Battle Frenzy
1110 Princess“s Gossipy Hear
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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1110 Princess“s Gossipy Hear

However, Lao Wang did not seem to be used to having a pair of wings on his back. At that moment, he smiled and kept his wings. Before he could say anything, the chattering noises outside surged like a swarm of wasps.

However, these chattering elemental spirits immediately froze the moment they saw Lao Wang.

"How, how handsome!"

"He's become even more handsome… My god, I feel like my heart is about to leap out!"

"I can't take it, I can't take it. Handsome! Give me a kiss!"

If the previous Lao Wang was enough to set their gazes on fire, the current Lao Wang who had broken through had an even more unique aura of affinity that these elemental spirits could sense. Then, they could only drool!

"I want a hug!"

The elemental spirits had all gone crazy. Even Nini did not shout at them to stop and could only look on in exasperation at this group of bitches rushing crazedly toward Master. Dozens of them charged at him at the same time!

After a full four days, Celeste, who was waiting outside, was rather composed. After all, she had experienced too many astonishing incidents with Lao Wang. However, Princess Ina was shocked.

It was just like waiting for a serial drama update. He was just accumulating his Void Core, right? Why did he have to leave her hanging for a full four days? If there were no results, he should have come out and said so! Since when was there anyone who took four days to accumulate their Void Core?

For those low-leveled civilizations, whether they would succeed was based on a feeling. Wouldn't they usually be done in one or two hours? There was no point enduring for so long!

Furthermore, even though the gates to the Spirit Flower Garden had been sealed shut for the past few days, they could still sense the unusual energy spreading in the Spirit Flower Garden through the thick rune gate. This was definitely not a phenomenon that would be witnessed when accumulating one's Void Core.

This was abnormal, far too abnormal!

Princess Ina's gossipy heart had been set ablaze. For the past few days, she had been waiting to the point that she felt as if her pants were on fire. Why wasn't that Earthling coming out?

"If that person doesn't come out, I am going to…"

Crack crack…

Before Princess Ina could finish speaking, the rune gates had been pushed open. A solemn and silent Lao Wang briskly walked out.

Princess Ina's eyes lit up. He must have failed. Even though she knew that she should build a good relationship with this Earthling, when she looked at the expression of this fellow who had made her wait for four days, Princess Ina was silently satisfied.

Hmph, who asked you to make me wait for four days?! Like I said, which low-leveled civilization member took a full four days to accumulate their Core? He had definitely failed. He might have even cried for three days inside!

However, before Princess Ina could finish processing this thought, she discovered the true reason for Lao Wang's solemn and silent expression.

"Handsome! Handsome, don't leave!"

"Master! My beloved Master!"

"Ah ah ah, hug me! I haven't been hugged! They've all been hugged! This is unfair!"

Lao Wang's solemn face was full of sweat. Behind him, there was a large group of elemental spirits rapidly chasing him like a swarm of wasps. It was simply as if a group of wild wolves who had gone crazy from hunger were chasing a tender lamb.

Just now, Lao Wang had managed to leave them behind after great difficulty. Throughout the short journey from the Ancient Spirit Tree to the gates of the Spirit Flower Garden, he had been accosted 18 times, delaying him by two or three hours. And this was under the circumstances where Nini, Yiyi, and even Roro had tried to stop them in a fluster. At that moment, he hurriedly sped up with fright on his face and rushed over with a nervous expression.

Lao Wang, who had broken through to the Void Core Realm, was extremely quick. In the blink of an eye, he rushed out from the flower garden and did not even have the chance to pay attention to Celeste and Princess Ina, who were stunned at the side. He turned around and immediately closed the rune gates of the Spirit Flower Garden. Only then did he finally heave a rough sigh of relief.

He had finally escaped!

Countless people in the divine territory desired the favor of the elemental spirits, but Lao Wang simply felt that this talk was cheap. How about you try being chased by several thousand crazy elemental spirits?

These fellows… They were too touchy-feely. They dared to hug everything!

When he thought about this experience, even someone as brave as Wang Zhong had the jitters. He was truly afraid of being eaten up by those elemental spirits. He could not provoke them, he could not provoke them!

Then, he saw the two ladies with dull expressions at the side.

"You guys are still here?" Lao Wang greeted them.

"Y—yes." Princess Ina finally recovered from her shock after some time and could not help but walk around Lao Wang. She observed him up and down, left and right, and even sniffed him. Then, she had a look of disbelief. There did not seem to be any unique scent. No matter how she looked at him, he was normal…

Beside her, Celeste was much more normal. After seeing such things a few times, she had formed some tolerance for them, even though each incident had been more exaggerated than the next.

Her gaze fell on Wang Zhong. She did not even have to understand in detail. Just one look at his radiant disposition and she knew that he had definitely succeeded. However, she did not know where something felt wrong, and she had a feeling that she could not describe in words. Even if he had succeeded, he was no more than a Void Core. However, at that moment, Wang Zhong had a refined aura that even a Solid Core expert like her found difficulty in judging the strength of.

"Wang Zhong, congratulations." In the end, Celeste did not lose control of herself and congratulated Wang Zhong.

"Thank you." Lao Wang smiled. "I always trouble you every time. Let me treat you to a drink later."

Celeste smiled. "I won't hold back."

"Hey hey!" Princess Ina came over. "Earth Brother, don't forget about my drinks. In the future, I will help you with the processes. I welcome you anytime!"

Lao Wang laughed. Even though the elemental spirits inside gave him a headache, regardless of whether it was his relationship with Nini and Yiyi or for that mysterious Ancient Spirit Tree, he would definitely have many opportunities to come to the Spirit Flower Garden. "Let me thank you in advance. That's right. You are…?"

Princess Ina rolled her eyes. She had completely forgotten about her unwillingness to tell this low-leveled civilization member her name. "Earth Brother, how detestable. How could you not know my name after such a long time? I'm Kris Ina. You'd better remember that. If you still don't know next time, I will be sad!"

"I'm Wang Zhong. Just call me Wang Zhong, Ina."

When Lao Wang left, not only was Princess Ina's heart of gossip on fire, even Celeste felt the same way.

Even though this could involve probing into his secrets, Celeste was just too curious. She really wanted to know exactly what kind of Void Core Wang Zhong had accumulated. Void Cores were different from Solid Cores. If they did not reveal their true form, there would not be much notable difference between them. However, there was something unique about Wang Zhong. Perhaps she was being too sensitive.

Celeste summoned Roro, and Roro confirmed that Wang Zhong had definitely achieved his Void Core. Furthermore, it would be remarkably special as the energy waves in the Spirit Flower Garden were extremely intense. However, it was a pity that only Nini and Yiyi saw his true form. The other elemental spirits did not see anything.

However, Roro described the ancient flower blooming, the 5 Elements wafting through the air, and the riot of the spirits very vividly.

This Earthling… Perhaps she should make a thorough inquiry of him. At first, she had focused on Wang Zhong himself, but perhaps she should consider this problem from the perspective of the Heavenly Shell race.


In the Icebound District.

"Cuckoo, cuckoo, those idiots. Those idiots with the massive ice monsters actually dared to challenge you! They haven't learned their lesson yet. Vladimir will crush them into pieces. Cuckoo, cuckoo, a bunch of fools!"

The ice bird chirped as it flew back and forth above Julienne Xeah's head. Julienne simply glared at it. She did not have the time to deal with this bird who had a loose tongue.

Vladimir was her most perfect work! The cold from her fingertips seeped into him. Under Julienne's guidance, the extremely pure primitive element gradually permeated into Vladimir's vessels.

The news that Julienne Xeah had lost all her massive ice monsters had spread, and various ranking challenges followed closely after. In the Ice Pole Faction, rankings meant everything, including resources, position, and the respect and fear of others. Once she lost all of these, Julienne was nothing. The greedy intentions towards her gradually turned into reality and became her nightmare. She already knew this truth for a very long time. When her father left and her mother passed away, she knew what being a sewer princess meant! She was once one, but she had climbed out from the sewers. She was now the Ice Witch of the Ice Pole Faction and was ninth in the ranking.

However, some people had conspired against her for a very long time!

In reality, there were already signs. The massive ice monsters that she refined all had problems one after another. This was definitely not an accident or a coincidence!

Once she dropped from her current ranking, many people would be benefiting from it. Not only would the challengers who were currently ranked behind her benefit, the so-called experts ranked in front of her, who had once trembled when she caught up with them, would also manage to keep their undeserved reputations!

The Ice Witch brought about massive pressure to the disciples in the upper classes. This was also one of the conditions for Julienne to continue surviving in the Ice Pole Faction. The Gold Core bosses in the upper levels enjoyed seeing this intense scene of cruel competition.

The others more or less had a decent background supporting them, while Julienne could only rely on herself. This was also good as she would only have to worry about her own matters. As for loneliness, she resolved this with cultivation. Furthermore, she had created for herself an ice bird who liked to nag.

"Cuckoo, cuckoo, it's time!"

Besides nagging, the ice bird had another function, to remind Julienne of the time. When refining the ice monsters, it was easy to forget about important times, such as the ranking competitions, as well as the checks and maintenance of her ice monster.

Julienne opened her eyes and looked at Vladimir, who was soaked in power. She could clearly sense the potential contained in this perfect body. She flashed a satisfied smile before speaking softly to him.

"Rise, Vla."

Julienne's voice had a unique tune and contained hidden waves that awakened the ice monster. This was the link between her and Vladimir. He would listen to everything she said and follow her orders. It was simple and highly efficient.

Vladimir blinked and opened his eyes. There were no waves in his eyes, which were icy and bright like gemstones. Julienne looked at his eyes in a daze. "How perfect!"

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    《Battle Frenzy》