Battle Frenzy
1132 A Fierce Man Is Looking for You
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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1132 A Fierce Man Is Looking for You

At that moment, integrating with this Soul Steel embryo was the first important step. Lavel saw that Wang Zhong was beginning to prepare and stared at him with apt attention.

When he held the Soul Steel in his hand, he immediately felt very close to it. The relationship between one's Soul Power waveband and one's soul was like the relationship between a person and their fingerprint. Every soul had a unique Soul Power waveband. Even Lao Wang's continuously shifting Soul Power waveband changed at a regular frequency. The core of the wavebands was unique and constant, with a distinctive aura.

The Soul Steel in Wang Zhong's hand gave him this feeling. The moment he held it, he could sense the indistinct connection between him and the Soul Steel. It was full of life, as if it was an extension of Wang Zhong.

He was already very familiar with channeling his spiritual power. Lao Wang took a deep breath. As usual, his Void Core and divine cells instantly burst forth and released his spiritual power to its greatest extent.


The clear sound of spiritual power being channeled reverberated throughout the house. Channeling spiritual power was supposed to be invisible and silent, but it was able to produce such a clear sound. One could see how abundant this spiritual power was. However, what truly shocked Lavel was not the sound that was produced when Wang Zhong channeled spiritual power, but Wang Zhong himself.

At that moment, Wang Zhong's entire body burst forth with a layer of golden light. Even though Lavel was mentally prepared after seeing Wang Zhong's Void Core, at this moment, she still could not help but be surprised.

The color of one's spiritual aura represented the characteristics of their spiritual aura to a large extent. Wang Zhong's spiritual power was extremely pure and flawless. Of course, this meant that there were no special characteristics, and the color it displayed was completely transparent.

However, it was now a dazzling gold. This was a rather rare reaction. Compared to before, this change was simply earth-shaking. He had just accumulated his Core, but he was able to change the characteristics of his spiritual power and was completely different from before. What exactly had this little fellow experienced?

When Lao Wang saw her face of astonishment, he quickly asked, "This won't affect the forging, right?"

"…It's fine." Lavel finally calmed down after much difficulty. "If this Soul Steel was a finished product, then the fact that your characteristics suddenly changed would have definitely ruined the Soul Steel. Luckily, this is a half-complete product at the first stage… This is equivalent to you nurturing the Soul Steel again. Your original Soul Power had no notable characteristics but had high compatibility. This was a good time to forcibly nurture the Soul Steel."

"Continue to focus. There was a mistake in my estimation. Perhaps you don't need three days…"

Wang Zhong nodded his head. As he continued to channel his spiritual power into the Soul Steel, he interacted with it. This Soul Steel already felt very close and active to him. As he continued to channel his spiritual power into the Soul Steel, this feeling became even clearer. Furthermore, the surface of the Soul Steel changed from white to gold, completely matching the color of his Soul Power.

"It seemed to have jumped," said Lao Wang casually. At that moment, when the Soul Steel had turned completely gold, it felt like something in the Soul Steel had jumped, like the pulse of a lifeform.

Beside him, Lavel was dumbfounded.

Not only could Wang Zhong, the controller, clearly hear the pulse of the Soul Steel, even she could hear it.

Was it… finished?

The objective of nurturing the Soul Steel was to allow it to turn from its original active state to a living state, just like nurturing an embryo. When the sound of a pulse was heard, this meant that the embryo had formed.

This was a necessary step in forging the equipment spirit of a high-leveled artifact, nurturing the spirit! Typically, this nurturing process could take one or two months for masters to complete. Even with Wang Zhong's unconventional methods, it should have taken at least three to five days. However, it now looked like it would take at most five minutes! Even Lavel's general knowledge about equipment refinery could not explain this phenomenon. It was not likely that a qualitative or quantitative change had occurred. After all, the difference in the time taken was too large. Furthermore, Wang Zhong was not a peak Gold Core expert and could not reach such a stage. The only possible explanation was his special Soul Power characteristics.

"Stop, stop! Hurry, stop!" Lavel was dumbfounded for a few seconds before reacting and hurriedly asked him to stop. If he continued, he would be overdoing it and cause the Soul Steel to mature too early.

Wang Zhong hurriedly stopped and looked at her with uncertainty. Didn't she say that it would take at least three days to nurture the Soul Steel?

"It's done…" Lavel did not know whether to laugh or to cry. Of course, the desire to laugh was stronger. This was just an attempt, and her judgments could only be considered as rough guesses that were not always accurate. No matter what, they had fulfilled their objective. Furthermore, it seemed as if the results were extremely good.

She held the Soul Steel that had been nurtured. The metal was originally extremely hard, but at that moment, it was rather flexible, as if it was an alloy. If one firmly pressed on it, it was extremely hard, but if one lightly stroked it, it would become soft and could be kneaded… When Lavel channeled her spiritual power into the Soul Steel, she naturally encountered an extremely powerful repulsion, but when it was Wang Zhong, there was no resistance. This Soul Steel had recognized its owner and had a consciousness. Furthermore, it was full of vitality. As long as one eased their mind, they could clearly hear the pulsing sound in the Soul Steel.

A job that was originally planned to span over three days was completed in five minutes.

"It isn't destroyed, right?" Lao Wang was rather apprehensive. After all, this result was a far cry from Lavel's estimation. If this Soul Steel piece was ruined, his level-4 equipment would disappear. Even with Lavel's wealth, it was not likely for her to forge another piece for him. Soul Steel was very expensive to create.

"Destroyed? Heh heh. You really… always surprise me." At that moment, Lavel was simply in a good mood, and her eyes sparkled when she stared at the Soul Steel. This Soul Steel had been nurtured outstandingly well and was much better than the results she had predicted. This increased her overall success rate in refining this level-4 equipment by 5%. She now had more confidence and certainty.

"Relax. This material is very outstanding!" Lavel did not even look at Wang Zhong. Instead, she stared at the Soul Steel with extreme excitement and continuously observed its details. "I have to quickly do some data comparison and data collection… There's nothing else for you to do here. Go back and wait for my news! Since you have performed so well this time, I will give you a present the next time you come!"

As she spoke, she started to chase him out. She waved her dainty hand, and a strong force simply pushed Wang Zhong out of the door. She did not care about the curiosity that was written all over Lao Wang's face at all. She only cared about the precious item that she had kneaded into a small precious lump.

"Ah, ah!"

After all, she was a peak Gold Core. Even if it was simply a casual wave of her hand, this wave of power was not something that Lao Wang could contend with. By the time he stabilized his footing, he was already outside the equipment refinery house.


The door of the pill refinery house was ruthlessly shut, and Lao Wang helplessly rubbed his chin. Senior was energetic as usual but had caused Lao Wang's desire to surge. She said that she would give him a present but did not clearly say what kind of present it would be… However, overall, he was still happy that he did not have to spend too much time and energy on nurturing this Soul Steel, yet the results seemed very good. He seemed to have taken the first step in refining his level-4 equipment.

Just as he left the Creation Star Ring, he heard a flapping sound. Then, Jhonas's pitch-black "Cutie" flew over. From the looks of it, it had been waiting here for a while.

Buzz buzz buzz~

It hurriedly recited the verbal message that Jhonas had sent.

"Boss, where did you go? A fierce man is looking for you… Hurry up and come back. I am slightly scared of accompanying this fierce man…"

Many people in the Heavenly Gates could make Jhonas scared. However, Jhonas could not be blamed for being cowardly as the Illusion race was famous in the divine territory for lacking courage and emphasizing that amiability begat riches. This racial trait was in their genes and could not be changed. If not, the Heavenly Gates pupils would not see the Illusion-race pupils as attractive and easy targets.

Lao Wang was curious about who exactly the fierce man Jhonas had mentioned was. From the tone of Jhonas's message, it should not be an enemy.

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    《Battle Frenzy》