Battle Frenzy
1126 Slaughter, Illusions Don“t Exist in the Underground World
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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1126 Slaughter, Illusions Don“t Exist in the Underground World

"Okay. Brother, if there is nothing else, I will take my leave." Wang Zhong's laughter could be heard from the side.

Pavaro, who was still immersed in boundless joy, regained his sense of clarity.


He had just realized that Wang Zhong had been watching over him… What did this mean? It seemed as if there were a few things he had missed.

"Thank you for the past few days!" Pavaro coughed lightly several times. "I really don't know what to say."

Since Wang Zhong had helped him, Pavaro definitely needed to repay him accordingly. This was Pavaro's belief and a rule for all races in the Land. Contributions that did not require any repayment? That would be like having something fall into your lap and was simply impossible. This time, Wang Zhong had helped him greatly. Even if he had achieved the Solid Core Realm, he did not dare to be as confident as before. After all, he had faced two bone dragons that could have killed him in seconds.

The divine territory respected experts.

However, he still said what he was supposed to say. This was a principle of the bone demon race. They made promises easily and would keep to their word. This time, he truly owed Wang Zhong a large favor.

"Don't worry about it. It was as easy as lifting a finger." Wang Zhong simply smiled and did not look back. As he walked forward, he waved his hand. "See you soon."

"…" Pavaro was dumbfounded. He had obviously not thought that Wang Zhong would walk away just like that.

Was it that easy?

Was it really that easy?

In the Heavenly Gates where everything could be exchanged for profits?

Pavaro was not foolish. He clearly knew when one was pretending or being magnanimous. At that moment, there was a rare hint of gratitude in his typically cold pitch-black eyes.

After temporarily losing control of himself for about ten seconds, Pavaro suddenly woke up with a start.

Wait. The direction Wang Zhong was walking in was… the red region!

In the distant boundary of the divine territory, the divine territory was still being molded, and new land was growing. Destructive energy lightning fell from the sky and brutally crashed into the ground that was about to form. A black and white smokescreen rose as if an atomic explosion had occurred, and a violent shockwave swept past everything, causing the part of the divine territory that had just extended to explode into pieces. Substances were drawn into the sky and dispersed in all directions like a sandstorm. Most of the substances were decomposed into their most basic elements by the energy, but some managed to keep the form they had first appeared in. These were all natural treasures.

No matter what, as the shockwaves from the explosion gradually subsided, the endlessly growing divine territory slowly gained the upper hand. A unique gravitational force stretched out its feelers into the void in all directions and captured the dissipated energy and substances. Anything that came into contact with the gravitational force of the divine territory would be captured into a web of gravity. After a series of reorganizations and consolidations, it would sink into the borders of the divine territory and become part of the divine territory's growth and expansion. When the next destruction accumulated enough energy, there would be another clash between growth and destruction.

Through this cycle, the divine territory continuously expanded its existence in the void. The greatest creation of the Fifth Dimension was the eternal divine territory.


There was a roar in the void, and lightning flashed. Then, amidst a brilliance of energy, a long river suddenly surged out. It was water, yet it was not water. Dim shadows surged through as annihilation and life replaced each other.

It was the Netherworld River!

The flow of the Netherworld River was paying a visit to this place.

It was born in the divine territory and was like a child of god, or more accurately, a child of darkness. It had the greatest power in the divine territory. This power was both a power and a yoke at the same time. The divine territory needed the existence of the Netherworld River. However, as children grew up, they were destined to rebel and even turn traitor. Many civilizations with mythical stories had one similarity. Many kings ended up being overthrown by their children.

The Netherworld River was like a rebellious child of the divine territory.

It should not be flowing here. The destruction by the void obstructed everything in the divine territory.

However, the Netherworld River could pierce through destruction. This was one of the reasons the divine territory was able to continuously expand into the void. The Netherworld River arrived through an opposite Netherworld Space and surged forth into the void. Then, it would penetrate a gap in the void and return to the Netherworld Space. Thereafter, it would leave behind its river territory.

A wave of void energy suddenly attacked, and the Netherworld River surged in a counterattack. Amidst the light from the powerful energy produced, a body suddenly floated to the surface of the water!

The body had been broken in half at the waist, but the Netherworld River had pieced back this broken body. Suddenly, there was a violent spasm, and the sunken head rose, revealing its appearance.

It was Mu Zi!

He opened his eyes, and intense pain engulfed him, as if he was the meat stuffing in a death pie. He had died.

At that moment, he was simply a remnant that had been awakened by the Netherworld River. Even his soul was broken beyond repair as the Life and Death Coffin, to which he had entrusted his life and soul, no longer existed.

"We need, each other, each other, we need…" The will of the Netherworld River was shouting in his pained consciousness. "Integrate with me, together, freedom, together, survival…"

Mu Zi instinctively resisted the Netherworld River. He searched for his memories from his broken soul fragments amidst this pain.

What the hell happened?

Three days ago in standard divine territory time…

In front of the Dragon's Head Shore, the area chosen for his trading, Mu Zi arrived as usual.

By the shore, those who were waiting for him had noticed the fog that he released on the Netherworld River. Everyone put down what they were doing and neatly came to the shore, waiting to trade with him.

Everything was the same as usual.

However, he looked at the busy river shore. Suddenly, a subtle feeling rose from his heart and grew like weeds after rain. Mu Zi looked at the shore, but the people were still the same people, and he recognized many familiar faces. However, he was strangely uncomfortable. It was as if a spring had suddenly been dug in the remote mountains and abruptly gushed in an endless stream, submerging his thoughts.

He remembered Grai's words, which sounded in his head in a flash. "If there is anything wrong, no matter what it is, if there is an unpleasant premonition, immediately leave and don't hesitate. Even if it is wrong. We can lose everything — our fame, our reputation, and even Hell Island. However, you definitely have to be safe. You can only create miracles when you are alive."

He did not hesitate and controlled his boat to move to the side. The fog that the Life and Death Coffin emitted became even deeper and thicker, preventing any possible spying. He did not waste any time, and his will slipped into the Netherworld River. He wanted to travel in the mirror image of the Netherworld River. Only then could he dodge any attack.

However, it was too late. The space around him suddenly trembled, and waves of cold air cut his skin like blades. He lost control of his surroundings, and the connection between him and the Netherworld River was weakening. His will that was slipping into the Netherworld River was pulled out by a strange force!

He was trapped! The space around him was also trapped! His fog gradually grew faint. It was not that the Life and Death Coffin was not taking effect. Instead, a force was neutralizing its effects. The connection between him and the Netherworld River also weakened.

"What an alert insect!"

There was a mocking voice. Immediately after, 12 figures suddenly appeared in his field of vision. There were spotless white clouds beneath their feet, but the bottoms of the clouds were pitch-black. The power of the clouds was corroding and clashing with the Netherworld River, allowing these assassins to stop the influence of the Netherworld River on them.

This was temporary and consumed a massive amount of energy. However, to Mu Zi, this would determine his life and death.

There was no nonsense from Mu Zi, and he immediately attacked. The opponent obviously never thought that Mu Zi would be so decisive. The Life and Death Coffin suddenly opened, and the Netherworld energy that he had saved over several months was released in one go.

The opponent let out an angry shriek. Then, two ferocious shouts sounded while a powerful might descended.

This time, Mu Zi had the upper hand, The Netherworld energy that gushed out broke the balance of the clouds. Then, Mu Zi interacted with the Netherworld River. He took a deep breath, and the Netherworld River suddenly rose along with his vigorous breathing. The surging waves instantly attacked the 12 figures. In an instant, 10 people fell into the Netherworld River. They struggled in the river, and the artifacts on them exploded one after another. Mu Zi's expression turned dark. All of those who had fallen into the Netherworld River were Void Core experts. Furthermore, they were equipped with various defensive artifacts that countered the Netherworld River. Although they exploded one after another, the experts were able to fight for enough time.

Furthermore, the two figures that did not fall after being struck by the Netherworld River radiated a dangerous aura that stunned Mu Zi. He looked at their gazes and felt as if his power was being distorted. It was very obvious that these two people were definitely not just Void Cores!

Gold Cores were not usually activated in the divine territory. Thus, they could only be Solid Cores who had turned nothing into something! Mu Zi gauged his opponents. One of them had four arms, with each carrying a different artifact. His facial appearance was similar to that of humans, except that his eyes were extremely close together, giving Mu Zi an unusually tense feeling. Beneath his purple lips, canines poked out from the corners of his lips. He had a ferocious aura, and his killing intent was abundant.

The other person was engulfed in a black fog. However, a pair of arms stretched out from the black fog. One of the hands held a precious vase, while the other hand carried a golden pagoda. The two artifacts each emitted might as the hands held them. At that moment, as the expert flew into a rage, the golden pagoda suddenly trembled, and the ancient golden bell hung on the pagoda let out sounds of slaughter. These sounds created colors and outlined an indistinct combat picture scroll in midair. The figure of a divine expert seemed to appear and disappear on the scroll.


The golden bell suddenly rang, and a ray of light shot out from the war scroll as if the Milky Way was stretching out and abruptly penetrated the Netherworld River!

Mu Zi stretched out his hand, and the Netherworld River launched a violent counterattack. However, the precious vase that the strange person covered in black fog carried tumbled softly from his hand. Icy blue light exploded from the vase, and frost fell like snow. In an instant, the raging Netherworld River calmed down.

Not only did this calm the Netherworld River, the layers of frost that gushed out from the precious vase also fell on the surface of the Netherworld River but did not melt. Instead, they rotated, and a wave of steam spread from the frost, coldly cutting off the sound of the Netherworld River!

On the other side, four-arms manipulated his four artifacts. Mu Zi heard him shout the word "suppress". Then, the power of the four artifacts immediately integrated and abruptly landed on the bodies of the 10 Void Cores who had fallen into the Netherworld River. He was saving them.

The Void Cores were saved and returned to the clouds that had been restored. These clouds had been created by the combined powers of the four artifacts in four-arms' hands. One could see that under the activation of the four artifacts, the unusual power of the 5 Elements was woven together to form these clouds that resisted the Netherworld River. Mu Zi guessed that if it were not for the drain from the Netherworld River, these four artifacts could have created a world of clouds and formed their own society!

Then, Mu Zi laughed very miserably. He looked at all of this.

The two great Solid Cores had six top-leveled artifacts, and every artifact could restrain the power of the Netherworld River. Meanwhile, the 10 Void Cores had at least 10 defensive artifacts that could resist the corrosion of the Netherworld River. Those large Factions had a way to deal with the Netherworld River, but they were not willing to pay the price. Mu Zi saw that the six artifacts that the two Solid Core experts held were wearing down rapidly as they displayed every bit of their power. The Netherworld River caused irreversible corrosion to these artifacts. These artifacts that could be used countless times to display unparalleled power became disposable consumables in order to obstruct the Netherworld River.

What a large amount of money spent. To deal with him, two great Solid Cores and 10 Void Cores had been sent to capture him. Furthermore, they spent several dozen Netherworld River artifacts and six top-leveled artifacts!

Their sole objective was his secrets.

They wanted to capture him alive. Thus, he was still breathing.

However, Mu Zi tightened the cloak on his body. He would not allow them to get what they wanted, and he would not leave any information here. Regardless of whether it was information about the Netherworld River Wanderer or about him as an Earthling, he would not leave anything behind.

He suspected that not only were the Factions in the underground world involved, he had even attracted the attention of the surface world. His and Grai's plan had failed, but he did not blame Grai. In fact, a large part of this was due to his own urgency. He was more impatient than Grai to advance rashly. However, they could only interact with and see so much of the divine territory.

Thus, this situation had happened.

Did he regret this? Mu Zi smiled. He simply asked himself whether he had given it his all. His answer was, "I've done my best, my utmost best."

This was enough.

"The Netherworld King says… that you… will all die!"

Ever since the ambush attack, these were the first words Mu Zi uttered.

However, it was a pity that this did not scare his opponents. Mu Zi smiled and looked at the mockery on his opponents' faces. Their lies had been seen through.

Four-arms laughed coldly. "The Netherworld River? Are you going to ask him to appear and attempt to do so? Oh, are you saying that you are that fellow? You all are rather skilled at transforming and hiding. After investigating for such a long time, we haven't been able to determine which damned civilization you're from. No civilization has ever been this close to the Netherworld River. You are the first and could be an exception, but your comrade that appeared afterward… It was not the same thing. However, it doesn't matter. Now, let us see what your true appearance is."

"You speak too much."

Amidst the black fog, a deep voice that sounded like rocks rubbing against each other reverberated, stopping four-arms from continuing to speak.

Mu Zi was still smiling. He opened the lid of the Life and Death Coffin and reached into it but did not take anything out. His dark skin turned faint, and there were even ghastly pale wisps on his skin. Meanwhile, his face was dripping with perspiration. One could see that his skin color was flowing into the Life and Death Coffin. In an instant, his black skin turned brown and was turning into an even lighter color.

"Life and Death True Form." Mu Zi was smiling. His body became transparent. Not only did his skin turn transparent, even his blood, his bones, and his organs all turned transparent. He had almost disappeared from this world, but light blue vitality was still circulating throughout his body, allowing him to exist in this world.


Mu Zi slaughtered a Void Core. If he was able to kill one of them, he would be able to break even, while killing two of them would mean he came out ahead. Of course, he did not give up on his hope of escaping. However, it was a great pity that his enemies had surrounded and trapped him. The two Solid Cores had not attacked, only prevented him from escaping. Meanwhile, the six top-leveled artifacts were not just to interfere with the Netherworld River but were also prepared for this situation.

Crash. Countless attacks landed on Mu Zi, but Mu Zi's half-transparent body simply trembled slightly before turning all the power from the attack into nothing. The Life and Death True Form traveled between life and death, turning into a temporarily undying body.

This was Mu Zi's greatest gain from the Netherworld River.

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    《Battle Frenzy》