Battle Frenzy
1123 Use It While It“s Ho
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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1123 Use It While It“s Ho

"Can you endure this?" Wang Zhong's voice suddenly sounded.

Pavaro was slightly dumbfounded. Immediately after, he was overjoyed. Wang Zhong wasn't dead? Not only was he not dead, when Pavaro heard his voice, he also did not sound injured at all. However, Pavaro could not sense his aura.

That's right. Pavaro immediately thought of the battle in the boundary cloth when they had just entered the Combat Cultivation Hall. Wang Zhong's skills in concealing his aura were very strong. This Earthling was often able to pleasantly surprise others. Furthermore, if they had two people, this task would become possible.

He was quick-witted. At that moment, a thought flashed past his mind, and he immediately said in a low voice, "Wang Zhong, I will pin down this fellow. You go inside and take the flower. It is a silver flower that is growing on a white bone! If you can help me this time, I will owe you a favor. You know how the bone demon race deals with favors!"

If there were no opportunities at all, Pavaro might not necessarily have risked his life. He had not lost his rationality, but as long as there was a chance, he would definitely risk his life! It was for a Ghost Flower, the ultimate treasure of the bone demon race and an item that was said to be able to defy the heavens and change one's fate. If he was able to obtain it… Furthermore, he did not need to worry that Wang Zhong wouldn't keep his word. The Ghost Flower was simply a poison to humans or any physical lifeforms. Perhaps it could be sold for an extremely high price as a poisonous material. However, it was a pity that this was a memory world, and everything here was illusionary. It was only effective in this illusory world, and he could not bring it out.

Of course, being willing to come in and explore with him was one thing, and being willing to help after he saw this oppressive bone dragon was another. To Wang Zhong, there were no benefits from this situation. On the contrary, there was a lot of danger. Furthermore, whether Pavaro could truly keep the bone dragon in check was another story, let alone whether there were any other dangers behind the gate. Although Pavaro did not mention this, he had no confidence about what was inside. If it were him, he felt that he would not step in to help and risk his life for a fellow pupil who he barely knew.

"You owe me two favors." However, Wang Zhong simply smiled and responded.

Pavaro's eyes lit up. He never thought that Wang Zhong would be this direct. If this was the case, then he dared to put in his all!


Just an instant after this exchange, the bone dragon had realized that Pavaro, who had revealed his true form, had not been severely injured. The pitch-black flames in the dragon's eyes flashed with great interest. This fellow was not like those foolish grave robbers and was able to endure its breath.

Crack crack crack crack!

It no longer shot out its dragon's breath. Instead, it suddenly struggled, and its skeletal body produced the sound of joints rubbing against each other. A layer of white powder on the surface of its skeleton that had stiffened over countless years was shaken off, revealing its skeletal figure that resembled black gold.

It was the Ultimate Flaming Black-Gold True Form!

Pavaro was shocked. This was a rather famous true form among the undying races. Even if the dragon was slightly weaker than him, he would not be able to break through the natural defenses of this Black-Gold True Form, let alone when it was stronger than him. Luckily, he had no intention of facing it head-on.

"I'm here! Idiot!" He roared loudly as he raised his hands, shooting out seven or eight bone arrows towards the eyes of the bone dragon. At the same time, he turned and ran.

Ding, ding, ding, ding…

The bone dragon simply turned its head slightly, and Pavaro's bone arrows hit the dragon's Black-Gold True Form. The arrows immediately broke into pieces like an egg smashing into a rock. At the same time, the bone dragon leaped into the sky and stretched out its bony wings.


It had not moved its body for countless years, making its flight seem slightly stiff. However, it could still be considered to be gliding. Not only was it extremely fast, but it was also extremely agile. Its control over its body was rapidly increasing at a shocking speed.

This hall was extremely large. After all, the ancient tomb was as tall as a mountain from the outside. Besides the golden gate at the front of the hall, there were also many boundless atriums where countless stone pillars and the deceased "statues" from various races stood. Pavaro did not even dare to pause slightly and simply dashed towards the atrium on the left.

His speed was obviously not as fast as the bone dragon, but the countless stone pillars in the hall were his best defenses. These countless stone pillars bore the weight of this ancient tomb. It might not matter if several pillars were destroyed, but if too many of them fell, the entire dragon's tomb would collapse, and the bone dragon did not dare to allow this to happen. Just as it accelerated, the dragon was forced to reduce its speed because that fellow was using the stone pillars. The dragon was so upset that it continuously howled. While it chased Pavaro, it rapidly shot out its breath.

Pavaro complained incessantly as he was chased. Although he was more agile and it seemed like he was at an advantage by protecting himself with the stone pillars, the difference in strength between him and this bone dragon was too large.

Not only was there a difference in terms of their spiritual power, but there was also a difference in their realms as well. The dragon also had natural special abilities.

Even the weakest dragons in the Dragon race had innate suppression abilities. The genes at their level of power had determined all this. They were the top intelligent lifeforms in the food chain. However, it was faced by Pavaro, a peak Void Core with an extremely staunch will and great power. If it was another member of an undying race who was slightly weaker or had a slightly weaker will, they would definitely only be able to tremble in front of a dragon. They could not even accumulate the will to fight back.

The terrifying might and the hot dragon's breath seemed to be constantly hot on his heels. It was as if the dragon was driving him to his death. It seemed like if he slowed or relaxed the slightest bit, he would immediately be forced into an abyss by the bone dragon behind him and be doomed forever.

It was too difficult for a Void Core bone demon to face a Solid Core dragon; this was much more difficult than facing the large majority of Solid Core experts. Furthermore, even though this hall was large, it was still limited in size. He had run one round around the hall with this bone dragon, and he was about to return to the golden gate. The bone dragon behind him got closer and closer, but there was still no movement from the gate. He did not see Wang Zhong's figure either.

Pavaro was extremely anxious. He knew that he could not sustain this evasion for long.

Had Wang Zhong gone in? Had he found the Ghost Flower?

Various thoughts flashed past his mind, but he could not make a judgment because the dragon was too close. Furthermore, before he could obtain answers to his questions, he heard a terrifying and angry roar from the direction of the golden gate and even saw a blue flame rapidly shoot out from the gap in the door. The tongue of the flame was several hundred meters long!


It was the roar of a giant dragon that was filled with indignant rage. Furthermore, its power level and sound waves seemed even stronger than the bone dragon that was chasing him.

Pavaro's face instantly turned ghostly white.

There was a second dragon? Was it from behind the golden door? They were done for…

He had heard unending rumbles and saw sparks flying everywhere. When the two figures, one large and one small, were far away, Lao Wang silently appeared from the darkness.

To be honest, Lao Wang had no intention of stepping in when he followed the bone demon in. Ever since he had accumulated his Void Core, his preternatural senses had strengthened significantly. It was as if he was occasionally able to pry on a hint of fate. He could sense that there was a faintly discernible connection between this bubble world and the bone demon. This was the fate of the bone demon, and he had no intention of interfering. He had come here to watch the commotion and experience the fabled dragon's tomb. He also wanted to see whether the signs of prying on fate, as well as his judgment of the faintly discernible fate between this memory world and Pavaro, were accurate. However, since Pavaro had asked him…

The so-called silver Ghost Flower was obviously very important to that bone demon. Pavaro probably had the best impression of him and was the only one who had spoken up for him in the Combat Cultivation Hall. It might not be much to the bone demon, but Lao Wang had always remembered these very clearly. Whether Pavaro needed the flower was one thing, but the fact that he had the heart to willingly stand up for Lao Wang under those circumstances made him a friend. Helping a friend with a small errand was no problem at all.

The two figures were already far away, but the golden door in front of him had not opened. However, after countless years, there were slight cracks in the door. Of course, these "small cracks" were relative to the terrifying physique of the Dragon race. To humans, it was a pathway that they could enter by just turning their bodies slightly…

This should not be the burial ground of the ancient tomb. He did not see any large coffins.

A massive and spacious room was filled with countless treasures that formed small mountains. Various metals that were classified as level-G in the Land were everywhere in this room. Any gem there would contain elemental auras that caused one to palpitate in fear. Their levels far exceeded any elemental mineral that the Land had ever seen. If he took just a few of these minerals, he could cause an ordinary level-4 civilization in the Land to greatly elevate their fortune, let alone if he took the countless treasures that formed mountains. Even Lao Wang could not help but be slightly envious. However, it was a pity that this was an illusory realm, and he could not bring them away.

Of course, there were many large skeletons mixed among the countless treasures. Some had undergone efflorescence, while others were filled with a deathly aura. Some also shone with glistening colors.

Lao Wang's gaze rapidly swept past all the treasures. At the top of a pile of treasures in the deepest part of the room, he saw a small silver flower growing in a pile of dry bones amidst a dim light. Streaks of silver light left the flower like silk threads and slowly floated through the room…

This should be it. The thought flashed past Lao Wang's mind. However, before he could do anything, he saw two bell-sized eyes glaring at him from beside the silver Ghost Flower.

It was a bone dragon that was larger than the one they had encountered outside. It did not have a horn on its head, and its eyes were not filled with black flames and a deathly aura like the bone dragon outside. Instead, its eyes were filled with bright blue flames that shone as it glared at Wang Zhong.

"Sorry to disturb you…" Lao Wang shrugged his shoulders helplessly. He had allowed the bone dragon to discover him first. If these dead creatures did not open their eyes, one could not sense their existence. "Could I borrow your flower and use it?"


The moment he finished speaking, a wave of terrifying dragon's breath simply surged towards him while accompanied by a hot air current.

"If you won't lend it, then so be it. Why are you randomly spitting?!" Lao Wang laughed out loud and did not seem to have any intention of dodging. He stretched out one hand.

Pa Pa Pa Pa Pa…

A wall of ice that resembled Glazed Crystal Glass instantly formed in front of him.


A dragon's breath that resembled fire from a flamethrower ruthlessly shot at him, and the hurriedly formed ice wall did not seem to be a match for the dragon's breath. After enduring the flames for about one or two seconds, a large hole was formed in the wall. This was not the limit of the dragon's breath. It directly attacked Lao Wang's body, instantly turning him into a human torch.


The bone dragon snorted, and a disdainful expression appeared on its bony face. It did not know how many of such fellows it had already eliminated. They actually dared to steal the Ghost Flower…


The bone dragon simply looked at the side subconsciously and realized the Ghost Flower that had always been below its eyes had disappeared!

In an instant, it seemed as if it was about to shoot fire from its blue flaming eyes. Its eyes were blazing.

Where was the flower?!

Closely after, it caught a hint of silver light. The silver color that the Ghost Flower radiated was not something that could be concealed by a few layers of clothes or by flesh. It was an accumulation of the souls of ghosts and went beyond the material realm.

"Ha ha. Thanks!" When Lao Wang's voice sounded, he was already at the crack in the door. He was planning to quietly obtain the flower and leave, but he never thought that he would be immediately discovered. He simply jeered at the dragon in passing.

It was simply a moving shadow and was not a big issue. Frankly speaking, these overly arrogant creatures had many flaws, and they were too self-confident. If not, it would not have been this easy to steal this Ghost Flower.

Lao Wang was extremely speedy, and his body squeezed through the crack like a streak of smoke even as he was speaking. He then felt a terrifying wave of heat chasing him from behind. After he rushed out through the crack in the door, he immediately tilted his body to the right. Then, the blue tongue of flame shot through the crack like a blade and stretched over several hundred meters!

Closely after, he felt a massive, earth-shaking tremor.

Rumble! Bam, bam!

The bone dragon had fiercely collided with the golden door. Even though the earth-shaking sounds were incessant and the hall trembled, the golden door was not harmed at all.

Roar roar roar roar!

Crack Crack Crack Crack Crack!

The terrifying and frenzied roar of the giant dragon behind him, as well as the sound of the golden gate slowly opening, reverberated through the hall. Wang Zhong did not care about the dragon. Then, he happened to see Pavaro, who was running in his direction.

"I got it." He laughed and waved the Ghost Flower in his hand at Pavaro. "Hurry up and run!"

He rapidly fled towards the pathway they had used to enter this hall. Pavaro was overjoyed. However, before he could have a moment to be excited, he saw the golden gate flashing. At that moment, the gate that had been opening slowly after being unlocked was simply slammed open by a terrifying force. A bone dragon that was 40 meters long rushed out with a roar. It was larger than the dragon chasing him, and there were even blue flames in its eyes!

My god… Pavaro was extremely shocked. He was very clear what blue flames meant for the undying races. It was definitely an ultimate form of the darkness-flame route. This dragon that had rushed out of the golden gate was definitely more powerful than the one chasing him!

Luckily, the pathway they had used to enter the hall was not very tall. Compared to the massive bodies of these two bone dragons, it could be considered a mousehole. As long as they could go in…

Pavaro desperately rushed in with Wang Zhong behind him. They were just about to step into the "narrow" pathway when they heard a massive roar behind them.


The power of the natural order suddenly swept past, and the entire ancient tomb shook. The situation was changing rapidly. Massive bone thorns appeared out of nowhere in the ground and soared into the sky like terrifying giant pillars. They were neatly and densely packed without any gaps. Not only did they firmly seal off the pathway, they even broke through the ancient tomb and charged towards the clouds. With a height of several thousand meters, they simply sealed off the grave robbers. It was as if an extremely massive cage of bones had risen from the ground out of thin air!

Wang Zhong had made a wrong guess.

The blue-flame bone dragon that lingered among the mountains of treasures was not a guard. It was the agent of the memories in this world! The power of the rule fragments also belonged to these dragons!

Thus, it simply did not care about destroying this ancient tomb. To the Dragon race, they would kill the grave robbers that they detested at all costs!


Lao Wang and Pavaro both crashed into the bone thorns that were blocking the pathway without any hesitation and wanted to forcibly break their way through. Their attacks were very strong, especially Pavaro's. They made a massive dent that was half a meter deep and several meters wide in the bone thorns. However, when faced with bone thorns that were several dozen meters thick, such attacks were simply useless. By the time they slowly fought their way through the bones, the two bone dragons behind them would have killed them 10 million times over.

Flying out was not realistic either. Although these bone thorns had broken through the roof of the tomb and were hanging overhead, these bone thorns were several thousand meters tall. Void Core experts were only equipped with the ability to fly and were not skilled at it. Furthermore, these two bone dragons had wings. If they could not defeat or outrun these dragons on land but still challenged the dragons in the air where the two of them were disadvantaged, they would simply be seeking death.

It was over.

Pavaro was extremely clear that even if these two bone dragons were weaker dragons, he could only hold them back to a certain extent but not resist them. How about stronger dragons? They could probably eliminate him in two or three attacks!

The jail had been formed, and the two despicable thieves had nowhere to escape. The bone dragons no longer needed to attack. Instead, two pairs of eyes glared at these two fellows, full of hate. They had seen many grave robbers, but these two had forced them into such a difficult position, forcing them to use taboo powers and to pierce through the entire ancient tomb… The resentment that the bone dragons had toward these two robbers was no longer something that could be erased with a simple slaughter. They would make the robbers die an extremely painful death!

Boundless might instantly descended upon them. The strength of the two extremely powerful bone dragons increased to a certain level in this bone jail. A deadly, terrorizing force that far exceeded Lao Wang and Pavaro's power levels shrouded them like a tangible spiritual pressure. As a result, Pavaro felt as if he could not breathe.

"I'm sorry for involving you." Pavaro laughed bitterly. As expected, he had to pay the price for being opportunistic.

He had to do his best. He did not utter these words brainlessly. Before he decided to look for the Ghost Flowers, he was already mentally prepared to face death. However, he never thought that he would implicate Wang Zhong. Speaking of which, he did not have many friendly interactions with this Earthling, and he did not have any gratitude or friendly feelings towards Wang Zhong in the past. However, Wang Zhong was about to be killed for helping him. He felt as if he had treated Wang Zhong unjustly.

Wang Zhong laughed, and there was no pessimism on his face, unlike Pavaro. He simply passed the silver Ghost Flower in his hand to Pavaro. "Hurry up and use it as it's supposed to be used while it's still warm. I will deal with them first."

At this moment, Pavaro's mind paused. He… could still joke around during times like this?

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    《Battle Frenzy》