Battle Frenzy
1101 Buddha
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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1101 Buddha

The name "Earthling" had spread throughout the Heavenly Gates and now had a greater impact than when he had joined the Pill Refinery Hall. This time, it was not about ability, but of attitude and concepts. After all, regardless of what Wang Zhong had done in the past, they were all defensive counterattacks where he was in a passive situation. However, he proactively attacked this time and pulled Gorst into the abyss of death step by step!

Perhaps they had seen such dazzling geniuses that occasionally emerged from low-leveled civilizations before. After being treated unfairly, they rose up and counterattacked, amazing the entire world and becoming a much-told tale. Many of such incidents had occurred in the long history of the divine territory, and many were even turned into folk songs that were passed down.

But a member of a low-leveled civilization proactively challenging members of a high-leveled civilization, killing whoever he said he would kill, and even killing two high-leveled civilization members consecutively… This was entirely different. This was a whole new concept!

The results of the Life and Death Arena spread through the Heavenly Gates very quickly. Unlike the various voices of condemnation towards the Earthling that many people had expected, there were many different judgments towards this situation within the Heavenly Gates.

In particular, among the Law Enforcement Association, the Shell race, the Titan race, and a few other highly prestigious groups in the Heavenly Gates, most of them felt that the Earthling did no wrong.

Some said that the Earthling was too harsh, that he did not care about his fellow pupils, or even that a "peasant" had killed two "aristocrats" consecutively. They also said that his rights in the Heavenly Gates should be stripped immediately and that he should be executed by hanging… In the eyes of these great races, these obscene words from observers who followed the flow were simply not worth mentioning.

Once they stepped into the Life and Death Arena, they would compete for life and death. Stepping into the Arena meant that one had the intention of killing their opponent. Thus, one should also be prepared to die. This was a forgivable situation, so was there anything worth discussing?

As for those who said that a peasant had killed aristocrats, this was even more amusing. Was it just because Wang Zhong was an Earthling from a low-leveled civilization?

Some so-called high-leveled civilizations who were used to setting themselves above the masses seemed to have forgotten the dignity of the divine territory laws. They had exploited the laws for so long that they were blinded by it. Did they really think that the laws of the divine territory were created for them to conveniently oppress the lower classes? Did they really think that they could override the law?

They were truly too naive!

The Machinery race implemented the law, but the ones who formulated the laws were the four races in Heaven. In the eyes of the four races, what were the level-8 civilizations in the Land? Strange cases where level-8 civilizations in the Land disappeared overnight had happened before. There were many lessons that could be drawn from history, but this depended on whether one read the history of the divine territory diligently.

…There were various disputes for a period of time, but no matter what, the Heavenly Gates did not take a side, let alone condemn Wang Zhong. They did not put up any notices to pacify the rumors in the Heavenly Gates either. They treated these people who were spreading gossip as if they were joking, and it was not worth handling this as an official matter.

Regardless of how viral a topic was, there would eventually be times when it would subside. After three or four days of passionate debate, the buzz of the Gorst incident slowly calmed down. The Ghost race had not declared their position but simply sent people to take back their 10,000 Tempering Soul Armor and Soul Seizing Chain. Of course, they definitely paid the full price. Although Lao Wang could be very harsh, he had his own yardsticks. These pieces of equipment were troublesome, and he could not keep them.

His pockets were now full, and this was a happiness that could not be expressed in words. He had to calculate them in terms of Gold Star Stones now! It turned out that as long as he was courageous and brutal enough, fighting as a Combat Cultivation pupil brought the most profit. Challenging children of wealthy families allowed him to earn greater amounts of money and faster than with refining pills…


Torture Prison, Mirror World.

Disorder had taken root here, while hatred and brutality grew, inducing the curse of chaos. To the divine territory civilizations, this was the greatest punishment and destruction.

Elephant person Dymas stood behind his savior with great loyalty. His eyes were shining, and his strong elephant trunk continuously sniffed the surroundings. For him, the position he was in now was authentic proof of glory. He had passed many assessments to prove that he was a reliable member of the Resistance Army.

They were the only form of order in this area! They resisted the evil of chaos.

Dymas knew that they did not have many people. However, he did not seem to doubt the power of his savior as it had been proven countless times. The Combat Buddha was the only antidote to the chaos in the Mirror World.

Today, they would once again attack evil. A battle of chaos would break out in the Dwelling Dragon Valley.

Every now and then, those who had been cursed would be controlled by the curse and gather. In the end, they would burst out into a final bloody battle of life and death.

However, this time, they would not allow chaos to have the upper hand. They would stop the outburst of bloody battles!

"Dymas, don't be so serious all the time." Mo Wen smiled and looked at the strict Dymas. Responsibility made this elephant person more tenacious and more powerful.

When he heard Mo Wen's words, elephant person Dymas became even more serious, and the sense of responsibility in his gaze became even stronger. He observed the surroundings and had the natural talent of smelling evil. This made him the best early warning personnel here.

It was the cursed, whose intelligence had been invaded by chaos, versus the Resistance Army —— More accurately, they utterly detested the existence of this Budda! These bloodthirsty lunatics who had descended into madness would even give up fighting each other and unite to deal with the Resistance Army.

Just half a month after Dymas joined the Resistance Army, they had experienced two surprise attacks by the forces of chaos. The cursed who would slaughter upon seeing one another had cooperated extremely well during these surprise attacks! Furthermore, their target was the Buddha. When the Resistance Army stood between the cursed and the Buddha, those lunatics would even ignore their existence.

Dymas smelled the evil scent of an unusual gathering and issued an early warning to everyone. Thus, even though they had encountered an ambush, the Resistance army completed their retreat while remaining wholly intact.

This was a logical move. Dymas, who had successfully given everyone an early warning twice, had become the Buddha's personal guard.

How to better protect Mirror World was currently the most important matter for the Resistance Army. Mo Wen's Buddha light was the only force that could cleanse the curse of chaos. Once they lost Mo Wen, the so-called Resistance Army would be a joke. The entire Mirror World would be shrouded by the curse of chaos. Without the protection of the light of the Budhha, everyone would lose their intelligence very quickly and become murderous slaves of chaos. Even Void Core experts would quickly exhaust all their energy in the bloody battles that the curse drew them to and die.

Those bastards had locked them in here as a death penalty and made this look civil from the outside. However, something that was more brutal than the death penalty was unleashed in the dark Mirror World that no one could see.


They heard the sounds of combat nearby, but very quickly, the waves of spiritual power subsided, and the battle had ended. They had set up an ambush area there and captured the cursed who had rushed to engage in bloody combat. Their numbers were limited, and it was obvious that they could not simply intervene in the bloody battle. Thus, they could only implement this combat tactic of surrounding and seizing the enemy.

Very quickly, two Horn race brothers gripped a Light race soldier and walked over. "Buddha, we captured one who still has some intelligence."

Mo Wen looked over. The Horn race was a powerful branch of the demon race. They usually had an evil nature, but the two people in front of him had an awe-inspiring aura instead. One could not sense the evil and deceit that members of the demon race should have.

The Light race soldier they had captured was originally a celestialoid with wings of light. They consumed light, and all their actions would be just and honorable. However, under the effects of the curse, this soldier was full of evil. His wings of light had been broken at their roots, revealing two white root bones. His eyes were painted with a murderous reddish-purple color.

"Gaaarr, die!" The moment he saw Mo Wen, he wildly shouted. But very quickly, pain and pleading appeared in his eyes. "Save me… Kill, kill me, quick…"

His soul was struggling with the curse, while his will had submitted to the chaos and slaughter brought about by the curse. However, his qualities as a member of the Light race allowed him to keep a clear head throughout.

Mo Wen smiled and stretched out his arm toward the soldier. The light of the Buddha lit up behind him, and a ring floated out. The pain and brutality on the Light race soldier's face instantly softened. The soldier was stunned as he looked at the hand Mo Wen had stretched out before subconsciously reaching out to grab the hand.

The two hands grabbed each other. Humm…

In an instant, light and shadow replaced each other in Mo Wen's eyes, and time seemed to have been reversed. In a flash, he saw the solitary light from a small bit of intelligence in the darkness. This was a soul that had been enveloped by the evil curse, a soul that had been harmed. He had taken the form of a soul and was in the center of the Light race soldier's mind. This was also where the chaos curse had entrenched on.

"Buddha will only help those who help themselves. The abyss of misery is boundless, but repent, and you will be saved!"

Mo Wen lightly chanted the name of the Buddha. In an instant, a golden sun suddenly rose from this darkness, and the dazzling light of the Buddha illuminated everything. The darkness was the force that the curse had left behind. At this moment, the darkness suddenly accumulated into a black smoke under the light of the Buddha, trapping the bit of intelligence within it and struggling to fight back.

However, the light of the Buddha continued to shine endlessly. The black smoke gradually grew fainter and finally spat out the bit of intelligence.

Mo Wen could sense that the curse had been defeated and dispersed from the mind of the Light race soldier. At the same time, he could sense that his own soul had become slightly stronger from this process. Although it was slight, it was actual progress. This powerful soul was faintly forming the shadow of a Core. It was very obvious that once this Core accumulated, Mo Wen would be able to advance to the Void Core Realm.

Mo Wen opened his eyes. The Light race soldier had awoken, and his eyes were in shock. Black tears that resembled blood fell from his eyes and dyed his face. Meanwhile, his vicious reddish-purple eyes slowly started to regain the original gold color that was unique to the Light race.

"I… you…"

The Light race soldier spoke haltingly. He remembered what had happened, the slaughter he had experienced, as well as the warm rescue just now. He could also feel the miraculous changes in his body. The curse was being dispersed bit by bit, and his soul was gradually recovering amidst a pool of light and collecting energy bit by bit. A relaxing feeling made him feel comfortable. All these were because of the baldie in front of him. The power of grace was coming from the hand that was holding his.

Mo Wen smiled and released his hand that gripped the Light race soldier. "Hello. Welcome back. Your curse has been temporarily removed. Are you interested in joining the Resistance Army? My name is Mo Wen, but everyone calls me Buddha."

"I am Ling Kong… What do you mean by temporarily?" The Light race soldier asked cautiously.

"Hey! Watch your tone! It's best if you are more polite. Since you can speak, you should remember who saved you." Sensen, a member of the Horn race, had spoken. He released some of his power, showing he was a Void Core expert! A hint of shock flashed past the Light race soldier's eyes, but he suppressed the thought of turning around to look at the Horn person. Instead, he stared at Mo Wen.

Mo Wen smiled throughout and explained, "In this Mirror World, the power of chaos is everywhere. When those who have been cursed stay here for a long time, they would gradually become mad."

Ling Kong nodded his head slightly. He had experienced the process of being cursed and naturally knew that Mo Wen's words were true. At this moment, another massive rumbling noise came from another direction nearby. Ling Kong instantly saw two Void Core goblins pushing a demented polyeye expert over.

He was slightly shocked. They have four Void Cores, he thought as he silently calculated. Then, he suspiciously looked at the few people standing behind Mo Wen and guessed that there were also Void Cores among them. Furthermore, they were even more powerful than the four Horn people and goblins.

He still had questions he wanted to ask, but Mo Wen nodded. Then, Mo Wen turned and walked beside the frenzied polyeye. He gripped one of the hands of the polyeye.

Ling Kong widened his eyes as the moment Mo Wen grabbed the polyeye's hand, the frenzied polyeye had fallen silent! Then, in an instant, the brutal aura that was as powerful as a volcano also dispersed from the polyeye…

Ling Kong was struck dumb with amazement. As a member of the Light race, he knew many secrets about the soul. He understood what this baldie was doing; his soul had entered the soul of a completely incompatible person just by holding their hand! This baldie was very powerful! Although he only had the strength of a peak Foundational Stage, from a soul perspective, he had surpassed more than 90% of Void Cores.

Just as Ling Kong was thinking, heavy breathing disrupted him. Then, a noisy voice sounded beside his ear.

"You're Ling Kong, right? I'm Dymas, elephant person Dymas. You are not bad. Although you have a suspicious frame of mind, that is understandable. Buddha is dispelling the curse. Unlike with you, the curse has deeply infiltrated this fellow. It might take some time before we know if he can be saved."

When Ling Kong moved, the elephant person walked beside him. From this position, Ling Kong was sure that if he had any bad intentions toward the baldie, the elephant person could immediately block him. Ling Kong smiled at the elephant person. Even though the elephant person was guarding against him and his snow-white tusks were rather ferocious, Ling Kong knew that the elephant person was smiling at him. He guessed that this was definitely because the elephant person had seen such scenes many times. Many people had been saved from the curse like him.

Thus, he looked at the elephant person and asked, "Since this place has been corroded by chaos, how do you stay clear-headed?"

Dymas's elephant tusk bent slightly, and he flashed a devout expression. "As long as we follow the Buddha, we are able to retain our sense of self. He is our savior and the savior of this world. That is why we different civilizations can unite. We remember our difficulties and are grateful for our survival!"

The Light race soldier finally realized that other than this elephant person, all the guards standing behind the baldie were powerful Void Core experts. Furthermore, they would constantly be fighting for life and death. They would have fought anyone they encountered outside, but they were extremely peaceful here.

He calmed down and gradually recovered the memories of when he had been cursed. He had been a zombie who was better off dead, and his soul had been constantly struggling. If he was able to savor the taste of living, he would pay any price to do so!


At this moment, the polyeye suddenly sent out a sad and shrill wail. He twisted his tied-up body in a frenzy, and anger flashed on the faces of the two goblins. However, Mo Wen stretched out his hand and stopped them. "It's alright. It's just that… he cannot accept it."


Ling Kong looked at the polyeye who had collapsed with a serious expression. There was no murderous aura from the polyeye. It was very obvious that his curse had been eliminated, but…

"He's crazy. He's completely crazy. Ah." The elephant person sighed in a low, muffled voice.

Ling Kong turned around and saw the white teeth of the elephant person. He asked, "Are there many people like this? How about people like me?"

Dymas shook his head. "Regrettably, lucky ones like you are few and far between. Many of them are lunatics that cannot be saved. Even though their curse has been eliminated, their soul is gone."

Ling Kong nodded his head and loudly said, "I am willing to join the Resistance Army. I can do anything!"

Mo Wen smiled. "Bring as many lucky ones who are alive to me. The Buddha is benevolent."

Yes, Mo Wen had intentionally used a classic advertising tagline as rituals were very important. If he wanted these followers to believe, he first had to believe in it himself!

To these people, eliminating their pain was one method, and establishing their belief was another. To tell the truth, this was plain brainwashing!

While traveling in the Mirror World, he found that the power he was once so proud of was insignificant. However, the sutra that had been passed down for generations in the Mo Family brought about mystical effects and allowed Mo Wen to see a new path of cultivation.

Among the Earthlings, Mo Wen had great intelligence and a big heart. At the same time, he had great tenacity and rich combat experiences.

To the experts that followed him, he was their only redemption. These people would also become forces to help the Earth rise.

He was Buddha, the Buddha from Earth!


Getting rid of Gorst gave Lao Wang a few days of peace to think carefully and to sort out his personal affairs. He did not spend his money. He could only refine level-7 pills now, but what about in the future? He would not become poor from eating or buying clothes, but he would definitely be poor if he did not plan.

This was until a messenger from the Machinery race threw a bronze letter outside the mushroom house. The Law Enforcement Association had invited him again, but unlike the typical association activities, this was an external mission.

Just like how even the most impressive high-ability students had to adapt to fieldwork, it was the same in the Law Enforcement Association. Simply going through some mock cases and law studies in their own circle was evidently not enough to become a qualified law enforcer.

This kind of activity was usually organized by the Machinery race, and the insect race rarely participated. However, this time, they invited Wang Zhong. To be honest, this was a form of acknowledgment, but it was also related to the location where they had invited him to go to — the Catanlyke District. That was Lao Wang's "native place" in the divine territory and the Land. If the Law Enforcement Association had a law enforcement mission there, bringing a native like Wang Zhong would obviously be very handy.

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    《Battle Frenzy》