Battle Frenzy
1128 Origin
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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1128 Origin

The figure in the north was completely shrouded in darkness. However, the darkness was completely different from the darkness that Wang Zhong had seen before and was full of brutal devastation. Furthermore, the figure was not humanoid but had three heads and six arms. Its angry eyes that were wide open in the darkness made it seem like an angry demon with an extremely rich killing aura. Anyone who did not have a strong will would be affected by the terrifying killing aura that it emitted. It was a bloodthirsty creature that only knew how to kill! It was from the Violent Demon race, the race that was best at combat among the four races in Heaven!

In the south, the figure was no longer humanoid. Instead, it took the form of a beast.

Its figure was very large and had extremely sturdy limbs, making it seem like a primeval beast from the legends. The aura that surrounded its entire body soared into the air like a wave. Even a random bead of sweat on its body was a bright blood-red and contained boundless vitality… The Wilderness Race among the four races in Heaven were born in the primeval era and had the most powerful physical bodies. They were called the source of preliminary life in the Fifth Dimension and were the oldest race.

The striking characteristics of the four races in Heaven were easily distinguishable. Moreover,  there was a figure standing in the southeast,  northwest, southwest, and northeast directions respectively. However, the clothes they wore and their outer appearances were obviously different from those of the fabled four races in Heaven. Wang Zhong did not know where they were from, but there was no doubt that they were as powerful as these kings from the four Heavenly Races. They were like gods that stood in the world!

However, these eight powerful deities that caused Wang Zhong to tremble in fear were all extremely cautious of the young man standing in the middle of the grid. It vaguely seemed as if the eight of them were joining hands to surround him. Meanwhile, the young man had a calm and undisturbed expression. He smiled as he looked at these eight divine kings.

Lao Wang was shocked. What kind of existence was this young man to force eight powerful divine kings to work together to deal with him? Furthermore,  there was something even more mysterious. When Lao Wang looked at that man, he looked extremely familiar, as if… he was a super high-leveled divine version of himself?!

This caused Lao Wang the loser to feel ashamed… Since when did he like to daydream?

"Dragon Emperor," The Violent Demon divine king that was full of murderous aura slowly spoke. Surging killing aura covered the entire world and instantly filled this entire space. "Hand over the Fate Slab! The divine territory should be jointly managed by the Heavenly Races. You have overstepped your authority!"

The expression on the young man,        who had been called Dragon Emperor,       did not change. He was not affected by the murderous aura at all. Instead,      he smiled and calmly said,     "Back then,    when the divine territory was established,   all the races had made great sacrifices. The five great basic rules have formed the foundation. The Light Slate is at the Heavenly River,  and the Darkness Slate is at the Netherworld River. The Elemental Race and the Wilderness Race share time-space. The Violent Demon race controls chaos. The Heavenly Wings race controls order, and the Dragon race controls fate. This is called balance."

"Dragon Emperor,   the times have changed." The voice of the Wilderness Race divine king was like a large bell and was extremely powerful,  causing Wang Zhong's ears to turn numb. "Countless years have passed, and the divine territory is becoming more prosperous every day. Can you not see that the fate of the Dragon race has been exhausted? Your destiny has reached its end. Let us keep the Fate Slab. This is also giving the Dragon race a way out!"

"Do you understand what fate is?" the Dragon Emperor calmly spoke.

The eight great divine kings did not answer. For a moment… it was slightly awkward.

Everyone present was a supreme creature in teaching one's grandmother how to suck eggs. However,   if they were to discuss their research on fate in front of the Dragon Emperor,   they would be making a fool of themselves by showing off in front of an expert. Among the 11 powers,  fate was the most obscure and the hardest to control. Thus, it had been handed to the Dragon race.

"The Dragon race will decide their own fate." The Dragon Emperor had obviously expected the silence from the surroundings and was not surprised. Even if these people wanted to forcibly seize it from him, they at least had to give him some face when talking. "If the Dragon Race is destined to disappear, then this is a part of the Dragon Race's fate, and not because of your control."

The Wilderness Race divine king furrowed his eyebrows. "Dragon Emperor, this is the core of Heaven. Your Real Dragon Origins cannot be used here. We do not want to go to war…"

"This is obviously a robbery. Wouldn't it be settled if you just said so?" The Dragon Emperor continued to smile and observed the people around him. "Heh heh. Little Ye and the others, you are becoming more and more courageous to dare to speak to me like that. Will they truly honor their promises?"

"Dragon Emperor!" the Heavenly Wings divine king coldly shouted. "Don't sow discord among us. This is a joint decision by everyone! I hope that you can consider the situation as a whole. We will still support the existence of the Dragon race."

"We know that your twelve Dragon Guards are already prepared outside, but do you really think that you can challenge us with those little fellows?" The Violent Demon divine king coldly said, "Furthermore, don't forget that today is the weakest the Dragon race becomes, your weakness that shows up every thousand years. Today, we must have a result. It's best that you don't do anything that is insignificant and foolish!"

"How pitiable. The more powerful and heaven-defying one is, the more fatal flaws one has." The Wilderness Race divine king laughed coldly. They had been living in the shadows of the Dragon Emperor for far too long. They had been waiting for this moment for a long time.

"Do you all have the same thoughts?" The Dragon Emperor ignored these two people. One of them was his mortal enemy, while the other was a little youngling who was making an error in judgment.

However, at that moment, regardless of whether it was his best friends — the Heavenly Wings divine king and the Elemental Race divine king — or the other friends he was not very close to but had drunk with, the other six people did not say anything. When the gaze of the Dragon Emperor swept past, the Heavenly Wings divine king finally sighed softly. "This is for the entire civilization…"

"Ha ha ha ha!" The Dragon Emperor's laughter instantly reverberated throughout the entire world. There was no fear, but there was a hint of self-indulgence. "This is an excuse that you have not changed for 10,000 years. Back then, you used these words to ward off those level-9 civilizations that have since disappeared. This time, you are using them on me?"

"Since that is the case, what are you waiting for?" He immediately stopped laughing, and his body emitted a ray of golden light. A terrifying dragon's breath immediately spread. At that moment, the figure that seemed extremely weak in front of the eight towering divine kings became extremely tall and full of might. He did not seem to be inferior to the alliance of the eight divine kings.

Golden light shot from his eyes, and he was full of tyranny. "Attack! Let me see how impressive the cooperation among eight divine kings is!"

In the air, Wang Zhong was dumbstruck as he watched this. This… What did this have to do with anything?

Regardless of whether this was a projection of history or someone's memory, or even a fake illusion, the Dragon Emperor was facing the eight divine kings of Heaven by himself. Was there anyone so impressive in this world? If Wang Zhong had not personally witnessed this, no one would have been able to imagine it.

"Damned thing who doesn't know death! Then vanish into nothingness!" The Violent Demon divine king roared angrily and stretched out his large hand from the darkness. Wang Zhong simply felt as if this entire world had become a rag that was being squeezed by a terrifying and invisible power. Even if he was a soul that was floating high in the sky, there was a moment when he felt as if he was about to explode and die. Furthermore, he could not resist at all!

It's over!

Lao Wang was also shocked. It was said that when celestial beings fought, the ordinary man suffered. The shockwave of aura that these terrifying beings unleashed before the battle was enough to kill him countless times.

However, when his soul was about to be broken into pieces by that terrifying and invisible power, Wang Zhong seemed to sense the Dragon Emperor, who was standing in the middle of the grid below him, raising his head to look at him.

                             Their eyes met. In that instant, Wang Zhong felt a mysterious interaction between their souls. This was definitely not an unconscious gaze.

He can see me? Wang Zhong was astonished. He could not imagine how the Dragon Emperor could see a soul observer in this mysterious and strange world.

Closely after, the pressure from the invisible power vanished, and his body was suddenly pulled back by a wave of power. The entire world turned into a fleeting moment before his eyes. In the blink of an eye, he was chased out.

The empty space had disappeared, and the eight divine kings, as well as the Dragon Emperor, were nowhere to be seen. When Lao Wang calmed himself down from his frightened state, he realized that he had returned to the Illusion Sea World.

His surroundings were filled with colorful fog. His hands were on that bubble world, but unlike the active sucking force that was present before, the bubble world seemed to have been sealed at that moment. When he pressed his hands again on the bubble world, he could not sense any aura calling for him. It was like a dead object, and he could not even think about entering it.

"Wang Zhong! You're finally awake!"

Lao Wang still had many thoughts when a joyous voice sounded beside him. It was Pavaro.

He had been chasing Wang Zhong in this direction all along. Then, he saw Wang Zhong placing his hand on the bubble world and then becoming motionless.

This was obviously very strange. Typically, when one entered the bubble world, their entire body would be sucked in and engulfed by the bubble. However, Wang Zhong stood there without moving. Furthermore, no matter how Pavaro called him, he still did not awaken. If Pavaro did not feel Wang Zhong's body temperature and heartbeat, he would have suspected Wang Zhong had died.

Pavaro had tried to enter to find Wang Zhong by placing his hand on the bubble world, but obviously, it had been of no use. This bubble world simply rejected him and did not allow him to enter. Pavaro had no other choice. Since Wang Zhong was alive but could not be awakened, and Pavaro was unable to go in and did not know what had happened exactly, he could only watch over him here. However, he never thought that this would take half a month.

"Half a month?" Lao Wang was astonished. According to what he had sensed, only over ten minutes had passed since he entered the world, but half a month had passed outside. This bubble was probably of extraordinary origin, but how many connections did this world have with him?

Meanwhile, Lao Wang was not very surprised at the history of conflict in the bubble world. There would be grudges when there were people, and this also applied in Heaven.

"What exactly did you experience inside?" Pavaro was not a curious person, but this was just too strange. Wang Zhong did not seem to have sensed the flow of time.

Lao Wang shook his head. To be honest, he did not even dare to believe what he had seen. He still had to calm down and slowly ponder about it, let alone tell Pavaro the details.

Pavaro was not the kind to get to the root of the issue with questions. When he saw Wang Zhong shake his head, he took it as Wang Zhong not wanting to speak about it and naturally did not question him further. He simply said, "There are less than two days until the Illusion Sea World mission ends. If we do not hurry back in time, we will not be able to find our way back to the Heavenly Gates without the supervisor's guidance. Luckily you returned today. If not, I almost had to carry you and that bubble world back!"

Lao Wang smiled and felt apologetic.

Pavaro had guarded him for half a month. This time, he would definitely not be able to compete for rankings and points for this assessment.

"You should rest and reorganize yourself." Obviously, Pavaro did not mind. As compared to the points and mission rewards, the Ghost Flower was his greatest gain from this mission. At that moment, he also sensed that Wang Zhong's mind was extremely fatigued. He looked at the Time-Space Wristband on his arm. "The journey is slightly far. We will go back three hours later!"

At the Combat Cultivation Hall gathering spot in the Illusion Sea World…

This was the last day of the mission. Many of the pupils who had been venturing the world had returned. However, the Titan supervisor was not in a pleasant mood because of the ranking information on the boundary cloth.

Among the 900 pupils, about one hundred of them were determined to be dead by their Time-Space Wristband, and their names were struck out with a red line. Meanwhile, a rather large proportion of people remained at the low standard of 10 to 20 points. It was obvious that this average made the Titan supervisor rather unhappy. He was not unhappy at their strength, but at their determination and courage. Typically, Void Cores who had cultivated at the Combat Cultivation Hall for a year would definitely not have so few points over a month if they had a little more courage and explored one or two level-8 worlds. Frankly speaking, the majority of people were afraid of death. There were more people in this batch of Combat Cultivation Hall pupils to prepare for the arrival of the Heavenly River Tide, and the threshold was also lower. These lower-leveled pupils were truly unattractive and useless.

Of course, a few hidden experts in the Combat Cultivation Hall appeared one by one. They were far ahead in the lead on the rankings. A few of them had obtained several thousand points, and three of them had obtained over ten thousand points! There was no doubt that these were the true experts. One would not be able to accumulate 10,000 points just from the level-7 worlds in the white region. They had definitely gone to the B Region and collected level-6 world cores. Furthermore, they collected more than one of such cores!

However, the problem was, among those who had obtained over ten thousand points, Wang Zhong and Pavaro, whom the Titan supervisor had always thought highly of, were not there.

Half a month ago, their points had completely stopped increasing. Wang Zhong was still better off. Just before his points had stopped increasing, he had collected a level-6 core and gained 5,000 points. However, Pavaro was much more miserable and had only accumulated 800 points. This simply caused the supervisor to be extremely disappointed.

More and more pupils returned, and almost all of those who had survived were back. After experiencing life and death for one month, everyone in the Combat Cultivation Hall seemed slightly different to each other. However, some people had more gains and changed more, while others only experienced small changes.

Everyone was looking at the rankings on the boundary cloth and discussed the winner of this task. Of course, they definitely mentioned Wang Zhong and Pavaro. After all, they were the unspoken champions in the Combat Cultivation Hall.

"That's why I said that actions speak louder than words. Pavaro only received 800 points and is a far cry away from the first few places…"

"Earlier, he was equally famous as Balor and Gorst, and they were called the top three experts in the Combat Cultivation Hall. Looking at them now, they are all just as bad as one another." Many people took pleasure in Pavaro's misfortune, unhappy about being suppressed by him.

Unlike Balor and Gorst, Pavaro was not from a powerful civilization. Although the bone demon race was not as miserable as the Earthlings, they were merely a level-6 civilization. Furthermore, they were even considered weak among the level-6 civilizations. They were not easily bullied in the Land, but they definitely did not have much influence.

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    《Battle Frenzy》