Battle Frenzy
1096 The Supervisor Is Up To Something Again
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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1096 The Supervisor Is Up To Something Again

At the Combat Cultivation Hall.

Recently, the Titan supervisor was slightly bored. He had taken a liking to a pupil after much difficulty, but less than half a month later, that pupil had been taken by the Pill Refinery Hall. If this had been the usual Pill Refinery Hall transfer, the Titan supervisor felt that it would not have been too difficult to tempt a pupil to stay behind with some of his valuables. However, out of all things, Elder Yimo had simply expressed his intention of inviting Wang Zhong into the Pill Refinery Hall, leaving him no chance to cheat this pupil. This caused the Titan supervisor to be melancholic… This Wang Zhong was obviously the kind to find delight in seeking vengeance and fighting. Why did he follow those who refined pills all day?

It was boring, too boring!

Titan supervisor Tsargesimon simply gave himself a half-month-long holiday and traveled the Land outside the Heavenly Gates. After that, he held a lesson today with the intention of bringing everyone some excitement.

"This is the Combat Cultivation Hall Challenge Tournament. There is no restriction on the type of battle. The reward is fifty points. Both participants in the most exciting battle will receive this prize regardless of the outcome."

The news had been sent to everyone in advance through his messages. As a result, the Combat Cultivation Hall pupils who had been idling for half a month were instantly invigorated.

The supervisor was up to something again! Fifty points… Right now, half of the pupils' first year had already gone by. Their points would be tabulated in half a year, and they would be eliminated if they had too few points. The Combat Cultivation Hall had few lessons, and there were not many chances to accumulate points. On the contrary, the supervisor often arranged to thrash the pupils, and many people had their points deducted. Some of them could even lose 50 points in one shot. Most importantly, the conditions for obtaining this reward were "regardless of the outcome"… In other words, the supervisor simply wanted to watch a good show. Furthermore, everyone knew what the supervisor's appetite was like. Regardless of how high the combat standards of the Combat Cultivation Hall pupils were like, even the most powerful Pavaro and the others would not attract the attention of the supervisor. He wanted to see blood and violence… In short, the supervisor's idea of "exciting" was something that was bloody and violent enough!

No one knew how crazy those who lacked points would be this time. There would likely be a large group of badly battered people who would lose their limbs.

Some people who did not lack points were worried about this. They did not want to fight this kind of frenzied battle, but they could not possibly reject a challenge from someone else. To those who lacked points, the moment they received this piece of news, they grew green with envy and were waiting to see blood.

Early in the morning, a large group of people had already gathered at the Combat Cultivation Hall.

Gorst was being surrounded by a few fellow pupils. They continuously curried favor with him, but Gorst's expression was gloomy. He did not flash a smile throughout.

He was relatively unhappy throughout this period of time.

Even though Wang Zhong, the person he disliked the most, had disappeared, he had not been killed or chased out of the Heavenly Gates as planned. On the contrary, he had been advanced to the Pill Refinery Hall. Putting that aside, he had even affected the prospects of his cousin, Battier… This matter had caused a huge wave in the Ghost race. The Ghost race had not had anyone chased out of the Heavenly Gates for many years. Furthermore, the one who had been chased out was Battier, one of the most powerful geniuses in their race who was ranked among the top 10 even among the Heavenly Gates Pill Refinery Hall pupils and was deemed to be one of the future key powers in the Ghost race. Furthermore, all this had been because of a mere Earthling…

The elder of the Ghost race was furious. After a thorough investigation, Gorst was the perpetrator who had first provoked Wang Zhong and the reason why Battier had looked for trouble. How could he hide this? Luckily, he had contacted the underground world personally and did not let the rest of the Ghost race know. If they knew that he had caused such trouble in the Heavenly Gates, the elder would skin him alive.

Even if this was the case, Gorst's days were very tough. There was various gossip about him in the Ghost race, and he was almost called to account. Luckily, his family had a certain background in the Ghost race. Furthermore, he was the only pure Ghost pupil remaining in this batch of Heavenly Gates pupils, and the Ghost race still had to rely on him to maintain their reputation. Thus, the questions from the higher-ups had subsided.

No doubt, many people in his race were surely dissatisfied with him. It was definitely impossible to be as admired as before.

One careless move and the entire game was lost. Gorst now felt this way. That despicable Earthling… Now that he had gone to the Pill Refinery Hall, it would be much harder to find an opportunity for revenge.

Just as he was thinking about this, he suddenly heard a commotion beside him.

"Who is that?"

A shocked buzzing sound suddenly erupted from the surroundings, causing a small commotion.

Gorst had a feeling about this and turned to look at the source of the noise. He saw Wang Zhong appear among the Combat Cultivation Hall pupils and was slightly dumbfounded. Not only was he stunned, in reality, 90% of the entire Combat Cultivation Hall were also extremely shocked.

The Combat Cultivation Hall did not restrict anyone from participating in their classes, and pupils from the Equipment Refinery Hall and Pill Refinery Hall could come if they wanted to. However, even if they came, most of them simply observed from the side. To those who mainly refined equipment or pills, they simply came to watch the commotion in the Combat Cultivation Hall. It was not that they could not fight, but their level and methods of combat were very different. Frankly speaking, the Combat Cultivation Hall remained at the level of physical fights, while the Equipment Refinery Hall was more adept at fighting with weapons. Meanwhile, the Pill Refinery Hall was more adept at controlling their techniques and natural endowments, as well as suppressing the realms of their opponents.

"Damn, why is this fellow here?"

"Didn't he go to the Pill Refinery Hall? Why is he still taking part in our Combat Cultivation Hall classes?"

"Does he have nothing else to do?"

There were discussions all around as they did not understand this. All along, Combat Cultivation Hall pupils had attended Pill Refinery Hall lessons, but they had never heard of any Pill Refinery Hall pupils putting their reputation aside and coming to the Combat Cultivation Hall to fight alongside them.

"Ahem!" The Titan supervisor's voice disrupted the buzzing commotion in the surroundings.

He saw Wang Zhong standing among the Combat Cultivation Hall pupils, and there was an obvious smile on his face. When he sent the combat notice to all the Combat Cultivation Hall pupils yesterday, he had also sent it to Wang Zhong.

As expected, Wang Zhong did not disappoint him. He just knew that this little fellow would come!

Even though entering the Pill Refinery Hall was a form of upgrade and advancement, as the supervisor of the Combat Cultivation Hall, the Titan supervisor understood well that there was a type who naturally loved to fight. To them, combat was not a method, but a form of enjoyment, a delight that they could not get rid of from their bloodstream.

This fellow could reject the classes from the Combat Cultivation Hall. After all, the basic leveled Combat Cultivation Hall taught some simple uses of spiritual power, which did not attract that Earthling at all. However, he could not reject the battles in the Combat Cultivation Hall. An overwhelmingly ambitious militant like him would not pass on any combat chances.

The Titan supervisor was in a good mood. He had always been the type to express his emotions on his face. At that moment, his recline chair and herbal tea had been prepared, and the Titan supervisor comfortably lay down. He casually threw out a piece of boundary cloth. "You all know the rules. If you have any hatred, take your revenge. If you have any resentment, then complain. Choose your opponents well, and the one being challenged cannot reject. Begin!"

Under the command of the Titan supervisor, Combat Cultivation Hall pupils immediately started to challenge others. To them, the chance to earn points was rare.

"Pavaro!" There was a rough cry, and a Titan came out. "I challenge you!"

Kampbell was a Titan from the Combat Cultivation Hall. His body was not silver or gold, but a typical black. He was not a well-known Gold Titan or a mainstay Silver Titan. He was simply an unconventional and rare Gray Titan, who some people also called an Iron Titan. They were said to be the bluntest Titans, and no one dared to provoke them regardless of where they were.

Rash Titans were unyielding. He could have challenged anyone for this battle, but he had simply picked Pavaro, who was now ranked number one in the Combat Cultivation Hall.

Pavaro smiled. In the past, his fame in the Combat Cultivation Hall had all been seized by Wang Zhong the Earthling. Pavaro was actually very interested in Wang Zhong but never expected that he would be able to join the Pill Refinery Hall so quickly… However, this did not mean that the Combat Cultivation Hall no longer had any meaning. This was a brand new beginning. Perhaps without this surprising Earthling, the Combat Cultivation Hall would be similar to how the Combat Cultivation Hall had been in the past.

At that moment, he took one step forward and accepted the challenge with pleasure.

The supervisor waved his hand, and the two of them were simply transported into the cloth. One of them was at the top in the Combat Cultivation Hall, while the other was an Iron Titan, who were said to risk their lives the most. Iron Titans had natural superhuman strength and solid bodies. Not only was their speed of cultivation extremely fast, their spiritual power capacity far exceeded that of ordinary people due to their powerful bodies. The peak of their spiritual power was simply 30% to 50% higher than other races.

The moment the Iron Titan attacked, he charged at his opponent head-on. Even though he had not activated his true form, his Spiritual Energy Value instantly reached around 350,000. What was more frightening was that even though he had such a massive body, his movements were still extremely nimble and quick. His combat instincts and awareness were all excellent. He was like a massive and robust panther that was full of explosive power and speed.

Even someone as powerful as Pavaro was faintly suppressed by the first attack. There was a spur growing from the bones in his hand that looked like a sharp sword. He had truly become one with his sword. Even to experts like Wang Zhong, who had mastered sword techniques, this was an impressive achievement. It was difficult to predict how he would unleash his sword attacks. However, any harmful attacks targeted at the Titan would be nimbly dodged, and Kampbell barely managed to resist some unimportant attacks. His skin was shrouded in spiritual power and was covered in a dazzling copper color. His defensive abilities were frightening and managed to beat back Pavaro's extremely sharp bone sword. Pavaro's sword was only able to get seven or eight centimeters into his defense before being trapped by his extremely powerful muscles. It was even difficult for Pavaro to pull out the sword, let alone cause large amounts of damage. He resorted to close combat, but this left Pavaro with too many things to pay attention to at once.

The top-ranked pupil in the Combat Cultivation Hall had accepted the challenge, and the moment they started fighting, he was suppressed. Many people who had been paying attention to Wang Zhong were now attracted by the battle in the cloth. They looked at the battle with a fixed gaze.

The only one who had no mood to observe the fight was probably Gorst.

Not only was the Ghost good at plotting plans, as half-spirit bodies, the Ghost race also had an extremely powerful sixth sense. Their premonition towards danger, disasters, and other situations was rather sensitive and accurate.

At that moment, Gorst sensed some danger. Furthermore, it was a danger that exceeded usual levels, and the source of the danger was…

Gorst could not help but look at Wang Zhong, who had clearly become a participant in the Combat Cultivation Hall. It was hard to imagine that a pupil who had entered the Pill Refinery Hall would come and participate in Combat Cultivation Hall classes. Furthermore, he was not just observing but also joining in. Moreover, he had chosen the day of the challenge tournament… Did this little fellow know something? Recently, the Ghost race had been in chaos because of the incident involving Battier. Many things might have accidentally leaked out.

"Little Eight," he said in a low tone.

A dark bat silently appeared in his palm. It was his messenger that lived in the darkness. The darkness bat might not be very powerful in combat, but their hiding ability, flying ability, and even investigation abilities were definitely at the top among the messengers in the Land.

"…" He instructed his messenger in a low tone. After just three to five seconds, the messenger understood and flapped its wings. It was not very fast, but the moment it left Gorst's palm, it simply vanished into thin air.


Gorst seemed much more relieved, and a smile finally returned to his face. He could not help but turn and glance at Wang Zhong. However, he happened to see Wang Zhong's cheery eyes looking at him generously.

They looked at each other, and Gorst was slightly shocked. He subconsciously wanted to shift his gaze away, but he had no reason to fear Wang Zhong! This damned Earthling… Where in the world did all his confidence come from?

Gorst stabilized his state of mind, and his cold, fixed gaze did not budge. However, he saw Wang Zhong laugh cheerily at him and nod his head in a greeting, making him seem friendly.

…However, it was obvious that this kind of expression would only cause Gorst to feel disgusted.

At that moment, the ongoing battle was about to reach its end. The two participants had already revealed their true forms.

The Titan's true form did not seem to be much different from before. His physique only grew a third larger, and there was a massive lightning seal on his forehead. The Titans were also called the Lightning Race, and the lightning seal on their forehead was the symbol of a pure Titan.

Meanwhile, there were many changes in bone goblin Pavaro's true form. The elegant young goblin had completely transformed into a skeleton. His bones were supposed to be pure white, but at that moment, they were faintly black. It was obvious that Pavaro had never been able to completely recover after mysteriously turning black. Once he revealed his true form, his Spiritual Energy Value became even higher. Furthermore, he could stretch his spur as he wished. Every single bone in his body was his weapon that could transform and stretch out into sharp spurs. One could barely imagine the feeling of clearly dodging one of his attacks, only to be harmed by a spur that had suddenly grown from his arm. This kind of attack was simply difficult to guard against. However, Kampbell's defense defied the heavens. He was particularly resistant against harm after revealing his true form!

As expected of the one who dared to challenge the top pupil in the Combat Cultivation Hall. Kampbell's strength simply shocked everyone. He had suppressed Pavaro for the entire fight using his extremely powerful physical defense as a Titan and his stamina that never seemed to run out. The battle had continued for almost half an hour, and Pavaro had started to pant. However, Kampbell was still as full of energy and vigor as when the battle had begun! This was another reason why the Titans were feared by others: their extremely powerful endurance and stamina!

"Is Pavaro actually going to lose?"

"He is completely suppressed, and revealing his true form was of no use. This kind of rash fellow is simply Pavaro's natural enemy. With such a solid body, his attacks have completely no effect. Furthermore, that fellow's stamina is limitless. How do you fight him…?"

"Do you feel like Pavaro is stronger than before? I heard that he turned black because he went to the Spirit Flower Garden and was burned by the elemental spirits…"

"It couldn't be that his injuries haven't healed ever since that battle, right?"

There were many people discussing offstage. They had been attracted by this battle. To them, this battle was too exciting.

Wang Zhong watched with great interest. Even though it was not his main objective in coming here today, he would be interested in any exciting battles. Fighting was his hobby, and observing battles between experts was a form of enjoyment. Perhaps the combat techniques used by the two participants were no match for his, but they had displayed the special characteristics of their respective races. They both had their strengths. Regardless of whether it was Pavaro, who had bone thorns all over his body and was extremely fast, or Titan Kampbell, who had a solid body and boundless vitality, they were both much stronger than the Balor he had faced before. If he were to face them… Even though this spiritual power had grown recently under Lavel's "teaching", these two people were definitely not opponents that he could resolve easily. The special characteristics and advantages of these races and civilizations in the divine territory were obvious.

"I never thought that there would be someone like you in the Combat Cultivation Hall." Pavaro, who was in a disadvantageous position, suddenly laughed and was full of praise. "You were actually able to force me into this position. However, you are going to lose."

"Don't just use your mouth." Kampbell's attacks were even fiercer while he replied coldly. In the Heavenly Gates, not all of the star pupils shone from the beginning. In reality, after one year, the ranking would usually change greatly.

"Sure." Then, Pavaro rapidly charged and soared into the sky. While dodging Kampbell's attack, an unusual wave of spiritual power was also released from his body at the same time. The spiritual power contained a wave of darkness, making it seem like a black fire! As a result, his somewhat black bones turned even blacker, making him completely different from the "pale little bone goblin" of the past.

The penalty from the elemental spirits was both a punishment and a tempering experience! Pavaro's dark skeletal eyes dazzled with flames. The flames that the elemental spirits had used to punish him and burn his soul did not crush him. On the contrary, he gradually refined them and turned them into his own.

Heavenly Net Bone Needles!

Spurs that resembled thin needles separated from his body that was enveloped in black flames. Then, they rapidly shot at Kampbell below like a torrential rain.

With the support of the black flames, these bone needles were obviously much faster and stronger than the bone thorns earlier. Furthermore, they were much denser! Even someone as strong as Kampbell could not help but have a change in expression. He could not dodge in time, so he raised his arms to defend himself.

"Giantification!" His hand that was as massive as a palm frond suddenly grew larger. It was as if a shield of flesh was protecting him from overhead harm. He did not dodge but charged towards the attack instead and turned defense into attack. He would definitely not allow his opponent to attack without rest!

Pa pa pa pa pa!!

Countless black flaming bone needles pierced his massive palm. At that moment, a burning smell was emitted from the hand of the Titan, whose powerful defenses were once invincible. Furthermore, one could see the flesh on his palm splattering about. However, the speed at which he charged forth did not slow down. In the blink of an eye, he endured the attacks and rushed in front of Pavaro.

Victory and defeat were about to be decided!

Everyone held their breath.

However, there was no hint of panic in Pavaro's eyes. On the contrary, he seemed calm. The attack by the bone goblin changed, and the rain of attacks that filled the air gathered. He gathered the bone needles and formed a massive sword which seemed like a black dragon. It targeted Kampbell, who was charging towards him, with a shriek.

Black Scorching Flying Dragon Slash!


The cloth exploded with a flash of light and dust filled the air. When all the dust had settled, Pavaro was hovering in midair, while Kampbell was half-kneeling on the ground. Half of his massive palm had been shaved off, and blood continued to flow from his entire body. His body had shrunk, and even the lightning seal on his forehead had vanished. He was no longer in his true form. He was panting and obviously did not have his former power.

A good sword always remained sharp. The title of top pupil in the Combat Cultivation Hall was not conjured out of thin air.

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    《Battle Frenzy》