Battle Frenzy
1119 A Real Dragon
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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1119 A Real Dragon

Before the insect race became a part of the divine territory, both parties had been at war with each other before. This was just a little scene in that ancient war.


"Hohoho! Let's kill all these insects!" a gigantic Titan shouted.

That seemed to have the effect of a war horn, as the allied troops started yelling and roaring. In the next instant, the Brain Insect made a sharp and piercing cry which resounded across the entire mass of insects.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh! Bang bang bang!

The insects, who were quiet at first, suddenly started moving frantically, as if they were stimulated by something. An endless sea of insects was heading towards the allied troops in a frenzied manner. The movement of the sprinting insect army was matched to that of Titan Armored Beasts, which stood at dozens of meters tall, causing the ground to tremble. It was terrifying!


The allied troops were so immersed in their fury; it was as if their eyes were about to pop out. In this sort of war, they wouldn't take anyone prisoner. It was a life or death battle!

Thousands from the allied troops rushed forward, and Wang Zhong was one of them. Excitement could be seen in his eyes instead of fear.

He had already wiped out many bubble worlds ranging from level-7 to level-9, but his runic array skills hadn't improved much. These worlds with the memories of the Void Core experts were of little threat to him and did not stimulate his will to fight. Currently, the strongest of the insect army were dozens of ordinary Void Core Titan Armored Beasts, and most of the insect army's spiritual energy were only at the Foundational Stage level. However, they were powerful in terms of numbers! Their sheer number made the power of this insect army immeasurable, and they were a threat to even Solid Core experts. This sense of threat caused Lao Wang to be at his maximum concentration.

He mingled with the humans in the allied troops, rushing forward with them. However, he didn't have any intention of being at the forefront, but was hiding amongst the humans and recharging his energy instead.

Lao Wang knew very well that there were millions of insects, and it was not possible to kill them off one by one. His brain had already firmly locked on to the Brain Insect as a target. In reality, even if the Brain Insect was killed, the insect army's killing instinct would cause them to continue killing even if their leader was dead, and the allied troops would still be in danger. However, this was a bubble world. Lao Wang could clearly sense that the Brain Insect was the main component of this memory core. If it was killed, the bubble world would vanish, and the insects would be of no threat regardless of their numbers.

The thousands of humans in the allied troops had the same plan. After coming into contact with the insect army, they immediately rushed towards the Brain Insect. The humans in the allied army had all reached the Void Core Realm and were strong in terms of individual power. However, according to Wang Zhong's calculations, this human army of mere thousands would be swallowed up by the endless sea of insects first before they could reach the Brain Insect.

Wang Zhong could only save his power for now and get closer to the Brain Insect under the cover of the allied troops, and then attempt to kill the Brain Insect in one blow with an explosive attack. The human allied troops were a grand sight and seemed intimidating at first, but they only managed to make it through one-third of the insect army before their speed visibly slowed down.

At this point in time, they were still around seven or eight kilometers away from the Brain Insect, with two-thirds of the insect army blocking the way.

The Brain Insect was evidently very confident in its army. It knew what the humans were trying to do, yet it didn't budge at all. It merely cast a cold glance at the humans while issuing a shrill command to the insect army.

The endless sea of insects moved in an orderly fashion and instantly surrounded the human allied troops, forming a siege around them. The insects were trapping them, and they couldn't move a single step at all.

Dozens of Titans at the forefront of the allied troops had extremely thick and tough skin. Along with 13 Iron Titans, there were 4 Silver Titans who were almost at the peak Void Core stage. With a casual wave of their hands, peals of thunder boomed, and lightning struck downwards onto the insects, burning them to a crisp. The Titans simply waved their rods, which were seven to eight meters long, and a terrifying power swept across the insects, like the motion of dust being swept, smashing them to a pulp.

Behind them, numerous humans and goblins recited spells and constructed ancient runic arrays, while others unleashed their arrows in a violent and ungrouped manner. Many races who were skilled at close combat formed a circle around the allied troops, blocking the attacks of the insect army. However, it only took four to five minutes before the outer defense line had been invaded by the incessant insects. Hundreds of Tiger Guard Scale Worms, who were the vanguard, had already forcefully ripped an opening through the front of the allied troops' formation.

Among the insect race's primary troops, the Tiger Guard Scale Worms were more skilled at defense. They had the appearance of a cockroach and looked gigantic. Their hard shells were covered in dense scales, as if they were born with chain mail. Even if their spiritual power was just at the Foundational Stage level, their natural defenses were already enough to withstand attacks from ordinary Void Core experts. They had low intelligence but wielded explosive power, resembling that of armored bulls. They used their bodies as weapons and fearlessly slammed into their enemy. Several Titans at the forefront of the formation couldn't withstand the incessant attacks, and they couldn't help but mess up the formation.

This weakness in the Titans' formation allowed the sea of incoming insects to rush into the gaps. As angry roars sounded, the allied troops' defense was about to be completely compromised.

It was clearly impossible for the allied troops to continue advancing. Now was the time! Wang Zhong, who had been hiding among the soldiers, finally made his move.


He moved forward at a terrifying speed, shooting out of the allied troops' army and towards the Tiger Guard Scale Worms, like a streak of light. Two fire sparks appeared in his palms, lighting up in an instant.

Bang Bang!

Two huge phoenixes whizzed past. They directly collided with the Tiger Guard Scale Worms in front of them, leaving two trails of burnt strips of land that were dozens of meters across and went hundreds of meters deep. Hundreds of Tiger Guard Scale Worms which had direct contact with the phoenixes were burnt to ashes, while the aftereffects left behind small sparks on the bodies of some Tiger Guard Scale Worms. Smoke could be seen coming out of them, giving off a burnt smell.

These Tiger Guard Scale Worms were the primary troops of the insect army, and under the restrictions of this memory world, their spiritual power was only equivalent to that of an average Foundational Stage. However, their defensive abilities were still extraordinarily powerful. They possessed the fire attribute and could tolerate extreme temperatures. The Tiger Guard Scale Worms were used as frontline shields in all the wars that the insect race participated in. It was very easy for them to withstand attacks from an ordinary Void Core expert just by relying on their body's defenses. However, thousands of them had been killed when Wang Zhong merely waved his hand!

This greatly reduced the pressure on the human allied troops' defense. Several Titans who had been separated previously returned to their positions. They were staring at the human expert who suddenly rushed out, dumbfounded.

Wang Zhong had no intention of stopping at all. He rushed forward, following the "path" that he created using Phoenix Rises to Ninth Heaven. In the blink of an eye, he had already advanced hundreds of meters.

Rumble rumble!!

The death of thousands of Tiger Guard Scale Worms was peanuts to the huge insect army and didn't affect their morale at all. These low-level insect species were under the control of the Brain Insect and were killing machines. They did not possess the ability to think individually. Currently, there was a small opening in their formation but no significant change to their numbers as a whole. With smooth coordination among the insect army, the gaps were immediately filled, leaving no space in their formation. These insects collided with Wang Zhong with a fierce bang.

The densely packed Tiger Guard Scale Worms had sickle-shaped mouthparts that could easily tear apart the defenses of ordinary Void Core experts. Their tide-like attacks had been enough to defeat the Titans. They closed in on Wang Zhong from all sides, causing him to be completely drowned in the black insect army instantly.

In the next second, beams of golden light shone through. Ten golden crosswheel attacks burst out from the densely packed Tiger Guard Scale Worms. They slashed across the insect army in a wild motion, resembling that of a reaper's scythe. Hundreds of Tiger Guard Scale Worms were directly cut into halves.

"Huff…" Lao Wang didn't stop. Other than attacking the enemy, the purpose of his golden crosswheel attacks was to clear a path for himself.

Lao Wang recalled what Simba often nagged about. He didn't feel uncomfortable at all in this sea of corpses. Instead, he smiled as the bloodthirst within him awakened. He had seen a similar scene in the Mizobudapi world before and was not new to the bloody battlefield.

A war and a battle were two completely different concepts. Regardless of how fierce and strong the allied troops were or how powerful their individual strength was, it appeared insignificant in front of this insect army who weren't afraid of death.

Now that Wang Zhong was caught up in the middle of this war, he didn't have a choice. If he was defeated in this Illusion Sea World, he would suffer damage to his soul or even become intellectually disabled if he was unlucky. After a few rounds of battle, Wang Zhong realized that violent attacks were of no use. He had to clear a path for himself, and quickly too; otherwise, he would definitely die. Only a Gold Core expert could destroy the entire insect army.

Wang Zhong roared and showed his true form. He unleashed his fire and ice powers. The next instant, a portion of the insect army was embroiled in flames, while another portion was frozen into ice sculptures. However, this was only a small part of the battlefield. Luckily, the allied troops around Wang Zhong were high in morale and trying their best too.

Using his divine cells, Wang Zhong unleashed his Phoenix Rises to Ninth Heaven attack at full strength. Wang Zhong and 3,000 warriors from the allied troops hurriedly advanced towards the Brain Insect.

However, this gap that Wang Zhong created with a full-strength attack was filled by the fearless insect army in a mere two minutes. After showing his true form, Wang Zhong's combat power was off the charts. There was no one in the insect army that was worthy to be his opponent, but their overwhelming numbers were a huge issue. There were way too many insects!

The allied troops behind Wang Zhong were constantly declining in numbers. The insect army was slowly killing them off. The Brain Insect knew the allied troops' strategy and was using itself as bait. This was the best way for it to wipe out the allied troops.

Wang Zhong was in a dilemma. Although he had experienced war in Mizobudapi World, this was the first time he had encountered such a situation. There was no way he could retreat, and he could only advance forward. Although his 3rd Drive was useful, it wasn't able to cause effective damage in terms of range. His current effort was not enough!

He was missing out on something, but what was it?

An Iron Titan was attacked by an insect and torn in half, but his upper body clung on to the insect tightly. Thunder flashed in his eyes as the Iron Titan self-destructed, killing himself along with the insects around him. The same thing was happening in many parts of the battlefield. The allied troops were dying one by one, yet the insect army was still constantly replenishing its formation.

This was a death trap. Wang Zhong was surrounded by the insect army in a seemingly hopeless situation. The insects weren't able to get past his defenses, but they were closing on him in large numbers. Numerous insects hovered above in dense packs, engulfing Wang Zhong.

At the same time, the allied troops' formations were quickly collapsing, like dominoes. In the vast battlefield, only a dense army of insects remained together like an "insect ball". Countless insects flew towards that ball. As long as Wang Zhong was still breathing, they wouldn't stop.

Numerous insects stared at the center of the ball, including the Brain Insect. Its eyes were fixed on Wang Zhong, sensing that there was something in him that it craved very much, something that could enhance the essence of a soul.

The "ball" of insects with a diameter of more than five hundred meters suddenly let out an agonizing noise. In the next second, the entire "ball" was set ablaze as Soul Power enveloped the giant mass of insects.


An imperious roar that sounded like it came from the prehistoric ages could be heard all over the battlefield. With a burst of golden energy, the mass of insects instantly exploded. A huge golden dragon soared overhead, and all insects within a 100-meter radius of it were wiped out.

Wang Zhong floated in mid-air, finally tasting freedom again instead of the overwhelming insects. This had nothing to do with 5 Elements, combined spatial laws, or his 3rd Drive. Currently, he was covered in golden armor and emanating a golden glow, looking absolutely striking and magnificent.

One's Void Core was a reflection of one's soul. As a human and a Tianjing citizen, what was Wang Zhong's soul?

It was a real dragon!

Forget all the flashy techniques, and listen to the soul!

Perception changes with the soul, with will comes power!

In the sky, Wang Zhong was gathering power in his palms. As he pushed his palms forward, an eight-clawed golden dragon appeared with a roar and circled around Wang Zhong. His surging spiritual power crushed the insects instantly, and the dragon continued moving forward.

This was the power of a Void Core! It was not only an increase in spiritual power but an entirely different level of power!

Every Void Core warrior had to search for his own core essence, and Wang Zhong's essence was a dragon!

As the dragon flew around in mid-air, all the insects near it were crushed into powder. Strength in numbers was nothing in front of absolute power. In the next moment, Wang Zhong tore through space, crossing through the sea of insects and arriving in front of the Brain Insect. It only took him two steps to cover the distance of thousands of kilometers. Both parties gazed right into each other's eyes. Wang Zhong had a hint of a smile in his eyes while there was only despair in the Brain Insect's eyes.

"It's over." Wang Zhong pointed his finger, and a streak of light pierced through the Brain Insect's head, killing it.

Frankly speaking, after spending time with Wanwan Min and the others at the Law Enforcement Association, he was not used to killing such a "cute" enemy. The war between the insect race and humanoids had ended long ago. It had been quite some time since both races formed an alliance. The insect race must have been through some cruel wars to land in this state.

As the Brain Insect was killed, the colorful bubble world immediately collapsed and turned into mist, rushing into Lao Wang's Time-Space Wristband. With that, Lao Wang returned to the Illusion Sea World.

Level-9 (43), Level-8 (14), Level-7 (1). Points Ranking: 3rd.

The wristband showed his stats. That bubble world was a level-7 memory core. Wang Zhong's most important takeaway was the experience that he had gained. Under the intense war environment, Wang Zhong was able to break through in his battle tactics and find his essence.

Although Wang Zhong didn't underestimate the Combat Cultivation Hall, he was rather surprised that he ranked third. He didn't enter the B Region immediately but searched the C Region again. It didn't take long before he realized that there wasn't much to gain from here.

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    《Battle Frenzy》