Battle Frenzy
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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Pavaro could tell that this attack had a Spiritual Energy Value of two million. Even a peak Void Core expert with a special true form, such as his undying skeleton true form, would not be able to endure this and would simply fall apart, let alone a Foundational Stage…

In reality, he also knew that this kind of hope was purely a self-consolation. However, when they were in a hopeless situation and Wang Zhong made his heaven-defying performance, one could not help but have some hope. After all, no one wanted to die.

However, it was a pity that the difference in strength was too large. Even though the two bone dragons were only preliminary Solid Cores, this was obviously because the core of the memory world only had enough energy to model a preliminary Solid Core. After all, this was a standard level-6 bubble world. The actual strength of these bone dragons probably far exceeded the preliminary Solid Core Realm. They might be intermediate Solid Cores, or even peak Solid Cores!

Even if the two dragons only had the bodies of preliminary Solid Cores, their comprehension of the laws, their use of power, their interpretation of the battle, and their other skills were far superior to those of an ordinary preliminary Solid Core.

It's over!

Pavaro was in some despair. However, before these despairing emotions could spread throughout this body, a rumbling sound reverberated from the hole in the wall of bone thorns.


Pavaro was stunned. Closely after, he saw a figure jump out from the hole.

Wang, Wang Zhong? He wasn't dead?

Pavaro did not know what words he should use to describe his feelings at this moment. He could not help but break out of the arrogant and cold demeanor of the bone demon race and lost control of himself. His mouth was wide open, and he was dumbstruck as he witnessed this.

This, this, this, this, he was actually able to endure this? Were Earthlings monsters?!

Unlike how he had easily been able to resist the previous attack, at that moment, Lao Wang was in a difficult situation. The clothes on his body were tattered from the impact, and his hair was messy. The last attack had been too powerful and almost caused him to die a terrible death.

Upon closer inspection, one could see a faint layer of energy covering the surface of his body. It was an energy shield that had been worn out from the impact.

He relaxed slightly, and the thin layer of energy instantly disappeared, as if it had never been there.

This was all because he held himself back to test the bone dragons' comprehension of the laws and their combat techniques. If he had not formed his dragon armor at the last critical moment, he would have become a corpse. Battling enemies of a higher realm was not easy. When faced with the Fifth Dimension, one had to maintain their reverence at all times.

Lao Wang took a deep breath. At that moment, his eyes were extremely radiant.

If he held back against such an opponent, he was simply asking for death. It was only empty talk if he comprehended the laws but did not have the power. He did not want to activate his true form in front of a fellow pupil, but it seemed like he had to do so now.

In that instant, his aura became extremely calm, and he held his breath. It was as if he was a statue. If one did not see him, one would not feel that there was a living person present.

The flames in the pitch-black eyes of the bone dragons were raging. This human clearly looked very thin and weak, but he had such unimaginable resistance abilities.

Air current surged into the bony nostrils of the chief bone dragon. However, in the next moment, it was suddenly dumbfounded. Not only were the two bone dragons dumbfounded, Pavaro was as well.

The aura that Wang Zhong held back suddenly spread at that moment. His Void Core spiritual power, as well as all the power contained in his divine cells, were released in that instant.


A layer of gold energy instantly appeared on the surface of that human's body and materialized into a dazzling set of armor. Closely after, with a tap of his foot, he hovered in midair as two massive wings suddenly spread out of his back.


A vast air current rapidly swept out the moment Wang Zhong spread his wings. In an instant, the pressure from the bone dragons that had filled the battlefield was forced backwards. Wang Zhong was standing up to the dragons as their equal. A golden light suddenly shot out of Wang Zhong's eyes, and a vast air current surged. Then, raging flames shot up over ten meters into the air!

What was that?!

Pavaro was shocked. A Void Core? Wang Zhong had accumulated his Core? Was this his Void Core true form? Wasn't the Earth a level-4 civilization that had been in the Star Alliance for less than two years and did not have a method to accumulate their Core?

The two bone dragons on the other side were even more astonished, not just at Wang Zhong's sudden display of strength, but at the strange feeling that was contained in his aura when he exploded with power!

The flames in the eyes of the two bone dragons suddenly rose to be eight feet tall.

After all, the Dragon race existed in the Fifth Dimension and had many interactions with many dimensional races. Over many years, a few Dragon-race cultivation techniques had naturally circulated. They were either seized or stolen and learned by others. Anyone who knew a dragon technique would definitely become a mortal enemy of the Dragon race. Furthermore, this was a lifeform that was so despicable and lowly!

The feeling of seeing a low-leveled lifeform possessing dragon techniques was simply a massive humiliation to the Dragon race!

Even though the Dragon race bloodline of the two bone dragons was not pure, the natural pride of the Dragon race caused them to be furious. This kind of anger far exceeded the anger when Wang Zhong had stolen the Ghost Flower.

Roar roar roar roar~~~

Boundless roars could be heard. The two bone dragons had never expected this in their wildest dreams. They spread their bony wings slightly, and black shadows soared into the air. At the same time, they opened their mouths and released a dragon's breath that covered the entire bone cage. Furthermore, regardless of whether it was in terms of power level or Spiritual Energy Value, this attack far surpassed any of the previous attacks. A massive wave of dragon's breath that was several hundred meters wide fell from the sky and covered the entire field!

Lao Wang did not move and coldly stared at them.

Pavaro, who was standing on the other side, was stunned as he watched this. He could subconsciously feel that the current Wang Zhong was very powerful, but he simply could not understand it. Fight! Or run! That works too! With his current true form accompanied by his techniques, as well as his wings, he would definitely be particularly skilled at moving… But why was he standing there without moving? What did this mean? After just a moment of delay, the terrifying dragon's breath shockwave had covered any available space to escape.

It was over. They were both going to die!

Pavaro could sense the pressure from the two terrifying waves of dragon's breath. Despair was already written all over his face.

Of course, Lao Wang did not dodge. If he dodged, even if he could deal with the two bone dragons after, Pavaro, who was in the bone cage, would die for sure.

He clenched his fists tightly, and clear symbols started to form in his mind. At that moment, his ice-fire wings were extremely resplendent, and boundless spiritual power was transmitted from his wings. Every slight movement activated waves of the power of this world for him to use. His entire body radiated a dazzling light!

He sensed the shockwave overhead that had the pressure of a heavy mountain, while vast power fully accumulated in his body. The image of a fist in his mind transformed into a massive golden dragon from this boundless power.

Wang Zhong did not dodge the shockwaves and faced it head-on. All the power in his body and the golden air currents were guided by him in this moment. Suddenly, a fist soared into the sky.

A massive roar that was even more terrifying than the bellows from the two bone dragons reverberated from Wang Zhong's body. Then, the shadow of a massive golden dragon suddenly soared into the sky.

Unlike the massive stomach, thick limbs, and two wings that the two bone dragons had, this golden dragon took the shape of a snake. It wriggled and wreathed through the air, and hair rapidly grew from its head! Its front limbs stepped on fire clouds, and its rear limbs tread on black rain clouds. It raised its head and stepped into the sky, soaring a thousand meters into the air!

Born From the Heart —— Rise of the Dragon!


Just this terrifying roar was enough to pause the dragon's breath that was traveling downwards. The impact between the terrifying air current and the flying dragon that soared into the sky was relentless, as if a volcano had erupted.

The two hysterical bone dragons were somehow fixed in place and could not move.


There did not seem to be any resistance. The dragon's breath that pressed downwards seemed to have been suppressed in an instant.

Then, golden light exploded, and a terrifying energy formed a massive pillar of light that soared into the sky. One could not even see the end of this pillar of golden light. It was as if it was about to soar into the heavens and penetrate the entire world. This continued for a full two to three minutes.

Furthermore, when this thick golden light disappeared, the two massive bone dragons in the air had completely disappeared.

The bone cage that surrounded them instantly collapsed, and the entire world swayed violently. Closely after, the world turned into vapor and entered Wang Zhong's Time-Space Wristband.

Pavaro simply stared at this in awe. His wide-open mouth had not closed from the beginning.

What kind of power was this? What kind of attack was this?

This simply blinded his bony eyes.

There was no doubt that this was a technique!

The highest realm of combat cultivation was cultivating techniques. One had to merge what one had learned and form one's own unique technique. For example, Wang Zhong's technique had surpassed the boundaries of a mere attack and entered the territory of laws. Furthermore, one's technique would completely correspond with one's soul. This way, one could display their greatest combat level!

It was very difficult to form one's own technique!

Typically, only Gold Core experts were truly able to do so. Some genius Solid Cores were also able to, but a Void Core?

Pavaro simply could not close his mouth. At least, he had never heard of anyone in the Void Core Realm who had been able to develop their own technique. Suddenly, he realized that the two bone dragons had been slaughtered. What in the world was this? Even if this was a Void Core technique, this was not possible.

However, he could not explain everything that happened in front of him. He could only stare at Wang Zhong in a daze.

The core had been collected, and the memory world had disappeared. Vast yellow fog surrounded them. Just as Pavaro's brain had turned into mush, Wang Zhong's voice sounded. "Why are you still dumbfounded? Your Ghost Flower is about to disappear."

The objects in the fragment world could not be taken away, but the Ghost Flower was slightly special. Even in reality, it was an illusory object that was the accumulation of special deathly aura. Even though the fragment world was fake, the deathly aura was authentic. Thus, even though the memory world had disappeared, the Ghost Flower could still temporarily continue to exist for a short time.

At that moment, the color of the Ghost Flower was starting to turn dull. Wisps of silver spiritual power started to spread continuously into the surroundings, disappearing into nothingness.

Pavaro was reminded by Wang Zhong and reacted. In an instant, he was in great distress. What a waste!

The level of this Ghost Flower was higher than those recorded by the bone demon race. After all, it had grown from the skeleton of a bone dragon and was extremely rare. However, just this moment of dumbfoundedness had caused the efficacy of the Ghost Flower to deplete by one-third.

At that moment, he no longer cared about talking to Wang Zhong and did not even deactivate his true form. He simply stuffed the Ghost Flower into his bony mouth.


When he chewed the flower, the Ghost Flower exploded in his mouth, and countless silver threads spread throughout, instantly seeping through his skeletal bones, starting from his head…

Pavaro's entire body was trembling. The silver threads released by the Ghost Flower were the purest accumulation of deathly aura. Since the black deathly aura could condense into a silver color, one could imagine that it was not ordinary. This was the most nourishing supplementary item to the undying races. Not only could it increase their strength, it could even modify their skeleton and even their soul at the source to a certain extent.

Wang Zhong did not leave. Pavaro now could not move and was in an unconscious state where his entire body occasionally spasmed. If he randomly encountered a fellow pupil with evil intentions or some danger, he would definitely be dead. They had just experienced a life-and-death battle. If Wang Zhong was going to be a good person, then he would be a good person till the very end. Thus, he helped to watch over Pavaro.

However, Lao Wang never thought that this would take a very long time…

Pavaro had spent two days just absorbing the energy disseminated from the Ghost Flower.

Although the silver aura had temporarily been absorbed by his body, some had materialized and densely covered his entire skeleton. They resembled secret symbols that could not be dispelled. They forcibly squeezed into his bones bit by bit.

He finally finished absorbing the energy from the Ghost Flower after much difficulty. Closely after, he broke through to the Solid Core Realm.

Pavaro was already a peak Void Core who was extremely close to the limit. He had reached a Spiritual Energy Value of 1.5 million. To be honest, just in terms of Spiritual Energy Value, he had already been exceeding his realm and had been able to compare favorably with some particularly weak Solid Cores.

Furthermore, his comprehension of his realm had been complete, and he had accumulated enough knowledge. Even without the supplement of the Ghost Flower, he would have soon broken through anyway. At that moment, he naturally broke through in one shot, just as he had expected.

This was also a rare opportunity for Lao Wang to personally witness a breakthrough to the Solid Core Realm. It felt slightly simpler than when he accumulated his Void Core out of nothing and was a qualitative change in energy following a quantitative change. Of course, this also included a complex comprehension of one's realm. At the same time, the process of the qualitative change in the Solid Core Realm included the transformation of the soul. If the Void Core was like a "sperm" waiting to fertilize, Lao Wang felt as if the Solid Core was a complete embryo. The vitality it radiated was much more powerful, and the feeling of a second soul was also much clearer. There was a feeling that one had clearly started to surpass the material realm, which was rather interesting.

He had not spent three days waiting for nothing. Being able to personally witness the process of a Solid Core expert transforming and leveling up would be very useful for when he accumulated his Solid Core in the future. This kind of scene was very rare. After all, one would not allow others to observe at the side unless they were a trusted person. If the observer had evil intentions, even if they randomly shouted at the side and disrupted the process, a slight distraction of the will could have led to insanity, and the process would have ended, let alone if the observer attacked. If the process failed, it would mean that one's prospect would be completely destroyed. Even if one survived, they would no longer be able to break through…

At that moment, Pavaro's disposition was completely different from before; his skeleton that had been charred from the teasing of an elemental spirit had completely recovered its original white color. Furthermore, it was as if there were silver threads shining amidst the white and seemed extremely unique.

"Hu…" He sighed and drew in his true form. He sensed the changes in his body and was overjoyed.

Even though one-third of the energy from the Ghost Flower had dispersed, since its level was high enough, the remaining energy was enough for him to go through sufficient changes. Breaking through to the Solid Core Realm was a small matter. What was important was the changes that the Ghost Flower had made in the foundations of his body. Pavaro even felt that his speed of mental calculations, comprehension, and other factors had increased significantly. It was just as if he was a new person. These changes far exceeded the ordinary results of advancing to the Solid Core Realm.

This was an increase in his potential! This was much more important than advancing to the Solid Core Stage. This meant that he would be able to achieve the greater heights that other bone demons would look up to in the future!

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    《Battle Frenzy》