Battle Frenzy
1114 Karlo People
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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1114 Karlo People

The four-eyes laughed coldly, and spiritual power exploded from his body. Four waves of Netherworld energy surged from his four eyes like smoke. Then, the rising aura from his body immediately subsided, and his eyes settled. However, his cold voice turned into alarm when he looked clearly at his surroundings.

All the attackers had turned into mummies. Meanwhile, his aura that had just subsided suddenly surged like a stormy sea, as if his body had produced a strong rejection response.

There was an explosion.

Blood surged into Grai's body in an endless stream, making Grai seem particularly monstrous.

Grai licked his lips and looked at the end of the street. The power that the underground world could activate at the surface of the ground was restricted. After all, they had to give the law enforcement squad some face, and the strongest among this group of people was no more than a peak Void Core. Thus, he was not worried, but what about Mu Zi?

The one chasing him was possibly a Solid Core, or even a Gold Core…


One week later…

Outside the Violence Field, Titan supervisor Tsargesimon was spiritless as usual. The deepest part of the Illusion Sea World was said to be a fatal threat to even Gold Core experts. However, it was obvious that the supervisor would not lead a group of Void Core pupils to such dangerous areas and was naturally not nervous. On the contrary, when he saw Wang Zhong quietly join the line, an upward curl appeared at the corners of his mouth.

Even without considering his individual hobbies, and only taking the perspective of a slightly irresponsible supervisor, he would definitely welcome pupils like Wang Zhong. If one had such pupils, when other pupils had poor results, did not work hard, or were extremely foolish, they did not need to rack their brains to scold them in exasperation. They simply had to point at pupils like Wang Zhong and flash a disdainful gaze at the poor pupils. Then, everything would have been communicated. This was simply convenient.

"Everyone, listen up." Supervisor Tsargesimon was in a decent mood, but he spoke little nonsense as usual. "I will not say the same thing twice. If you don't follow the prescribed path or charge into other regions after going in, I will not oppose you, but no one will save you, and you will be responsible for your own fate. I will now give you a final five minutes to prepare. We will set off after five minutes!"

This time, the mission of the Combat Cultivation Hall pupils was to stay in the white region for one month. Although this was the white region used to test Void Cores, the rate of injury was not low either. To a large majority of people, they would not go to the yellow region even if they were beaten to death.

"Relax, supervisor!" Many combat cultivation pupils immediately responded. However, there were a few who were silent, but their eyes lit up faintly.

Meanwhile, a short and chubby baldie whose entire body was dark green looked at Wang Zhong nearby. He was from the Wizard race, a level-5 civilization, and had excellent natural endowments. However, he had received orders from his race to remain low-key and network with the people here. But when he looked at Wang Zhong, who was also from a low-leveled civilization, he saw that he was respected. Those who compromised could only become slaves!

Wang Zhong's appearance caused many powerful people to see another possibility.

The supervisor waved his large hand, and a boundary cloth appeared. The power of the rules descended, and the vast crowd of about a thousand people was instantly taken in by the cloth. However, unlike the boundary cloth used when fighting in the Combat Cultivation Hall previously, the people in this boundary cloth were not enveloped in darkness, and light could pass through. They could even clearly see the scenery outside.

"The supervisor is so thoughtful this time. He's even allowing us to enjoy the scenery?"

"Don't overthink it. All the training grounds in the Heavenly Gates have very strict checks. This is not to allow us to see the outside world, but to let the outside world immediately see the people inside."

"So that's the case."

"Furthermore, the dimensional gate is in the innermost layer of the Heavenly Gates. The spiritual pressure in the area beside the Heavenly River that passes through the Heaven and the Land is more than ten times that of the outer area. There are at least thirty units of spiritual pressure, something that we simply cannot endure. Even some Solid Core experts would find it difficult to walk, let alone fly nearby!"

It was crowded inside the boundary cloth, but this illusory world was not packed. Many people were discussing, while some people were resting with their eyes closed.

Wang Zhong looked outside with excitement. When Tsargesimon saw that all the pupils had been taken in, he took a large step forward. Titans were experts that were particularly skilled in their speed. At that moment, he seemed to walk at the speed of light as thunder surrounded him. Sand and stones swirled around while lightning surged. A distance of several hundred kilometers seemed to have passed by in the blink of an eye.

Before the people in the boundary cloth could recover from their shock at the terrifying speed, a black gate towered over them. Meanwhile, a humanoid figure hovered in midair while sitting cross-legged.

"Look, there's a celestialoid there!"

"Shut up. Those who are able to guard the dimensional gates are not ordinary people. If you dare to call such people celestialoids, you really don't know the concept of death!"

In the Land, the term "celestialoid" was a form of address that implied humiliation. Only low-leveled civilizations would think that the association with celestials made this name impressive and feel complacent. However, those with truly authentic bloodlines would never lower their heads to anyone, even to the lofty four races in Heaven. They might be under the command of the four races in Heaven as they submitted themselves to their strength, but they would definitely not be willing for their entire race to depend on others.

The figure sitting cross-legged outside the dimensional gate was from a civilization with an extremely powerful bloodline, the Karlo people.

There were many experts among the Karlo people. However, since their bloodline was too rare, they had no intention of establishing a civilization power. Thus, they had not obtained the title of a level-8 civilization. However, regardless of whether it was their bloodline or their natural endowments, they were much stronger than some level-8 civilizations. In the Land, there were many races like this, such as the Roc race.

At that moment, the humanoid elder who was sitting cross-legged seemed like a hovering statue. They could not see any aura of life from the surface of his body.

However, even Supervisor Tsargesimon, who was typically loud-mouthed, slowed down at that moment and flashed a respectful expression. "Tsargesimon is here to visit the great elder with nine hundred pupils from the Combat Cultivation Hall. We are applying to advance to the Illusion Sea."

At that moment, the eyelids of the elder who resembled a corpse moved slightly. He only opened them a little.


A terrifying ray of light leaked out from the small gap in his eye, and it was as if an ancient and mysterious world had opened up. The bright environment around them that was lit up by the Heavenly River dimmed and lost color. This terrifying gaze swept past Tsargesimon's eyes. Even Tsargesimon, who was considered extremely powerful among the Gold Cores, did not seem to dare to look at the elder's eyes and immediately lowered his arrogant head.

Meanwhile, in the boundary cloth, regardless of whether it was the ordinary pupils or experts like Wang Zhong and Pavaro, everyone instantly felt as if they were going to faint from being stared at by this gaze. They could not resist this gaze. It was too powerful and too terrifying! Everyone felt nervousness and fear from the depths of their hearts.

Luckily, the elder's terrifying eyes were quickly closed. "Go."

His lips did not move, but a vast and mighty sound had spread throughout the world. Meanwhile, the pitch-black gate behind him suddenly shone with countless stars. It was splendid and dazzling.

Tsargesimon saluted towards the elder and leaped into the gate. In the blink of an eye, he disappeared completely.

The transmission through the dimensional gate was very fast, unlike the ordinary transmission channels. It would only take a few minutes to cross the entire Fifth Dimension. Before everyone could recover from the elder's terrifying gaze, they found themselves in a strange world.

This was a space that seemed like a vast expanse of white. It was spacious without any boundaries, and one could not see the borders of this area. There was no elevation or depression in the geography of the place; it was a completely flat land. The surface of the ground was spotless, and it was extremely durable and smooth. This terrain was not normal at all. On the contrary, it seemed like a smooth and bright surface that was specially covered in steel and mercury.

Furthermore, in this white and boundless space, there were many massive spheres that resembled bubbles floating in the air. Some were several hundred meters away from the surface of the ground, while some were on the surface of the ground. All of the spheres were foggy white and seemed to be about the same size. It was hard to determine any other information from the surface.

Whoosh, whoosh, whoosh, whoosh…

Just as everyone was observing this strange world through the boundary cloth, Supervisor Tsargesimon had "dumped" all of them out from the boundary cloth.

"These bubbles are your objective." At this time, Supervisor Tsargesimon was completely different from his respectful self when he faced the terrifying old man and had regained his typically casual self. As he spoke, he pulled out his usual reclining chair and small table. Of course, he also had some desserts and good alcohol.

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    《Battle Frenzy》