Battle Frenzy
1127 Seize
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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1127 Seize


Mu Zi rushed into the group of Void Cores and desperately slaughtered them. In the underground world, people who were able to become Void Cores were all killing demons who had experienced countless fierce fights. However, when they launched their attacks, Mu Zi transformed from life to death, and all their attacks missed.

Furthermore, as long as Mu Zi seized an opportunity, he was able to cause a terrifying wound in a Void Core.

After severely injuring two Void Cores, the two Solid Cores finally could not stand it.

"Hmph! A bunch of good-for-nothings!"

The person enshrouded by black fog finally broke out from the fog. It was a winged person,  and a rich brilliance was radiated from his perfect and flawless body. His two precious artifacts shot out two rich waves of aura towards Mu Zi at the same time, one of life and the other of death. This caused the two artifacts to dim significantly.


Life and death rapidly collided in Mu Zi's body, causing Mu Zi to instantly explode into countless pieces. However, the next instant, a wisp of vitality firmly pulled him back and pieced him back together like some toy bricks.

Between life and death, his Life and Death True Form had been broken!

"Capture him." The flawless winged person glared at the Void Cores with a dissatisfied gaze.

At this moment,   Mu Zi smiled sadly. Was this a Solid Core? His Life and Death True Form was enough to deal with over ten Void Cores,  but when dealing with a Solid Core, it was destroyed upon first contact.

However,  he would not allow others to capture him. Thanks to the Solid Core's attack, the interval of time needed after the two precious artifacts released their power allowed Mu Zi to seize an opportunity to escape.

The Life and Death Coffin flew beside him. He stroked the coffin lightly and seemed to hear an unwilling cry.


Crash! Brutal deathly aura exploded from the Life and Death Coffin!

The Life and Death Coffin was once a very poor artifact. However,   its material was a taboo in the divine territory,  and it was rarer than even divine equipment. At the very least, Mu Zi had never found any records related to it while looking through the various ancient texts that introduced divine territory materials and treasures.

In the Netherworld River, Mu Zi looked up. The bird person was roaring angrily as his surprised and bewildered eyes glared at the exploding Life and Death Coffin!

"No! You actually dared to detonate such a precious item!"

The Life and Death Coffin violently blew apart like a supernova and instantly turned into thousands of fragments that spewed in all directions. A gap between life and death appeared in front of Mu Zi. This was a pathway that the Life and Death Coffin opened up for sacrificial offerings. The aura of the Netherworld River surged out from the Life and Death Coffin, and Mu Zi made his way inside.

The Life and Death Coffin shattered,    and Mu Zi could feel his own heart shattering. He spat out a large piece of flesh. Half of his soul and his life were placed in the Life and Death Coffin,   but they had left through this pathway. Once he had lost the Life and Death Coffin,  he could no longer continue living. However,  at the very least, he would not leave any information that would allow those people to trace him back to the human race.

This was enough. Furthermore, he had enough time to sort out the inheritance from Hell Island. He wanted Grai to inherit everything.


The bird person roared angrily and delivered a practiced chop. The moment the gap of life and death closed, brutal power entered, and Mu Zi's body was chopped into halves in an instant!

Everything turned dark!

Rumble! Bam, bam!

Then, the memories of the Netherworld River surged forth.

It protected his corpse and tried its best to pour everything in the Netherworld River into his shattered body. The Netherworld River even collected the fragments of his soul. Even though there was only half of his soul left, it was enough to summon him into this void world that was distant from the laws of the divine territory. There were no rules here, only chaos. Thus, the power of the Netherworld River could be released boundlessly and would not be suppressed by the divine territory.

"Together, together, freedom, survival."

The Netherworld River was urging Mu Zi.

It displayed its existence to Mu Zi.

It showed how it was born, how it was bound in confusion, and how it devoured lives because it was jealous of the freedom that lives had. It discovered the yokes that the divine territory had imposed on it. It desired freedom. Now, Mu Zi had appeared.

He was an existence that could bear the weight of its power and not melt, a life that could synchronize with its will.

It had been waiting all along, waiting for the moment Mu Zi was about to die. Then, it would pull him into the Netherworld River, far away from the control of the divine territory…

"Just let me die!"

Mu Zi opened his eyes and smiled. Then he rejected the Netherworld River's will to survive together.

Rumble. The Netherworld River angrily caused its water to rumble but instantly calmed down again. "Conditions, I know, a lot about you, but, everything can be discussed with conditions."

Mu Zi's response was indifferent. He had never been afraid of death. It was a type of freedom. Discussing conditions? He could not and did not want to.

The poor Netherworld River had encountered the Earthling that it was least able to do business with, and he was its greatest nemesis.

These thoughts were directly transmitted to the consciousness of the Netherworld River without any obstacles. It was very afraid. It did not know whether another Mu Zi would appear in 10 million years.

It no longer wanted to wait. In this universe, there was nothing more numbing and crueler than waiting in stasis.

"You take the lead. I will complement you!"

This was the final term that the consciousness of the Netherworld River offered. It desired freedom greatly.

                             In the Illusion Sea, Pavaro had not caught up. He was only dumbfounded for a moment, yet Wang Zhong had already vanished. He had moved far too quickly.

Pavaro's expression changed slightly. Earlier, he had entered the world of the bone dragon because he sensed an obscure calling. Thus, back then, he did not think much about it and impatiently entered the world. Could it be that Wang Zhong had experienced the same thing?

Wang Zhong had great strength. He was able to slaughter the two terrifying bone dragons and accumulate his own technique. One definitely could not use ordinary Void Cores to judge his strength. However, this did not mean that Wang Zhong had the ability to charge into the red alert region. It was an unrestricted region that even Gold Cores could die in.

Pavaro stood up and immediately chased after him.

Unlike what Pavaro had guessed, Wang Zhong was not rash. What kind of person was Lao Wang? He was a soldier who had walked out from countless expeditions and was definitely not afraid when he dared to do something. However, this did not mean that he could mindlessly take risks. Meanwhile, the summoning he sensed had faintly caused the Fate Stone to react.

If it was purely a chance happening or a calling, Wang Zhong definitely would not have gone to the red region. However, if it involved the Fate Stone, Lao Wang was willing to try anything.

With his current speed, he flew through the Illusion Sea World as a Void Core and traveled across the large yellow region in less than half an hour.

The foggy region in front of him was not colored a uniform red. Instead, it was colorful, with red fog making up the bulk of the color. However, the colors were all very deep but did not block his vision, unlike in the yellow region. Instead, the entire foggy region was transparent and clear. He could see bubble worlds floating inside the region.

There were obviously much fewer bubble worlds here than in the white and yellow regions. Lao Wang immediately saw the bubble world that he sensed an obscure feeling from. It was golden and was extremely conspicuous even amidst the fog. Furthermore, when he saw this bubble world, a strong calling immediately appeared in his head.

This was it. Wang Zhong was very sure. This was the red alert region, and the level of the bubble world was rather high. Wang Zhong could estimate the danger he would face inside and subconsciously paused for a moment. However, the Fate Stone seemed to call out. This was the first time the Fate Stone was so active. As a result, Wang Zhong could not help but pay attention to it.

It was even slightly strange. He had always thought that the Fate Stone was a mysterious treasure that even surpassed anything in the Fifth Dimension. But now, this consciousness… Why did it feel somewhat like an artifact?

Lao Wang's figure swept past the sky. In a flash, he appeared in front of that bubble world.

Unlike how he had the imperative to control the world when he entered the previous bubble world, when his hands touched the boundary of the bubble, Lao Wang could clearly sense the vast will that this bubble world contained. He was extremely insignificant in the face of this bubble world. He was like a three-year-old child that wanted to play with Hercules' weapon and simply could not lift it up. There was no way he could control this world like before. Meanwhile, the obscure calling transformed into a peculiar power that instantly sucked him in.

The scenery around him changed in the blink of an eye. It was as if he was hovering in midair. Beneath his feet was a vast void, yet it seemed as if there was some mass that he could step on.

This feeling was very mysterious and was completely different from when he used his Void Core spiritual power to resist gravity and hover in midair. It was as if… the surface of the ground had been constructed by a law and naturally supported him. Regardless of which direction he stepped in, the ground would naturally appear beneath his feet. This was rather mysterious.

Wang Zhong regained his composure. Then, he raised his head and looked around.

He saw an empty starry sky, and there were countless projections of Dimensional Worlds under his feet. Meanwhile, in the extremely distant surroundings, there were five massive boundary tablets that glittered and reached into the clouds.

He could not use words to describe the magnificence of the five boundary tablets. They were definitely not just large but also contained unparalleled supernatural power and might, as if they were the protectors of this entire world and supported it! Any expert could not help but respect and admire them from their hearts.

Wang Zhong looked at this spacious and intriguing space. He was astonished for some time. This was different from any of the bubble worlds that he had entered, and he could not even sense any creatures. This space was just too large. Furthermore, there was no spiritual pressure at all, as if this place was in a state of chaos.

Furthermore, in the previous bubble worlds, Wang Zhong had directly entered the illusion worlds as an entity. However, Wang Zhong felt as if his body was in the form of a soul here.

This was too mysterious. He had read some resources introducing the high-leveled bubble worlds in the red alert region. In essence, they should be the same as other low-leveled memory worlds, and one would enter the illusion worlds as an entity. However, the experts that one would encounter would be stronger. He had never heard of entering these worlds as a soul.

He did not know what the difference between entering as a soul and as an entity meant, but one thing was certain. This place was extremely special.

He tried to activate his true form but failed. However, his body was able to hover in the air as he had intended and continued to rise… No, he was not rising. Instead, it seemed as if he was growing larger! Furthermore, he grew at a rapid speed. Then, to Lao Wang's surprise, he discovered that he seemed to be free and unrestrained in this world. Changes occurred with just a thought.

At that moment, as his body grew, the large distance rapidly shortened. The blurry boundary tablets became much clearer. Those were…

Wang Zhong stared at them for a while. The more he looked at them, the more familiar they looked. Suddenly, he arrived at an answer and was shocked…

A Golden Stone Slab? There was metal, wood, water, fire, and earth!

Back then in the Holy City, the Patriarch Society had collected the remaining pieces of a Golden Stone Slab from the Empire, the Mo Family, and the Stuart Clan. Although it was a great pity that they did not collect all the pieces in the end, they managed to collect most of them.

Regardless of whether it was the symbols engraved on it or the Golden Stone Slab itself, Lao Wang had comprehended everything and had an extremely strong impression of them. There was no doubt that these five stone tablets were Golden Stone Slabs. However, the symbols on the slabs were more profound and complex than the one collected by the Holy City. For example, the Fire Golden Stone Slab that Lao Wang was most familiar with and had done the most research on had runes that were only 0.01% as profound as these stone tablets, not even comparing its weight or its might. In comparison to these stone tablets, the Golden Stone Slab in the Holy City was like a simplified fake copy.

The Golden Stone Slab had appeared on Earth and in the Holy City, and seemed to have countless ties with him. Now, it had also appeared in the Illusion Sea. This was definitely not just a coincidence. Why were the Golden Stone Slabs standing in this space? What was their function? Was the calling he sensed from these Golden Stone Slabs?

Questions appeared one after another in Wang Zhong's mind. Lao Wang felt that something was wrong.

Suddenly, the five Golden Stone Slabs dazzled with great brilliance. It was as if countless rays of light pierced through this space, instantly forming a dense golden grid in this world.

Meanwhile, an elegant man appeared out of nowhere in the middle of the golden grid.

The man seemed rather young and had a peaceful expression. He did not seem to have any terrifying might, but he had an air of dominance, as if he looked down scornfully at the world and saw everyone else as ants. He wore elegant white clothes and quietly stood in the center of the golden grid, as if he was waiting for something.

Immediately after.

Whoosh, whoosh, whoosh…

Experts with terrifying auras appeared in all directions around the grid.

They each stood in eight different directions around the grid, and their figures all emitted a dazzling golden light. All of them had a gigantic stature and were extremely massive. The might that they emitted caused someone as strong-willed as Lao Wang to involuntarily tremble in fear. In front of them, he was like a speck of dust against the vast sun! This feeling far exceeded the shock he experienced when he saw the Ancient Spirit Tree for the first time.

"This, this is?!" Lao Wang was silently shocked. He obviously did not recognize these eight figures, but he managed to determine a few things from some obvious external characteristics.

The clothes and the physique of the massive figure standing in the east were very similar to those of the Heavenly Wings race in the Heaven. There were 12 massive white wings behind his back!

The fabled Heavenly Wings people were born with just one pair of wings. The more wings they grew, the stronger they were, and the higher their realm was. From the limited number of Heavenly Gates records that Wang Zhong had flipped through, the highest-leveled member on record only had eight wings!

Meanwhile, the figure standing in the west was a pure elemental creature. Its entire body was on fire and looked like a humanoid sun. There was no need to mention its terrifying might. Wang Zhong could not even directly look at it as the light was too dazzling. If he looked at it for one more second, he would be blinded. It was obviously a member of the Elemental Race. Looking at the terrifying Heavenly Wings member beside it, since it was able to be on equal footing with a 12-winged Heavenly Wing member, it was definitely the king of the Elemental Race, among the four races in Heaven!

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