Battle Frenzy
1115 Projection of the Soul
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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1115 Projection of the Soul

"I believe that you have obtained some resources before arriving here. The Illusion Sea World is an illusion-type world that is formed by fragments of time and memory. There is a large amount of soul fragments of experts left inside. What you need to do is find your own destiny. Everyone here got a wristband that can be used to automatically collect the soul energy fragments in the Illusion Sea."

The supervisor waved to the fellow standing nearest to him, and the insect immediately stepped forth. Then, the supervisor grabbed its wrist, which had a round wristband that had been distributed to everyone before they set off.

The supervisor knocked on the wristband. "Different regions have different levels of danger with fragments of varying strengths. The minimum is to collect ten level-9 cores or one level-8 core before you are considered to have completed the mission. In the end, for those who do not complete the mission, I am too lazy to deduct points from you. Just leave the Combat Cultivation Hall by yourselves. Furthermore, there are rewards for exceeding the requirements. For every additional level-9 core you collect, you will be rewarded with one Heavenly Gates point and one Gold Star Stone. There will be ten Heavenly Gates points and ten Gold Star Stones if you collect an additional level-8 core, and one hundred points and one hundred Gold Star Stones if you collect a level-7 core. As for level-6 and level-5 cores…"

Tsargesimon excitedly continued, "Those will only appear in the yellow region that is designated as off-limits. If you are not afraid of death and decide to go there and are able to bring back a high-leveled soul fragment, your rewards will be multiplied by fifty with every level above level-7!"

The pupils who had been quietly listening to him were all dumbfounded. This was followed closely by buzzing noises all around.

Everyone had seen the reward criteria in the message that had been sent to everyone. Not only were the points attractive, the glittering Gold Star Stones were also as alluring. After all, this was the Combat Cultivation Hall, and they were different from those rich geniuses in the Pill Refinery Hall who would easily throw out a bet for 100 Gold Star Stones from the very beginning. Other than a few pupils from the Combat Cultivation Hall, the majority of pupils were from middle-leveled civilizations who could just maintain a comfortable standard of living. What were a few hundred Gold Star Stones to them? It would be enough to cover their various expenses in the Heavenly Gates for an entire year! And they simply had to collect a few of the lowest-leveled level-9 fragments. This was definitely a mission with high returns!

However… cores that were above level-7 would provide 50 times more rewards. This had not appeared on the earlier list of rewards. Evidently, the supervisor's vile interests were at play again.

Only experts that were at least Solid Cores would leave behind level-6 soul fragments. Furthermore, anything that was left behind in the fragment world would be the most memorable or the most dangerous event in the expert's memory that caused even a Solid Core expert to feel a threat to their lives. How dangerous was such a fragment world? If a group of Void Cores went there, they could be killed by a random wave. One would not even know how they had died!

Although the rewards were good, one had to risk their lives. It was very obvious that a large majority of people were definitely not willing to take this risk.

"What are you blindly excited about? Those are just some basic rewards." The supervisor waved his large hand, and the seemingly omnipotent boundary cloth floated to the air before spreading out. Then, it displayed the names of everyone in the Combat Cultivation Hall like a screen. Each person had their points total displayed beside their names. At that moment, all the points were at "0". Furthermore, there were about a hundred spaces at the very top of this list. "When the mission ends, the first hundred pupils will receive an additional reward of five hundred Gold Star Stones. The first ten pupils will each receive one thousand Gold Star Stones. As for the top three pupils…"

He laughed mischievously. "They can choose a secret cultivation technique from the Combat Cultivation Hall Catalogue! The second runner-up can choose any secret technique from a level-6 civilization, and the first-runner up can choose one from a level-7 cultivation. Meanwhile, the champion can freely read through the Heavenly Gates Depository for three days!"

When the buzzing crowd heard the last sentence, they were all dumbfounded. In the next instant, they all exploded.

The Heavenly Gates had a rich collection of secret techniques that encompassed almost all the civilizations in the Land. There were no secret techniques that the Heavenly Gates could not get their hands on!

The Heavenly Gates Depository had everything that one could wish for. It was not open to pupils as it was the top resource of the divine territory. What did it mean to open up the Depository for three days?

This meant that one could even learn the thunder techniques of Gold Titans if they wanted to. Such core secret techniques of level-8 civilizations could not be learned by other civilizations under normal circumstances! Even though the secret techniques learned through this method could not be circulated, but… that individual would still benefit! They had thought that this was an ordinary mission, but the Combat Cultivation Hall was truly generous this time.

Damn, if such information had been published earlier, even the pupils from the Pill Refinery Hall would have been interested. They would pay the additional fee just to attend this Combat Cultivation Hall event! This was definitely a prize that no one could have guessed. Even to pill refinery pupils, the thunder techniques of the Gold Titans or peak goblin arts such as the Nine Turn Goblin Transformation were definitely techniques they dreamed of obtaining. Even though they could not display the full might of the techniques, they would get many benefits just from cultivating and learning these techniques.

"God! So that's the reward! Supervisor probably observed that our lives had been too hard for the past year."

"This is definitely a welfare mission! Putting aside the rewards for the top three, even the monetary rewards for collecting soul fragments are plentiful! There is a reward of one hundred Gold Star Stones for one level-7 core! That is comparable to the overall tax revenue for one month in my civilization…"

The surrounding pupils were in a frenzy. They had been brutally tortured by the supervisor in the Combat Cultivation Hall. Thus, they were simply not used to it when the supervisor suddenly treated them well.

Meanwhile, Supervisor Tsargesimon did not care about them after he finished speaking. He took out a music box from somewhere and put on his "earphones" before resting with his eyes closed. The group of Combat Cultivation Hall pupils were left to organize themselves.

"Qatare, let's team up as a pair! Although our speed of collection will be slightly slower, we will win at safety."

"Yes, a two-person team is just right. If there are three people, each person can only collect one soul fragment from exploring the three worlds. That efficiency is too low."

"I think that since we have one month, what do we need to fear if we are slightly slower? Even though the rewards are good, our lives are at risk. I heard that some fragment worlds have Void Core creatures that gather in packs."

"Void Core creatures? That's still fine. I heard from a senior brother that some unlucky ones were faced with an ancient battlefield when they entered an expert's memory fragment world! It was a bloodbath inside. What use is there if you team up? Even if you have ten people in your team, you would still be crushed and killed in seconds!"

"That is the yellow region, right? Most of the memory fragment worlds in the white region have been left behind by Void Cores, and many of them are our former seniors in the Heavenly Gates. Typically, they don't have any war experiences that are very dangerous, and it is rather safe in their fragment worlds. I heard that some entered a world of females. It was very relaxing, and they obtained the soul fragment after walking through a path of females…"

"Your understanding is incomplete! The closer you are to the soul fragment, the richer the energy. Typically, the soul fragment will be the most dangerous part of the entire fragment world. Even if there aren't any other experts or beasts, a world of females like you mentioned will also have terrifying demons guarding it. Once you are lost in such a world, you will succumb and never be able to escape! Do you really think that points are so easy to earn this time? Don't be foolish!"

There was no competition involved in this mission. Other than a few people who were determined to get first or to get a certain ranking, there were no conflicts in their interests for this mission. Thus, the atmosphere was rather amicable.

At that moment, everyone was buzzing in conversation. Some were communicating information, while others were organizing groups. Various voices filled the area. Given the entire month for training, many people did not mind wasting this time. However, this was obviously the mindset of ordinary pupils.

When the Titan supervisor announced that they could begin, a few people had left the group without a word. Only the weak would think about safely fulfilling the objectives of the mission. Any expert with a bit of ambition in the Combat Cultivation Hall would definitely not see such weaklings as examples to follow! What about danger? Danger was the touchstone that would truly train them. If they charged forth, they would become stronger, but if they did not charge forth, then they would die! One could not become a true expert if they did not have this awareness.

Lao Wang was obviously one of them. He was no longer in the Combat Cultivation Hall, and he would not have come if he was here to mess around.

He understood a lot of things about the Illusion Sea World from Lavel's advice, and desire had bloomed in his heart. He did not even pay attention to the illusion-world treasures that Lavel had mentioned. Instead, he wanted to experience the battles in the experts' memory fragment worlds that had been sealed up by history, and fight for life and death with historical experts. This was what made Lao Wang surge with excitement. After accumulating his Void Core, he was full of excitement towards the peak of his strength and was impatient for a battle.

He was obviously one of the earliest to leave the gathering point. He determined his surrounding circumstances using the Time-Space Wristband.

The Time-Space Wristband was a special tool in the Illusion Sea World and had many functions. Other than collecting soul fragments after entering the fragment world, there was also a rather simple diagram of the regions. The Heavenly Gates did not intentionally make the diagram simple. Instead, such illusion-type worlds were constantly changing. A mountain could turn into a vast ocean overnight. Even the white horizon in the Illusion Sea World could change. Furthermore, the bubbles that represented the fragment worlds moved constantly. The higher-leveled the fragment worlds were, the faster they moved. A yellow alert region today could be invaded by a large wave of fragment bubbles that were above level-3, turning it into a red high-danger zone.

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    《Battle Frenzy》