Battle Frenzy
1122 Ghost Flowers
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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1122 Ghost Flowers

"What a coincidence." Lao Wang smiled and greeted Pavaro. "You owe me a favor. Just recover for now."

Pavaro nodded his head. Even though Wang Zhong had stepped in to help, the bone demon was still slightly wary. However, Wang Zhong had directly told him that he owed a favor, and this made Pavaro very calm. Pavaro obviously thought very highly of Wang Zhong. At least, he admired Wang Zhong more than the likes of Balor and the others.

There was obviously something he needed here. Pavaro had invested some capital and consumed three level-7 Black Blood Perfect Pills to quickly replenish his Soul Power.

The bone demon race could be considered an undying race, but they were not truly undying, especially when faced with vigorous and forceful attacks like the thunder techniques. Even though they were not as afraid as the ghost race, such attacks would be enough to land the bone demons in a bad shape. However, the injuries they sustained would still be in a controllable range, and they could rapidly recover from them.

As Pavaro's Soul Power activated and stimulated the power of the pills, countless black flames and black smoke surged out from the core of his chest in an endless stream. All the injured parts of his body were rapidly repaired when they came into contact with this aura, like a welcome rain after a long drought.

After the short span of over ten minutes, not only were the burns from the thunder techniques healed, but even the deep scars that had formed on the surface of his skeleton from the massive swords had regrown and were now smooth and perfect.

Lao Wang had always thought that the recovery abilities of his divine cells were unique, but it was definitely a far cry from the recovery abilities of Pavaro's undying true skeleton form. Of course, that was a complete heaven-defying technique of their true form that had been passed down for many years, while his divine cells were still in the developmental stage. When he advanced to the Solid Core Realm and the Gold Core Realm, there might not necessarily be a big improvement in them. If it was that simple to progress, then his recovery techniques were obviously rather sloppy.

"Hu…" Pavaro let out a gray breath.

Other than when they revealed their true form, typical bone demons were not full skeletons. They still had normal human faces, but they were extremely thin and seemed too weak to withstand a gust of wind.

He opened his eyes, and the fatigue and energy depletion from just now were completely cleared. When he looked at Wang Zhong, he still had the expression of a dead fish, but there was obviously less coldness.

"Shall we go together?" Pavaro pointed at the massive building in front of them.

"Are there any clues? What kind of place is this?" Lao Wang was also slightly curious and could tell that Pavaro was determined to defeat him. If not, there was no real need to invite Lao Wang.

Pavaro nodded his head cautiously. "There might be a dragon's tomb here."

"A dragon's tomb?" Wang Zhong was slightly shocked.

The Dragon race had always been a legend in the Dimensional World, and there were two kinds of dragons. The first kind were the Real Dragons that lived in the Heaven. They were existences that the four races in Heaven had to respect, and they were aloft in this world. The other kind were the Giant Dragons, and there was no definite relationship between the two types of dragons. The Giant Dragons were considered at least a level-8 civilization, or even level-9 if they were powerful enough. However, it was a pity that the Giant Dragon race was a dimensional civilization that had died out. Their offspring were still present in other places in the Dimensional World, but their power was far from sufficient. Their name was a mere formality.

"The ancient Giant Dragon race liked to use Titans as guards. Frankly speaking, they were actually slaves, but the Titans were not willing to admit this," said Pavaro calmly. It was obvious that the Giant Dragons had vanished, but the Titans were still around. Furthermore, as a noble level-8 civilization, they were naturally unwilling to talk about their dark history.

"Doesn't the Dragon race like collecting treasures?" Lao Wang thought about the dragons on Earth. Since this world was a projection of a civilization, there might be many similarities.

Pavaro nodded his head. "However, we can't take them. But it is extremely likely that Ghost Flowers will appear in this kind of place, and they are extremely important to me."

Wang Zhong did not ask any more questions. "Then what else is there to say? Let's charge forth."

Pavaro was dumbfounded. He never thought that Wang Zhong would be delighted and did not say anything else.

It was not troublesome for them to enter the ancient tomb. There was a hidden door behind the massive stone tablet that towered to the skies. According to Pavaro, the three Titan guards had suddenly rushed out from here when he was inspecting the stone tablet. Even though the hidden door was sealed at that moment, but since the Titans were able to go out, then they would definitely be able to enter.

They fumbled with the stone tablet for a while. With Pavaro's memory, they were easily able to find the hidden door. He stretched out his hand to open it, and a wave of thick noxious fumes surged into their faces, causing the two of them to furrow their eyebrows. They endured the pungent scent and slowly walked in.

The terrain of the area beyond the hidden door sloped downwards with a prominent incline. The pathway was extremely wide and tall. After all, it was a pathway that had to accommodate skeleton Titans that were almost ten meters tall.

It was not as dark as they had imagined. A palm-sized shining gem was embedded in the walls every 200 meters along the sides of the pathway and radiated a bewitching red light. It was not bright, but it could at least allow them to see things. However, it was this dim red light that filled the entire pathway with an oppressive feeling. This suffocating feeling in the silence… It was like a deathly aura.

Lao Wang had experienced mountains of corpses and seas of blood. He had also been extremely close to this so-called deathly aura because of his relationship with Mu Zi. However, it had never been as rich as it was inside the ancient tomb, making him feel very uncomfortable.

However, bone demon Pavaro was like a fish in water in this environment. Wang Zhong could clearly see the excitement in his eyes becoming more and more intense. His body had even started to tremble slightly, as if he was slowly determining something.

"Wang Zhong." Pavaro suddenly stopped. "I feel it. What I want is inside."

His eyes were shining, as if he had finally made his judgment.

He had always been concealing his strength in the Combat Cultivation Hall. In reality, he was only one step away from achieving the Solid Core Realm. He had never been able to break through as he had not encountered an appropriate opportunity. But now…

The Ghost Flowers! This environment and this aura were exactly the same as the environment his bone demon ancestors had recorded from when they entered the Illusion Sea World. It was definitely correct! Furthermore, this aura was much richer than what his seniors had recorded and described!

That was right. The objects within these memory bubbles in illusion-type worlds could not be brought away by intruders, but the Ghost Flower was different. It was an illusory item that was born in an illusion and would grow in this hallucinatory world. It could also be directly used in the illusion realm!

Pavaro's skeleton was trembling. He understood what Ghost Flowers meant to a bone demon very well. Not only could he immediately break through to the Solid Core Realm, what was even more beneficial was the fact that Ghost Flowers could be used to modify the physique of bone demons and strengthen the source of their soul. This was definitely the most valuable treasure to the bone demons.

He was actually able to encounter Ghost Flowers amidst the countless bubble worlds. Needless to say, this was a massive opportunity that the heavens had bestowed upon him.

However, major opportunities usually meant that there would be a great deal of fear and danger to overcome. The deathly aura was extremely thick and was more powerful than what the information about the Ghost Flowers recorded by his race indicated. Pavaro could faintly sense that the three skeleton Titans outside were definitely no match for what was guarding the Ghost Flowers in the depths of this ancient tomb. Even though there was a power limit in the level-6 bubble world, the strength of this existence had definitely gone beyond this limit.

"Wang Zhong, there will be danger in a while. You can still make it in time if you walk back now." Pavaro had decided on a plan. This was a big opportunity and a major test ahead for him. Even if he used all of his trump cards, the rate of success was less than 30%. However, no matter what, he could not possibly give up. There was just no need to drag Wang Zhong along. Since Wang Zhong had helped him outside, there was no need to pull him along into his grave.

Wang Zhong shrugged his shoulders. "That won't do. I'm still waiting for you to return your favor. Don't try to break your promise."

Pavaro was slightly dumbfounded. This person… Although the bone demon race was cold and did not speak much, this did not mean that they were foolish. Wang Zhong clearly wanted to help, but… he simply could not reject as he really needed it.

Pavaro nodded his head and did not say anything else.

Compared to the previous pathway that was almost ten meters tall, this dim pathway was not very long, and they reached the end after walking about four or five kilometers. The exit of the pathway led to an extremely massive hall, which should be the main part of the ancient tomb that they saw from the outside. The roof was dome-shaped, and the pitch-black roof was mounted with various kinds of precious stones that sparkled overhead like a colorful night sky. The dragon race obviously brought their addiction for treasures to their tombs.

Furthermore, there were countless "statues'' in the hall standing in a disarray. There were celestialoids, goblins, stone creatures, and even natural life forms among others. It was like a large gathering of myriad races. All their expressions were ferocious, and they were in various positions of combat or escape. It was as if they were killed here, and their bodies were frozen and carbonized in some mysterious way. The entire hall was filled with resentment and a deathly aura that soared into the sky, and was very frightening.

These were obviously not statues. They seemed more like grave robbers who had died and been frozen here by a mysterious power. They were not frozen by ice, but by the thick and frightening deathly aura, causing them to be unharmed on the surface but killing them in an instant.

Furthermore, there was a gate at the end of the hall that was once resplendent. After many years, a boundless deathly aura attacked the gate, causing the gold on the gate to become dim. A massive black shadow stood in front of the gate. It was extremely tall, and one could not see the top of this shadow. With the shine of the precious gems on the roof of this hall, the visibility was not bad, but the area surrounding this black shadow was pitch-black. It was as if a thick wave of deathly aura was surrounding it and obstructed it, causing its outline to be indiscernible.

This was…

Their minds were at full concentration, and their gazes were focused.


Two blue flames that resembled ghosts suddenly shot out of the black shadow, as if a pair of terrifying eyes had suddenly opened.

A wave of vast might and aura suddenly spread, and a deathly aura that was 100 times thicker than the deathly aura in the hall shot out from that pair of eyes.


Humm humm humm humm…

The massive roar of a beast followed immediately after. The entire ancient tomb trembled and buzzed.

"Be careful!"

Pavaro's expression suddenly changed, and he roared loudly. At the same time, he subconsciously flew to the left.

His speed and reflexes were extremely fast, but he had just managed to dodge slightly when a black shockwave with an extremely fishy smell shot past his body. It contained the deathly aura that Pavaro was extremely familiar with, as well as a terrifying heat…


The attack had landed before they heard the sound. It had surpassed the speed of sound!

Pavaro's pupils suddenly contracted. This attack came too quickly and too suddenly, and the might of this attack was shocking and terrifying. Even with his reaction and moving speed, he had just brushed past this attack. Furthermore, what was more terrifying was that he should have been most familiar with the deathly aura and darkness flames, and his defenses against such attacks should also have been the strongest. However, the attack had only brushed past him, yet his chest was burning. If the attack was able to produce such results, there was no doubt. This was a dragon's breath!

The Dragon race was once called the Saint Judgment Messengers. The dragon's breath that they shot out was a natural restraint against undying creatures, such as bone demons, corpses, and ghosts. Furthermore, this was definitely a creature from a top civilization. If they had not been rare in numbers, they could have even ruled the divine territory. However, in the end, this powerful civilization had gone extinct for various reasons…

But… What was that black shadow?!

The massive rumbling sound and the black breath that filled the air instantly swamped the entire hall. Pavaro's heart suddenly sank. He had been hiding in a difficult-to-target position, and his natural resistance against deathly auras and black flames was high, but he was still injured. Wang Zhong, who was beside him, was definitely fraught with grim prospects.

He could no longer sense any aura from Wang Zhong!

He had no time to think carefully about it. The black shadow that was shrouded in darkness in front of him was swaying as a pair of eyes that resembled millstones stared at him. A massive might shrouded him. Closely after, the black shadow walked forward slightly, and the outline of its entire body was instantly revealed.

It was a bone dragon that was over thirty meters long!

It was a powerful and massive skeleton, and its neck that was completely made out of bones was extremely thick. It had a horn on its head that had countless dry bones sticking out. There was also a massive pair of bony wings that resembled that of a bat. Two pitch-black eyes firmly locked onto Pavaro, and it was obvious that the dragon was extremely interested in the body of this undying race. At the same time, it opened its large mouth.

"It's the undying skeleton true form!" Pavaro's pupils rapidly contracted. This was not the time to be distracted.


The head of the bone dragon lowered slightly and let out a second roar in Pavaro's direction. The terrifying sound waves instantly attacked him like shockwaves, sending Pavaro flying backwards like a cannonball before he collided with the extremely sturdy stone pillar behind him.

Rumble! Bang, bang!

The hall swayed violently, and the stone pillar simply broke into pieces and collapsed. If he had been in his ordinary form, he would definitely have died from this attack. Luckily, he had activated his true form in time. Even though his entire body was burning from the dragon's breath that had shot out, he eventually managed to hang on.

Pavaro had revealed his true form. Although one could not see any change in expression on his bony face, his heart had actually sunk to the bottom.

As the bone dragon awakened from the darkness, the golden gate behind it started to dazzle. One could see a small gap in the gate, and an extremely rich deathly aura started to pour out from the inside. Furthermore, there was a hint of dim white amidst the darkness through the gap of the door. That was the color of the Ghost Flowers! His guess was correct, and the Ghost Flowers were definitely inside. This was an ancient dragon cave, and dragon bones were the best "fertilizer" for nourishing Ghost Flowers. Moreover, the boundless evil aura in this space was the best nutrient for growing Ghost Flowers.

However, he could only see it but not reach it!

The Spiritual Energy Value of his enemy had easily increased to two million, and he could not determine its Realm. The Dragon race was superior to all others and an existence that existed at the top of the pyramid of races. Furthermore, this was the Dragon race that had some natural resistance against undying races. This was definitely an opponent that he could not deal with. Furthermore, looking at the stance of the bone dragon, it had obviously faced various grave robbers and would not easily move from the small opening in the door. It was constantly guarding that place, wittingly or unwittingly. There was no doubt that dodging the bone dragon and charging in was only possible in fantasies.

The treasure that had been deemed the most valuable asset to the bone demons was just in front of him, but he could not reach it. This was an extremely big chance, but was he not fated for it?

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