Battle Frenzy
1118 Experience the Taste of Being a God
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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1118 Experience the Taste of Being a God

The Giant Starry Sky Beast was the incarnation of the rules. Even though it was the incarnation of the flawed rules in the peripheral worlds, it was still an incarnation of the rules! Having the opportunity of observing its attack methods from a close distance and even personally clashing with it was too rare. Even throughout the long history of the divine territory, there were not many records related to the Giant Starry Sky Beast. There was a pitifully small number of Giant Starry Sky Beast who had entered the Heavenly Gates and the divine territory. Lao Wang once saw an incomplete piece of Giant Starry Sky Beast fur in the point-exchange vault at the Heavenly Gates. It was said that it could be used by equipment refiners to comprehend natural laws and runes. As long as one accumulated 3,000 points, they could exchange their points for a piece… If 100 Gold Star Stones were equivalent to one point, it would be worth 300,000 Gold Star Stones! And that was only for an incomplete fragment of fur. One could imagine how valuable it was.

But now, a living Giant Starry Sky Beast was right in front of him. There was no reason to not carefully observe and comprehend it.

"I will accompany you for a while!" Lao Wang pulled on the powers of the world and rapidly moved. Meanwhile, the Giant Starry Sky Beast behind him pursued him relentlessly. Tornadoes filled the skies and exploded violently. Two rays of light charged forth on the surface of the world. Everywhere they went, dust clouds filled the air, the sky fell, and the earth cracked. It was just like an apocalyptic catastrophe!

In reality, runes were a simplified version of the rules. Humans called them runes, while other civilizations had different names for them, but they were the same in essence. They developed the secrets of rules in a material form. In other words, they used this method to develop and form rules. The special qualities of each race and civilization could be shown in the runes.

They chased each other for almost five days and maintained a terrifying traveling speed throughout. However, to Wang Zhong, a brand new field of vision had opened up. In the divine territory, Wang Zhong could not truly experience the feeling of controlling the rules. He finally understood what the main objective the supervisor had sent them here to achieve was.

—— To experience the taste of being a god.

This kind of experience would allow them to look upon power from a great height and feel this power. In particular, for those who had rich experiences in rising from the bottom classes like Wang Zhong, he released his power as his heart wished not for satisfaction, but for a taste of being a sovereign.

Lao Wang understood. He felt that his thoughts over the past few days had instantly integrated and linked with one another. Suddenly, everything was clear. When he reached this level, the ways in which he used his power also had to evolve. Mastering "divine techniques" and "the power of rules" gave him a direction and were also his final objectives.

The Giant Starry Sky Beast was still wildly chasing him. Under normal circumstances, if it still could not catch up after five days, a lazy creature like the Giant Starry Sky Beast would probably give up. However, this was a memory world, and Wang Zhong was incompatible with the memory world as an outsider. He was definitely treated as a fatal "virus" by the owner of this memory and had to be killed!

The beast was extremely furious. In its eyes, that human was just too detestable and too vile. He had kept escaping for a full five days. The beast had made several hundred circuits around the entire world just chasing this human! Did this human plan on fleeing until the end of the world?


The raging Giant Starry Sky Beast suddenly sensed that the rapidly escaping figure had stopped and was overjoyed. Was he finally not going to run away?!

It did not even think and opened its mouth. At the same time, it rapidly flapped its cicada wings and instantly produced 10 storm dragons! They were mighty and flew past one another before flying towards the human!

The human had finally stopped after much difficulty, and it could not lose out on this opportunity. It was going to kill that vile escapist in one shot and vent the fury in its chest that had accumulated over the past few days. However, just as its storm dragons accumulated…

Bang bang bang…

Ten fire phoenixes were charging towards the beast with a whistling sound from the direction of the escaping human!


The Giant Starry Sky Beast was shocked. An attack of this energy level could almost compare to its own power. Was that human this powerful? Then why did he keep escaping?

Rumble! Bang, bang!

Massive waves of energy collided, causing the entire world to tremble as a result. The energy that rapidly spread into the surroundings caused fissures to form in the cracked ground. It was as if the entire continent was about to divide into two!

Even a creature as strong as the Giant Starry Sky Beast swayed slightly from the collision of energy. It almost could not control its body.

However, at that moment, even more lights flashed from the cloud of dust! Hundreds of lights flashed!

This time, not only did fire phoenixes appear, there were also countless golden blades and icy swords mingled among the phoenixes. At that moment, Wang Zhong had brainlessly poured out all of the combat methods in his memory and turned his enemy into a target. He now had a direction, but forming his own combat system still needed some tempering.


The Giant Starry Sky Beast could not even react in time. Its pupils rapidly contracted…

Hu hu hu…

The entire world was contracting. The moment the Giant Starry Sky Beast was killed, it was as if the entire world had turned into a misty fog and was absorbed by the Time-Space Wristband.

Lao Wang did not pay attention to this. Instead, he closed his eyes and recalled the previous attack that consisted of 98 blasts. In the beginning, he could control the runes, but later on, some of his attacks had become subconscious, and he did not even need to think much about them. This was a special characteristic of his soul.

He still had to further strengthen this skill until it surpassed his instincts and became a "natural ability", just like breathing. Humans naturally had this without the need to make any connections.


There was a clear sound, and the words "9 (1)" appeared on the Time-Space Wristband. This was the display shown after the wristband collected a memory core. The number "9" indicated that the memory core was level-9, while the number "1" in round brackets indicated the number.

"It's a pity that I couldn't understand the symbols on the Giant Starry Sky Beast's body." Lao Wang felt some regret. He was just lacking in inspiration to break through the final layer. Those natural symbols were all valuable rule fragments, but it was a pity that such things could not simply be absorbed. Anyone who was able to directly absorb and organize these rule fragments was truly indecipherable. However, such figures would have been punished by the dimensional rules long ago.

At that moment, when he opened his eyes, the memory world around him had disappeared. He was now standing in the vast and white Illusion Sea World. The memory bubble that he had interacted with had disappeared, and the soul fragment had been collected.

Memory bubbles in the White Level-C Region did not exceed level-7. However, in reality, level-7 memory bubbles were also rather rare, and memory bubbles that had hidden traps like the Giant Starry Sky Beast were even rarer. One would be extremely lucky to encounter one.

Lao Wang advanced towards the Yellow Level-B Region and saw some larger memory bubbles entering the area. However, most of the bubbles he encountered only had level-9 memory cores, and the best that he encountered were level-8 ones. They all came from various planes of existence. If one was simply pursuing satisfaction and the delight of being a god, this place could satisfy a large majority of them. However, Wang Zhong was obviously not interested in these.

This was until a strange bubble attracted his attention. In the Illusion Sea, everyone had their own lucky chance that could be called karma or fate. This was a mysterious existence that one would feel a special attraction towards. There could be danger, and there could be a lucky chance. However, there was no doubt that they were connected.

One could not guess their own fate.

He entered the bubble… In front of him was a dense and dark mass of insects.

There were Tiger Guard Scale Worms, Shade Sickle Mantises, and Titan Armored Beasts on the surface of the ground… A vast and endless group of insects formed numerous formations. Meanwhile, in the sky, Blue Winged Insects, Hundred-Mouth Locusts, Black Armor Sky Thunder Beasts, and various other species blocked out the skies!

One should not be deceived by the word "insect" in the phrase "insect race". There were also non-arthropods among the insect race that were closer to beasts and were hatched in nests. Meanwhile, at the deepest end of this vast army, a charmingly naive Brain Insect was overseeing them.

Only Wang Zhong would use the phrase "charmingly naive" to describe the Brain Insect. This was obviously not the memories of an expert, but the projection of an extremely ancient civilization, even before the insect race joined the Star Alliance.

The projections of many civilizations and dimensions were also mixed in the Illusion Sea World. When one entered the Yellow Region, memory cores that projected civilizational wars would become more frequent.

The moment Wang Zhong landed, he was in this army and had no place to escape even if he wanted to. Among the dense sea of insects in front of him, even the most powerful Titan Armored Beast had a spiritual-power reaction that did not exceed that of a Void Core and had not reached its peak. Thus, this bubble world could only be considered as a level-7 world. However, this army consisted of millions of soldiers. It would be very difficult for even a Solid Core expert to survive when faced with this sea of insects. If this was only considered a part of the C Region, then Lao Wang had to deliberate before entering the B Region.

Luckily, there was also a humanoid army beside Lao Wang. This was a rather mixed army with Titans, goblins, "humans", and various other races. They obviously had much smaller numbers than the sea of insects in front of them and only had about four to five thousand people. However, there was no fear in their eyes. Furthermore, it was obvious that the elites among these allied troops were completely made up of Void Cores.

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    《Battle Frenzy》