Battle Frenzy
1120 Bone Demon
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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1120 Bone Demon

The number of visible memory bubbles in the surroundings began to decrease. Yellow fog was starting to appear in the white foggy region, gradually obstructing one's vision. Even with Lao Wang's superb vision, he could only see up to two to three hundred meters ahead of him.

The yellow region was considered a dangerous zone. Other than the memory bubble worlds here, spatial distortions occurred sometimes, resulting in the formation of spatial rifts that opened up to other worlds. The yellow region was way more dangerous than the white region.

Under the yellow fog, the memory bubbles were partly hidden and partly visible. Those bubbles were condensed from the fog, making it harder to tell them apart.

Wang Zhong moved forward and sensed that the visibility of the surroundings was getting lower. A memory bubble of moderate size was floating towards him. Wang Zhong could sense a familiar aura from it. The people inside the memory bubble couldn't sense anything outside, but those outside the memory bubble could easily sense what was going on inside.

The moment he got close to the bubble and was about to enter the memory world, Lao Wang could faintly sense that there was a hazy figure surrounded by the fog.

Well, it seemed that he was rather lucky.

Lao Wang was pretty surprised. Although there were fewer memory fragment worlds in the B Region than the C Region, there were still more than a hundred thousand of them. However, there were at most six or seven Combat Cultivation Hall pupils who dared to explore the B Region in this Illusion Sea World mission. What were the odds of meeting one of them here?

"Let's see who it is." Lao Wang's interest was piqued as he arrived in a gray world.

It was an extremely barren world. There was no sun, moon, or star in the sky. The place was enveloped in a thick gray fog, leaving it surrounded by darkness. There wasn't even a blade of grass on the dry and cracked ground. Extensive cracks could be found all over the surface of this world, resembling a net of cobwebs. These "cracks" seemed to be naturally formed canyons and cliffs.

The carbon and water elements in the air were incredibly scarce. To put it in a way that Earthlings would understand, this world was full of carbon dioxide and severely lacking in oxygen. The gravity here was dozens of times stronger than that of Earth but still felt insignificant to Lao Wang who was already used to the gravity in the divine territory. The temperature of the surroundings was extremely high, to the point of being scorching hot. Even Wang Zhong, who had great affinity with the fire element, could feel waves of heat that were rather annoying. The pores on his body automatically shrank immediately, locking the moisture in his skin like a self-regulation mechanism.

"The environment here is rather terrible." Lao Wang frowned. "Is this a place that the memory owner has traveled to? Or is this where the memory owner was born? What kind of creature lives here?"

He extended his divine sense. This world was different from the peripheral world with the Giant Starry Sky Beast. The spiritual pressure here was not much lower than that in the divine territory. His divine sense could only cover a limited area, and he could only detect things around him in a 10-mile radius. This was probably a world closer to the center of the Fifth Dimension.

One could only see the barren ground with one's naked eyes, but Wang Zhong was able to quickly discover some useful information with his divine sense.

There was blood everywhere! The ground was a dull red color, but it wasn't the color of ordinary red soil as Wang Zhong originally thought. It was stained red by an endless amount of dried blood. The underground ditches that were obscured by darkness reeked of decay. Countless monster corpses were piled up in these canyons.

A large number of broken limbs and corpses were left there for an unknown period of time. There were no signs of life in the surroundings.

Dark clouds filled the sky, and the configurations of the stars couldn't be seen… This sort of Dimensional World was the most troublesome to deal with. Just like how Earthlings could tell their location from the configurations of the stars, the divine territory had an astrological chart that could be used in the whole of the Fifth Dimension, but that was evidently of no use in this place. Lao Wang was unable to rely on his common sense to infer what kind of world this was. However, judging from the size and bone density of the numerous monster remains in those huge pits, if there were any living creatures here, they must be very strong and would definitely have reached the Void Core Realm.


He heard a soft noise coming from one of the cracked canyons. After using his divine sense to scan the surroundings, the noises seemed to come from an eroded skull that had detached from its body and was rolling around.

Normal people would heave a sigh of relief, but Lao Wang closed his eyes in concentration. There was no wind here at all, yet a random skull that had been here for such a long time suddenly moved?

Rumble… Rumble…

This seemed to have caused a chain reaction. Consequently, more eroded skulls started to detach from their former bodies in the canyon. The frequency of this happening was higher at the eastward side.

Wang Zhong stayed still. He remained calm, and his divine sense became sharper as he focused his spiritual power on penetrating downwards into the ground.


There were extremely slight but regular vibrations underground, occurring every three to four seconds. The vibrations were heavier at the east side.

Lao Wang suddenly opened his eyes. This world wasn't as lifeless as it seemed. There was clearly an ongoing battle at the east side. Taking into account the transmission frequency and the distance of the underground vibrations, this battle must be a tough one.

Wang Zhong retracted his spiritual power from underground. Using his Void Core, his divine cells were all closed off in that instant, and his body was like a sealed can. His aura was hidden at once. It was as if he had suddenly lost all traits of being a living organism. If someone passed by, they would think that Wang Zhong was a lifeless rock.

This was the most basic combat technique. Wang Zhong already had great control over this before he entered the Combat Cultivation Hall or attained divine cells. Nonetheless, after reaching the Void Core Realm, he became even more proficient in this skill, and he was able to achieve more thorough and illusory effects. Even Solid Core experts who were a realm higher than Lao Wang would have a hard time seeing through his true form.

Wang Zhong got into action. Even though he was isolating himself from the outside world, he could still utilize the spiritual power in his Void Core, and it didn't affect his ability in the slightest. He shot forward like a ray of light and traveled hundreds of meters in the blink of an eye.

Wang Zhong was being extremely fast, but it still took him over ten minutes to get close to where the vibrations were coming from. The closer he got to the east side, the more evident the underground vibrations were. When he could feel the vibrations echo in the air and the ground tremble, he then saw a majestic building in the misty distance. It looked like a cemetery…

It was built in a very orderly manner in terms of structure, and it was surrounded by a deathly aura and some dark power. It was huge, and the things inside were probably rather fascinating. However, the heated battle was happening outside of it.

There were three huge Titans that stood at eight or nine meters tall. They were not Gold Titans, Silver Titans, or Iron Titans, but white bony skeletons under all the heavy armor. They held black giant swords that commanded lightning. Although they seemed to be a little clumsy in their fighting methods, they were not bad at all. Every time they waved their huge sword clumsily, they could trigger numerous bolts of lightning and thunder. The crackling of thunder and flashes of lightning could be heard and seen. The only colorful thing about them was their eyes. In their black eye sockets, a devilish red glow replaced their eyes. Their individual Spiritual Energy Value was at least around 1.8 million!

How could three of these monsters appear at the same time? The memory core of this world was nowhere to be seen, which meant that they were not the core factor in defeating this world, and there were obviously stronger and more terrifying enemies waiting ahead.

Lao Wang couldn't help but frown. An ordinary peak Void Core expert's Spiritual Energy Value started from 500,000. Even for top geniuses, reaching 1,000,000 in Spiritual Energy Value was already considered to be the maximum. To have a Spiritual Energy Value of 1.8 million… This was only heard of in legends. To have such power, one must be only one step away from reaching the Solid Core Realm, yet they were just considered small fry in this world…

The three Titan zombies were attacking the same enemy, who was Pavaro, the bone demon.

Before he entered this memory world, Lao Wang had sensed that someone was already inside, but he didn't expect it to be Pavaro.

Frankly speaking, among all the people in the Combat Cultivation Hall, Lao Wang was only interested in Pavaro. Balor and Gorst were known as useless trash after getting trashed by Wang Zhong. As the last one of the top three experts in the Combat Cultivation Hall, Pavaro's ability had been questioned too. However, Lao Wang knew that this black bone demon was completely different from the other two. Balor and Gorst were able to become the top three in the Combat Cultivation Hall because of their fame and the fact that they had their civilization to back them up.

As compared to normal humans, bone demons were considered to be a taller race. Pavaro normally stood at three meters, but he was six meters tall when he showed his true form! However, even with this height, he appeared to be smaller than the three huge Titan warriors. He had been forced to show his true form long ago and was holding a bone sword gleaming with black flames. His body was supposed to be full of bone spurs, but they were all gone, and his body was abnormally smooth. It seemed that he had compressed his spiritual power as much as he could. He lost the strange attack ability of his bone spurs while in this body form, but his defense was greatly boosted.

One small and three giant figures were engaged in a heated battle in front of the tombstone building. The immense spiritual power involved and every step their heavy bodies took made the ground vibrate with a hum.

Wang Zhong paused in his steps. In the dimly lit sky, he looked like a phantom that was floating in mid-air. With his hidden aura, no one in the battle noticed his existence at all.

As expected, Pavaro didn't use his full power during the two battles at the Combat Cultivation Hall. This was his true power, and he was indeed rather strong. If Wang Zhong hadn't reached the Void Core Realm, he wouldn't be a match for Pavaro once he showed his true form. Pavaro could probably take on 10 opponents at once! His attacks had a Spiritual Energy Value of 1.5 million, and his foundation was rather solid.

He had been hiding his true power…

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    《Battle Frenzy》