Battle Frenzy
1130 Divine Weapon
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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1130 Divine Weapon

At this moment, it was obviously too late to eat the Vitality Supplement Pill. Furthermore, the supplement from the Vitality Supplement Pill was rather mild and could not possibly catch up with this terrifying consumption of spiritual power. Luckily, he still had his divine cells. An idea flashed past his mind, and the divine cells throughout his entire body suddenly expanded like pores that could be controlled, causing boundless spiritual power to surge out in an endless stream from various areas on his body. Furthermore, every divine cell followed his Void Core like countless planets revolving around a star. They illuminated each other, and each had a continuous stream of regenerative powers that far exceeded the spiritual power standards of an ordinary Void Cores.

After accumulating his Void Core, the transformation in his soul would also result in a transformation of his physical body. This was the greatest change in Lao Wang's divine cells after advancing to the Void Core. Earlier, when he unleashed a full-bodied attack against the two bony dragons, his divine cells could instantly produce several times or even 10 times more spiritual power than before! At this moment, this was just enough to counter the sucking power from the copper mirror.

Once his Void Core was replenished, the feeling of fear before death immediately dispersed greatly. However, when the terrifying sucking force from the copper mirror was fed with even more power, it intensified and continuously grew stronger, causing the spirit-sucking pathway to double in size!

Lao Wang complained incessantly. Even though his divine cells did not burst forth with strength only once after following his Void Core, they were still exploding with power and could only sustain this for a limited amount of time. At the very most, this strength was only comparable to that of a peak Solid Core. How could he counter this continuously increasing consumption of his power? Just a short two or three minutes of consumption caused Lao Wang's spiritual power to dry up once again. However, he was lucky that a clear thought was transmitted from the copper mirror at that moment.

"Activation achieved. Would you like to stop the transfer of spiritual power?"

"Stop!" At this moment, Lao Wang was in no mood to think about where this voice was coming from. Even his mind had dried up after being drawn in by this copper mirror. If he had to continue this for a few more seconds, he might die.


A faint sound reverberated through his mind. Then, the rapid sucking force disappeared.

His nerves that were extremely tense were now relaxed. Lao Wang choked for three to five seconds before finally panting.

There was a lingering fear in his heart. At that moment, he saw that even his flesh was in shock. He was like a severely dehydrated patient whose body had dried up. His Void Core, divine cells, and other organs had dried up to the point that they were about to fall apart.

He consumed four or five Vitality Supplement Pills in one go. Doing so would result in a great wastage, and the results would not be much better than quietly recovering after consuming one pill. However, Lao Wang no longer cared as he felt that the energy from the copper mirror that he had "activated" was rapidly dissipating. It would probably close up again very soon.

At that moment, he immediately immersed his thoughts into the copper mirror. There was a change in his surroundings, and time flew past. Then, Lao Wang realized that he was hovering in a massive and vast starry sky.

Unlike any combat or otherwise functional artifacts that he had imagined, Lao Wang could not sense any power in this starry sky that would be of any use to him. He could not control this power either… Wait, what was that?

Lao Wang saw what seemed to be a continent floating in this starry sky. However, it was too distant and seemed only as large as a sesame seed. A thought flashed past his mind, and the speed of this thought far exceeded any transmission speed that he was familiar with. In a flash, the floating continent had enlarged in front of his eyes.

Ah! He appeared above the continent. It was the Land in the divine territory!

Lao Wang was astonished. This continent looked like a shrunken version of the Land. Even though it was extremely blurry and he could only see the general outline of the continent, he could definitely recognize the massive Heavenly River that was equally blurry in the distance. At the same time, dense lights appeared on the "model" of the continent. Every spot contained power vitality, as if it represented the various races that lived in the Land.

Was this an… exploration artifact? However, what use was such vague information?

Before Lao Wang could understand this, new changes occurred once again. Among the countless bright spots on the Land, there were a few thousand spots that had an indistinct connection with him. Fate or some other link seemed to connect them. Some were thick and obvious, while some were as thin as a piece of thread. A familiar feeling entered his consciousness, and he could faintly sense who it was!

"Is that Aiolos?!" Lao Wang was pleasantly surprised beyond words. He sensed some signals from the link that connected them.


In the Sacred Arena.

A battle that received great attention was ongoing. This place was never lacking new tricks. An invincible god of combat from a low-leveled civilization? That was in the past. Since he no longer had any opponents at the same cultivation level as him, he was now placed in a higher bracket.

What would happen when an invincible Void Core from a low-leveled civilization was up against an ordinary Solid Core?

The word "invincible" did not exist in the Arena. Regardless of how impressive one's natural endowments were, if one was invincible against those of the same level, then they would face higher-leveled opponents. If one was still invincible against them, then they would face opponents that were two levels higher. What if one was able to defeat the entire Land? If one actually had such strength, they would not have been sentenced to punishment in the Arena.

The aristocrats in the Land loved this type of situation the most. Every time new odds appeared, their blood would surge. Before this, that human had killed a Solid Core, but it was a rather weak Solid Core. Today's opponent was not very strong either. It was a strange Solid Core monster that had maintained three consecutive wins in the Arena. It had a pair of thick horns, and its body resembled a panther. Its fur was pitch-black and had a gloomy tone. It was a Shadow Horned Panther, a branch of the Wilderness Race that lived in the Land and was considered an ancient beast race. Unlike the goblin race, the ancient beast race could not freely change their appearance and could not change to a true form. Their normal state was their best state.

However, it was obvious that more aristocrats expected the human called Aiolos to win. After all, they were regulars at the Arena and understood the style of the candle demon, the manager of the Sacred Arena, rather well. That fellow was too greedy. A gladiator that could surpass levels had appeared in the Arena after much difficulty, and he was worth much more than that Solid Core Shadow Horned Panther. Thus, the candle demon would not allow Aiolos to die so easily. One could infer this by looking at the odds of this battle. The odds did not seem much different, but anyone who bet that the Shadow Horned Panther would win was either a fool or a newbie.

In reality, such a creature that only had three consecutive wins in the Arena was no different from the Solid Core that Aiolos had previously smashed into pieces.

"I'm betting 50 Gold Star Stones on Aiolos!"

"Aiolos, 2,000!"

"I will bet 30,000! Damn, I want to gain back all the money I lost back then because of him in one shot!" The Arena was full of voices.

However, when the battle started, everyone was destined to be disappointed.

Aiolos, who was on the battlefield, had been completely suppressed. This Shadow Horned Panther was extremely valiant and even possessed natural endowments and secret techniques. It was completely invisible in the Arena! Even the probing instruments around the Arena could not capture its position, let alone if one used their naked eyes to see.


There was only a mild shockwave in the air the moment the faint black shadow attacked. By the time one saw the shadow, the attack would have already landed.

Aiolos was simply sent flying from the impact and heavily crashed into the solid wall of the Arena that was made out of Grade F metal. The massive impact caused Aiolos to sway slightly. Then, there was a massive rumbling sound.

"Sss…" A wave of shocked gasps rang out across the packed spectator stands.

"That attack probably had a Spiritual Energy Value of three million. It is definitely an intermediate Solid Core."

"It is Grade F metal, yet such a large crater was caused by the impact."

"Most importantly, its hiding abilities are too amazing! There are no gaps in its camouflage. My mini probing-instrument cannot detect it at all, let alone that human's eyes."

"Damn, are you serious? That Shadow Horned Panther is so fierce but only has three consecutive wins?"

"I've been cheated! Damn it, this Shadow Horned Panter is definitely a champion that the candle demon has hidden. I am going to take back my bet!"

"That doesn't make sense. This human's value was just uncovered, but he is going to be killed so quickly… Under normal circumstances, wouldn't they let him win a few more times? They should only slaughter him when the odds are high!"

"Heh heh. Fool! Just take a look at that human's current popularity. This is to stop their losses! If you can guess everything, then no one will bet on his death!"

Countless cries sounded from everywhere in the Arena.

However, these voices obviously did not seem to affect Aiolos's state of mind and judgment. His opponent's movements were very strange and did not produce any sound. However, its attacks were slightly crude… It could reach a terrifying Spiritual Energy Value of three million, yet a strike with the Spiritual Energy Value of only two million had hit him.

After spending a long time in the Arena, Aiolos had a rather good understanding of the combat characteristics of the various races. Regardless of whether it was this ancient beast race or the goblin race that revealed their true form, when they were in beast form, their power and defense could increase exponentially. However, their use of techniques would definitely be negatively affected. This kind of attack could not knock him down.

He was aware of this. At that moment, just as he was about to climb up, he suddenly heard a voice sounding in his head. "Is that you, Aiolos?"

"Wang Zhong?" Aiolos was slightly astonished. He could tell who the owner of the voice was. However, it had happened so suddenly in his mind and was simply mysterious.

On the other hand, Lao Wang never thought that he would get a response from Aiolos. The thread that connected them seemed to be able to transmit conversational information immediately.

"Ha! It's me, it's me!" Lao Wang was extremely joyous. "Aiolos, how are you? What are you doing?"


Wang Zhong seemed to hear a thump. Closely after, he heard Aiolos grinning. "Hey, it's nothing. Where are you? You're in the divine territory, right? There is no end to you and your trouble!"

"I'm in the divine territory, in the Heavenly Gates in the Land." Wang Zhong laughed out loud. "I seemed to have obtained a rather useful communication-type treasure. I was trying it out and actually managed to directly contact you."

"The Heavenly Gates in the Land?" Aiolos was shocked. This was closely followed by a crisp and clear laughter. "Good! I heard that it is the gathering ground of experts. We can look forward to the reunion between us brothers."

"Also, Mu Zi is at— Hello? Hello?"

Sha sha sha sha…

Very quickly, Wang Zhong's voice disappeared from his head. Aiolos could clearly sense that the transmission signal had traveled rapidly over a long distance and seemed to have been cut off.


There was another fierce attack right in front of him, and sharp claws scratched Aiolos's chest. Even though his physical body was extremely strong, five deep welts appeared on his chest, and blood flowed out in a continuous stream.

"Damn! Why is he still in a daze during times like this?!"

"He is not in a daze. He simply cannot see the actions of the Shadow Horned Panther!"

Pa pa pa pa!

All the lights in the Arena were instantly turned off. One could not see their fingers if they stretched them out.

"Damn, the battle is already so tragic. Why are the lights now turned off? Does it have to be this dark?"

"The Shadow Horned Panther's power increases by at least 30% in the darkness!"

"As expected, the odds determine life and death, and money decides victory or defeat…"

"It's over!"

The voice in Aiolos's mind had been cut off, and the horrible shrieks in the spectator stands around him entered his ears instead. The injuries on his chest were burning with pain. The Shadow Horned Panther was invisible and silent as usual, and the darkness made it even harder to distinguish its actions.

However, Aiolos simply closed his eyes, and a smile appeared on his face.

Wang Zhong had also come to the divine territory and even entered the Heavenly Gates… Heh heh. It looked like the path his brother was walking on was much more successful than his. He could not lose to Wang Zhong!


Aiolos's ears trembled slightly. He did not try to capture a sound, but the palpitation of spatial rules. He suddenly widened his eyes, and golden light shot out from them. It was as if he was a completely different person. This brutal power scorched with completely unimaginable spiritual power!

The brothers were about to reunite!

No one could stop them!



The Shadow Horned Panther's figure was illuminated by this severe explosion of golden light, and it had nowhere to escape at that moment. It was surprised beyond description. Closely after, a terrifying golden thunderbolt burst forth from Aiolos's fist.


Golden lightning soared to the sky. After only one attack…

The Shadow Horned Panther was dead!

After a full two or three minutes of dead silence in the Arena, the curtain of darkness was slowly lifted. The corpse of a panther that had been smashed to pieces could be seen lying on the ground. Aiolos was left standing quietly, just as in the past.


"Aiolos! Aiolos!" Waves of extremely joyous cheers sounded across the Arena.


He had unexpectedly contacted Aiolos. Wang Zhong was very excited and had a lot to say, but just after saying a few sentences, the link between them rapidly grew weaker, and the signal became unstable. Aiolos's voice was too soft to be heard. Closely after, he sensed that the void in his consciousness had rapidly collapsed, and a driving force simply pushed him out of the copper mirror.

Lao Wang composed himself. The Vitality Supplement Pill he had tossed into his mouth had not been completely digested. The entire process had only lasted a short one or two minutes, but now, he could confirm the function of this copper mirror.

This was an inductive communication device that could immediately interface with all creatures within the area it covered. Furthermore, the range that the signal covered was rather vast. According to his inference from his position in the starry sky, it probably did not just cover the Land of the divine territory. It was even able to spread its signal to places far away from the divine territory and the Land, and might even cover the entire Fifth Dimension.

This was extremely impressive.

In the divine territory, one had to rely on messengers and the special characteristics of some races for communication. Meanwhile, this copper mirror was small and nimble, but its powerful signal covered such a large range. It should be considered a luxurious item that only a few high-leveled experts could toy around with.

Although this item could not be used in combat or directly strengthen any of his attributes, this item was rare and valuable. Furthermore, it had high strategic value, especially its probing function that came along with its spiritual communication. It could investigate the number of experts in an area. This obviously had remarkable uses in many special circumstances.

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    《Battle Frenzy》