lavel.

Why would the soul of a member from a level-4 civilization make her, an expert who was countless ranks higher than him, feel that it was noble? Lavel felt that this was very unthinkable.

When the first soul matching ended, their knowledge of each other had deepened greatly. Even the distance between them seemed to have reduced instantly. Their relationship was no longer that of cooperation or debt-paying like in the past. Instead, it felt as if they were old friends, as if they had known each other for a long time and could be very natural with each other.

"Souls need to rest as well. We cannot do the matching every day." Lavel was still interested in many things about Wang Zhong's soul. In any case, soul matching was not something that could be settled in one shot. She would start shallow and go deeper as this was a process where one had to advance step by step. When their intentions were interlinked, they would have completed the first stage of the preparatory work. "Come every three days or so. If there is any delay because of something, let me know in advance."


"Also." Lavel threw a box at him.

Lao Wang opened the box and took a look. It was filled with Spirit Accumulation Pills.

Spirit Accumulation Pills were level-8 pills and were a condensation of the spiritual power in the world. It was the best pill to help increase the speed of accumulating spiritual power among all the low-leveled pills.

The prescription for a pill of this level would definitely not be circulated in the market. This was a private prescription of the Fire Demon race. The quality of the pills in this box was not bad, and they were all 60%- and 70%-pills. This kind of pill that could increase the speed of spiritual power cultivation seemed very alluring.

"Even though your spiritual power is very good for a Foundational Stage, there still seems to be a lot of room for advancement."

It was obvious that Lavel was a smart person. She did not treat Wang Zhong with a rigid attitude, let alone judge him against normal Foundational Stage standards. One's physical body and spiritual power usually matched each other. Putting aside the restrictions of the Foundational Stage, Wang Zhong had a lot of room for his spiritual power to grow.

"The effects of the Spirit Accumulation Pills on enhancing spiritual power cultivation are obvious. During this period, if you have nothing to do, eat it like candy. There are no side effects. I will also give you some guidance in terms of spiritual power in our future soul matching sessions." She smiled. "After all, compared to what we are going to refine, your current spiritual power foundations are slightly lacking."

Lao Wang received the pills very calmly. The exhaustion from refining a level-7 pill was extremely massive. How difficult would it be to refine a piece of level-4 equipment? Looking at the meticulous and miscellaneous preparations that Lavel had made in advance, as well as his current realm, he could not be arrogant or blindly confident.

Looking at how satisfied Wang Zhong was, Lavel also nodded her head. She really did not like troublesome men. Although he came from a low-leveled civilization, she greatly admired the generosity Wang Zhong possessed.

"Senior, I will strive to advance to the Void Core Realm before we officially start!"

After six or seven sessions over half a month, the first stage of soul matching had reached its end. Although it had not yet affected their state of mind, they had become much closer. Furthermore, with the Spirit Accumulation Pills, the Devouring Heaven Technique, and the Vitality Supplement Pills, Lavel's spiritual power standards had recently improved significantly. He was slowly approaching the bottleneck before he broke through, and his condition was good.

Needless to say, besides the powerful effects that the Spirit Accumulation Pills brought about, the help that Lavel gave Wang Zhong in terms of spiritual power guidance during every soul matching session was great.

Besides practical spiritual power guidance, more of this guidance came in the form of psychological hints and theoretical inspiration. Furthermore, the rate at which Wang Zhong took in these theories and psychological hints was shocking. He was always able to derive much more from what Lavel wanted to express!

Even Lavel was somewhat dumbfounded at his comprehension and natural endowments. Frankly speaking, she had never seen this kind of low-leveled civilization, or even heard of them.

Comprehension and natural endowments were established on one's civilization and inherited strength. One would only be able to see things far away when standing on the shoulders of giants. Without this strength, no matter how impressive one was, one would not truly be able to defy the heavens. However, this Earthling from a level-4 civilization had been able to do it and even renew Lavel's awareness and concept of the Foundational Stage. She had heard about low-leveled civilizations that were called the "Playground of the Gods". There were thousands of such civilizations, but she had never heard of such an evolved civilization!

To Earthlings, the so-called limits were no more than imaginary troubles that people worried about.

It was not that no low-leveled civilization in the divine territory had ever created a method to accumulate their Core. In fact, everyone was already accustomed to this. However, it involved various forms of copying and plagiarism. In reality, the high-leveled civilizations paid no attention to the Void Cores scraped together this way. They still needed to perfect and improve their Void Cores over many long years before they had the possibility of truly developing into high-leveled civilizations. Even the Shell race, who had excellent natural endowments for accumulating their Core, walked on this path as well to achieve their current status as a level-8 civilization. Even then, they continuously improved and researched on the Shell race's pill refinery method. They would never stop. This was a necessity for the development of a civilization.

However, the path that this little fellow was traveling on seemed somewhat unusual. It was completely different from the pioneers from low-leveled civilizations who had scraped together a method to refine their Core.

This was a path that no one had walked on before.

Lavel had a feeling that Wang Zhong might be unable to break through to the Void Core realm for the rest of his life, but if he broke through, he might subvert the knowledge of the entire divine territory…

Speaking of which, before entering the Pill Refinery Hall, Lao Wang stayed in a pill house all day. However, after being in the Pill Refinery Hall for half a month, he had not refined even a single pill.

This was partly related to the rapid progress he had made with Lavel, but it was also partly because Elder Yimo had not held any classes or taught any new prescriptions. Wang Zhong and the others were outstanding, but it was obvious that Elder Yimo still had to take care of his other disciples in the Heavenly Gates. Thus, their progress would not be as fast.

After selling the batch of 60%- and 70%-pills, Lao Wang had now made a big fortune and was easily satisfied. His main task every day was cultivation, and he simply did not have time to do anything else except for participating in Law Enforcement Association activities.

When he first entered the Law Enforcement Association, it was for his own interest. However, after spending such a long time in the Heavenly Gates, the Law Enforcement Association had helped him in many areas. Lao Wang gradually started to grow attached to this group of insects and Machines. Whenever he was invited to a Law Enforcement Association activity, he would not reject the invitation.

After trending for a period of time among the insect race, the law enforcement game gradually attracted less attention. After all, only the Brain Insects in the insect race enjoyed playing the game. As for the other lower-ranked members of the insect race, playing the law enforcement game was simply cognitive overload. Naturally, it was impossible for the game to become popular with them. However, the Machinery race was different. These iron faces had upgraded the law enforcement game to the extent that it was in the roots of the Machinery civilization. From the Machinery race elders who controlled the authority of the Star Alliance to the ordinary staff who were on duty in the various law enforcement squads, they all knew the law enforcement game and how to play it. This was general law enforcement!

During any meeting, the Law Enforcement Association would definitely be dragged by the Machinery race to play the law enforcement game. Although the Machinery race had added various elements to the law enforcement game and Lao Wang was no longer the most adept or skilled member, the Machinery race obviously respected the pioneer of this game. They were used to him being the judge. But this time, the Machinery race had surprised Lao Wang once again.

"Wang Zhong, we have started a Law Enforcers Tournament!" Rhode D was also sentimental and excitedly said, "This is the first time we are organizing this kind of competition since the establishment of the Machinery race countless years ago. The passion and participation from the entire Machinery race are very high. This game has added colors to our lives. This time, the elders assigned a mission to me."

Law Enforcers Tournament? They even disturbed the elders of the Machinery race?

Lao Wang was slightly shocked and did not know whether to laugh or to cry. He knew that the rate of acceptance of the law enforcement game among the Machinery race was very high, but he had never expected that it would reach this stage. This had broken through the conventions of the Machinery race, even making them organize a game tournament. "What mission? Does it have something to do with me?"

"Yes," Rhode D said sincerely, "my elders invite you, the creator of the law enforcement game, as our special guest and judge in this tournament! Please do not decline!"

"Ha, it's my honor," Lao Wang laughed out loud. Considering his relationship with the Machinery race, there was definitely no reason for him to decline. Furthermore, Lao Wang was also very curious about the game tournament that the Machinery civilization had organized. It was difficult to imagine how these rigid fellows would play in this game tournament. "When is it? Tomorrow?"

"No, no, no." Rhode D shook its head. "Right now, the tournament is still in the preliminary stages. According to our tentative plans, 16,500 teams from the entire Machinery civilization are taking part. We have divided the Land into the east and west districts according to its "longitude" and "latitude". We are planning to hold a mass selection online and pick the forty most outstanding teams for the district competition in the east and west districts. Then, we will choose the strongest two teams for the finals… There are too many online matches and many delays. You might be too busy for all of them, so you only need to be the judge for the finals."

Lao Wang was stunned when he heard this. At first, when he heard Rhode D mention the law enforcement game tournament, Lao Wang assumed that several hundred people, or at most over a thousand people, would participate, and only slightly over ten groups would take part. However, there were over 16,500 groups…

If they wanted to form groups for the refined law enforcement game by the Machinery race, there would be at least ten people in each team. This did not include the substitutes, analysts, coaches, and other people. Over ten thousand groups meant that over a hundred thousand Machines would be taking part…

Lao Wang suddenly felt that this group of "civil servants" in the divine territory was massive!

"Then when will the finals be?"

"According to the competition rules of the online competitions, it will take at least another month. There might also be some changes. Either way, we will inform you in advance."


Lao Wang readily accepted and took a look at the room. A large group of Machines was sitting with their "eyebrows" furrowed. It was obvious that they were connecting their thoughts. They were probably engaging in various acting and practices in their Machinery race network. At that moment, even Rowling J, who would definitely exchange greetings with Lao Wang whenever she saw him, seemed rather focused while practicing seriously. Within the Law Enforcement Association, they had split into three groups. According to Rhode D, as the first group to have encountered the law enforcement game, they were a group likely to win the tournament. They had become celebrities with many followers within the Machinery race.

After Rhode D finished speaking, he joined the other members of the Machinery race and silently sat down for practice. It was obvious that he was also one of the members of the competing teams. With the personality of the Machinery race, regardless of what they did, they would always pursue their limits and give their best performance. Of course, it was the same with playing games.

Lao Wang did not complain about the Machines who were playing games. He discussed a few questions regarding the law with some insects who were researching on rules. Then, he saw Wanwan Min come over.

"Wang Zhong, I have something to tell you."

Wanwan Min's expression was mysterious. The facial expressions of the insect race were not much richer than those of the Machinery race. If they were talking to someone they were not too familiar with, that person would definitely not be able to see the minute expressions and actions on their face, but Lao Wang could. This was because they were familiar and used to each other, and also because his soul was powerful. He was able to sense the emotional waves of the Brain Insects.

"According to the information that the Law Enforcement Association currently has, we predict that the ones who used the Rosa Ghost Thunder Killing Array to ambush you and caused the pill refinery incident should be the Ghost race."

Back then, there were many guesses regarding the pill refinery incident. On the surface, it seemed as if Ghost Battier was looking for trouble and acted on impulse. It seemed extremely simple, but precisely because it was so simple, people started to suspect whether an instigator behind the scenes was using this in an attempt to further confuse the situation. It was also said that an elder from the Ghost race had looked for Elder Yimo to plead for mercy. There were also various rumors that the Ghost race had been unjustly blamed in this incident. Thus, there were many varying opinions. In the end, even Lao Wang felt that Battier might have been controlled by someone. After all, from Lao Wang's perspective, Kakadinme was the person who wanted to get rid of him the most.

As for the ambush by the Ghost Thunder Killing Array, at first, everyone's suspicions were targeted towards the Blood Demon race. However, no one thought that even though these two incidents did not seem to have much to do with the Ghost race, the Ghost race was the one causing trouble behind the scenes.

This could not be ignored. The pill refinery incident could be put aside, but what was more important was the ambush by the Thunder Killing Array. Lao Wang did not want to encounter it again. "Can you deal with them according to the rules?"

"We have no direct evidence." Wanwan Min shook its head. "Especially with regards to the killing array incident. The underground world concealed it too well, and we were unable to obtain any evidence from them. When we contacted some sellers in the underground world, they seemed inexperienced in this aspect and were like rookies. This gave us some room for guesswork."

"Who is the instigator?" Wang Zhong silently sighed. When he heard Wanwan Min's tone, he could already guess the instigator behind this.

"Gorst from the Combat Cultivation Hall," Wanwan Min said with confidence. "Even though we don't have any direct proof, after combining factors from many areas, I have 80% confidence in this judgment… No, 90%! Including the pill refinery incident, even though Gorst could not have instigated Battier then, they are cousins in the Ghost race and share a rather close relationship. It's obvious that Battier found fault with you to help his cousin."

Wang Zhong nodded. Earlier, he had suspected that it was Kakadinme, but from the looks of it now, it was obvious that he had been mistaken. Although Kakadinme wanted him dead, with his pride and confidence, he would definitely plan to find an opportunity to kill him directly. Even if he had acted on behalf of the Blood Demon race, he would personally attack Wang Zhong and regain his pride in front of Celeste.

Finding the assassin behind it was unlikely. Furthermore, they had been attacked less than three hours after the act of hate in the Anoma Club. The mere two or three hours of time was obviously not enough for Kakadinme to contact the underground world and discuss various assassination provisions.

"That's right. Besides that, I have another piece of good news for you." Wanwan Min smiled and said, "After the failed assassination last time, the underground world will increase their evaluation towards you. Not only will Gorst not be able to bear the cost with his current wealth, if anyone in the underground world wants to cause trouble with you, they would still have to consider their wealth. You can relax in this aspect."

There was no doubt that according to the rules of the underground world, they would not care about the various accidents that occurred during a task. If the assassination failed, they would definitely refund the money and increase their appraisal and compensation demands. To this kind of assassination organization, it was obvious that they could not use the word "accident" to evade anything. Furthermore, they would rather conclude that the enemy was too powerful and increase the level of the assassination bounty than admit that they had committed a low-leveled mistake and destroy their brand. This way, if anyone wanted to ask the underground world to assassinate Lao Wang, they would have to measure the value they had to pay.

This was not a matter of price. Who would be willing to pay the price of killing a Solid Core to kill a Foundational Stage? It was obvious that no one would spend that sum on something so worthless. They would rather try other methods.

Lao Wang had just started pondering about Gorst. When he heard this, he did not know whether to laugh or to cry. Almost being assassinated once had become a good thing in the end. He and the Blood Demon race had some conflicts, but he never thought that the one who was causing trouble was Gorst. After all, a toothless dog wouldn't bite people.

"Thanks, Old Wan." Lao Wang smiled and thanked Wanwan Min. However, when he turned around, he already had other plans.

Gorst from the Combat Cultivation Hall?

A glint flashed past Wang Zhong's eyes. Even Wanwan Min, who was eight feet away, immediately sensed murderous intent rising from Wang Zhong's body. The insect race did not care about this as this was just a job.[a] They were not as stiff as the Machinery race.


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    《Battle Frenzy》