Battle Frenzy
1111 Puppet Hear
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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1111 Puppet Hear

The eyes of ice were the first transformation she made to Vladimir. She had used up her remaining resources just for this pair of eyes, but everything was worth it. Vladimir had proven his powerful potential with his natural combat endowments and other aspects that exceeded her imagination, as well as victory in seven consecutive ranking battles. Those who wanted to take advantage of her would pay a painful price.

When they failed the challenge, they would have to pay a huge amount of resources to the challenger as a penalty. Meanwhile, she used all of these resources on Vladimir without leaving any behind.

She thought that those people should understand. She had given up on the ice monsters, not because she could no longer refine them, but because she had found an even more perfect target!

Vladimir, her Vla!

However, some people did not believe her and thought that she was building castles in the sky.

Today, she was challenged by Night Luo, who was ranked 11th.

They were truly unwilling to give up!

However, her Vla would let everyone know that the Ice Witch would always be an existence that they looked up to. She was the successor of the Xeah family. The nobility of this surname was something they could never hope to attain. It was a power that they could only covet in vain.

In the world of ice, aristocrats were aristocrats not because they were always on top. No matter what they experienced, they would always return.

Of course, all of this was a distant wish in her heart. Julienne did not think that she could complete all these wishes in a short period of time. The surname Xeah once represented true experts, but she was still struggling in the Void Core Realm. In order to restore the glory of her family, there was still a distance that was as unreal as a sea of stars. However, having hope was always good.

Furthermore, she now had Vladimir. All of this was not a dream. Vla was very perfect and was extremely similar to the perfect bodies recorded in her family books. However, it was a pity that he was not a celestial… However, this was a good thing for her. Celestialoids were easier for her to control. Furthermore, in terms of growth potential and flexibility, Vladimir was even better than those fixed celestial bodies. At the very least, she would save a great amount of resources in the preliminary stages of transforming his body.

"Cuckoo, cuckoo, it's time, it's time for the challenge!"

The ice bird's timely chirp disrupted Julienne's fantasy of the perfect body, and she blinked. Then, her mind rapidly entered Vladimir's body using the Ice Puppet Secret Technique. Vladimir "came to life" as if the switch of a machine had been flipped. He moved his arms, then his legs. Then, he leaped out from the ice coffin.

"Wear your armor. Make our opponents tremble because of us."

Julienne took a deep breath and looked at Vladimir's perfect physique. Then, she excitedly helped him to take off his clothes. Throughout this process, the tips of her fingers brushed past his muscles more than once. Of course, she had a proper reason to do so! —She was checking the condition of his body. After all, this was a corpse that did not have a soul, the most important thing for life in this perfect body. Then, she personally helped him to put on his lining and a set of flexible scale-like armor, and gave him a sword. In an instant, an extremely dashing warrior was protecting her.

She looked at him and was extremely satisfied. Such perfect material!

Julienne admired Vladimir for a few more seconds until the ice bird chirped another reminder. Then, she finally gave a command. "Set out."

This should have been a match that was full of suspense. Night Luo, who was ranked 11th, had challenged Julienne. This was the second time he had challenged Julienne's position.

The first time, he had paid the cruel price. This time, he had staged a comeback and was obviously well-prepared.

However, just as everyone thought that this would be an exciting battle, Vladimir attacked first on the battlefield. He raised his hand slightly.


Darkness descended, and claws of ice, like from some icy hell, broke through the surface of the ground and suddenly stretched out upwards. The ice claws swelled and grew bigger, turning into a jail that suddenly trapped Night Luo's puppet.

Before Night Luo could react, Julienne said something softly. She had given the command for a fatal blow.

Ice Jail Instant Killing Formation!

Vladimir took one step and stood in front of the ice jail. A shadow made out of the ice element replaced him where he was originally standing, and this ice clone instantly moved forward!

Closely after, even more ice clones walked out from Vladimir's body. They were made up of transparent ice crystals. They had no color, but when light shone on them, the polychromatic mottle of reflections was like a colorful sea cascading down on the raging ice monster in the ice jail.

In the ice jail, not only was it cold, but there was also desolation, where all the elements reached their limit and were eliminated. It was just like how sunlight brought about life, but if one placed life on the sun, there would be destruction.


Night Luo spat out blood. The spiritual connection between him and his puppet had been severed, and the backlash traveled along an arcane contract to act on his soul.

Julienne laughed coldly and received the large amount of resources won from this challenge without any pity. Meanwhile, Night Luo and the others were dumbstruck as they looked at this small ice puppet.

Was this still a puppet? Such rich combat techniques in a physical puppet body were rare in the history of this world. This was simply something that a person of Julienne's level could not do!

It was said that the highest achievement for a puppet was eternal life. They could be immortal.

Julienne did not care about the rest and was cold and unsociable as usual. She returned to her territory and impatiently got Vladimir back into an ice coffin. She personally helped him to take off his armor and carefully carried out checks on his stark naked body. As usual, Vladimir's body was perfect and had no flaws. He had completely mastered her family's puppet techniques. If her massive ice monster had performed such a powerful technique, it would definitely be injured. However, not only was he not injured, he seemed to be advancing!

An ice puppet that could advance by itself! This was a favor that fate had bestowed upon her!

This made Julienne extremely satisfied. What an amazing material! She had a powerful premonition that she could achieve her objective of becoming the greatest puppeteer with Vla!

"The Void Core Realm! I have to give Vla a proper Void Core! This way, he can improve his endurance and combat ability. I just happen to have an ice heart from the winnings just now. That seems to be the best medium for a Void Core…"

Julienne thought about it excitedly. Even though the current Vla had strength that would not lose to any other Void Core, she was not satisfied with this. Her dream was to create the most powerful puppet in history, a Gold Core puppet. Vladimir was her best experimental material!

The first step started from the Void Core.

Julienne carefully cleaned Vladimir's body. Once she confirmed that he was in a perfect state, she excitedly wrapped up the ice heart. Then, she entered a refining room that completely blocked off any prying eyes. The ice heart continuously shrank under her secret refining technique, and a Void Core gradually took shape.

However, just as Julienne was immersed in refining, the supposedly dormant Vladimir suddenly opened his eyes without her command and slowly looked at her…


A few days after accumulating his core, Wang Zhong's days were unusually peaceful. He was almost always at the mushroom house.

He was not anxious about the three artifacts. He could not hide these Netherworld River items from experts, and it was dangerous just being their owner. Still, Wang Zhong decided to wait for an opportunity. Even if he did not personally refine them, he would at least understand the path of equipment refinery. Furthermore, Earthlings now desperately needed basic knowledge of equipment refinery techniques, so he had to accumulate various knowledge on equipment refinery. Since he had accumulated these resources, there was no harm in looking over them. If he did not have natural endowments in equipment refinery like he had in pill refinery, it would not be too late to give up later.

Since he was going to learn about equipment refinery, he definitely had to start with a firm foundation. Just like learning how to refine pills, he first had to understand pill studies and medicinal theories. Back then, the two months of accumulating knowledge at Uncle Sea's place in the Heavenly Treasures Street was the foundation for his rapid progress in pill studies later on.

With Jhonas in the dorm, this was much more convenient. Thankfully, the Three Great Halls Reform in the Heavenly Gates this year had allowed any Heavenly Gates pupil to learn content in the other Halls. In the past, even though this was not as serious as some problems on principle, they were still banned on the surface. If they were discovered, a light punishment would have involved the deduction of points, while a heavy punishment could have involved being chased out of the Heavenly Gates.

Lao Wang had stayed in the mushroom house for a few days with the large stack of ancient books that Jhonas had brought in. It was said that the Babi family had forced the Flying Pig to read these. This was a huge advantage for Wang Zhong.

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    《Battle Frenzy》