Battle Frenzy
1121 Stepping In
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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1121 Stepping In

Lao Wang sighed. In reality, a large majority of low-leveled civilization would choose to hide their abilities. This was a tradition in the Heavenly Gates. In reality, so-called aces like Balor and Gorst were only great because of the civilization behind them.

Although Pavaro's build was small, at that moment, he directly faced the three Titan corpses head-on!

These Titans were rather similar to… Ancient Titans. Back then, the bloodline of the Titans was not as clearly differentiated as it was now. These Titans were rather valiant and violent. Furthermore, their thunder techniques had corroded after their death and turned into darkness thunder techniques that had even more powerful and unique killing power. The lightning that was produced from the swing of the massive sword carried a dark aura that made people palpitate. Combined with their natural supernatural strength, their combat power was shocking.

However, Pavaro was able to firmly withstand the attacks. Furthermore, what was more terrifying was the fact that this little bone demon did not use his own speed and agility to his advantage. Instead, he actually faced the attack head-on. Not only did his Spiritual Energy Value reach 1.5 million, his defense abilities were even more brutal than these three Titans!

A dense deathly aura covered the surface of his smooth true bone form. This was the undying skeleton true form of the bone demon race that was extremely refined!

The powerful ability to resist deathly auras was also an innate attribute of the bone demon race. Creatures from other civilizations would have been dead a long time ago, but it was very obvious that these Titan corpses could not display a large portion of their might as a result of their state.

Pavaro was facing three enemies, but he was able to remain evenly matched with them. However, the four of them had battled for a very long time. The Titan corpses that did not seem to have any aura of life had boundless stamina, while Pavaro did not have this unlimited endurance. At that moment, one could see his actions slowing down and his power diminishing. Even his undying skeleton true form had turned slightly dimmer.

Two massive swords slashed downwards from the sky at the same time. Pavaro used his Black Flame Sword to firmly resist the attack.


The waves of flames from the Black Flame Sword soared into the sky while countless thunderbolts fell at the same time. Electricity and fire spread in all directions, and two waves of attacks that had a Spiritual Energy Value of over one million smashed into his massive sword at the same time, causing Pavaro's body to sink slightly.

Pavaro's expression changed slightly. He could feel that his body was starting to display some fatigue. Just now, he had wanted to strike the two swords with his own sword, but it was hard to do so with his current strength. He had been suppressed.

At the same time, another Titan corpse used its massive sword and guided a thunderbolt to strike. The heavy attack and boundless lightning struck Pavaro's back!

Pavaro had firmly withstood such attacks several times before, but this time, it struck the area that had previously endured a heavy attack. The coordination with the attack of the other two skeleton Titans was simply too good, and it was as if this was the final straw that broke the camel's back…


In an instant, countless sparks dazzled. If an ordinary expert was attacked with this brutal strike, and even if they did not die, their entire body would be numb from the lightning. Even Pavaro's pitch-black skeleton turned even more charred in this instant. At that moment, his body, which had been suppressed by the two swords, was simply pushed down, and a knee suddenly landed on the ground.

The three skeleton Titans immediately pressed against him at the same time. At that moment, the three massive swords burst forth with lightning and came together. At the same time, a strange look flashed in the three pairs of blood-red eyes. Webs of lightning crossed one another, and it was as if a thunder formation had been formed.

Bang bang bang!!

Regardless of whether it was in terms of strength or spiritual power, the three Titans that had formed a thunder formation had obviously burst forth with their maximum power. The pressure that Pavaro sensed suddenly multiplied.

Oh oh oh…

Pavaro gritted his teeth and endured. It was as if a wave of black flames wanted to struggle free and burst forth from the core of his chest. However, it was firmly bound by the thunder formation that was pressing against his body.


Waves of seemingly explosive energy pressed down on him, while the two swords above him sunk once again. The swords had reached his shoulders and pressed against him, causing his entire body to tremble!


The ground that he was kneeling on had cracked. Massive pressure was transmitted from the Titans' hands to Pavaro's body before being transmitted to the ground.

Pa Pa Pa Pa Pa…

Countless cracks rapidly spread out in all directions from where his knee was. It was one against three. When faced with three Titan guards who were extremely close to the Solid Core Stage, even Pavaro, who had hidden his abilities very well, was unable to withstand this.

He had adjusted to the environment here for a few days, and he had more than sufficient confidence in himself to dare to battle with a Solid Core. Only then did he enter this memory core world in the B Region. However, he never thought that a level-6 world would be so different from the earlier level-7, 8, and 9 worlds he had faced before!

Was he going to die here?

The energy in his spiritual core had been restricted by the lightning, but there was some fire in his eyes. Closely after, raging black flames started to burn.

"Roar!" He let out an angry shout. Not only did he not collapse from the pressure from the thunder formation overhead, this pressure even stimulated a more powerful potential from him. Two terrifying black flames came out of his eyes and targeted the closest skeleton Titan on his left.


The black flames that were as thick as an arm fiercely shot toward the skeleton Titan's face like a laser. Not only was the impact terrifying, the high temperature was also shocking. At that moment, even with the skeleton Titan's powerful defense, its entire body was fiercely sent tumbling backwards. At the same time, half of its head had been burned off by the black flames that hit it.

A gap instantly appeared in the perfect thunder formation.

There was no more emotion in Pavaro's eyes, only inexhaustible black flames and coldness. Furthermore, the black flames instantly spread throughout his entire body, and a black light radiated from the massive sword.


The two massive swords that pressed against him were pushed apart by this violent blast, and the two skeleton Titans could no longer control the terrifying power overhead. Their hands that held the swords were pushed away, and their bodies staggered backward slightly. For a moment, their bodies were stiff.

Closely after, they saw the black figure that had been suppressed against the ground all along soar into the sky!


The figure rotated, and the bone sword that stretched out from the black flames formed a perfect arc in the air. The three skeleton Titans that were still trying their best to control their bodies did not move. It was as if the entire world except Pavaro was at a standstill at this instant. However, the figure that soared into the sky was exhausted and fell in the darkness.


As the tip of his foot landed on the ground, two massive half-heads tilted slightly to the side and two heads rolled to the floor. Three incomplete skeletons fell to the ground and formed a small mountain.

Pavaro panted heavily. There was joy from surviving and massive happiness from breaking through at this critical junction. That attack had further stimulated his control of his undying powers. As expected, training in a life-and-death situation was the fastest way to improve.

His true form returned to his body. Pavaro's body rapidly shrunk to his original height of over two meters. The state of exposing his true form exhausted quite a lot of spiritual power. He adjusted his breathing slightly from where he was standing. The energy consumption from the battle just now was too large. If he had not been in front of a massive ancient tomb and surrounded by danger, he would have sat down to take a good rest.

However, before he could stabilize his heavy breathing…

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

Three ear-piercing whistling sounds reverberated from three different directions. The two Titan half-heads charged toward him like bombs. They were in close range, and he was not prepared. In particular, his true form had been removed. Even Pavaro, who had rich combat experiences, was in a daze. This was going to be a fatal lag in his reflexes.

However, at that moment, there was an ear-piercing explosion, and the three heads were suddenly severely attacked before being brutally sent flying. They exploded in midair instead, and black thunder energy spread into the surroundings…

Pavaro suddenly turned around and saw a black figure flying in the air from a distance. Who was that?

"Wang Zhong?" Pavaro's large eyes suddenly contracted. Why was he here? Pavaro did not even sense him.

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    《Battle Frenzy》