Battle Frenzy
1124 Dragon Fighters Who Overestimate Themselves
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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1124 Dragon Fighters Who Overestimate Themselves

To be honest, Pavaro had always admired Wang Zhong. As a practitioner from a level-4 bottom-dwelling civilization that had only been in the Star Alliance for less than two years and did not even have a method to accumulate their Core, he was able to create a big name for himself in the Combat Cultivation Hall. He also had the courage to challenge the Blood Demon race and the Ghost race head-on. Regardless of whether it was his natural endowments or his courage, Pavaro admired him greatly.

He admired Wang Zhong, but his strength was another issue. Wang Zhong had faced Balor and Gorst not too long ago. It was possible for him to deal with those rich Void Cores with his current strength since such Foundational Stages that had defied the heavens and surpassed their realm to kill ordinary peak Void Cores had appeared in the history of the Heavenly Gates. However, if he was to leap over two realms and face the terrifying and undying Dragon race… It was not that Pavaro had no confidence in Wang Zhong, but trying to do so was simply a joke.


He pulled back Wang Zhong, who was prepared to step forth.

The Ghost Flower was of no use to physical lifeforms like Wang Zhong, and he was unable to bring the Ghost Flower out of the bubble world either. Pavaro generously passed the Ghost Flower back to Wang Zhong and simply said, "I will stall them! You think of a way to climb up these bone thorns."

It was common knowledge that Foundational Stages could not fly. He could have asked Wang Zhong to stall the dragons while Pavaro flew away. However, Pavaro simply could not do so. Furthermore, with Wang Zhong's strength, how could he hold back two bone dragons? How could he buy enough time for Pavaro to escape?

"Seize the chance, my friend. If you are fast enough, and I can buy enough time… You might have the chance to climb out!"

"Go!" Before Lao Wang could react, Pavaro took a large stride forward and charged towards the two bone dragons the moment he finished speaking. Blazing black flames instantly spread all over his body, and his spiritual power skyrocketed. The undying skeleton true form that was almost six meters long suddenly grew to almost seven meters in that instant.

Lao Wang was dumbstruck when he saw this. Pavaro truly acted without delay and with conviction. Did he really charge forth just like that?

Even if he wanted to buy time, he did not have to initiate an attack… Lao Wang did not know whether to laugh or to cry. He was even more upright than Lao Wang was.

However, this frankness was obviously useless.


The Dragon race did not fight alone. Even though each of the dragons was stronger than Pavaro, both of the dragons were full of rage. Even if Pavaro was just an appetizer, they both wanted to enjoy a bite out of him…

In the blink of an eye, the bone demon that was almost seven meters tall was sent flying like a cannonball by a streak of dragon's breath. He flew at a speed that was much faster than when he charged at the dragons and fiercely collided into the wall of bone thorns.

The two bone dragons had obviously held back. Intelligence and rage flashed past the two pairs of flame eyes, one black and one blue. Even if the powerful Dragon race had reincarnated, they would not be dead creatures that had no consciousness or feelings at all. The Illusion Sea was very special, and one could not explain their existence. The "creatures" here did not actually exist, yet they existed here. This was the mystery of this Dimensional World. For these two dragons that had been projected from somewhere in space-time, they had degenerated and were lonely but proud. What they needed was some "color". Furthermore, two little things had arrived after much difficulty, and they definitely had to play with them for a long time. Once they were killed, the dragons would have to wait for a very long time before another toy came.

However, Pavaro did not know this. That terrifying force caused Pavaro to feel that his skeleton was about to break into pieces. Furthermore, their deadly dragon's breath was different from ordinary flames and had a natural advantage over undying races. As a result, the flames from the dragon's breath remained on his bones and could not be extinguished easily. Instead, he needed to spend a large amount of spiritual power to forcibly extinguish them.

At that moment, his entire body was sore and in pain. His body was also completely covered in flames and crackled while burning. He was charred, but luckily, he was still barely able to endure. He was secretly happy that he could endure this for two minutes and might be able to create a chance for Wang Zhong to escape. However, before he could complete his thoughts, someone passed him a silver Ghost Flower.

Oh— It was Wang Zhong?!

"Why haven't you escaped? Hurry!!" Pavaro felt as if he was about to suffocate. Was this fellow a pig? He should seize the opportunity while the bone dragon's attention was on Pavaro…

He was risking his life to create an opportunity for Wang Zhong to escape. This person…

Lao Wang did not know whether to laugh or to cry. "Let me do it instead."

Do it? Do what? If you dared to go over, I can assure you that you will no longer be able to do any climbing!

Pavaro's expression instantly turned ugly. He was somewhat moved that this Earthling had chosen not to abandon him when faced with life and death, but did this Earthling not know that he was risking his life in exchange for this opportunity? This Earthling was simply a fool to have wasted his only chance.

He had just suffered from an attack. Pavaro suppressed the words in his chest and could not say anything. He only saw anger and sorrow in Wang Zhong's eyes. Then, before he could react, he saw Wang Zhong charging forth without looking back.

There was deep rage in the eyes of the chief bone dragon, as well as a hint of insanity and queerness. It did not care about that undying creature that resembled an ant. From the very beginning, its eyes had been staring straight at Wang Zhong. This human that had stolen its treasure under its nose was too despicable. Ten thousand deaths were not enough to vent its anger: it wanted to capture him and skin him alive!

One stride and Wang Zhong turned into a shadow!

His posture was very graceful. His body appeared in front of the bigger bone dragon as if he had teleported. However, before he could attack, a sideways-sweeping power approached him from the left at the same time. It was as if the dragon had calculated where Wang Zhong would suddenly appear.


It seemed as if Lao Wang had teleported there, but he was sent flying back like a cannonball that was shot. The attack was heavier than the one that Pavaro had endured. A clear shockwave formed in the air before Wang Zhong brutally crashed into the wall of bone thorns.

Rumble! Bang, bang!

The violent vibrations caused the entire bone cage to sway. It was as if this was an earthquake of magnitude 5 or 6.

Pavaro widened his mouth. Closely after, he could not help but cover his mouth. How could this fellow's intelligence drop so much? He was obviously skilled in ice and fire laws, so he should make good use of them here. When faced with experts, he should play to his strengths, but Lao Wang did the opposite instead… Furthermore, when facing the Dragon race in a fight, even experts who were skilled at close combat definitely would not dare to attack them head-on. In front of the Dragon race that had lived for countless years, pupils from the Combat Cultivation Hall, who had cultivated for only several dozen years, were like Void Core rookies that had never experienced a real battle. These dragons would be considered true experts in the divine territory.

Of course, only naive people would think about these during such times.

Before Pavaro could complete his thoughts, he saw Wang Zhong climbing up from the ground. When he saw that figure, Pavaro suddenly widened his eyes. He could simply climb up so quickly?! He seemed… as if he wasn't injured?

It was not enough to be considered an injury, but… Damn, this was really painful!

Lao Wang rubbed his slightly tilted chin. He was somewhat surprised and excited.

Back when he was still in the Foundational Stage, he already had impressive spiritual power and a physical body that could rival a Void Core's. Even if he did not reveal his true form, he had advanced greatly in terms of his physical power, defense, and other aspects, especially after his sudden enlightenment from encountering that Giant Starry Sky Beast. His soul and his body could no longer be mentioned on equal terms. His defenses were powerful, much more powerful than when he had just entered the Illusion Sea World. Furthermore, he had confidence that he could rely purely on his physical body and his defenses as a Void Core expert to enter the B Region. He never expected that a random sweeping attack from the large bone dragon's tail was enough to make him feel as if his entire body was about to fall apart. This was purely the power of the bone dragon's physical body. The physical bodies of the Dragon race were much more powerful than that of other races.

Of course, this was not what made Lao Wang most surprised. What made him more surprised was the bone dragon's battle intuition, as well as its "tail-sweeping technique". The attack was too timely, and the dragon had obviously seen through his actions. Furthermore, there was no sign before the attack landed. Even with such a large physique and a large tail, he had not noticed its actions when he charged at the dragon head-on.

With such vision and combat techniques, putting realms aside, this was the most powerful creature with the best combat abilities that Lao Wang had personally seen ever since stepping into the divine territory one year ago. Even with his so-called advantage of having techniques from Earth, these dragons were still much stronger.

Power surged out from his divine cells in an endless stream and rapidly healed his body. Lao Wang, who had not actually been injured just now, recovered in an instant.

Lao Wang was already excited. Let's see whether you were cheating just now.


He shot forward. This time, he did not just execute a simple Shadow Dance. Truly advanced movement techniques did not just depend on whether one's steps were agile. One had to understand how to take advantage of the situation and use natural postures. Wind velocity, the elements, the power of the world, and other factors would be adjusted by one's techniques. At the same time, one had to have a deeper level of prediction and reading the battlefield!

Lao Wang's entire mind was completely focused. He sensed this world, and it was as if he had fused with the world in his thoughts. Perhaps the only assistance he got was a slight gust of wind, and perhaps his prediction was only a simple interpretation. However, at that moment, Wang Zhong's figure was obviously completely different from before.


The chief bone dragon waved its massive tail sideways but missed consecutively.

At that moment, all of Wang Zhong's movements seemed natural. The traces of his movements were not as predictable as before, and low-leveled shadows no longer appeared in the surroundings. There was only a faint human-shaped ripple that seemed like a ghost rapidly moving through the battlefield.

"Those movements…" Pavaro's eyes were about to pop out. This was not an exaggeration as he could not even see Wang Zhong's figure clearly! The vague moving figure was definitely not something that could be done just by relying on one's speed. He had started to exceed the boundaries of combat techniques and was starting to understand the laws.

He was shocked, but Lao Wang was even more shocked. He had enabled his techniques to their maximum and was able to dodge attacks from the chief bone dragon, but he could not find any flaws or gaps in its attacks.

This ancient bone dragon was very powerful, not just in terms of its strength and realm, but also in its comprehension of the laws, its interpretation of combat techniques, and its combat experiences, which were very rich. This was not something that the immature Void Cores in the Combat Cultivation Hall could compare to. The techniques and combat experiences he had honed himself with on Earth and had always been proud of did not give him an edge at all when faced with this ancient bone dragon. On the contrary, he was passive and at an immeasurably disadvantageous position. These seemingly natural and unrestrained techniques only allowed him to avoid being attacked. He had truly underestimated the true experts in the divine territory.

In reality, it was hard for Lao Wang. Regardless of whether it was Yin Jiao in the Heavenly Treasures Street or Balor, Gorst, and the others in the Heavenly Gates Combat Cultivation Hall, they were all naturally high-leveled but had not cultivated for long and lacked actual combat experience. Perhaps the advantage of Earth techniques was very obvious at lower levels, but in the middle and upper levels, when facing experts who were truly adept at combat in the divine territory, it was hard to take advantage of them.

After missing consecutively, the chief bone dragon was extremely angry. It had wanted to slowly bash that thief to death but never thought that his actions would reach the preliminary level of comprehending the laws and was faintly going to become his own technique. Its predictions were no longer of much use. If it was faced with that movement speed over a small area, its large body was truly at a disadvantage.


It let out a terrifying howl, and a fan-shaped stream of dragon's breath simply covered the front half of the bone cage. It was truly impossible to dodge a killing attack that spanned over such a large area. Lao Wang had witnessed the might of the dragon's breath. The destructive power of the dragon's physical body was extremely overwhelming, and even Pavaro's undying skeleton true form could not endure it. If his ordinary form was attacked, even if he did not die, he would have been severely injured.

At that moment, Lao Wang rapidly fled to the skies. He felt an extremely hot heatwave brutally shoot past beneath his feet. However, before he could heave a sigh of relief, a massive black shadow had completely blocked him overhead. It was the other bone dragon. The Dragon race did not have the arrogant habit of fighting one-on-one with anyone, especially these degenerated dragons.

A black shadow spread and blocked out the skies.

A pair of massive bony wings brutally swept towards him with the weight of a heavy mountain. Although Lao Wang was a Void Core and could fly, how could the flying techniques of a human Void Core compare with the Dragon race who could naturally fly? Regardless of whether it was in terms of speed or agility, he was four or five levels behind the dragons. There was no possibility of him dodging.

The power of the divine cells suddenly burst forth. Lao Wang immediately held his arms in front of his chest to protect it.


Terrifying power brutally crashed into his arms that were covering his chest, and his body plummeted like a shooting star. Before he could crash into the ground, he encountered a strange force that swept sideways.

It was the chief bone dragon!

This cunning human had fled back and forth. It was as detestable and annoying as a pest that continuously flew beside your ear. It had finally caught an opportunity after much difficulty. This attack by the bone dragon was filled with absolute rage.


A visible trajectory was drawn in the sky, as if a tracer bullet that traveled faster than the speed of sound had been shot out. Before an explosion could be heard, Wang Zhong had already crashed into the left side of the wall of bone thorns. At that moment, Wang Zhong caused a deep circular hole in the wall of bone thorns that even Wang Zhong and Pavaro's full-bodied attacks could not destroy. It was four or five meters deep, and the massive bone thorns were about to break from this terrifying impact! Countless cracks appeared in the vicinity of the circular hole!

At that moment, the earth shook. It was as if the entire memory world was swaying and trembling as a result.

Pavaro had a glimmer of hope after seeing Wang Zhong's strange technique, but at that moment, his pupils were completely dim.

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    《Battle Frenzy》