Battle Frenzy
1103 What in the World?
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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1103 What in the World?

"There's no choice. The Earth has been graded as a level-4 civilization and does not have the approval and qualifications to establish a gathering point." Wang Zhong shrugged his shoulders. Of course, it would be best if he could establish a legal gathering district for Earthlings, but it was obviously not quite possible.

"The civilization level only matters if you follow the legal procedures. In reality, it's not that necessary," Rhode D explained profoundly, as if it was hinting at something.

If one wanted to go through the legal Star Alliance procedures to occupy a street, their civilization evaluation was something that could not be ignored, and they had to be at least a level-6 civilization. For example, the Heavenly Treasures Street was affiliated with the goblin race in reality. The nominal person in charge was not Wang Zhong, but crocodile god Mugthol. He was the owner of the Heavenly Treasures Street in name.

Furthermore, it was extremely difficult to be assessed as a level-6 civilization. Take a level-4 civilization for example. To increase the level of the entire civilization, under normal circumstances, it would take an evolution spanning over a few thousand years. Even if everything was successful, their chances of advancing were very murky unless they used underhanded methods. However, this method of assessment after the overall strength of the civilization increased was the most reliable. If there were no obstacles in the assessment and the "hardware" conditions had been achieved, the Star Alliance would welcome them to join the ranks of the level-6 civilizations. Furthermore, the overall strength of the civilization would be genuinely at a level-6 standard. This overall standard was extremely powerful, even in the entire land. They would definitely be able to have a proper place in the inner circle of the Land.

Besides that, there was another shortcut to being assessed as a level-6 civilization. It was taking the individual path to achieve the Gold Core.

However, achieving one's Gold Core was simply the basic route that showed one had the qualifications to represent one's entire civilization and request a level-6 classification from the Star Alliance. If one was impressive and had enough friends who could influence the policymakers in the Star Alliance, everyone would raise their hands in the voting and allow them to easily pass the assessment. However, the connections had to be relatively powerful. If they lacked slightly in this aspect, as long as there was one opposition vote, one would not be able to pass.

However, if one was able to pass through the Heavenly River Tide and advance, they would not need to go through the voting.

In reality, a vast majority of the level-6 civilizations had gone through this method. With so many low-leveled civilizations, one or two experts who had exceptional natural endowments would emerge. They would cheat their way through, regardless of whether it was in terms of connections or entering Heaven, allowing their low-leveled civilization to advance to a level-6 civilization and benefiting their descendants for thousands of years. However, since the strength of their entire civilization had not actually achieved the true level-6 civilization standard, they usually rapidly descended after achieving extreme brilliance. For example, the Shell Shade Faction had once produced a master in the past and achieved the title of a level-6 Void Core. However, the standards of the entire civilization were insufficient. In this generation, there were only two Void Cores in this dignified level-6 civilization, and they were even afraid of occupying a small street in the middle circle of the Land. In the end, once they faced a minor obstacle, they were simply reduced to nothing… This was too common in the divine territory.

Lao Wang could read the lines between Rhode D's words. Rhode D seemed to be willing to support the Earthlings' ownership of Shell Shade Street. Just like how he had borrowed Mugthol's identity as a member of the goblin race to indirectly control Heavenly Treasures Street, this followed a proper flow in reality.

However, to be honest, Lao Wang did not wish for Earthlings to live like the Shell Shade Faction. A superior environment would cause people to slack off, and this was especially the case for Earthlings. Wang Zhong, who had pondered over the education methods in the Federation and the Empire countless times, understood this point very well. A relatively safe environment like Heavenly Treasures Street for Earthling was very sufficient. If the conditions were better, Lao Wang did not dare to imagine how Earthlings would turn out.

Would they rely on a few outstanding Earthlings to support them from now on? What would happen after this batch of people left? Regardless of whether they could accumulate their Gold Core and go through the Heavenly River Tide or failed to accumulate their Gold Core, they would eventually die naturally from old age. No matter what, relying on only a few people would not possibly allow Earthlings to be at ease forever.

If one truly wanted to establish a footing in the divine territory, they could not rely on the efforts of an individual or a few people, but the efforts of the entire civilization! Wang Zhong definitely did not wish that his good intentions would be the root of his people's degeneration.

"Old Rho, I understand your good intentions." Wang Zhong smiled and replied, "Earthlings do not need what does not belong to us. I believe that my people will be able to rely on themselves and stand up, even if they walk on the official path."

Not only was Rhode D paying attention, in reality, when Wang Zhong was thinking and replying, Rowling J and the other Machines at the side were also observing this "chat", consciously or unconsciously.

Rhode D flashed a rare smile. Smiles were a very terrifying and mysterious expression for the Machinery race; they still could not learn how to smile naturally after imitating the appearance of celestialoids. "It was just a casual question. That's right. I heard that before coming to the Heavenly Gates, you were living in the Heavenly Treasures Street nearby?"

"The public security there is very good." Rowling J looked at the report forms and continued the conversation. "Out of the Catanlyke District, the fewest number of patrol troops are stationed there, but the reports and crimes are also the lowest. It seems to belong to the goblin race. Heh heh. Wang Zhong, you must also be involved in this."

Speaking of the Heavenly Treasures Street, Lao Wang laughed. He had not seen it for almost half a year and started to miss his neighbors in the Heavenly Treasures Street. "It's not worth mentioning. It's just that I have some close friends. However, the public security in the Heavenly Treasures Street has always been decent."

This was the truth. Even during the Ninth Wilderness Path era, the public security in the Heavenly Treasures Street was above average.

"Let's go over and take a look." Rhode D kept the report forms and had a relaxed expression. "We cannot simply focus on the areas with poor public security. The difference in public order is so big just a few streets away. We should also learn from a good area."

He had not returned for a long time. Compared to when he had left, the Heavenly Treasures Street was now much more crowded than before, regardless of whether it was the flow of people or the number of shops. Needless to say, the effects of the sensation that Lao Wang had caused in the Catanlyke District had continued until now. A few streets away was the Shell Shade Street, where competition had been very intense. However, regardless of how great the commotion was there, none of its powers would inconveniently attempt to compete for the Heavenly Treasures Street.

There was no one causing trouble. On the contrary, various legends regarding a low-leveled civilization member defying the heavens and rising had attracted a large wave of popularity for them. It was difficult for the Heavenly Treasures Street to not prosper.

There were clamoring voices and people walking everywhere. Lao Wang intentionally walked in between Rhode D and the others. Celestialoids were rather common in the Heavenly Treasures Street, and no one recognized him even after walking one round around.

Furthermore, what made Wang Zhong rather happy was the fact that he saw many Earthlings…

Old Cow's recent letters had also mentioned Earthlings entering and stationing themselves in the Heavenly Treasures Street. Besides the fact that Heavenly Treasures Street was becoming more famous over time and attracting nearby Earthlings, wolf goblin Basir, who had ample capital on hand, spared no effort in his work, and the results were very apparent. His job of collecting information on Earthlings had stretched to about a dozen nearby districts in the middle circle. There were a few resources here and there. Once the preliminary stages of data collection were done, this task would be easier as it progressed.

Furthermore, the letter that Lao Wang sent to the Holy City had been passed to the higher-ups there. Naturally, they were extremely excited. While they sang the praises of Wang Zhong, they also actively contacted those Earthlings who were scattered in somewhat distant areas of the divine territory and asked them to gather at Catanlyke District. In name, this was the territory of crocodile god Mugthol, but in reality, it had become a gathering point for Earthlings in name and in reality. Earthlings could be seen everywhere in the street.

Unlike the listless and lifeless humans he had once seen in the divine territory, the Earthlings here all seemed to be filled with vitality and spirit. Their condition was completely different from a year ago.

"Heh heh. Wang Zhong, you Earthlings seem to be living well here," said Rowling J.

"For a civilization that just entered the Star Alliance, it is considered not bad." Rhode D nodded. "I hope that more people like you will emerge, Wang Zhong."

Lao Wang replied with a few modest remarks. At the same time, he was gratified. Only half a year had passed. Even though the Heavenly Treasures Street did not have good cultivation conditions for Earthlings and they still had to put in great effort by themselves, at least it could be assured that they would be safe and not receive discrimination. To a low-leveled civilization that had just entered the divine territory, these were rather advantageous living conditions.

Clang! Whoosh!

Just as they were chatting, they suddenly heard the sound of things crashing one after another in a shop beside them.

Something seemed to have happened. Many people around them were attracted by this noise and turned to look. Wang Zhong and the others also stopped. Then, they heard an arrogant voice sounding from the shop. "If it weren't for the protection from us Earthlings, your shop wouldn't have remained opened. Your pretty little faces are only enough to serve the pests from the Shell Shade Faction. Now, we are giving you a chance to repay this favor, but you are still unhappy? What is this?! Look at yourselves, do you really think that you are spoiled girls from the Seductress race? If you really are spoiled girls, why don't you live in the rich villas in the inner circle? Why are you interacting with this bunch in the middle circle? Why are you acting pure with me?!"


There were only a few sentences, but a lot of information was revealed.

Wang Zhong was rather surprised. Even with his mind, he was not able to digest this information for a period of time. At that moment, he furrowed his eyebrows slightly and took big steps towards the shop, where a crowd was gradually gathering. Rhode D flashed a glance, and the other Machines immediately followed.

They squeezed through the crowd of people. The door of the tailor was open, and the shop was already scattered about in a mess.

The shop owner's short and plump body was shielding two young female Seductresses behind him. The two Seductresses seemed to be at most 12 or 13 years old and did not have particularly obvious Seductress characteristics. On the contrary, they seemed more like two celestialoids. The short and plump shop owner had the surname Ma. Unlike Old Cow, an old resident who had taken root in the Heavenly Treasures Street for dozens of years, it had only been one or two years since he came to the Heavenly Treasures Street. His business was not very big, and he did not join the Heavenly Treasures Chamber of Commerce. Even though Wang Zhong was not very familiar with him, since they were all along the same street, they recognized each other.

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