Battle Frenzy
1104 The True Assessmen
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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1104 The True Assessmen

Meanwhile, in front of Wang Zhong were three arrogant Earthlings with devilish smiles on their faces. These Earthlings observed the three creatures in front of them without a care. "Old Horse, let me ask you once again. Are you sure that you want to oppose us?"

There was no doubt that even though there were many celestialoids with similar appearances to Earthlings, these people were ones Wang Zhong happened to recognize. Wales Karon was from the Karon family in the Holy City and happened to be in the same batch as Wang Zhong when he entered the divine territory. Wang Zhong remembered that when they were first "transmitted" to the divine territory, this little fellow even told Wang Zhong that he would be in Wang Zhong's care. However, after entering the divine territory, the dozen of them signed a contract with the Starship Company. Why did they suddenly appear here?

"Opposing you? Who do you represent?" Shop owner Old Horse protected the two trembling Seductresses behind him with injustice and rage on his face. He loudly chided, "Over the past two or three days, you took items without paying, but forget that now. Now, you want to take my girls? Who gave you the right? Is it the Law Enforcement Association? Or the Star Alliance?"

"Heh heh." Wales Karon laughed. "Old Horse, Old Horse. The goblin race has been in the divine territory for a much longer time than us Earthlings. How could you ask such a childish question? Taking people? Who am I taking? Don't treat good people unjustly. I am just negotiating with you. We Earthlings are rational, and we never steal from or kill people. As for taking items without paying as you said… Tsk tsk tsk. Old Horse, you really make me sad. You actually said something so baseless like that. Do you really think that we Earthlings are easy to bully?"

He shook his head and sighed. Then, he continued, "However, I am magnanimous. Since we are neighbors, I will not haggle over this small insult from you. I will give you another ten minutes to consider. As a person, you must understand the value of repaying favors. Don't be ungrateful just after being saved by us Earthlings!"

Then, he calmly crossed his legs and did not seem to care about the countless gazes cast at him from outside.

"You—you…" Old Horse was so angry that his entire body trembled and could not speak for a period of time.

Lao Wang's expression was slightly ugly. Even though only a few sentences were exchanged, the situation seemed extremely clear.

"These Earthlings who came this time are too… Ah!"

Some observers in the surroundings sighed, while others discussed in a low tone.

"It's not only Old Horse suffering. Have those who did not join the Heavenly Treasures Chamber of Commerce experienced peace?"

"Don't associate those barbarians with the Heavenly Treasures Chamber of Commerce. The Chamber is different from them." Someone from the Heavenly Treasures Chamber of Commerce who was watching the commotion said, "However, with Old Cow and Lord Crocodile God on guard, these scum do not dare to go and cause them trouble for now. However, at the rate their arrogance is growing, they will eventually bully Old Cow and the others."

"That's right. At first, it was only small things like eating and drinking for free. Last week, they used Uncle Zhong's name and established the Earth Alliance or something. They say that they are going to collect secondary protection fees, and many shops have even paid."

"Do you think that Uncle Zhong knows this? Could this be what Uncle Zhong intended?"

"Bah! Would Uncle Zhong be like these people? Everyone else simply did not haggle with them or report it to the law enforcement squad considering Uncle Zhong's reputation. However, this group of Earthlings is really becoming more and more lawless. They even dare to attack and seize people from Old Horse in broad daylight!"

"Those outside, be more careful when you speak!" Wales Karon glared at the crowd.

"That's right! Wang Zhong is brothers with Brother Karon. They were from the same batch of people who came to the divine territory from Earth! Back then, Wang Zhong came to the Catanlyke District because Brother Karon suggested him to do so!" The two other Earthlings beside him sided with him and loudly chided the others. "You actually dare to gossip about Uncle Zhong and Brother Karon behind our backs. Do you not want to live anymore?"

"Heh heh. If it weren't for us Earthlings on guard, do you think that the Heavenly Treasures Street would be so peaceful? Look at the Shell Shade Street beside us. Look at how messy that place is. We just ate and drank some of your stuff, but you already have a grudge against us?"

"Back then, Uncle Zhong took on all the pressure and faced the Shell Shade Faction just to save you thankless wretches!"

The two Earthlings behind Wales Karon sang the same tune. The buzzing sounds in their surroundings became much softer. On the contrary, many sighs echoed through the crowd.

The two words "Wang Zhong" were the brand that this group of Earthlings used. These neighbors of the Heavenly Treasures Street were very grateful and knew that the area might have descended to the same fate as the neighboring Shell Shade Street if it were not for the protection from Wang Zhong's reputation. They might have had to close down and escape just to survive a long time ago. Admitting their gratitude and paying a price was not worth much. However, Old Horse was very pitiful as he treasured his two daughters so much…

Wang Zhong was among the crowd, and his expression had completely darkened. He had considered many aspects. The deep-rooted bad habits that existed in other civilizations were also present in Earthlings. Thus, even among those from the Holy City, Wang Zhong only allowed them to stay here, as well as to access good job opportunities.

In the end, scum like Wales Karon from the Earth actually dared to use his name and bully others in the Heavenly Treasures Street?!

"Don't mind it." Rhode D calmly patted Wang Zhong's shoulder, as if he had no intention of stepping forth and interfering. On the contrary, it told Wang Zhong, "Any civilization will always have good and bad people mingled together. This is very common and is simply a small matter."

A small matter? Wang Zhong did not think that this was a small matter. This was the only foundation that the Earthlings had, and it was extremely weak. However, everyone's effort could possibly go down the drain because of this small matter!

"Old Horse, your time is almost up. Have you finished thinking it through?" When he heard the voices outside quieting down, Wales Karon smiled. His gaze had not shifted from the two daughters of the clothes shop owner.

He had never expected this. Two months ago, he was still at the Starship Company doing laborious transport work. Then, he suddenly received a notice from the Holy City saying that Wang Zhong had established a chance for Earthlings to be taken care of and given good job opportunities in Catanlyke District. Even though the contract with the Starship Company had not been fulfilled, the transportation work was just too tough and too tiring, and he could not see any way out. Thus, in order to come over and take a look, he persuaded a dozen Earthlings in the same occupation to gather money and pay the compensation to the Starship Company, allowing him to regain his status as a free being. Then, he hurried to the Catanlyke District and sought refuge with Wang Zhong.

He had thought that Wang Zhong was, at best, a boss here, but he had never thought that Wang Zhong was the biggest boss around! He had completely forgotten about the dozen comrades waiting for a reply from him in the Starship Company. Using Mugthol's connections, he gathered a few Earthlings and managed the public security in the Heavenly Treasures Street.

At first, he still earned an honest living. However, gradually, he learned about Wang Zhong's status and how respected Earthlings were in this street… His ambition started to swell. From eating and drinking for free, to collecting additional protection fees, and eventually taking a liking to these two young Seductresses and forcibly causing trouble at Old Horse's shop, this change in mentality all occurred in the short span of a month!

Wales Karon was rather satisfied. This kind of life was much better than when he was in the Holy City. After all, in the Holy City, there were people above him who cared about what he did, and there were no dainty Seductresses like these in the Holy City… The females from the Seductress race were too visually attractive! Furthermore, they naturally had an aura that captivated men. These two were only 12 or 13 years old. Even though they were slightly short, they were curvy and perky in all the right places, and their bodies were so hot that they could cause a nosebleed. They had the standard milky complexion and voluptuous chests.

The two Seductresses trembled under his indecent gaze. Their petite and pitiful expressions made Wales Karon burn with even more desire. Finally, he was impatient and suddenly stood up.

"You old bastard, I've already respected you enough, but it seems to me that you will only give in under more pressure!" A swift and fierce aura radiated from his body, and he was not afraid. After spending half a year in the Starship Company, although it could not be considered cultivation, he had adjusted rather well to the gravity in the Land. He did not dare to say that he was good at combat, but he had no problems bullying ordinary goblins like Old Horse. Not every goblin was as powerful as Old Cow.

He grabbed Old Horse in one swift action. "I will now…"


Old Horse and the two Seductresses closed their eyes in despair. However, they never expected that the hand that stretched out and grabbed Old Horse's clothes would be so weak and powerless. Old Horse could not sense any pulling force at all. On the contrary, a cry of alarm suddenly burst out in the surroundings.

Old Horse suddenly opened his eyes and took a look. Opposite him, the malicious deity Wales Karon was dumbstruck and stunned. His right hand was drooping limply.

After a few idle seconds, he suddenly shouted like a pig being killed, echoing throughout the silent sky. "Ah, my hand, my hand!"

"Who?! Who was that?!" The two Earthlings beside him were shocked and furious. They roared, "Who attacked us?!"

Before they could finish speaking, they saw a figure suddenly appear in front of Wales Karon like a ghost.

"Who—who are you?!" The two Earthlings were trembling with fear. They did not see how this person had appeared clearly. Needless to say, this level of strength was not something that they could face. However, even though they were afraid, since they were now living a life of crime, they definitely could not lose in terms of bravado. "Are you poking your nose into our business? This is the territory of us Earthlings!"

"Don't you—you know who my brother is? Wang Zhong from the Heavenly Gates!"

The two Earthlings were still chattering as they trembled, but Wales Karon, who was standing in front of that person, had clearly seen the person's appearance. At that moment, he was shocked and afraid. He instantly swallowed the blood-curdling scream that resembled a pig being killed back into his stomach.

This person was Wang Zhong?!

How could Wales Karon not recognize him? He had taken the transmission array from the Holy City to the divine territory with Wales and interacted for half a month there. They could be considered friends, but… didn't they say those who entered the Heavenly Gates could not return for two years? Wang Zhong had been there for only half a year, so how…

"It's Uncle Zhong!"

"Damn, Uncle Zhong is back!"

The observers in the surroundings had been quiet previously. However, when they saw the face of the person who had attacked, many people shouted in excitement.

The two Earthlings were terrified, while Wales Karon's face was pale. When he saw Wang Zhong's icy cold expression, he knew that he would not be treated kindly for today's incident. To be honest, Wales Karon knew that Wang Zhong hated evil like an enemy. He could tell from the various legends and deeds that had spread on Earth and in the Holy City. However, he never thought that Wang Zhong did not beat around the bush when it came to fellow Earthlings as well!

"Wang Zhong, you just arrived and don't understand the situation." Wales Karon did not care about the fact that his arm had been fractured and forcibly defended himself. "In reality, we have come here mainly because…"

"Silence!" Wang Zhong did not give him the chance to speak nonsense. He was not afraid of a divine enemy, but of a lazy comrade. However, what was more terrifying was having both a divine enemy and a lazy comrade at the same time. "Old Rho, how should people like him be dealt with according to the Star Alliance laws?"

Who was Old Rho?

The shop owner, the Seductresses, and even the observers in the surroundings were astonished.

The moment he finished speaking, six celestialoids walked out from the crowd. At the same time, their appearances rapidly changed. Very quickly, their true forms as Machines were revealed.

They were actually the plainclothes law enforcement squad from the Machinery race?!

They were definitely a special class in the divine territory and had much more authority than the ordinary law enforcement squad. Even among the level-8 Machinery race, they were a group of Machines who were destined to become higher-ups in the future! They actually knew Wang Zhong? Furthermore, had they been staying in the crowd and watching the commotion?

"They are all third-class citizens and have no rights to bail." A ray of light in Rhode D's eyes scanned Wales Karon and the other two, immediately determining their identities in an instant. "According to the Star Alliance laws, they can be punished for causing trouble in the divine territory and can be sentenced to the Arena for three years. However, since their strength has not reached the standard Foundational Stage level, they can also be sentenced to ten years of labor in the Heavenly River Sandpit. However, since you stopped them in time, and there were no severe outcomes, we can take the circumstances into consideration and sentence them to half a year of labor in the Heavenly River Sandpit."

Wales Karon's expression suddenly changed. Not only did his expression change, but the surrounding people watching the commotion also turned silent. This was quickly followed by the sound of clapping. Almost immediately, the entire street was filled with thunderous applause, like a wildfire spreading.

"Uncle Zhong is so generous!"

"Just like what I said, Uncle Zhong didn't know! What kind of person is Uncle Zhong? How could he possibly bully the weak? Look! Look at how Uncle Zhong deals with them!"

"The majority of Earthlings are not bad, but it is inevitable that a few scumbags occasionally appear. Uncle Zhong, don't mind this too much."

"The Heavenly Treasures Street will belong to Uncle Zhong forever!"

Wales Karon lowered his head and did not resist. This was not because of Wang Zhong, but because the law enforcement squad was here. He was not a newbie here and was very clear of the methods the law enforcement squad would take. If Wang Zhong had not stopped the misdeed, he would have been done for. The more he thought about it, the more afraid he was. What had happened in this period of time?

He was also an elite among the Earthlings. Why did he descend to this extent? Why was he so foolish?

From the cheers of the people around him, he knew what he had done recently. He might have wasted all of Wang Zhong's efforts in the divine territory and even created a great deal of trouble for Earthlings. Once the other native residents formed a fixed impression of them, it would be extremely difficult to change!

Rhode D and the others, who were standing behind Wang Zhong, were rather expressionless. This was a standard expression of the Machinery race, but they could not restrain the joy that filled their gaze.

Was it simply a coincidence that he had come to the Heavenly Treasures Street? In fact, was it a coincidence that they had asked Wang Zhong to come to the Catanlyke District with them?

No, this was an assessment from the Machinery race… Wang Zhong, who had obtained the machine heart, had started to be closer and closer to fulfilling the requirements of a leader.

Other than the Machinery race and the insect race, in the long history of the Land, there were a few alien races who had also joined the Land[a]. However, the desires of other races were too powerful and too complex. They had to go through multiple layers of assessment before truly earning the approval and trust of the Machinery race. No cheating could be involved in this process. Even though Wang Zhong was a unique case and had obtained the machine heart, he could not skip this step either.

Back then, asking him to join the Law Enforcement Association in the Heavenly Gates was simply a preliminary observation. This was the first true assessment.

[a]law enforcement? the law enforcers?

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