Battle Frenzy
1098 Targe
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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1098 Targe

In the Heavenly Gates, battles at the Life and Death Arena were always worth watching, no matter when they were held, even if it involved the Combat Cultivation Hall that had uneven standards. There was always something exciting to look out for when faced with a battle where lives were at stake. Furthermore, this battle even involved one of the most powerful figures in the Heavenly Gates, the Earthling Wang Zhong.

The Pill Refinery Hall students were the fastest to arrive after receiving the news. After all, they were experts and would fly faster than ordinary people. Needless to say, Shannali, Pigolo, and the other core members of the Pill Refinery Hall were present. Furthermore, among the peak pupils, Celeste, Kakadinme, Lilisy, Tsarisiya, tree person Nibaru, and the others were all present.

Closely after, the Law Enforcement Association arrived. Even though the relationship between the Law Enforcement Association and Wang Zhong seemed rather vague to those who truly knew the ropes, the Machinery race and the insect race never cared about external affairs but would pay extremely close attention to this Earthling. It was the case during the last battle at the Life and Death Arena and this time as well. This was not an accident or a coincidence.

Furthermore, there were also people from the Equipment Refinery Hall. Naturally, Jhonas was the first to rush over. As compared to the Pill Refinery Hall and the Law Enforcement Association, there were evidently much fewer people from the Equipment Refinery Hall. If that person had not suddenly arrived at the last moment…


She silently appeared and did not seem to have any presence. If the Titan supervisor had not noticed her existence and proactively nodded towards her in greeting, none of the pupils present would have noticed that such a great figure had appeared at the Life and Death Arena for a battle between a mere Void Core and Foundational Stage.

A large majority of people present did not understand Lavel's identity. Seniors were not actually rare, but there were strict restrictions between the batches of students. However, Lilisy and the others knew about these well-known peak experts in the Heavenly Gates for the upcoming Heavenly River Tide. Even though they still had the title of pupils, their identity and status in the Heavenly Gates were definitely not lower than any of the supervisors!

It could be said that their status was rather detached. As the batch of figures who hoped to pass through the Heavenly River Tide and enter Heaven, they were people who stood at the tip of the Heavenly Gates pyramid, excluding the Heavenly Gates supervisors and the elders of the respective Halls. Even the famous Titan supervisor, Tsargesimon, was only on equal footing with her.

Why was an existence like this suddenly interested in a battle at the Life and Death Arena? This made no sense at all! Even if this was an attempt to curry favor by the battle's participants, regardless of whether it was Earthling Wang Zhong or Ghost Gorst, it seemed like neither of them had the qualifications to make contact with her, right?

There was a commotion beside the Life and Death Arena. After waiting for about twenty minutes, the "protagonists" that Gorst had been waiting for finally arrived.

A Ghost that did not seem very powerful arrived and was only a Void Core. However, those who were more familiar with the Pill Refinery Hall had recognized him. This was Battier's footman from when he was in the Pill Refinery Hall, a servant that his race had appointed for him.

He was holding two extremely radiant artifacts and placed them in Gorst's hands.

The two artifacts were extremely resplendent and overflowing with color. One look and one could tell that it was not an ordinary item.

Everyone's gazes were immediately attracted by the light from the artifacts. Some Pill Refinery Hall pupils who were familiar with Battier gasped silently.

"Those are Battier's Soul Seizing Chain and 10,000 Tempering Soul Armor…"

Even though they said that the artifacts were Battier's, in reality, these were rather famous artifacts in the Ghost race. The level-7 Soul Seizing Chain was rather decent and was considered a standard weapon. It was said that the Ghost race had refined many of such artifacts. It could significantly strengthen Ghost attacks that targeted the opponent's soul and was an artifact exclusive to the Ghost Race. But the 10,000 Tempering Soul Armor… It was not a standard piece of equipment in the Ghost race. It was a level-6 defensive artifact that was extremely well-known even outside the Ghost race!

The abilities of the Ghost race to resist physical attacks were already unnaturally high. Only elemental attacks or attacks that targeted their soul would be fatal to them. Meanwhile, the 10,000 Tempering Soul Armor was cast to target these weaknesses and specialized in defending against the soul attacks, elemental attacks, spiritual attacks, and others from Void Core experts.

Everyone instantly understood why Gorst wanted to wait for half an hour. It was obvious that he had sent his messenger to borrow these items. With the Soul Seizing Chain in hand, Gorst's strength increased greatly, but what was more terrifying was the 10,000 Tempering Soul Armor. When combined with the Ghost race's special natural endowments in resisting physical attacks, he would simply be unmatched against Void Cores, placing himself in an invincible position!

This was too cunning.

A smile appeared on Kakadinme's face. Gorst's strength might be mediocre and was not much different from Balor's, but the Ghost race was skilled at planning. It was extremely difficult to make them suffer and fight a battle they had no confidence in.

Not only was Kakadinme amused, many people present who were unhappy with Wang Zhong, the heaven-defying Earthling, laughed.

Countryside bumpkins would be country bumpkins. The Earthling was too naive and thought that he had won against the entire world after just defeating Balor. However, he did not know that on a platform like the Life and Death Arena, their individual strength was not the only thing being compared. They were also competing in terms of their behind-the-scenes support and insider information! Equipment and pills were the most common and most decisive elements in typical Life and Death Arena battles!

The Earthling was dead for sure!

"Look, he doesn't seem to have realized what happened. Heh heh. He probably doesn't even recognize what those two artifacts are."

"He is too foolish and arrogant. The limits of low-leveled civilizations cannot be changed."

"Heh heh. A member of a low-leveled civilization was able to win against a Blood Demon in the Life and Death Arena. That was also a battle against a higher realm. Indeed, he has a reason to be arrogant and egotistical. However, it's a pity that he shouldn't have chosen to walk the same path twice. Does he really think that no one will be able to win against him?"

The mockery in the surroundings was unrestrained. Pavaro furrowed his eyebrows.

To be honest, he rather admired Wang Zhong. Regardless of whether it was his individual strength or his attitude, which made him dare to clash with and challenge high-leveled civilizations and powers, these were similar to Pavaro, and even the entire bone demon race. However, at that moment, a majority of the unbridled mockers in the surroundings were not even from high-leveled civilizations. Mocking Wang Zhong for his bloodline and his low-leveled civilization was no more than the pot calling the kettle black. Pavaro was extremely disgusted by this.

As the highest-leveled hall for combat-cultivation pupils in the Land, the Combat Cultivation Hall should not be this kind of place.

However, this kind of admiration, and perhaps empathy, was obviously meaningless. Pavaro's thoughts remained as thoughts, and he did not say anything. Suppressing members of low-leveled civilizations had always occurred in the divine territory, and even the bone demon race would occasionally land in this type of situation, where they would be teased by high-leveled civilization members, who spread misinformation about them. He could not change anything. Furthermore, even he did not see any possibility of Wang Zhong winning. Based on the strength that he had displayed in his battle against Balor? Gorst, who was extremely well-equipped, would simply play with him until he was dead.

These were top-quality equipment that the Ghost race had specially requested masters to create in order to protect the geniuses of their race. Even though the equipment was only level-6, its compatibility and its effects were extremely appropriate for the Ghost race. There was no suppression, only death.

Gorst was not in a hurry. When he received the 10,000 Tempering Soul Armor, he directly equipped it on himself and immediately channeled his spiritual power to test the affinity of the armor with his body while continuously making some small adjustments. It was obvious that he was not planning to leave even a small gap for his opponent to take advantage of. At the same time, he looked at Wang Zhong on the platform with a thin smile. He did not believe that Wang Zhong was really like what the fools around them were saying or that he did not recognize the Tempering Soul Armor. He had never underestimated this Earthling. Since he was able to flourish in the Law Enforcement Association, this fellow definitely did not have low intelligence.

However, the Earthling had obviously made a miscalculation this time. Low-leveled civilizations had far too little experience and understood too little about the divine territory and the Land. They would have to spend as long as other civilizations to adjust to and understand their incorrect information. Only after countless setbacks would these low-leveled civilizations truly understand the height of the heavens and the depths of the earth. Even for the excellent Heavenly Shell race, the path to their rise had taken them almost a thousand years, let alone for Earthlings who had just spent two or three years in the Star Alliance.

Of course, even if Gorst did not look, he knew that the smart Earthling would definitely not show panic on his face.

As expected, there did not seem to be any change in Wang Zhong's expression. There was an indistinct amusement on his face, as if he simply did not care about what Gorst had received.

Gorst laughed faintly as he understood this too well. This was exactly the same as his personality. This unchanging expression was obviously a continued disguise as he could not let his opponent see his fear or his actual state. Even Gorst could not help but respect this Earthling. For a member of an undisputedly low civilization, regardless of how much knowledge or courage he had, at least his psychological qualities were up to mark. The Earth civilization was indeed somewhat interesting. If this fellow had not been standing opposite Gorst, and if he had not targeted Gorst, Gorst would have been very happy to have such a pupil in the Ghost race.

On the other side, Lao Wang was rather moved. Of course, he had heard of the 10,000 Tempering Soul Armor. Furthermore, after refining equipment with Lavel for such a long time, he had an instinctive judgment for the strength of one's equipment. Perhaps it was not as exact as his judgment of pills, but he could estimate what level the equipment was and how much might it had. At the same time, he knew what level a Void Core's strength would increase to when a good piece of equipment was matched with them, even race-exclusive equipment like the 10,000 Tempering Soul Armor!

His opponent was obviously not a fool like Balor. He had brought along all his valuables to deal with a Foundational Stage from a low-leveled civilization. Using the same method he had used to deal with Balor against this opponent seemed like an obvious error in judgment.

However, the more this was true, the more he felt that today's decision was correct.

Frankly speaking, Lao Wang was not afraid of people like Gorst. He did not even consider him a clown, but rather, a brainless cockroach. However, those who acted like Gorst did had to die, or he would never have peace. It might have even spread and involved the people around him. When that happened, it would be too late to regret.

The foundation of the Earthlings was too thin. Lao Wang did not have the capital to choose and did not dare to fail!

"Prepare to take the field." The Titan supervisor looked at the time and prepared half an hour of preparation time as requested. He would not allow one second more or less. He was more and more excited about this fight. Even though even he could not see any chance of Wang Zhong winning, and even though Gorst was coasting by using these kinds of artifacts, so what? This was a part of the Life and Death Arena. The high-leveled civilizations had suppressed and enslaved low-leveled civilizations for countless years, but did they really think that no heaven-defying geniuses would ever emerge from these low-leveled civilizations? Regardless of how heaven-defying one was, there would always be the corresponding unfairness in this world waiting to suppress them.

The Titan supervisor only wanted to see exactly what stage this Earthling could reach.

As the two of them stepped on the platform, the runes along the boundary of the Life and Death Arena flickered, and an array was activated.

Wang Zhong and Gorst looked straight at each other, and their expressions were extremely calm. However, those who were watching the commotion were excited.

"Little fellow! Just wait for your death…"

"Earthling, go back to your hometown…"

"Ha ha ha~~~~"

There were many mocking voices offstage, but two Blood Demons, who were chattering and were so excited that their entire face turned red, were particularly loud.

However, before they could finish speaking, they felt their necks being gripped by someone. Then, a strange force pulled them away and sent the two Blood Demons flying outwards. They left behind two sparks of light in the sky like two shooting stars and instantly vanished.

"We aren't targeting anyone, but… it was just too damn noisy!" Tsarisiya picked his ears and clapped his hands, as if he had simply gotten rid of garbage. "What are you making a commotion for? It's so noisy that my ears are numb."

"Nibaru!" The tree person also learned from the Gold Titan and clapped his hands with a proud expression. He also had a part in sending the Blood Demons flying.

The mockery in the surroundings softened suddenly and significantly.

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    《Battle Frenzy》