Battle Frenzy
1097 Not Fear, But Resentment!
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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1097 Not Fear, But Resentment!

Putting aside the other pupils who were stunned, even Wang Zhong could not help but show some admiration in the corners of his eyes. When they had just joined the Combat Cultivation Hall, Pavaro was only slightly stronger than Balor, but now, Pavaro was obviously much stronger than Balor. Wang Zhong was not the only one who had miraculous growth in their time here. Only fellows like Balor who spent all their time making plans would remain where they were or experience a slow improvement at most. In reality, the true experts in the Combat Cultivation Hall had never stopped their steps towards improving. With this kind of Pavaro, even if Wang Zhong himself faced Pavaro, he would not be certain of success.

Furthermore, even though the Combat Cultivation Hall typically did not seem to have any lessons, the Titan supervisor was actually guiding them into a virtuous cycle. Of course, he simply threw books at them for them to read, and how much one could learn depended on one's level of comprehension… But the supervisor had completed everything he was supposed to teach and provide guidance on. He continued to use various battles and the points system to stimulate the desire for growth in these pupils. To a Combat Cultivation Hall pupil who fought for a living, this was the best learning method. This was much better than continuously instilling various knowledge every day in class.

The exciting battle had roused the emotions of the pupils. Even the Titan supervisor, who was very fussy, nodded his head. The battle between Kampbell and Pavaro had met his standards. However, it lacked some meaning, not just in terms of techniques… There was not enough blood and brutality. They were like two who obeyed the rules and took turns to attack. Could one say that their skills were poor? No, their standards were good, but this kind of battle obviously did not sit well with the Titan supervisor's appetite. No matter how he looked at it, the battle was tasteless. There were no problems with it, but it did not rouse his excitement.

He could not help but look in Wang Zhong's direction. In the entire Combat Cultivation Hall, it seemed like only Wang Zhong would be able to satisfy the supervisor's vile interests. This could only be understood, but not verbally passed on.

However, before Wang Zhong could show any intention of stepping forth, some pupils who were stimulated by the battle jumped forth with great excitement and challenged one another in five consecutive battles. They were hot with zeal; their attitudes were correct, and they definitely had enough fighting spirit! However, they were too horrible to look at. They were a far cry from the first battle, let alone close to reaching the level where the supervisor would be satisfied, regardless of whether it was in terms of technique or being a pleasure to watch.

Overall, there was only so much to battles between Void Cores. The starting point of the civilizations in the Land might be high, but regardless of whether they cultivated thunder techniques, goblin arts, or body arts, they would not necessarily reach profound levels. Many battles were still a pursuit of their own instincts. Those like Pavaro were already the elites among the elites.

As the Titan supervisor watched the battles, he yawned several times. He was very dissatisfied with the last few battles. He did not want to see fighting matches where beasts nipped at each other. However, there were only a few people in the Combat Cultivation Hall who were good enough. In the end, the one he was most interested in was still Wang Zhong.

The battle in the boundary cloth had ended, and a goblin had won. When the supervisor saw the goblin's badly battered yet pleased appearance, he felt like vomiting. He ignored the large group of pupils who were shouting "Me! Me! Me!" and simply glanced at Wang Zhong.

"Supervisor Tsargesimon." It was as if he had sensed the supervisor's gaze and responded to him. It also seemed as if he already had an objective, and he had waited long enough.

Wang Zhong smiled and stepped up. "I want to challenge Gorst."

The buzzing noises in the surroundings immediately ended. No matter how many people had criticized Wang Zhong for having the good luck to enter the Pill Refinery Hall so quickly, the image of him killing Balor in the Life and Death Arena still remained fresh in their memory.

This Earthling was good at fighting, and this was a reality that was not disputed in the Heavenly Gates. However, no one felt that Wang Zhong was the best. Balor had just been careless the previous time. The Heavenly Gates were the Heavenly Gates as one's abilities were only a small part of one's strength.

Many people immediately felt as if they were watching a good show. Back then, Balor and Gorst's scheme had been too obvious, and everyone could see through it. Did this Earthling want to take revenge?

Gorst's expression was somewhat gloomy. So the unpleasant premonition he had at the beginning was this, and he had guessed correctly. However, the reply from his messenger had not arrived. He did not know how the situation was progressing…

The Titan supervisor flashed a smile, but before he could transport the two of them into the boundary cloth, Wang Zhong elaborated, "Supervisor, if I may be so bold as to ask for a favor… I feel that we will only be able to display our true abilities in the Life and Death Arena."

His tone was extremely placid, as if he was simply talking about a very natural and minor matter, and as if going to the Life and Death Arena was like going home.

The low buzzing sounds in the surroundings instantly ended. The entire place was quiet, followed by an explosion of shouting.

This Earthling was about to alienate himself from the rest of the Heavenly Gates!

Putting aside who was stronger between Wang Zhong and Gorst, who in the Heavenly Gates would pick a fight like this? He had just offended the Blood Demon race, causing them to hate him to the core, but now, he was going to attack the Ghost race? He should know that Battier, a genius from the Ghost race, had been chased out of the Heavenly Gates because of Wang Zhong. He was going to be killed ruthlessly!

"This Earthling is ambitious!"

"They say that one should not be harsh on others to live a good life ahead. He is not giving the Ghost race any chances."

"He challenged a peak level-7 civilization. Even if he wins, can he walk out from the Heavenly Gates?"

The Ghost race was not a level-8 civilization and was considered a branch of the Soul race. The number of level-8 civilizations in the Land could be counted on one hand. However, races like the Ghost race and the Blood Demon race would typically claim that they were level-8 civilizations. After all, strictly speaking, they were indeed members of a level-8 civilization. There were some who were independent of their original civilizations, while there were some who had deep blood relations but had separated. This was completely different from distant civilizations who forcibly established ties of kinship.

"He is just too insolent. Unless he is able to advance to the Heaven, even if Elder Yimo protects him for the next few years in the Heavenly Gates, he will definitely meet his doom once he goes out."

"Do you really think that Elder Yimo will protect him for five years? Furthermore, what advancement? Do you want to make me die from laughter? A low-leveled civilization that just entered the Star Alliance and can't even accumulate their Core is already thinking of advancing? Can you find any civilization like that in the entire history of the Land? That is not called a dream. That's called a daydream!"

"Heh heh. Aren't you thinking too far ahead? Will the Earthling even be able to win in the Life and Death Arena?" There were also people observing the present situation who calmly added, "Don't think that he is invincible after winning against Balor. Gorst and Balor are different, and combat requires brains. In the Life and Death Arena, one's strength does not represent everything!"

Buzzing noises rose all around, but Lao Wang turned a deaf ear to them. He was relatively calm and simply smiled as he looked at Gorst, as if he was waiting for his consent.

A battle at the Life and Death Arena could be initiated for no reason, but it could not be forced upon others. Gorst could reject. However, if he rejected a challenge from an Earthling, he would no longer be able to face other people again.

All the gazes were focused on Gorst.

"Gorst, what do you say?" The Titan supervisor was delighted. This situation seemed to have become more interesting. As expected, Wang Zhong, this little fellow, had never disappointed him. As compared to the boundary cloth, the Life and Death Arena was the standard place for men to truly battle it out.

Before Gorst answered, a dark bat suddenly appeared on his body.

Buzz buzz buzz buzz… It let out sound waves, and even the translation candy was unable to translate this unique language. A smile gradually appeared on Gorst's gloomy face. Then, he turned and looked at Wang Zhong.

To be honest, no matter what occasion it was, Gorst had never thought about attacking him head-on. The fight with Balor had shown that he had the strength to threaten pupils of their level. Gorst had no confidence, which was why he arranged the assassination attempt. Furthermore, after the incident involving Battier, Gorst had planned to conceal his strength and bide his time. He would not argue with Wang Zhong for the time being. However, he never thought that Wang Zhong would proactively look for him.

This was obviously not just because of the incidents regarding Balor and Battier respectively. If it had been because of those two incidents, Wang Zhong would have looked for trouble a long time ago, and there was no use waiting until now. The only possibility was that some details about the assassination attempt by the underground world had been discovered…

Earlier, he had heard from his contact in the underground world that the Law Enforcement Association had been investigating for information about the incident ever since. It seemed as if the Law Enforcement Association had caught on to the rumors. After levels of guesses, they had finally locked onto him as the suspect. It was just that they did not have any direct evidence and could not propose a public prosecution. Thus, Wang Zhong personally came knocking on his door.

However, he might have made a miscalculation by choosing the Life and Death Arena. Did Wang Zhong think that the scheming Ghosts were idiots like Balor?

"The Life and Death Arena. You asked for it. Since you insist on death, then you can't blame anyone else!"

Gorst's voice was somewhat cold. Then, he turned to look at the Titan supervisor. "Supervisor, since it is the Life and Death Arena, we should put in all our effort and use whatever techniques we have."

"Of course." The Titan supervisor laughed. This was the lure of the Life and Death Arena. "As long as it is a one-on-one battle, the rest is up to you."

"Sure," Gorst calmly said. "Then I will need some time to prepare. Around half an hour."

The Life and Death Arena was not too far from Violence Field, so it was very convenient to go over.

"Awesome! The Combat Cultivation Hall is going to fight at the Life and Death Arena again!"

"The Earthling is picking a fight again. He invited Gorst to the Life and Death Arena. How ruthless!'

"A pupil from the Pill Refinery Hall versus a Ghost from the Combat Cultivation Hall. The battle will start in half an hour!"

Even though there was no Skylink in the Heavenly Gates, messengers were available. In less than ten minutes, the news had spread to all corners of the entire Heavenly Gates.

The supervisor disappeared, presumably to prepare refreshments… The Titan supervisor was absolutely particular about this aspect. In his words, a good drink needed a specialized glass for it. Of course, special refreshments also had to be provided for a good battle… Herbal tea and the like were simply refreshments for when he watched the typical squabbles between his pupils. On the other hand, for a battle that could excite him, he definitely had to prepare a good drink and liven things up. In the eyes of the Titan supervisor, it was obvious that the Heavenly Gates rule that alcohol was prohibited during lessons was nonsense. It was not a big deal. Changing the beverage glass should be enough to please the Heavenly Gates Law Enforcement Association.

Half an hour was not a long time, but it was not short either. As the news spread in the Heavenly Gates, a large group of people swarmed over to watch the commotion.

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    《Battle Frenzy》