Battle Frenzy
1107 Borrow Another Place to Use
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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1107 Borrow Another Place to Use

Pa Pa Pa Pa Pa…

The stage was in disorder, and Napier was in a sorry state. However, none of the eggs landed on his face.

"Ah, today's eggs are sold out!" Once Tianyao saw that the situation was good, he brought the show to a close. He announced, "Furthermore, our Unlucky Clown is now covered in eggs. Let him off! Hey, fool, why haven't you kept your balls? Go back to your nest and remember to wash yourself clean. If not, you won't have any dinner to eat!"

Napier gave a twisted bow. Then, he slid and crawled off the stage, leaving behind a chain of laughter. Although his face was spared, everyone who had thrown eggs at him was satisfied as they had vented a day's worth of stress. Of course, there were also a few who were obsessed with this and were grumbling that this programme definitely had to be present tomorrow. Then, they would definitely strike that clown's broken smile!

Napier took a shower backstage. This evil place sold smelly spoiled eggs, resulting in a fishy smell on this body that was very difficult to wash off.

Smashing the clown was the last programme at the Tianyao Theatre today. After washing up, he still had to clean up the remains of the situation. The rules of the theatre were that whoever performed would clean up. It was very obvious that this was disadvantageous to Napier.

However, Napier did not mind at all. Very quickly, he returned to the theatre stage with his clown makeup still on. The performance had ended, and the other actors among the cast had also left. Only Tianyao was there counting money. "Clean up the stage well later. Today's performance is not bad. You did not waste the techniques I handed to you. Oh, here is today's extra prize money. Don't tell anyone else."

Napier laughed and received the prize money. "Thank you, boss."

"Don't laugh all the time. Forget it, I don't know whether you are laughing or not. Hurry up and clean this place up. Remember to use an air freshener. It's too smelly!"

Tianyao left quickly. Only Napier was left in the entire theatre.

Napier walked backstage and drew some water. Then, he took a mop and other tools before starting to clean up.

He was extremely attentive in his cleaning, as if he was destroying a crime scene. He used the wet mop and cloth to wipe the surfaces again and again.

Just as he was working hard and cleaning, a dim ray of light suddenly descended from the skylight of the theatre. It was a ghost bat messenger, whose semi-transparent body concealed a divine light. Napier tilted his head up to take a look. The divine light in the ghost bat shone on his hand.

After completing its mission, the ghost bat rapidly flew away through the skylight. Napier looked at the divine light and stretched out his hand and drew a rune with his fingertips. Then, the rune entered the divine light, and the divine light instantly spread out, forming a letter. As he read the letter, it gradually turned into light before vanishing into the air.

It was a letter from an assassin organization.

Napier laughed. This time, he was truly laughing.

He took some light steps forward, and a silhouette walked out from his body. This silhouette was exactly the same as him and was his clone puppet. It seemed the same as the cloning method on Earth, just that this was a new method he had developed in the divine territory.

The puppet clone took the cleaning tools in his hand. Then, it started to clean up the stage exactly how he usually did so. Meanwhile, the real him disappeared in the night.

He had received a mission to kill someone who deserved to die.

Napier moved stealthily in the dark night. He was not a shadow or an invisible figure. It was as if his body was night itself. He had fused together with the night.

He passed by a group of Machines patrolling. He was like air to the scanning eyes of the Machines as they did not pick up anything.

Napier rapidly swept past the streets and arrived in front of a tree. This was a massive tree spirit whose body had developed into a pub. There was a busy flow of people inside, drinking while having a jolly time.

According to the information in the letter, his objective would appear here.

Napier waited patiently. After an unknown period of time, Napier's peace was disrupted by a shadow. His target had finally appeared.

He was a member of the Flame race. His body was surrounded by greenish-purple flames, which represented his powerful Void Core Realm. At this moment, he was laughing out loud as he was sneering at something. Closely after, he suddenly trembled!

Napier had infiltrated his body. Then, he easily left with the wind, taking away his life.

This was a simple harvest. In the eyes of Napier, a powerful Void Core Flame person was like meat on a chopping board.

Napier took off, leaving the body behind him, along with a shouting frenzy. No one had discovered that he had killed his target. Furthermore, he was actually a Void Core! He had achieved the Void Core Realm earlier than any other human!

In order to improve his performance abilities, the boss of the theatre, Tianyao, had given him a magic civilization technique —— the Great Magician.

To a true magic master like Tianyao, the Great Magician was an incomplete technique as there were many gaps in it. Rather than being a technique, it was more like an immature course in the magic civilization.

However, Tianyao never expected that this technique would be extremely compatible with Napier!

The contents of this course, immature in Tianyao's eyes, brought to Napier power that surpassed his imagination, allowing him to improve at a terrifying speed. However, Napier was clear that the hunter will shoot the bird that sticks out. He concealed himself. What he needed least was unnecessary attention. If the effects were too obvious, he would definitely attract attention. He was not afraid for himself, but he was worried that he would involve other humans who were already suffering enough.

Then, he joined an assassination organization and helped them to "handle" matters. At the same time, he used the organization to build himself up. This was one of the ways he had become powerful.

From his experiences, Napier believed in one thing. The Earth would definitely be able to rise. The divine territory was simply a new springboard for the human civilization to evolve!

What he had to do was wait, wait for the leader of the Earthlings to summon him!


Elsewhere, Lao Wang, who had no awareness of this summoning, was heading towards the Heavenly Gates.

From the talk with Grai, even though he could only draw inspiration from a few different experiences of accumulating the Core, Mu Zi and Grai were both Earthlings, and their physiques were similar. Their Core accumulation experiences were particularly valuable to Wang Zhong and were especially useful to him. Furthermore, after a long period of pill refining, Lao Wang had accumulated enough to form his Core. It was as if the key points from Grai had helped him to break through the final layer of secrets, allowing Wang Zhong to sense a mysterious power ready to take action.

He would definitely not be able to break through in the mushroom house. Typically, there were caves specially for pupils to break through in the Heavenly Gates, where the spiritual power was rich and there were no external forces to disturb them. Furthermore, all emergency preparations would be present. It was the best place that most pupils would choose to break through in. However, Lao Wang had a better place…

"The Spirit Flower Garden? Of course there's no problem!" Nini was so excited that she chattered loudly. "Master, Master, I will clear out a space for you right now. I assure you that those little bitches will not disturb you at all!"

Lao Wang had entered the Spirit Flower Garden twice. The richness of the spiritual power there far surpassed any other place he had encountered in the Heavenly Gates. After all, it was another world. There was even a rumor that the Spirit Flower Garden was a fragment world of the Heaven, or even the backyard of the Heaven! Just this point alone made it much better than any other environment in the Land. Furthermore, the Spirit Flower Garden had another benefit that was even more powerful. The elemental power there was extremely potent. He had now awakened his double ice-and-fire natural endowments. If he was able to obtain even more assistance from ice and fire elements in the process of accumulating his core, he would no longer be just accumulating his Core. Perhaps there would even be a targeted improvement in a certain area.

The Spirit Flower Garden was his most ideal location to accumulate his Core! However, this was only for Lao Wang. The bunch of elemental spirits would typically anxiously wait for him to arrive if they had nothing to do. If Celeste wanted to go to the Spirit Flower Garden to accumulate her Core, they would definitely use several hundred brooms to chase her out.

"Sisters!" While Lao Wang was still on the way, Nini had started to appeal for help in the Spirit Flower Garden. "Master is going to come here to accumulate his Core. Hurry up, monkeys, get to work!"

"Kaka, hurry up and hide your belly! Do you know what you look like hanging off a tree?"

"Lulu! What are you wearing? It's just a piece of cloth! Is that intentional? Master is coming here to accumulate his core. He definitely, definitely cannot be distracted!"

"Hurry, hurry, hurry! Sisters, let's pull the weeds under that tree!"

"Why do we have to pull the weeds?"

"That's right. Isn't that the job of the poop picker?" Some unwilling elemental spirits murmured.

"Are you tired of this? If you are, then stand at the very back. Also, you won't get Master's autograph as you wanted!"

The Spirit Flower Garden was clamoring and in disarray.

Meanwhile, outside the gates of the Spirit Flower Garden, Celeste was explaining something to a new female Seductress.

Under Roro's vehement request, Celeste had to resign from this job. However, she could not just wash her hands of this job and leave. Her original plan had been to continue the job for the rest of the month. These two days were at the end of the month, and the time for her to hand over a job.

The new staff was an acquaintance, a girl from the goblin race who was not from the Heavenly Gates. Although she seemed very young, she had good natural endowments. Naturally, her identity was out of the ordinary. Anyone who could come here to work was definitely not an ordinary person. This Kris Ina was an actual princess of the goblin race and the precious daughter of the current head of their race. The next batch of Heavenly Gates pupils would definitely include her. Furthermore, she would definitely be the most dazzling genius of that group. Her working schedule here had also been determined. Originally, she was supposed to replace Celeste after one or two years. But now, since the daughter of the Heavenly Shell Crown Prince was leaving, she naturally took up the job in advance.

"Sister Celeste, you signed a contract with an elemental spirit after only half a year? How impressive!" Ina had just arrived and exchanged a few sentences with Celeste. At that moment, her eyes were wide, and she looked at the daughter of the Heavenly Shell Crown Prince with a gaze full of admiration. "Teach me. How nice would it be if I could sign a contract with an elemental spirit after working here for half a year."

"Heh heh. You can't rush this kind of thing. There was also an element of luck involved." Celeste patted her small head and smiled. "Don't worry. With your talents, if you do your job well here and the elemental spirits have a favorable impression of you, your chances of success will definitely be very high."

"Okay, okay. I realized that Sister Celeste is becoming more and more like my mom." Ina furrowed her eyebrows and stuck her nose up. "Is it not enough for me to do my work properly and be earnest?"

Although the goblin race did not have a close friendship with the Heavenly Shell race like the Titans, they were all peak civilizations in the Land and interacted with each other rather frequently. One of them was the daughter of the Crown Prince, while the other was a princess. Furthermore, their ages did not differ much. They frequently interacted with each other and naturally had good sentiments towards each other.

"Okay, don't furrow your eyebrows anymore." Celeste was helpless with her as well. "Do your work diligently. If there is a chance, I will definitely ask Roro to help put in a good word with those elemental spirits."

"Sister Celeste spoils me most." The girl instantly beamed with joy. "Here, let me massage Sister's legs~~"

"Don't be so noisy. I haven't finished handing over everything to you." Ina changed her expression as if she was a movie diva. Celeste did not know whether to laugh or to cry. Just as she was about to continue handing over the work, they heard the sound of someone outside pushing the door to come in.

"Oh? Didn't you say that the Spirit Flower Garden has very few customers? I already have a customer on my first day!" Ina excitedly said. "It looks like I'm truly a lucky cat[1]! Let's go and see. Who is it, who is it?"

Celeste rubbed her white nose. Just as she brought Ina out, the visitor simply rushed into the shop.

"Hey, hey, hey, uncle, you cannot just charge through this place!" Ina was enthusiastic and put out her hand in a "stop" gesture. She looked like a young owner. "You have to register first!"

Celeste had just explained the rules here, and an ordinary customer had to register outside first. Who was this person? He seemed careless and was not handsome but dared to charge in.

"Ah?" Lao Wang was dumbfounded. He did not think that someone else would be here. "I'm sorry. I forgot because I was rushing for time…"

"Go, go, go!" Ina was pleased. She had managed to capture a rule-breaker on her first day at the job. "For fellows like you who don't follow the rules, in the future, you are not allowed—"

Before she could finish speaking, Celeste coughed several times in succession and forcibly disrupted her. She did not know whether to laugh or to cry.

Did this girl want to sign a contract with an elemental spirit? If she offended the fellow in front of them, this fellow would probably not harbor a grudge, but if the big-mouthed Nini knew this… Girl, don't think about entering the Spirit Flower Garden for the rest of your life!

"Ahem, ahem. This is Wang Zhong," Celeste hurriedly said. "It's no matter. In a while, I will help you with the processes."

"Oh? Is there something fishy?" Ina turned to observe these two people.

Celeste was too lazy to talk nonsense and explain to this girl. However, she very quickly had a shocking notion.

What was Wang Zhong here for? There were only elemental spirits in the Spirit Flower Garden. Wait, could it be that this fellow…

When she thought about this, Celeste suddenly widened her mouth. "Wang Zhong, could it be that you are going to—"

"Going to do what? Going to do what?" Princes Ina was definitely the chief of gossip. Her two sharp ears immediately stood up straight.

"It can't be! You already have two!" Celeste simply could not help but comment. Back then, the two elemental spirits were enough to make people spit blood. How long had passed since then? Was he back for more?

"Two children?" Princess Ina's eyes lit up. "The two of you have actually— There is definitely an adulterous affair involved! You, speak!"

The two of them had sung the same tune and had continued the conversation themselves. They had chattered in quick succession, and Lao Wang could not even put a word in. He had no choice but to force a smile and wave his hand. "What does this have to do with anything…?"

He helplessly explained, "I suddenly had the feeling of my Core accumulating, and I just wanted to use the pure elemental density and superb spiritual environment in the Spirit Flower Garden to try and aim for the Void Core Realm."


It would have been fine if he did not explain, but his explanation immediately stunned Celeste at the side. Countless question marks immediately appeared in her mind.

[1] Lucky cat - a Japanese figurine cat usually found at the entrance of shops and believed to bring good fortune

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